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File 137998188941.jpg - (25.01KB , 301x316 , Mangum_deal_with_it.jpg )
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Übermenschen! Willkommen in der 99eimar Republik! Dies ist unser Zuhause, und es muss Regeln geben. Insubordination wird mit dem. Tode bestraft werden. Die Juden sind unser Mesiter.

Zwei: All posts must relate to the Empire und fascism
Drei: Keep it clean, fur die little kleinhitlers running about.


File 140072412146.png - (119.19KB , 1600x900 , emp.png )
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Hitler made some really fucked up decisions during teh course of the Second World War, which I'm going to list below.

1. Before Germany declared war on Russia, it was imperative that Britain be defeated. If Hitler had not ordered the Luftwaffe to switch from attacking the RAF and instead bomb English cities(in retaliation for negligent British raids in Germany), the RAF would have been utterly destroyed within weeks and Britain helpless and unable to stop the Luftwaffe from doing what it wanted.
2. Not telling Mussolini to clean up his own fucking mess in the Balkans. Instead, German manpower was tied down for months, thus delaying the start of Barbarossa, which ensured the Germans would be caught in the worst winter Russia had seen for decades, without cold weather gear or winterized vehicles.
3.Declaring war on the United States. If Hitler had not of decided to go to war with the USA a week after Pearl Harbor, there was no way FDR would have convinced the majority of Americans to also go to war in Europe.
4. His insane refusal to allow German troops to withdraw/ This bullshit was responsible for the death and capture of millions of German soldiers. If he had of allowed strategic withdrawals when needed, the Russians would have never made it to Germany, and there would have probably been a negotiated peace on the Eastern Front, and his refusal to release needed reinforcements until well after D-Day insured the Western Allies would prevail on that front.
In many ways, Hitler was the best thing going for the allies.
The best thing that could have possibly happened to Germany in WWII was if Hitler had od died or been incapcitated early in the war.
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>> No. 177
Couldn't it be argued that Hitler's hatred of Jews reached the level of being pathological?

And that Der Fuhrer allowed himself to become consumed by it?

Didn't Hitler, against the will of his top military men, staff munitions factories with frail, emaciated, sickly Jewish women who started dropping-dead like flies immediatedly?

Wasn't this an example of Hitler placing his personal, all-consuming vendetta against Jews above his desire for victory in the war?
>> No. 242
>> No. 438
To boot with this, he inducted the Fuherprinzip, put the elites in power, and betrayed the "Socialism" in National Socialism.
>> No. 439
To boot with this, he inducted the Fuherprinzip, put the elites in power, and betrayed the "socialism " in National Socialism.
>> No. 440
He also inducted the Fuherprinzip, put the elites in power, betrayed the "socialism" in "National Socialism," and was generally shitty chancellor.

File 144402360044.jpg - (86.00KB , 640x640 , image.jpg )
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At the leading edge of the unstinting advantages that come with a one-party state is that it eschews all the static that hinder the progress in a democratic political system.

File 140297175884.jpg - (33.79KB , 523x452 , thispleasesstirner.jpg )
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I think Hitler had the right idea, but he focused too much on Race rather than Culture. I don't think bloodline has much to do with Ubermensch, but rather your ideology and what kind of culture you were raised in.

What do y'all think?
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>> No. 257
Hitler had the right idea about race.

Look who is promoting Cultural Marxism in the West today through mainstream media and Common Core.

The Jews ofcourse
>> No. 389
File 142391539454.gif - (676.45KB , 800x566 , ego.gif )
You can't into Stirner don't you?
>> No. 428
You're not going to find many anarchist around here. Even of the "individualist/egoist" variety. Spooks abound.
>> No. 435
Nice spooks, loser.
>> No. 436
File 144402340092.jpg - (92.69KB , 640x1136 , image.jpg )
At the leading edge of the unstinting advantages that come with a one-party state is that it eschews all the static that hinder the progress in a democratic political system.

File 144297768640.jpg - (69.61KB , 747x343 , benchnumberidiot.jpg )
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I've heard you guize like hitler.

Any other refugees from honoraryaryanchan?
>> No. 434
There's some life needed to rejuvenate this board.

I'm willing to put in the work to save the white race

File 143975131732.png - (293.87KB , 906x870 , Berndian.png )
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Howdy Volks!

