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File 138317601084.jpg - (146.74KB , 1024x768 , gates-of-hell-open.jpg )
349 No. 349 hide quickreply [Reply]
So, after being in a rut of unemployment. I found a place that is a loan center.

I have medical debt from a near death experience.

Does this disqualify me?
Have any of you folks worked for a loan center?
>> No. 413
I can't help you help directly but if this leads you to homelessness I can help you. When I was sleeping on the streets I decided to buy brightly coloured safety vest. When I slept on benches people assumed I was a construction workers or cleaner doing something at night (which happens in Melbourne) and would leave me alone. I even got a construction hat. When I didn't wear the gear, I risked haven't my head kicked in by rats while I slept. And wearing my old chemistry class safety glasses which went with the construction gear kept real rats out of my eyes.

File 140638335932.jpg - (858.78KB , 1024x768 , Chrysanthemum.jpg )
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I work as an election officer each election day. It's good easy pay with no career consequences for fucking up cause it's a once every 4 year thing.
>> No. 407
That's interesting. What's the pay like? Also, do you in fact fuck up and then get rehired at the next election, because that's pretty hilarious and I would like to hear stories.
>> No. 409
Well at the last election I literally just claimed that I had been appointed to the position that is óne 'rank hire' than mine. I played it cool and no questions was asked. In practice on election day everyone just takes some task and does it, except higher rank people get first dibs.

File 140245214742.jpg - (48.69KB , 448x336 , craigslist.jpg )
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I made a living "working from home" for about a year. Recently I got a job because I like free coffee. So I am going to share with you all a few of my slightly shady, but perfectly legal ways of making some monies. I will share more if there is interest.

First one: Sell Facebook likes on Craigslist.

Sites like addmefast.com let you earn likes by liking other stuff. there are also macros out there that will let you earn points on these like mad. Do this using new fake accounts you create. Then put up a couple CL adds

My CL ad:
Title: 58 Facebook likes or Twitter followers for you band for Free
Right now, I am building a business where I get musician more social media exposure. So as a short term offer I will get you 58 Facebook likes or 100 twitter followers for your band page for free. No email address or credit card required.

Just message me and I will send them along. I just ask that if you are going to take me up on the offer you may be interested in buying my services at some point (don't worry they start at $5).

Thanks and I look foreword to hearing from you.
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>> No. 399
Now are these fake accounts that you own entirely? How much authenticity do you have to put into an account like that? Do you ever get accounts banned/blocked? What sort of posts are you paid to like? Do you have it set up so they're all done at once? Do you log into like 50 accounts all from your house no problem or one at a time?
Sounds like ez money if you get it working, no real risk except maybe you'd get a little set back worst case, but I'm not sure what people would pay for

File 13754343829.png - (240.25KB , 694x464 , ace_or_no_ace.png )
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Anyone have advice on credit cards? Good ones, bad ones, juggling multiple cards? I am interested in hearing your stories, as well.
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>> No. 360
This. It's pretty much the most lethal financial instrument but, hey, some of us enjoy playing with cocaine and heroin too. And you can actually be smart with it if you actually bother playing your cards right. Just don't get only useless shit or treat it like free money. Try to get that shit paid off as fast as possible and treat it like getting a loan from some Italian you met at a bar who spends way too much time talking about how heavy a limp body can be.

Unfortunately we're trapped in credit/perpetual debt but, as the saying goes, you need money to make money. Shit at this point I would've fucking shot a guy just to get the liquid capital to drop into BTC or gold or damn near anything when I knew shit was going to tank or not. Which means this time I've got no choice but to ignore everybody, take their advice through my filters, and just do what I will. Remember how I told you to invest in gold? Remember how it doubled a few weeks later? Yeah fuck you shitheads because sadly I may actually be smarter than you people.

I just need to do this like a small business loan I happened to get off a street corner.

Speaking of which, should I, hopefully, manage to get my shit in order, are we expecting the cryptocurrency crash yet/if at all? I don't want to wind up with a cool 10K liquid and drop it into something like lite only to watch the goddamn thing tank.

