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File 140227888364.png - (6.38KB , 660x442 , Screenshot-Terminal.png )
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1. Be polite, unless the user is supporting Windows or other Microsoft products.

2. I will not tolerate trolling, shitposts, or any kind of "content" that is clearly bullshit, trolling is allowed if someone likes Windows.

3. You will treat one another with respect and courtesy. You will not be a douchebag to your fellow nerds, unless they talk about windows supremacy.

4.Any person willing to respond to this post with their hash / name can do so, this will be helpful as I can rely on some of you to help moderate this wonderful board. To those who care about content quality and the survival of this board you can email me at rickb(at)99chan(dot)org if you notice anything awry or you just wanna yell at me for some reason

5. I reserve the right to bash you with a banhammer for any reason I see fit but I probably wont, this is highly unlikely and only in the most extreme circumstances.
>> No. 511
I hope you realize you can talk about Windows, you will probably just get trashed...

File 144256872255.jpg - (177.87KB , 1280x849 , fbtop02.jpg )
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File 144327401542.jpg - (337.75KB , 1252x912 , dXxkMDm.jpg )
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Anyone knows a good German Uni for CS?
>> No. 759
{Paderborn, Karlsruhe, ...}

File 144228084517.jpg - (35.85KB , 500x500 , avatars-000096518525-8ch5qw-t500x500.jpg )
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I made a musical programming language (and compiler compiler) called Skoar (and Skoarcery).

The compiler compiler is in python, the runtime is supercollider.

Thought you guys might wanna check it out.

>> No. 756
i haven't been on this chan in a while.
but in case you should you ever visit this thread again-- this is really impressive work. top job!

File 141629222321.jpg - (45.22KB , 601x600 , 1.jpg )
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migrating from M$ win to Linux (finally).
tons of articles processed. the problem was - to much options(distros) to consider.
firstly wanted to try debian, but its updated slowly, albeit its stable.

ubuntu is slow(by now) and buggy.
wanna install on vmware firstly, gradually transferring my daily activities to it (web, android programming, surfing, graphics works).
i don't think that i will install it on hardware because of bad driver support (as i understood comparing to windows).
i have old beloved PC games that i don't think i can run in virtual at same performance. also considered hypervisor but right now just don't have good notebook for fast operation.

based on that:

cant decide between Manjaro and arch . studied article about Manjaro copied source instead of simply adding their mods.
also will Manjaro work with arch repos?
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>> No. 739
If you're migrating from Windows, you might want to start with something easier than Arch/Manjaro.
Kubuntu is surprisingly fast compared to Ubuntu.
Sabayon is probably a better solution than Manjaro though, since it's much easier but you get a lot of the same benefits.
>> No. 741
CentOs or Scientific Linux
If it's good enough for CERN and Fortune 100 companies, it's good enough for you.

If you love breaking things and fixing them every week, you'll love Arch, but for the real world, it's useless.
>> No. 753
As for starting Linux, use Ubuntu or Mint to start out. Use Arch in a VirtualBox first until you are comfortable with it.

Also, as an Arch person: Don't use Manjaro. They may be based on Arch but they lag behind by days to months and just because we have the Arch User Repository and some of that works on Manjaro as well, don't expect everything to work. Arch has a huge wiki, as well as an active and helpful community on both reddit and IRC.

As for RedHat / CentOS / Scientific Linux: That stuff is great for servers, but SELinux (which is by default activated) is a big hindrance in learning Linux. Thus, not recommended as the first Linux you touch.

File 144267916136.png - (6.25KB , 272x92 , google-transp.png )
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File 141632280882.jpg - (62.83KB , 500x500 , 0.jpg )
696 No. 696 hide quickreply [Reply]
I've decided to try my hand at learning C++, it's my first programming language I've actually put some serious effort into learning. Problem is quite early on in the book I'm reading (C++ Primer, 5th ed.) I am stumped on one of the exercises.

I'm supposed to write a program that asks the user for two numbers, then prints off the numbers in descending order. I can't get it to work properly though, and I feel like I have to add another variable in but I don't know what I'd do.