Wanna talk to real Germans instead of posting and/or masturbating to obscene Hitler Porn on the interwebs? Wanna thank Chancellor Merkel for killing the Euroland economy? Or indulge yourself into a Putin Circeljerk? Who shot down MH17? All valid and contemporary questions!
Berndian is a bastion of freedom and democracy in the german interwebs, a pirate live stream and podcast.
Discussing political and social matters and anime, we are always seeking new people to talk to in order to broaden the format and entertain the listeners.
Our three hosts Neobiene (N), Siegfried (S) and Bernhard (B) are eagerly awaiting your input to foster international relations!
So give us a call on skype, in English or German. We do like to hear your opinions on world events, german and international issues or anything and everything else.

Skype Contacts: ( be sure to turn off or mute the stream before calling, feedback loops are annoying! )
Neobiene - neobiene
Siegfried - bernt.lauerd
Bernhard - bernd.lauert33  

Every Sunday!

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 430
Sorry Volks, Stream will be done tomorrow. On Monday, due to unexpected drinking.
>> No. 431
Berndian is live now!
>> No. 432

But that's KC tier.

File 139736799174.jpg - (18.68KB , 220x321 , gpatton.jpg )
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I used to have an image and a bookmark to a Google preview of the book but I formatted and don't have all the stuff I used to.
Anyways, Patton agrees we (the States) were on the wrong side of WWII.
>> No. 149
Except MacArthur was a stupid sonofabitch and Halsey hated his prima donna ass with every bit of his being.
>> No. 413
>das nur in

File 14107846852.png - (18.52KB , 429x410 , laughingnazi.png )
197 No. 197 hide quickreply [Reply]

Lepoard II's entering ukraine!
>> No. 412

File 13812472977.png - (35.53KB , 650x922 , gaynazis.png )
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Is it possible for homosexuals to be upstanding Fascists or National Socialists? So long as they aren't consumed by the petty identity politics of LGBT, then I think it's well within the realm of possibility.
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>> No. 180
File 140434067918.png - (194.87KB , 867x646 , HIV-Young-Adult-Males-2011-CDC.png )
>> No. 186
Homosexuality is a net negative for any natsoc society. For a healthy people, there must be healthy people. Homosexuality is based on sexual deviance, it has no goals or advancements like children, homosexuality is 100% based on hedonistic pleasure and pursuit of something they consider love, which is antecedent to national socialism. Sexual sublimination and celibacy is the only correct answer to homosexuality, full stop.
>> No. 187
File 140699533633.png - (50.31KB , 191x328 , !!!!!Josef_Mengele.png )
Hey! Works for Israel! Over Half of the IDF are Queer Ass Fucks
(the other half are Blood Fetischists)

Hitler would be Damned Proud of His Chosen Ones!
>> No. 192
File 14096778332.jpg - (32.13KB , 325x450 , intro_ss_roehm_g.jpg )
Without homosexuals it would have been much harder for Hitler to rise to power.
>> No. 405
I don't mind homosexuals. They keep to themselves, and I don't see why society should act with disgust towards them.

You see, I see homosexuality as akin to being into bondage and BDSM; It really only matters how far you're willing to take it.

If, after everyone else in the world has fallen asleep, my missus likes to be tied up and gagged, and I like really fucking rough sex and that feeling of dominance, then I don't see how that's hurting anyone, really. If a prominent politician was ousted as heavily into BDSM, I don't see why that should affect how he reacts politically to anything. Maybe you could call me immoral, but seriously, it's a sexual kink. Sex in the missionary position with the lights off doesn't always do it for me. So what's the big whoop?

Same thing with homosexuality. So what Jonathan likes taking Harry's cock down his throat, and likes to cuddle with him and watch movies together and go hiking? It's a sexual kink, mates. You could go out on a limb and say, yeah, maybe some part of their brain or personality is a little queer or off and that causes them to like their own sex. And that'd be absolutely true. It doesn't make them mentally ill; That award goes to some (but not all) transexuals, i.e. the bundle of stickss on tumblr proposing a new gender every other week. Fuck that shit, man, gas those fucks. At least deport them. We don't need that shit in our society.

Now I'm not saying that homosexuality be celebrated, that it is something to be necessarily proud of. I'm not saying AT ALL that we should encourage it; Only heterosexuality should be encouragesd, as it is the norm. However, I would like to think that it should at least be accepted.

