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File 137177733354.jpg - (210.56KB , 1280x990 , lego_desktop_1280x990_hd-wallpaper-815201.jpg )
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Welcome, ladies and gents, to /lego/: your board for all things that make your heart ache with nostalgia for the good old days when your biggest problem was pulling two stuck bricks apart.

A few rules before you get to posting, however:

1. Common sense rules apply here. If you have to ask yourself if your post would be better accustomed to /b/, it probably is.

2. Don't be a dick. Have a good time.

File 137422587129.jpg - (35.45KB , 320x257 , Capsela.jpg )
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Not all of us had LEGO when we were kids. Some had Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, or erector sets. Me? I had Caspela.

Favorite thing about this: building watercraft, with the challenge of keeping all electric components above the water surface.

What sucked about it: those little connector pieces. Sure, you could build in six directions, but those connectors would often get stuck to the capsules, making it impossible to link it to another capsule if it also had a connector stuck to it on the side you wanted to link together.
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>> No. 28
File 139021801820.jpg - (69.24KB , 301x401 , Construx.jpg )
I remember vaguely remember Capsela. That was the shit my friends' older siblings had. My generation had Construx.
>> No. 62
Build spaceship.
>> No. 79
Oh man, nostalgia bomb! I remember when my mom bought a huge box of capsela parts home with her from a rummage sale she worked at (maybe $20? I got lots of great used building toys that way as a kid including robotix). There must have been parts from a half-dozen individual sets. It was an incredibly underrated building and engineering toy. I think it's largely forgotten now because it's not too visually appealing in the way that lego or kinex kits can be. I remember building enormous, propeller driven oil rigs and setting them loose in the nearby lake. It teaches kids great lessons in the physics of energy transfer, gear reduction, buoyancy, electrical polarity...
>> No. 80
File 144056081389.jpg - (109.30KB , 765x310 , tyco.jpg )
Almost like LEGO - but not quite - were Tyco Superblocks. The Mega Bloks of their day, Tyco Superblocks were compatible with LEGO. A standard full-height brick was the same thing, but where LEGO bricks are only divided into thirds, vertically, to derive thinner bricks, Tyco had half-bricks too. A 1/2 high Tyco brick on a LEGO baseplate is the same height as two 1/3 high LEGO bricks. Brick-hack.

Interesting facts.
Tyco was bought by Mattel in '97. Mega Bloks is a current Mattel product.
In '92, Tyco Toys bought Matchbox Cars. Mattel now owns Hot Wheels AND Matchbox.
>> No. 81
Yeah I had some non LEGO build toys
>etc etc

File 140757069046.jpg - (83.60KB , 327x372 , MASK_Logo.jpg )
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You know, I don't understand why this board doesn't get more traffic. You all had childhoods, right? Hell, some of you might still be having one, right now.

Maybe I shouldn't cast stones, because it's not exactly like I'm blowin' this place up with all my hot nostalgia dialogue. Still, I try - I asked you about your Pokémon, and I told you some shit about my Legos and my Construx. This, it occurs to me, is not enough though.

What I'm gonna do now is lay down a couple nostalgia-related thoughts - some shit to "riff on", if you will - and if it sparks some special memory or some nostalgic thought of your own, even if it doesn't quite relate to the shit I'm gettin' misty over, then speak up.

1. I've been replaying a bunch of NES and SNES Mario games on emulators lately (I even bought some USB controllers for the first time in my life). I remember playing the first Super Mario Bros on my cousin's NES when I was little and it was painful for him to watch how bad I sucked at it. I don't think I ever got past the first world without using a warp zone until I bought an NES in highschool. When I was around 8 or 9, my sister got an SNES with Mario World for her birthday, but it didn't take long to become the whipshit at that - the physics just aren't as clunky.

2. I've heard that new TMNT movie sucks. I'm of two minds upon hearing this. On the one hand, I'm not surprised at all. After all, I've been watching them destroy things like GI Joe and Transformers at the movies for years now. On the other hand, I've seen the new CGI TMNT cartoon and I fuckin' like it. Of course, we had our own TMNT toon when I was little, as well as our own movies that didn't even compare.

3. When I was little, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, DC Superheroes and The Hobbit was the kind of shit I was trying to cobble together from LEGO sets. Now it's like all they come out with is that shit. I find myself saddened though that the Space line is discontinued and the Castle line has been scaled back to practically nothing. There was something of a story that had unconsciously unfurled itself in my mind behind all the different factions they used to roll out for those product lines.