The issues, specifically, are that for one, it won't output any numbers if the first number is larger than the second. Secondly, it won't print the whole range if I do enter the numbers in the correct order. This is what happens:

[email protected]:~/projects/CPP_Primer/build> ./cpp_primer
[email protected]:~/projects/CPP_Primer/build> ./cpp_primer
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 724
Lets trace through what you do.

int x=0, y=0;
cin >> x >> y;

You get two inputs and store them in ints. x is the first one, y is the second.

for (int val=x; val <= y; val++)

You loop from x up to y. What will happen if x is bigger than y? `val <= y` will be false and the loop won't run.

cout << y-- << endl;

You decrement `y` and print it out. You're changing `y` and `val` together, so that `val <= y` becomes false twice as quickly as you expect.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 749
Kind of late, but I may be helping somebody with this.

As far as I can tell, you're only required to take two numbers and print those two numbers. Your program is not only changing the values of the two numbers, but is using a loop to do so repeatedly, which is not only unnecessary but problematic, even dangerous if working with important data.

I'm not going to point out the problems with the loop because a loop is entirely unnecessary. The task can be done with just the two integers and a control statement.

int main()
int x=0, y=0;
cout << "Enter two numbers: ";
Giving prompts to the user is a good idea if you want other people to know how to use your program.
cin >> x >> y;

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 144136746597.png - (10.65KB , 215x212 , logo.png )
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Hey, I am developing a new chan engine with the purpose of being more efficient and flexible than the existing options.

Recently I have released the first stable release and I am looking for people willing to stress it.

The live instance I run can be found at http://lynxhub.com .

The source code can be found at https://gitlab.com/mrseth/LynxChan .

File 14189257489.jpg - (63.96KB , 500x375 , 11.jpg )
715 No. 715 hide quickreply [Reply]
OK fuckers, I'm back in college and I want to know what is the best degree to set me up to work from home as a programmer. I know that I want to specialize in cloud computing, and I have in mind perhaps working for Google. I've found their drive, docs, and slides tools to be invaluable since I've been back in college. Inb4 degrees aren't necessary, both of my parents have advanced degrees from prestigious universities and I want one too. I am looking at UCF but my dream school would be UF, I've been a Gator fan all my life. I'm already learning programming on Kahn Academy. Personal stories are of course welcome.
>> No. 721
If you just care about getting a decent job, get a degree in software engineering or programming. If you want to build a serious career and have any chance of working at Google, get a degree in Computer Science and really learn the math. A double major in CS and Math would be your best bet, but isn't necessary. Be aware that Computer Engineering is usually more hardware than software, don't get tricked into doing that.

Most importantly, write code. For any classes that don't give you a final project to demonstrate what you learned, make your own. Put all the code on github and put a link on your resume. If you use an open source tool, find its github page and make a contribution. A good portfolio is way more important than a degree.

I have to say that I agree that going to college is important for being a good software developer. Make sure your program will cover multiple programming languages (ones that aren't just object oriented are a big plus), algorithm analysis, discrete math, and databases. For undergrad a security focus isn't super necessary, but a databases or web design class that cover SQL injection is great.

I graduated with a math degree and CS minor, and I'm currently working at a tech company in the bay area. My internships were super helpful, as were career fairs. Make sure you apply to a lot of companies, for interview experience if nothing else. Start early so you know what to expect.

I looked a little at UCF and UF, they both seem to have good CS programs. If you get into UF, you'll have to decide between the engineering college and the college of arts and letters. Either should be fine, but the engineering one would be a little easier to sell. Try to take a course in data structures as early as you can, since it's pretty fundamental to writing good code rather than code that just works.

I didn't see any courses at UF about programming languages, so make sure you get experience in a few if you go there. I'd recommend Java/C#, Ruby/Python, and SQL at a minimum. Something low level like C/C++ and something functional like Lisp/Scheme/Erlang would be good too.
>> No. 729
I can save you a lot of time and trouble:

Read the following statements and tick the box next to the correct answer.
int a = 10;
int b = 20;
a = b;
The new values of a and b are:
[ ] a = 20 b = 0
[ ] a = 20 b = 20
[ ] a = 0 b = 10
[ ] a = 10 b = 10
[ ] a = 30 b = 20
[ ] a = 30 b = 0
[ ] a = 10 b = 30
[ ] a = 0 b = 30
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 745
File 143525003580.jpg - (5.18MB , 2448x3264 , UF_SignatureShot.jpg )
UF is a good school, I am a math student there currently and was computer science as well until getting destroyed by Computer Organization and Design. The hardware stuff was just beyond my comprehension.