Also as a general rule, we are (hopefully) not faggot mundanes and investment bankers. Screw these sons of bitches. I'm watching all these things go from underground to shitstorm over the years. Even dumb shit like caffeine in 4Loko, or Salvia, and while Bitcoin actually got a boost from publicity there was a tense moment there. So let's just keep things quiet. We lost SR. Dipshits joe public is why we can't have nice things.

Sorry half that belonged in /raeg/ but whatever.

tl;dr just manage your fucking credit and pay it off on time, don't count chicks till they hatch thinking oh I'll be making enough money later, and just manage the goddamn things. Small business loans, leasing, car loans, mortgages, student loans, unfortunately we need such shit. So, assuming you're not trailer idiots maxing out cards until you can't even pay the interest, it'd be a good idea because you can also build a healthy credit rating.

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>> No. 362
To clarify, "you people" was in no way a reference to anyone here. It was more general displeasure with trying to advise people I know IRL who promptly ignore me.

I also asked my friend's parents why they didn't just max out their cards before declaring bankruptcy. They looked at me like "why the fuck didn't we think of that?"

Maybe I do think like a dishonest capitalist sometimes, just so long as I'm not fucking my customers but everybody else.

How do these rewards work? I always saw them as a sort of useless snare where to get some crappy ass stereo that's worth like $80 you'd need t0 rack up $10k in debt first.
>> No. 391
''Credit is only something you need if you're not going to die tomorrow'' - from the goldman sachs elevator gossip twitter which is, by the way, incredibly motivational.
>> No. 394
Yeah, that was too bad. Some of the shit they said to each other was just too perfect.
>> No. 398
Keep your computer secure, that's the easiest way to lose money quick nowadays. Check on your accounts regularly, generally a month is the longest that you might be excused from responsibility, but a lot of terms of use now say if you get hacked its on you

File 140301721158.jpg - (577.51KB , 1920x1200 , 1402727963592.jpg )
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I was thinking of starting a business where I would solicit sponsorship for buskers to play corporate jingles. It turns out Coke tried to do it in London in 2009 at Christmas and everyone wouldn't stop bitching about it.

Has any good stories of ventures that didn't work out. Shame for people to invest hard work in ideas that don't work out. I'm sure there is an internet website database market analysis thingy commercial viability thingy for this sort of thing already, but I haven't heard of it. And if not...well....I think I just found my next business idea

File 13712681635.jpg - (60.74KB , 505x338 , Man-Sleeping-in-Hammock-resized.jpg )
324 No. 324 hide quickreply [Reply]
Economics has wide applications, from agriculture (supply/demand of water on a micro- level for plants, on a macro- level for gardens..... or a micro- level for gardens, on a macro- level for ecosystems) to behavioral (I can walk around a table to utilize the handgrip of a cup that's faced away from me, or I can reach around the cup to rotate the hand-grip... plasticity of sleeping in...) to countless other things.

And of course also money. Money just gives us a convenient metric for these things. The true conversation is wealth, but that's a lot more difficult to measure. What is utility? How does or doesn't currency accumulation affect our utility? Many coupons and deals build on this, emphasizing the monetary gain by undercutting the temporal/emotional/mental efforts they take.

Here's a thread for the considerations of wealth.
>> No. 332
I would say that minor interactions, such as rotating a cup of coffee, do matter. However they only matter in aggregate, when compiling the set of information available to a population. The value of money is algorithmically derived, given that entire set. Needless to say we expose ourselves to substantial error utilizing this method, which accounts for some being rich and some being poor. But for a species at our level of advancement, we have an adequate compromise.

This method of calculation can be compared to the computing platforms designed using dwarf fortress, where the individual actions are logically accounted for and used to store and manipulate data. Except such a phenomenon occurs in real life, sans intelligent design.