4. I know it must seem a little quaint and silly to most, but I still BUY movies and tv shows on disc. Over the past year, after finishing off my Star Trek collection, I started working on my DC Superheroes collection. I started with all the Batman and Superman movies, then I bought the Batman animated series from the 90s. Nothin' rose-colored about my recollection of that show - it is STILL bad to the bone. I also bought all I could of the Filmation DC cartoons, which wasn't much when I first started buying, but they recently released all the remaining stuff except the Superboy segments. At first I was excited to buy the Filmation stuff because I was like, "Hey, hokey 70s animation at it's best," but I've since realized that I actually used to watch the Filmation Superman when I was little. I popped the first Superman disc in and it was like the door to a whole locked section of my memory opened up, and it was like I was parked on the carpet in front of the livingroom tv on Saturday morning all over again.
>> No. 76
File 141713443137.png - (22.60KB , 320x320 , MAD.png )
I visit this board now-and-then. Out of all the other 99chan boards, this one seems most up my alley. The TV/games one is also a cool premise.

I love to emulate all the newold weird games I've never played before. I use an SNES->USB converter and it feels good, man. My main sources to find new things are
The first time I played a game was NES at my cousin's, too, and I could barely comprehend it. I probly only got an NES starting in HS too. In the early 90's when I was like 5, I got a Game Boy and the SMW SNES set and played those casually. Back then I wasn't super into games, it was just a thing we had which I took for granted. Parents got me Super Ghouls n Ghosts at some point, but I couldn't get past the first level, and so when I asked for more games, the response was "But you never play the games you already have!" so I didn't get many games in my earlier years. It wasn't until Pokémon released in 1998, at age 11, that I was fully sucked into the video game machine.

I was never into TMNT as a kid, but it sure was popular. Recently this past year or two I've finally tried out the comic and I can now say I dig it. Also tried out Transformers and I def. see the appeal, would watch more.

With the franchising of LEGO, the company was saved, but at the cost of inspiring creativity more easily.
When I was young I liked LEGO, but never got many because they were too expensive. These past few years I've been buying a couple LEGO now and then. I have the DeLorean, the Architecture Studio, and Metalbeard's pirate ship from the Lego Movie. I want to get the Ghostbusters car, and I have lists of older sets I'd love. My primary want is the Space Shuttle Expedition (10231) which I've wanted since I was young. Out of them all, I think I want a lot of the space sets most. Secondarily, pirate stuff. Egypt is cool conceptually and it would be fun to try to use those pieces to make something awesome.
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File 141047676839.png - (664.31KB , 477x714 , 1406321275921.png )
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>> No. 67
File 141082199313.jpg - (171.81KB , 464x600 , spacenigger.jpg )
Fuck Bionicle.

Space and Castle systems 4 lyf.
>> No. 72

This. Bionicle is bullshit for kids that are obsessed with anime or other ADHS flashing crap.
>> No. 73
Preach it, brother.
>> No. 75
Confirmig that Bionicle sucks, is for babies, and isn't even LEGO.

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  Remember those? I completely forgot about them until I saw this episode and I have to agree with the nerd that they were fucking horrible.
>> No. 63
Some of them were okay. Mega Man 2. Had the "wall-grab" move before it ever appeared in any "real" Mega Man game. And the mother-fucking Mecha Dragon, astounding that they were able to fit it in among the rest of the LCD elements.

Also, Mousetrap. Arguably an improvement on the arcade original which was Pac-Man ripoff maze game with the gimmics that you could open and close some doors and save your power pellets... er, dog bones after collecting them and use them whenever you wanted. The LCD version reimagined it as a 3rd person over the shoulder psuedo 3D game. It's like you were right there in the maze with your little mouse buddy!

Admittedly I've never owned any Tiger or Nintendo Game and Watches, only briefly played what my friends had, so there may be some nostalgia goggles involved...

File 137271790279.jpg - (69.64KB , 400x405 , Imagination.jpg )
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What kind shit did you do when you played pretend?

My friends and I used to pretend we were Pokemon trainers on a journey in a region the size of whichever neighborhood we were currently at. We eventually moved on to Digimon because it was "cooler" and "more mature". On my own, I'd pretend I was the leader of some private military group, ranging from an independent "special forces squad" to massive armies capable of fighting multiple fronts, in a war against some sort of "evil" (usually America and/or some group like the Illuminati or Bilderberg).
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>> No. 18
I didn't, my enemies just happened to be organized and operate in a way similar to either of those groups (or really any of the conspiracy theorists' usual suspects). I didn't actually learn about either until I was about 12 or 13; then I thought I was hot shit because I totally knew about these super secret, super real groups before learning that they actually existed.
>> No. 26
File 138431339627.jpg - (18.61KB , 450x315 , wp044[1].jpg )
My and my neighbor friend used to pretend to be spies all the time, I always asked for all the coolest new spy toys and we would spy on my parents through windows and shit.
>> No. 45
Keep the change, ya' filthy animal. I grew up down the street from the original Home Alone house. Neglectful parents were definitely the norm. Either neglectful, or unbelievably over-involved.
>> No. 52
I still have my talkboy in my attic somewhere.
>> No. 59
I'm down, but bear in mind that many of the things that were cute back then could get us arrested these days.