So, OP, be prepared for a hardware class or two, even if you are in the software program. UF doesn't have classes for specific programming languages, the class will have a task or role and you will learn a relevant language if it's not in C/C++/Java which you are expected to know from the introductory course sequence.


If I have a math degree and no computer science minor, what kind of developer certifications would I be looking at as an equivalent? I can code as well as most comp sci students but won't be able to complete the minor in time.
>> No. 746
Honestly, certification is really unimportant. It's much better to have a link to a github and/or stackoverflow account and be able to say "here is something I've done". If you haven't done any projects outside of school, look into contributing to open source projects (admittedly, that's pretty hard to do if you don't already know them pretty well).

But really, you'll be able to find work just with a bit of school experience if you try hard enough. You won't get your dream job, but a few years experience with industry programming and no one will give a damn what you majored in.

File 143490925542.jpg - (86.45KB , 660x350 , bitc111111-660x350.jpg )
744 No. 744 hide quickreply [Reply]
Does anybody mine BitCoin?
Ive got about 20 GHS
scaling it up. I am thinking that cloud hashing is the way to go, but still trying to make up my mind, besides trading and investing. Electricity bills just don't make it with mining, unless you have some kind of large solar farm. anyways, yeah feel free to share your own experience.

and for newcomers, heres a free wallet with $5 worth of bitcoin to get you started in this new frontier.
>> No. 747
Plug in laptop in public places, leech their electricity for mining.

Alternatively, just use real money.

File 141618280317.jpg - (57.58KB , 480x317 , 1.jpg )
681 No. 681 hide quickreply [Reply]
When I last programmed - in college mind you - patterns where the new thing. I mostly used java.
Possibly, I am getting a new job where programming is a requirement, I will have a lot of freedom in what I will do, but I think I will go for C#.
So tell me what changed in 5-7 years? Any books you would recommend?
>> No. 740
Here's a short version:
-patterns are overrated, singleton & factory are bad.
-C# is pretty nice, but use Win forms, not WPF.
-Effective C# is out-dated but good.
-LINQ is awesome, but you need to know functional programming to really take advantage of it
-consider using D instead of C#, since it's more powerful and has better cross-platform support

File 141892633731.jpg - (43.57KB , 381x500 , 1418418599478.jpg )
717 No. 717 hide quickreply [Reply]
O'reilly books kinda suck compared to using free online resources like w3schools.com but I buy them whenever I'm in the bookstore because of the cute furry animals.
>> No. 732
>> No. 738
I love O'Reillys books because they are thick, doesn't have these preposterous claims about learning something in 24 hours, doesn't have condescending illustrations and doesn't have ADHD-inducing covers.

File 142774223852.png - (82.30KB , 256x256 , Xcode_icon.png )
737 No. 737 hide quickreply [Reply]
I've got a X201. I'm considering to get a bigger HDD, create two equal-sized partitions, robocopy my current HDD to the first and install Mac OS Yosemite on the other. Because I want to toy around with Xcode without having to paying trough my nose first.

File 141618326251.jpg - (59.37KB , 500x475 , 1.jpg )
682 No. 682 hide quickreply [Reply]
Hi. I'm currently a freshman in college taking an Intro to CS class using Python. I've fared well on both labs and assignments but when it comes to exams I don't score well. I just can't seem to implement the code to a given function and have it anywhere near work the first time without testing and debugging. I feel like I'm maybe missing the core concept of CS and that worries me, considering I want to major in it. Do you have any tips or suggestions to turn this around?
>> No. 701
Who has their code work the first time?

Anyway, it *is* a good skill to be able to trace through your program as if you were the Python interpreter. Mentally set watchpoints (places where you check a variable's value), run through iterations of a for loop, mentally test edge cases based on the function you're implementing as well as your implementation. In other words, on exams you still go through an abbreviated testing and debugging cycle, using your brain as the computer. Also, being able to do that will help loads in technical interviews.

Do they give you scratch paper for exams or are they asseholes?
>> No. 735
if you're not allowed to search online and use an IDE i wouldn't take this too seriously, unless it is just a fizzbuzz kind task.
if you want to work as a programmer you mostly just need a portfolio of some cool things you made.
it seems most people who finish CS can't code shit so companies don't care too much about courses and certificates.