Which begs the question. Why study economics if the population has already made these calculations without intervention, why reinvent the wheel? The answer, is that you my friend, are simply part of the algorithm.
>> No. 392
Imma Minoruse agronomic coordinator for an australian vegetable organisation. I have no problem working on a macro level and a micro level without any economic knowledge. I think you're right, Scrooge. I suspect all the codification of this knowledge only helps computer programmers and autists - often they are the same people too.

File 140201824185.jpg - (27.50KB , 468x313 , 048seaweed_468x313.jpg )
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Are stock brokerage firms that require nominal risk capital a legitimate career? I'm talking, put down 5 grand to get 50k to play with, and a 60/40 profit split, after taxes.

From what it looks like, I have decided to approach the whole thing as an investment. Any other method of acquiring that amount of money probably comes with unlimited liability. Of course I would not get to use that money, I would have to invest it. All with a risk cost topping at 5 grand.

Has anyone had experience on a trading floor? Are these positions usually unsalaried?
>> No. 388
I am not looking to start such a business. I am applying for trading jobs at several wall street firms, however they require a down payment, for moral hazard. Basically if a trader has no skin in the game, they have all the incentive to leverage heavily and take enormous risk on futures contracts and derivatives, resulting in financial disaster.

Basically I am asking if these are legitimate, or if anyone has personal experience on the matter. More pertinent forums are full of the usual yes and no men. I've heard that the turnover rate in these offices are high, eight out of ten people will blow it and leave the company.

Five for forty grand sounds like a sweet deal to be honest, and as far as I understand it, my personal liability cannot exceed five grand. They would pay for training. I actually completely understand the theory and methodology behind such an approach, because I studied it in school. However, I cannot raise such funds on my own. Therefore I must be able to convince friends and family that this is a legitimate business, as well as find out for myself. It's either that or take a loan.

File 134938756850.jpg - (6.90KB , 181x128 , Fiverr.jpg )
259 No. 259 hide quickreply [Reply]
Alright guys I have wanted to breathe some life into this board because I have gotten some good advice in the past. Let's talk Fiverr and how I make about 400$ a month with it. I will also answer most questions if you have any. Some of what I do might be considered a bit shady but you can tweak it to make it your own.

Fiverr is a place where people pay to get services for $5. The seller actually gets $4 of that (minus paypal fees) and can cash out the 4$ 2 weeks after a job is completed. $4 may not seem much but the biggest value I find with fiverr is that it's a good way to get new clients. They buy a couple gigs for $5 and if you do a good job some will start paying you directly and cutting out the middleman(fiverr). So even if Fiverr went away I am still in business.

You can sell whatever service you want for $5 but remember that you really don't want to be spending very much time on each gig. I try and keep it to 10 minutes of actual work per gig. But when you make a new one it will take a bit of time before you streamline it so don't be discouraged if it takes longer at first.

What to sell: The things that I find sell the best are SEO services (backlinks etc) and Views/Plays/subscribers etc. Personally I have gotten away from the SEO stuff because the game changes so fast I don't have time to keep up. So today I will talk about Youtube plays as an example.

You can generally sell 500-1000 youtube views for $5. There are sites out there where you can essentially trade views with other people but it is totally automated. For example you click start and it will start viewing youtube videos, for each video you view you earn credits. You can then use those credits to put your own videos in the system to earn views, likes, subscribers etc. You can pretty much set it and forget it (though it's good to check on it once a day because sometimes it will get stuck.) You can run it while you sleep or run it on a spare machine or run it on a VM like I do. If you want to expand from there you just need more IP addresses. I used to run 4 virtual machines at a time each with their own IP and could pump out enough credits to get people thousands of views daily. If I got too many sales I would just buy a few credits and was still making a nice profit.

Step 1: Earn Credits by having you computer look at youtube videos
Step 2: Use credits to get people views on their youtube(or likes or subs)
Step 3: Profit

Why do people want these views you might ask? Most people know they are not "real" but they want to get on the "popular videos" list and things like that. Lot's of views coming it can help them get actual views. Also people tend to respect videos that have more views and likes etc. There are a lot of other reasons but those are just a few.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 315
File 136435575978.jpg - (47.96KB , 500x512 , tumblr_lw3e09aSD31qdzhvfo1_500.jpg )
Hey dude, thanks for this. I think I'll try...