File 139621007855.jpg - (90.00KB , 270x270 , Pokémon_Red.jpg )
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I'm not necessarily hep to what's popular with "the kids" nowadays, but my understanding is that Pokémon is still vaguely popular. The fact that when I typed the name, just now, it auto-corrected for the accent over the "e" is proof enough. There's no substitute, in my mind, for the original though.

When I was a but youngster of 15, self-consciously considering myself "too old" for such things by the measure of my peers (it wasn't worth talking RPG with people in those days, defending the merits of Pokémon, when FF7 was king), I walked 4 miles to the local Meijer to pick up my pre-ordered copies of Red and Blue. I played the hell out of those games on my old two-toned GameBoy brick.

What was your first Pokémon game, and what have you done you do to Catch 'Em All?
>> No. 47

in all likely hood the battery inside the game cart failed long ago.
>> No. 48
If he uses it as a coaster for piss bottles maybe, but if it's well cared for then I doubt it. My own Pokémon Red & Blue carts still work flawlessly. Even if his battery is toast, he can probably replace it with some type of watch battery (just as an NES cart battery can be replaced with a CR2032) and start from scratch. Maybe that's not the "closure" he's looking for, but a full run through the game can be more fun that the tedious chore of hunting down all the Pokémon (something he can't do without both carts anyway).
>> No. 49
mine was Yellow Version, and then I got Crystal. since then I've tended to only pick up the "3rd version" for any generation of PKMN games due to the chances of encountering any and all PKMN available for that gen in the game.
>> No. 51
Only the ones that allow you to save your game.
>> No. 57
My first pokemon game was the trading card game. I once stole a card someone dropped during a game. I feel the shame till this day...but gotta catch em all right?

File 137231509736.gif - (469.20KB , 214x185 , cats washing clothes.gif )
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aww cool i get to be the first mothafucka to post in this board
>first lego set
>what age
>do you still have it?
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>> No. 24
File 137778494330.jpg - (57.28KB , 800x532 , immagine_027.jpg )
This was probably my first lego set. I must have been 5 or 6, don't really remember it that well. In retrospect I realize that I never build this correctly. To bad I gave all my lego stuff away when I was 14 (got minecraft instead now, don't worry about it).
>> No. 37
File 139612856895.png - (295.36KB , 537x387 , Black_Falcon's_Fortress.png )
The line of my memory is blurred regarding my first set. I'm pretty sure, in fact, that I received my first LEGO set before my last set of DUPLO. It was, in all probability, one of those generic parts collections that came in a blue tub with a set of instructions and decals for building any number of various "City" LEGO creations. The first set that I actually recall receiving as a gift, however, is Black Falcon's Fortress. To this day, I still find it to be an appealing set, if for no other reason than that it contains a single "castle wall block" of Bavarian architectural style, as opposed to the standard stone-and-mortal style block.
>> No. 38
>>37 here again.

I think it's a curiosity worth noting for those who missed out on my generation's LEGOs that the castle's of my era were built, not on a base-plate, but on 1/3-thickness slats. They were hinged and opened along the backside from a 1x2 Technic-style hole-block-and-pin. The great thing about that was that it meant, as you amassed more castles, you could easily connect them to create a massive castle wall set.
>> No. 42
Hell no. Nobody wants to be the guy that brings his big LEGO set to a friend's place and then loses one of the pieces. "Bringing LEGOs to a friend's place" consisted of my friends and I bringing a minifig or two to each others houses, just to have the appropriate character to play as.
>> No. 44
>Part of life is learning that the shit you spent time on will deteriorate and fall apart if it isn't watched carefully and repaired.

I guess some of us are faster learners than others.

File 137314744589.jpg - (80.73KB , 640x360 , thumb640x360.jpg )
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Anyone play this? It actually looks pretty neat if you watch the trailer http://heroica.lego.com/en-us/howtoplay/default.aspx
>> No. 21
Actually yes. I bought Draida bay because I wanted some of the tiny figures, and I ended up buying Fortaan. my girlfriend and I play it together from time to time.
You can also find solo rules online that turn it into more of a strategic dungeon crawler, though you need to build 2 dice for that.

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File 137236377257.jpg - (198.96KB , 500x438 , 42kI9.jpg )
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Like this?

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