Again, the BDSM metaphor comes into play:
I don't think we should be encouraging BDSM, but that doesn't mean that we should exclude kinky bastards from being proud National Socialists. And I'm not even going to bring up the retarded numbers argument, saying that we need every man we can get because we are a dying breed; That thinking is nihilistic, and National Socialism should bring hope for the future. No, I believe we as National Socialists should accept Homosexuals and Kinky people simply because they are our fellow countrymen, and if they have come to embrace National Socialism, then who are we to turn them away?

File 139128106157.png - (124.54KB , 500x340 , 1343594553931.png )
112 No. 112 hide quickreply [Reply]
Be honest, how many of us here would have survived the Nazi purges? I would have been alright until the second wave on account of my blue eyes. I have brown hair though and need glasses, so I'd have been sent for genetic stabilization eventually.
>> No. 113
Well I'm not European so I think I would have managed.
>> No. 117
Probably everyone, except of course /cccp/ stragglers and some of those really dumb herp derp posters that would ruin nice things (ala the brownshirts and the night of the long knives).

Nazis didn't really care what color hair you had or whatever, Hitler himself had dark hair afterall. They just hoped for more blonde and blue babies.
>> No. 150
Well, seeing as my grandfather served in the 2nd SS Panzer Division "Das Reich", I think I would have made out ok.
>> No. 404
Half White (I have no idea, my family argues over whether they're English or Polish because none of them want to use Ancestry.Com. TLDR: Not german) and half Mexican. Though to be fair, like most other whitexicans I appear to be mostly white. In fact most people outright assume that I'm fully white. However, this probably isn't "white" enough for Hitler. I am 6'3, 260 pounds. Kinda chubby but I feel like I can get in shape in a hurry if I felt like it (certainly if my life depended on it)

If I'm not German, not fully white, have brown hair and brown eyes, BUT am fully and completely devoted to the National Socialist and German cause, would Hitler spare me and allow me to serve him under his glorious Third Reich? I mean, Germany and Mexico were almost allies during WWI. (Grasping at straws, I know. I just really really like old school Germany, and the Nazis in general.)

File 138422936391.jpg - (95.48KB , 567x504 , dd395-ANC (site).jpg )
43 No. 43 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm certain many of you are aware of the attacks by Blacks on white Afrikaaner farmers. What can we do about it?

While we're at it, let's also discuss Apartheid-era South Africa and post-Apartheid South Africa.
2 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 46
Let me wiki that for you:
>> No. 146
File 139917263413.jpg - (79.25KB , 450x117 , awb-new-website.jpg )
Glory to the Afrikaners!
>> No. 147
File 139917282514.jpg - (93.42KB , 567x373 , the-uvf-commemoration-in-craigavon-or-something-cl.jpg )
Learn more about the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging:
>> No. 148
File 139917319221.jpg - (50.01KB , 930x558 , le-responsable-du-camp-etait-un-ancien-membre.jpg )
Rest in Peace, Eugene.

While you were quick to anger, you were a man of principle and commitment:
>> No. 336
Why don't we welcome the white farmers into our own countries. Surely they can make a claim as legitimate as any black refugee from Somalia and they'll come with an actual idea as to how to behave in a civil society.

They should be coming over in droves. Why don't they?

File 142073538271.jpg - (62.20KB , 600x600 , nxfwop.jpg )
295 No. 295 hide quickreply [Reply]
Nicht schlecht, ein ganzes Deutschbrett voller Amis.

File 140565276489.png - (149.40KB , 521x781 , 2spook.png )
183 No. 183 hide quickreply [Reply]
Why do you Komrades think Hitler tried to exterminate the jews? Or did he at all?
>> No. 184
He didn't
>> No. 185
It's a common misconception that Hitler was against the Jews. Yes, he did try to kill them all, but he was never an anti-semite. Rather, he was pro-German. That's why he had the madagascar plan: the Jews had proved time and time again they were not fit for German society, they didn't have an overall good benefit for the Germans, and they were generally a nuisance and he wanted them out. The United States and the rest of the west, however, vetoed this plan, would not let him enact it, so he did the only thing he could without sacrificing precious German clay: he killed them.
>> No. 241
Or possibly interned them until they could be placed in a German controlled territory after the war. AKA, the final solution as decided in the Wannsee conference.