Please give more idea's that would rock.

I used fiver doing quick caricatures for people, but this would be a great way to diversify!
>> No. 342
Thanks for the post. More informative than a lot of other stuff available out there. Really appreciate it.

I've always seen SEO packages for sale on Fiverr. As someone who regularly profits from such a product, would you say that the market is saturated in any way, or is there always room for sellers?
>> No. 376
Thanks man, I sold 500 views for 5$. I'm thinking of upping it to 1000 though, haven't got anymore bites.
>> No. 381
I don't want to do anything to get banned or anything, I'm thinking of switching to facebook likes or youtube views instead of hits, or really in addition to them I suppose. If that doesn't work I'll fire up the ole spam-gland and get to secretin'
>> No. 383
OP here.

The hitleap stuff still works but not so well with youtube these days. It's better for smaller sites like reverbnation or soundcloud.

Lately I have been selling facebook likes when I am short on cash. addmefast.com is good for that. there are scripts where you can earn lots of points then sell likes. sometimes i sell them on craigslist like "Free 50 likes for your band" then once they get the free ones people will pay for more. It's not "quit your job" money but it's money.

File 138419086568.jpg - (39.18KB , 475x333 , 1368517969_asap-rocky-tub.jpg )
350 No. 350 hide quickreply [Reply]
Back when I was an edgy high schooler, and the early part of my college days, I used to walk around with a camera filming asses. I tended to go for the huge ones/curvy types. I kind of still have a thing for BBW and so called 'mega pear' body types, but it's been a few years, and I have better things to do than walk around filming hos.

I have around 30 videos of varying lengths (5-40 minutes) of what I believe to be pretty good quality stuff. I've seen plenty of other people selling candid videos, but most of them are filmed terribly (ie. video moves too fast or is too short, bad quality, nauseatingly jumpy etc.) Instead of just having them sit on my computer, I am thinking about putting them up for sale on clips4sale, or a similair site.

I want to know if it is even worth my time to do so, and if so, what are some things I can do to maximize my chances of making some extra cash. But, really, I'm not expecting to make a lot. Even just a little bit is better than nothing.

Also, if anyone else on here has ever dabbled in amateur/fetish stuff, it'd be interesting to hear about it.
>> No. 369
You're half right, pornographic video is an over saturated market, but private videos of an erotic and/or pornographic nature are steadily rising in value.
>> No. 374
You're not thinking about all the people who don't care to do that and would rather just pay for it., then you have the sort who have specific fetishes and then you have those who simply don't know where to find what they're looking for because they're too embarrassed to type it out. Private and custom videos are huge and will be for a while yet, at lest until holodecks I'd wager.

File 138472538578.jpg - (103.86KB , 589x328 , mayweather-miley.jpg )
351 No. 351 hide quickreply [Reply]
So I am building a website that provides a service to businesses. Let's say this service is fairly easy to provide. I can't help feeling that all I am doing, teaching myself ruby, I'm not really doing anything overly productive. I'm just inventing the wheel here.

For someone with the idea, but not yet the expertise, what are my options? I did the research and found a market. I could hire a competent programmer to build quickly what would take me months. What are going rates? As for funding, how wary is kickstarter about unproven web ventures?

Plan thus far:

1.Raise small amount through kickstarter.
2.Use money to hire designer, as well as cover costs.
>> No. 353
You get what you pay for in the IT world. Be prepared to shell out big bux for decent code with full functionality. You can get code from non anglosphere countries on the cheap, but it's often poorly maintained which means that updates require a complete rewrite and there are often minor but annoying bugs that never get fixed.

As for doing it yourself, it might be easier to use a website design application like MS frontpage, or whatever the trendy new one is called.