File 142636956949.jpg - (86.61KB , 430x539 , 1426214180886.jpg )
734 No. 734 hide quickreply [Reply]
I know you love torturing yourself with recursion so I've made a tutorial that makes it 100 times more complicated. Enjoy!

>> No. 736
Real programmers can write LISP in any language. Even if it means implementing TCO and Call-With-Current-Continuation by hand.

File 14163223687.jpg - (74.72KB , 532x466 , 1.jpg )
694 No. 694 hide quickreply [Reply]
So, I'm 25 and I started my own company(LLC in 2 months, already bought) and I am having a hard time finding good programmers. I tried Craigslist and tried elance and mechanical turk a few times, but results were mediocre.

I don't want to dig into to many details, so simply were would I find a reliable source of programmers or locate one for hire?

Mostly looking for HTML/CSS, Java, Flash, Android and some base knowledge in servers.
>> No. 698
Hey there anon. I've never hired off of these sites, but I've looked at them for jobs:

I don't know if there are fees to pay or anything, but indeed seems to take a lot of cross-listings.

Other than that, if you know some C.S. students, we're generally looking for work to build up our portfolios, but depending on where you're asking, you may get shite quality.

>> No. 703
Http:\\www.dice.Com is a good place to look as well!
>> No. 723
Read this before you hire anyone: https://sites.google.com/site/steveyegge2/five-essential-phone-screen-questions
>> No. 725
Where are you located?
>> No. 730
Step 1: Know how to write the code you need written yourself.

Step 2: Ask your applicants to solve a problem in whatever language you need them to write in a coding interview to last not longer than 1 hour.

Step 3: If they pass the coding interview, hire them.

Step 3 will take you a while to get to, as finding good programmers is a hard task indeed.

File 142134175864.jpg - (19.80KB , 364x329 , 1365193232_Guy-with-Question-Mark-over-his-headFot.jpg )
726 No. 726 hide quickreply [Reply]
I'm attending a one-year training in COBOL. So far, I've seen these alarming signs of varying importance:

*There is these mandatory exercises. But you can pass a course despite not having made them all. The general modus seems to be dragging people trough the education so that they can get their tax money at the end of the spring semester.

*There is no paper towels in the dining room nor the toilets. Despite our complaints.

*We had a week with a horrible sales pitch with a representative from IBM. z/OS and stuff. He was knowledgeable, but he was the worst teacher ever. And of course a few megabrains did catch everything he said. But not the most of us.

*This education will be crowned with a 2-month period of an internship. But the school had only some 15-20 places earmarked for us. Then a few places disappeared, because one of the banks has decided to move all the COBOL-development to Balticum. Then a few places will be taken by children to people working at these banks.

*Applying for internship will be as if you was applying for a real job. So the last week before christmas there was this little course on how to promote ourselves. One of the panaceas suggested was LinkedIn, yeah THAT LinkedIn, THAT spam-engine.

So what do you think? Am I only training for unemployment?
>> No. 727
Please don't learn this dead language. There's going to be a few maintenance jobs, but the worst you could do for yourself would be to get one. You will be digging through the most horrible code to fix a crisis with bankers breathing down your neck. If you're paying for this, get out.

I do have to say, LinkedIn isn't awful for finding work (think of it as an online resume), but it's really sketchy that they won't help you look for a job. Writing a resume is a skill, and not something you'll get right on your first try. If you want to develop easy software, learn Ruby on Rails and some basic SQL instead of COBOL. You won't get paid as well, but you also won't want to tear your brain out.

File 141892605082.jpg - (92.01KB , 607x451 , lE4vl.jpg )
716 No. 716 hide quickreply [Reply]
So I have a program that I am super paranoid about other people even looking at. It is a web application I have written out in pseudo, I don't really want to go into details about what it would do or how because I am not even sure if it will really work, or if it is just me being crazy (it is nothing illegal, just potentially profitable and fucking awesome).

I just want to know how to secure my code and user info as well as is possible. What kinds of things do government agencies and large corporations do to protect their data, and what are the best options for someone who does not have a big corporate/government budget to work with? What about something free?

I am only familiar with rather basic things like how to prevent injection attacks and session hijacks, web programming 201 type stuff.

No idea how to protect something really valuable.

I can use whatever framework/language will be best, though I would prefer to avoid anything that would require the use of visual studio.