File 140354844565.jpg - (842.22KB , 2010x2990 , Scully.jpg )
171 No. 171 hide quickreply [Reply]
Do any of you believe in the Nordic aliens or Nazi UFOs?
>> No. 198
Based on what I just read about them on Wikipedia, they sound a lot like how Varg Vikernes envisons the Æsir in "Germansk mytologi og verdensanskuelse"
>> No. 239
It's interesting, if for nothing else than just some ancient aliens fun.

But if it is true, I doubt they're sticking around much at all with what their creations slowly killing themselves.

File 139621524561.png - (14.81KB , 428x271 , 1384459617001.png )
123 No. 123 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Hitler should have won.

World would have been a better place nowadays.
3 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 163
They run the government, though. Our foreign policy is pretty much "what makes Israel happy". Benjamin Netanyahu
has openly bragged about having America in his pocket. The State Department has pretty much been staffed by Jews since World War II, and almost every member of Congress supports Israel unconditionally, because they know not to do so means they won't be reelected.
>> No. 172
I stand by my statement, and here's some research for you. Especially read the pdf linked below.

>> No. 173

You're dense as shit if you don't understand that the US is less controlled by israel rather than the US, Israel, Iran and Saudi Arabia are extant in a complicated hate rhombus where nobody can really act against each other directly without causing serious shit. Israel--being a tiny, resource-deplete country most people in the world hate--is undoubtedly the most egregious victor in the arrangement, but by no means do they hold the strings to the US's puppet show. We support Israel like Saudi condemns them; secretely, the game is reversed. Saudis love Israel as a way to keep pan-arab nationalist rage against the oil tycoons that run their country, while the US and Israel constantly spy on each other, thwart one another and generally loathe everything about the other's existence. The Israeli lobby is one of the largest pains in Congress's asses and the ADL constantly makes a mockery of them.

That being said WWII SUCKED. Nazi Germany was the advanced civilization at the time, had hands DOWN the greatest land army in European history, economically strong, vast technology sector and they had allies they were on genuinely good, solid terms with. They should have won.
>> No. 181
File 140489037356.jpg - (35.04KB , 512x429 , anti-zionist-uk-protest.jpg )
Not all Jews are Zionists. (And not all Zionists are Jews. And not all Zionists support any particular regime/actions/policies of the Zionist State)
Yes, the majority of Jews are probably still Zionists but this is starting to change.

That a disproportionate number of banksters and other financial crooks and terrorists are of Jewish descent or affiliation* is, alas, factually correct. Nonetheless, there are plenty of Jews who are none of these things, including many who actively oppose such crimes and many who are themselves victims of them.

*Note that the overwhelming majority of people today who are of Jewish ancestry or are otherwise identified as Jews have little-to-no connection with Judaism.

That a disproportionate number of Jews champion various forms of degeneracy and depravity and any number of causes that are destructive to society is, alas, true. Nonetheless....(same as above)

The problem is not Jews per se` but the various problematic and destructive (and often downright evil) behaviors, actions, movements, ideologies and individuals in question. For just about all of these categories, the non-Jews involved and implicated for outnumber the Jews (in absolute numbers at least).

A non-Jew can have all of the traits and champion all of the policies that you consider negative and associate with Jews and vice versa.
>> No. 191
>The problem is not Jews per se`
Good goy

File 137999515459.png - (53.50KB , 429x410 , BUF Brit.png )
2 No. 2 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Huzzah! Our Fourth Reich is finally here!

Shall we introduce ourselves?

I was a semi-regular poster on the old /reich/ when it was active. For the longest time, I've considered myself Paleoconservative, although I've recently acquired an interest in Integralism thanks to the Ação Integralista Brasileira and the Integralist Party of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; still need to do more homework, but I've enjoyed the speeches of Sir Oswald Mosley and some rough translations of the aforementioned Ação Integralista Brasileira. I'm not exactly a racialist (although I do enjoy such music), but William Luther Pierce, III still is one of my favorite orators.