File 135640307935.jpg - (42.98KB , 495x454 , 1326130794512.jpg )
272 No. 272 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
So the mortgage on the house I own just got paid off... I am 20 years old...

I need some advice on what to do now.

I feel like there is some potential here to make money, or to do SOMETHING... Because I am so young and live with parents (they have another house they will move back into when I want to separate) I have no idea how all of this stuff works and what this potentially means for my life.
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 325
Stay in the paid off house and max out your tax-sheltered retirement accounts yearly ie 401k etc... You will reduce your taxable income this way and be on your way to an early retirement. Take good care of the house you currently own. If it is too big for just you then rent out some rooms or rent out the house and get a cheap apartment. Use the money you make on renting the home to invest and save a portion of it for repairs.
>> No. 336
maybe get drunk as fu... oh, 20? idk
>> No. 346
Maybe find a small 1 room apartment for yourself and rent out the house depending on how big it is. Or just rent out the rooms to friends for a profit. Fuck, I'm jealous. I live in an apartment so almost a 1/4 of my money goes to rent. Also, anyone here have any experience with buying foreclosed houses?
>> No. 348
This, my friend.
How did you manage to get into such a position when most of your peers are still struggling with education?
>> No. 354
As others have said, get in to the property market. If you can get a mortgage on another house, do so and rent it out at 150% of the mortgage payment, or more if you split it in to student accommodation.

Make sure you look in to it thoroughly though, there is more to being a landlord than owning a house. You need to look up contract law, tenant and landlord rights, your obligation for repairs and most importantly how to deal with things that go wrong.

You're at a crossroads, you can either now live comfortably and securely, having an extra ~£500 a month for yourself compare to other people in your age bracket until you're 60, or you can build a future and a legacy for your offspring. Leave them a house and they'll be set for life. Leave them a booming property empire and their children's children's children's children will be set for life.

File 135974003136.jpg - (28.31KB , 480x480 , 577230_113153292175424_528024785_n.jpg )
300 No. 300 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
All right guys I have £20k saved up.

Now my original plan was to open up something simple like an off-licence.
But with me living in a big city which is full of supermarkets I know there isn't much money to be made in that sort of sector.

I actually work in a off-licence close to the clubs and pubs and we are open until 4am and we are doing shit.
And we actually buy some of our stock from the supermarkets as its cheaper to buy it there than the warehouse :/

A few people ive asked IRL about this have told me I should just keep saving up until this recession ends then do something with my money.

So I think I will take some of there advice and just spend like half my money.

So what could I do with say £8-10k

I dont really have any real skills(I dont think I do any way)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 305

Throwing money into the stock market without knowing what you're doing is a great way to lose all of it.
>> No. 307
File 136149063290.jpg - (30.10KB , 452x339 , thats the joke.jpg )

SAGE has been used.
>> No. 309
>You should put it all in penny stocks.
Nah man, (s)he should put it all in futures market.
>> No. 323
Putting cash into silver or gold is never a bad thing when the economy is tanking, silver dipped back down to near 20.00 US an ounce. Read up on the precious metals market and pick some up. money is just paper gold will always be gold.
>> No. 334
I run my own business and I would be interested in looking into an investment of some sort.

I'm starting out and I need capital to expand. We're looking at doubling your money within two years if my maths are right. Shoot me an email at [email protected] and I'll get you my numbers.

File 136911354079.png - (64.68KB , 1160x1716 , death__s_scythe_by_zeldaboyz-d3hp7iw.png )
322 No. 322 hide quickreply [Reply]
So.. I'm working in a legit pyramid type scheme.
(muti-level marketing)
Has anyone ever done something like this before?
Any tips on how to last long?

This is the first time in a long time anyone's accepted me for work of any kind and I really do need money.
>> No. 333
Is it real work? Are you given a wage or a commission? Do you have to spend money on seminars, weird fees, or incredibly useless how-to books published by the organization?

Naturally there is an incredible prevalence of scams in marketing and sales, since the same skills for a confidence trick are used to make legitimate sales.