Bonus points for something that would work on an onion, all this Gawker media bullshit happening lately makes me want something that would make it difficult or impossible for my server to be physically seized or accessed by anyone else. Even though it is nothing illegal, I don't want it to be possible for criminals, lawyers, bureaucrats and well-rounded decent individual's to piss on my leg at all, ever.
>> No. 718
You arenˋt giving a lot of details here about your application. What is the ˋuser dataˋ that you are trying to protect? The best way to keep code private is to only use binaries and to use code obfuscation. Aside from that, you say itˋs a web application, so maybe do a web search on ˋweb application securityˋ.
>> No. 720
Any user data that doesn't need to be reproduced (eg passwords) use a secure hashing algorithm (bcrypt or pbkdf2). Anything you do need to reproduce (eg names, emails, credit card numbers) encrypt with a secure encryption algorithm (AES). Use libraries that already have these written and DO NOT right the algorithms yourself.

Securing code that is going to run in the browser is impossible. Anything that you wouldn't open source needs to run on your server and only send the results back to the client. Do not rely on anything coming from the client as being correct.

Minimize the number of places your app receives data. Test every input with good data, bad data, random garbage, malicious data, and if possible open source that code and ask for feedback from StackExchange.

As for the physical set up, do not store anything that you wouldn't make public anywhere but a server that you physically control. Keep it behind locked doors in a secure building. The USA is probably the best place to keep it unless you'll be running up against the law, in which case a Nordic country might be safer.

Do be safe against physical takedowns, you want a distributed system. Use something like AWS to get everything on a lot of servers. Ideally, you could run it on clients, like bittorrent or tor.

This advice is very contradictory. You have to make the tradeoffs about what kind of security you need and what is possible based on your application. A distributed system without identification works really well for bittorrent but would be awful for facebook. All-data encryption is great for the military, but overkill for an imageboard. Without knowing what you want to do, it's impossible to give any real advice.

If you are really going to make money off of this, pay an expert and give them an NDA. If you aren't able to invest in the idea, get venture capital after you make a prototype. And remember two things: you'll never be 100% secure, and an insecure product that exists is infinitely more valuable than a secure one that doesn't.

File 141608990571.png - (159.88KB , 1920x1080 , 138351928185.png )
677 No. 677 hide quickreply [Reply]
Can anybody help me with this assembly? I'm trying to write a function like memset but instead of copying 1 byte at a time it copies 4. The function appears to have no effect on the array though.

I've tried different conditional jumps on line 13 and it still doesn't do anything.
>> No. 702
Hi anon, you have two problems. The first is that, as you've probably noticed, your loop isn't getting executed.

The second problem is that you have some pointer/value-pointed-to confusion.

Try opening up your program in gdb and `define` the macro:
info reg
x/20i memset32
to step through memset32.
>> No. 712
Fix your fucking memset you goon
>> No. 713
>at&t syntax

Anyway OP you're telling your memset to copy a dword instead of a byte.
>> No. 714
Why not use SSE (Streaming SIMD)? set 256 bits at a time.

I mean, they are giving us this great tool... why not use it?

File 14167208423.gif - (42.21KB , 525x428 , 1395611866055.gif )
705 No. 705 hide quickreply [Reply]
This is the end of my 3rd year of BS(CS) and I'm not even close to him or anyone else, my university doesn't have any kind of that environment like other Computer Science universities does, hence students are incompetent too they aren't even aware of any current or new technology, I'm really depressed because I'm not even close to what I considered I would learn, I feel like I'm going to end up doing some labor job because I'm from a 3rd world country and even Software Houses aren't very innovative, where as I dreamt of landing a job in a company like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Quora etc
>> No. 706
I'm sorry, OP, but what do you want? You say you're at a crappy school, but is that really your problem? It might help to think about what you *have* done in your career so far (projects, fascinating articles, etc.) and build on that.

I encourage CS students to take part in open source software projects. It can be somewhat intimidating to get immersed in a codebase that's been around for some time, but you should look at commit logs. The dates between choosing to make a feature and finally implmenting it can be a month or more apart. My point is that you can take your time and focus on the important things like communicating with people and designing programs.
>> No. 710
I just want to add under the heading of "General Computer Scientist Shit"
- Algorithm design
- running time analysis and (disk-,memory-)space analysis
- how to use a debugger

There's more, but you should be able to calculate the big-O of an algorithm without excessive difficulty.

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