Serious listening, reading and viewing: Alt-Right, Taki's Mag, The Occidental Observer, The Occidental Quarterly, SBPDL, VDare, Al-Jazeera, Russia Today, Attack the System, New American, Chronicles, American Dissident Voices
14 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 55
File 138472458510.jpg - (36.01KB , 260x300 , fascist1.jpg )
Ironmarch here
>> No. 89
File 13853116228.jpg - (82.71KB , 604x403 , 1382222489738.jpg )
Who Stormchan here?
>> No. 90
Meh. Didn't care that much for Stormchan, but I used it when /reich/ and /cccp/ were replaced by /fc/. It was a decent interim board, but far less interested in NS ideology and far more interested bitching about the latest shenanigans from non-whites.
>> No. 120
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File 138753797212.png - (136.67KB , 783x842 , krautchan.png )
96 No. 96 hide quickreply [Reply]

Wer kann nicht Deutsche spreche, kein Übermensch ist. Geh zurück in Grundschule, du hurensohn!
>> No. 97
dude what
>> No. 100
File 139044651316.jpg - (27.30KB , 400x385 , Good Night Left Side4.jpg )
Sorry. English is the lingua franca of the internet, and for that matter, most of the world.

I'm going to make this an Anti-Antifa thread.
>> No. 139
That looks staged.

The girls barely make a ruckus and the Cossack comes in quicker than the Spanish Inquisition to whip them; doubt the response time is that hasty.
>> No. 188
File 140699584195.jpg - (144.88KB , 433x579 , skinheads.jpg )
>> No. 189
Ich spreche etwas Deutsch können :(

Nur, ich bin schlecht

File 138163211498.jpg - (56.18KB , 550x550 , MLK_Communist.jpg )
30 No. 30 hide quickreply [Reply]
Subverting the entire narrative of America's sophist king and patron fraud:
>> No. 31
--- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_Luther_King,_Jr.
>> No. 33
A more rational take on Martin Luther King, Jr.:
>> No. 176

Not to dispute any of the claims made but the article is rather short on providing specific sources and citations, wouldn't you say?

A few choice excerpts:

>According to King biographer Taylor Branch, during a long party on the night of January 6 and 7, 1964, an FBI bugging device recorded King’s “distinctive voice ring out above others with pulsating abandon, saying, “˜I’m f***ing for God!’”

>King “lost his temper” and “knocked her across the bed. . . . She leapt up to fight back, and for a moment they were engaged in a full-blown fight, with [King] clearly winning.” A few hours later, King ate lunch with Abernathy and discussed the importance of nonviolence for their movement.

>FBI sources told Taylor Branch about a surveillance tape of King watching a televised rerun of the Kennedy funeral. When he saw the famous moment when Jacqueline Kennedy knelt with her children before her dead husband’s coffin, King reportedly sneered, “Look at her. Sucking him off one last time.”

>Stanford University’s online repository includes King’s seminary writings in which he disputed the full divinity of Jesus, the Virgin Birth, and the Resurrection, suggesting that we “strip them of their literal interpretation.”

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 139803670491.jpg - (115.10KB , 624x936 , incognito.jpg )
141 No. 141 hide quickreply [Reply]
Happy Birthday Y'all :3

anyone else throwing a party?
>> No. 159
I wish I had some wealthy bankers to put in my oven.
Have any jews in the last 30 years been killed this way, or gassed?
>> No. 160
Here's the thing about "gassing Jews": there is really no actual physical proof this ever happened. At EVERY camp where this was supposed to have taken place, the only buildings that have evr tested positive for traces of Zyklon B have been the clothes delousing shacks. Now, I'm not saying that the Germans didn't kill quite a few Jews on purpose, but when they did, it was mainly done in the field, and it was done by firing squad. The vast majority of Jews that died in the camps did so when there were outbreaks of disease, such as typhus and cholera. The camps were pretty unsanitary, mainly because the Germans underestimated the numbers that would be placed in them. When the numbers are crunched, the total number of Jews that died during the Reich years total about 1,500,000, which i s a far cry from six million, and just a fraction of the approximately 50 to 80 million dead total(and even if 6 million Jews died, that's still only around 10% of all deaths during the war). The Russians have killed far mar Jews than the Germans ever did. Some estimates reach around 10 million. Granted, this covers both the Czarist and Soviet eras, but it still shows the Russians have been excused for doing far worse things than Germany ever did. Hell, the current Russian government is still pointing out Jewish and Zionist evils.

File 139044684095.jpg - (29.43KB , 486x700 , 1376606-hess1.jpg )
101 No. 101 hide quickreply [Reply]
Who is your favorite Nazi?
>> No. 114
File 139312687838.jpg - (78.63KB , 600x330 , nnnzorg6.jpg )
Any love for George Lincoln Rockwell?

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