I would say, make sure you get paid, get the money, hold on to the money, and don't spend a single cent on anything they claim you might need.

File 136630677114.jpg - (44.21KB , 640x680 , 1366292435763[1].jpg )
318 No. 318 hide quickreply [Reply]
You guys probably get asked this a lot, but since there's no sticky I might as well ask again.

I'm finally financially secure and have a decent amount of savings. Here is a list of my current student loans:

$4,876.47 4.25%
$1,895.54 6.55%
$4,879.19 5.35%
$2,031.09 6.55%
$2,150.65 6.55%
$4,001.09 5.75%
$3,125.72 6.55%

$4,686.50 5.00%
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 320
>I'm thinking I should at LEAST pay off the highest interest loans

This is the logical thing to do. If you can can even a couple of the high interest loans, ie the
$1,895.54 6.55%
$2,031.09 6.55%
$2,150.65 6.55%
loans, since they are not as much as the rest you'll benefit from not having as many different loans to track, your average outgoing interest rate across the board goes down, and in the event that you lose money or are not as profitable as you expect on your investments, then at least some of the more damaging ones have been paid off.

File 136023548780.jpg - (30.71KB , 960x640 , photo.jpg )
303 No. 303 hide quickreply [Reply]
Hey 99ers
I've come for advice.

The love of my life is stuck in the states. She can't get back here to AUS.
Let's just say, She's in a correctional center.
I need to make upto 3-5Grand ASAP.
To get there, And to bail her out.
How do you guys make $ Online?
I've got 120$ to my name.
Any advice would be greatly helpful.
Cheers guys.
>> No. 314
Um American legal systems like say "we hereby sentence you to X months for the crime of ____"

but, really they let people out earlier then they say.
Unless it was something serious. Like rape,Murder or Massive fraud.

When she gets let out. She can ask an Embassy to fly her back home at no cost to you.

File 136305663456.png - (61.07KB , 611x649 , dffdfdfdf.png )
313 No. 313 hide quickreply [Reply]
Ok guys.
Need info on loans, specifically auto loans.
I have no credit, short employment history, and definitely no experience with loans.

I'm trying to find ways on acquiring a vehicle as soon as possible.
Yes, I do have a job. at least $8.50/hr depending on the contract, and hours vary from week to week. Sometimes, no work and others tons of work, although no overtime (is that even legal?)
if you need any additional info, just ask.
Thanks, Greedy McScrooges.

File 132885478689.jpg - (56.35KB , 350x250 , Money_Cat_Wallpaper_v60nt.jpg )
13 No. 13 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm an undergrad math major at diff eq currently, curious about models for making mad coinz. What aspects are at play in real life economics that differ from the ideal equations? And also, what are those ideal equations?
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 28

Never go into consumer debt. There are many kinds of debt, and debt that pays you is good debt.

For example, let's say you take out a million dollar loan to buy a self storage place somewhere near you. Well, that loan has a payment of 10k/mo for the next 20 years, but your self storage business has an income of 20k/mo leaving you +10k/mo at the end of the day. That debt is good debt because it's making you money.

Avoid consumer debt. Don't take out car payments, don't buy a house with a mortgage, and only spend on your credit cards what you can pay off at the end of the month.

If you avoid those three major things (car debt, house debt, and credit card debt) you'll already be light years ahead of most people.
>> No. 29
Excellent point my friend. I consider that more of an investment than debt but this bring about another great point. Never mix business with pleasure! If I were to take out a million dollar loan I would never dip into that fund no matter what. Not for anything, not even for a "Sure Thing", because there is no such thing.
>> No. 51
>don't buy a house with a mortgage
I don't quite agree with this. When you're paying into a mortgage you're building equity, and at one point you'll stop paying for your mortgage, and be able to sell it (probably at a higher price than you paid). When you pay rent that money's gone forever. Another bonus is that unlike rent, your mortgage won't (shouldn't) increase over the years.

I mean just think about it - if your rent is $1,000/mo, and you live in that place for 5 years, that's $60,000 that's never coming back. Now if you get a $100,000 house with a mortgage, that same $60,000 means that if you decide to sell, you only have to pay the bank $40,000 of the $100,000 you just made on the sale, and the rest is yours (obviously those numbers are an oversimplification, considering tax, interest, insurance, fees, etc. Either way it'll end up being a hell of a lot more than the deposit you may or may not get back from renting).
>> No. 54

Okay, I'll admit that never is a strong word. However, a house is, like a car, a liability. Your equity is going to be spent on keeping it up, paying property taxes, and covering all of the other expenses associated with owning a house.

When you rent all that headache, and all that expense, is someone else's problem.
>> No. 311

Look into the Black-Scholes pricing model. Its the basis for option pricing.

File 132906218738.jpg - (162.40KB , 610x480 , wall-st.jpg )
38 No. 38 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Is anybody here a stock broker? How difficult is it and how much do you make? Advice for aspiring stock brokers?
5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 114
Do you need high maths to make money with this?
Im new.
>> No. 193
This may be a dumb question but is the only way to get money from stocks is to sell them, or do you get like a check or something?
>> No. 197
there are also dividends

SAGE has been used.
>> No. 201

Pretty much everything is done digitally now.
>> No. 310
I use to make a little money with penny stocks but you have to have a lot of patience and time. Most of them are scams so make a certain % before the scammers make that stock plummet. What I mean by a scam is that people will hype it up so lots of new investors buy and inflate it, then the people who got it dirt cheap at a million shares get out and you lose. I gave it up a few years ago because it's stressful and I never knew when to get out.

File 135994515336.png - (13.75KB , 200x175 , Face%20195.png )
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Sup, so I have an idea for starting a little business to make some cash. I want to do custom art designs on skateboards. I would be able to do a variety of styles, basically whatever the person would want I could put on the board within reason.
my problems are, what should I charge, and what would be the best way to advertise this. there's a few local skate shops that sell boards and other things, a friend of mine says that they would probably be willing to advertise for me by displaying my cards and so on. any ideas on what else I should do?
>> No. 306
start with local skate shops. Do your own advertising until you save up money to hire a personal advertiser. Visit skate parks and hand out business cards. Make a website if possible.

Just some of my suggestions.

Do u have any examples you can post?

File 135739963633.jpg - (36.87KB , 601x536 , pic.jpg )
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Need about £500,000 in just under 3 years.
Situation is bad, my only skill is in ICT.
Should I start the stock market and if so what would I need to know
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>> No. 286
File 135799590499.jpg - (339.44KB , 900x900 , 2222.jpg )
OP here, after looking into it. The debt is my fathers and my mother has a bout £75,000 (single parent who I'm living with)

Anyway he has a pub (That he grew drugs in and got busted) but he still has the land and the pub which he is working on selling the land but it;s my mother that needs help.

TL;DR I need to make about £75,000 asap and I've only ever worked in pubs and I have qualifications in BTEC ICT software development level 3.

So with this information what can I do and what would be a good starting point (Don't say job because I'm trying my hardest to get one but having no luck)

Picture for your troubles.
>> No. 288
If I can save up maybe £5,000 would it be wise to invest in gold when I see it at a low point then sell it later on the in day for a profit? Not sure how all that works or what to do...or even go about finding live graphs and selling it as soon as I buy it :s - OP
>> No. 289
if you are still checking this thread, OP, you could try to make some facebook or iphone game. if it's pornographic even better.
i draw hentai so if you want to work with me post your skype. i'm interested since apple usually do not accept apps developed in my country. i'm willing to accept a 30% profit rate.

can you still sell drugs in the pub? if so, go for it.
>> No. 293
if you are 500k in debt your life is over. you're a slave. you will never pay it off. enjoy your serfdom
>> No. 304
The problem is working out okay now. Might take a few years but it's working out okay

I would but I don't animate =/

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