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File 139200779439.jpg - (351.21KB , 800x609 , 1390428621816.jpg )
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Can we have a thread for making cash online? There are so many ways to do so and with just a few folks from here none of us would have to worry about loans and/or clicks.
>> No. 366
I got one of those types of jobs, it's just taking forever to get any decent cash from it without working like a starving indian, clicking through thousands of 0.01 cent HiTs. I should probably just keep at it.
>> No. 370
Why not give some more info about the ones you heard about?
>> No. 411
If someone wins an auction you have placed on eBay and then decides not to pay you for the item, make a fake eBay account and message the buyer telling them that you noticed they had won the item and that you would love to have it, offer a reasonable amount more than they won the auction for.

The idea is that they get greedy, decide to pay you after all for your item and then you stiff them when they try to collect from your fake account.

At this point I would use the fake account to mock them for falling for it all, and point out how they deserve it because only scumbags don't pay for auctions they have won.

Of course, this ends up being very effective if you decide to trick them into buying an item from you they think is cheap because you earlier said you would buy it for a very high price with another account
>> No. 421
For easy work go to usertesting.com They seem to pay a bunch and it looks like the kind of thing you could put on your resume. I just applied. I fuced up the trial assignment they gave me but they gave me a second chance. Now I have my fingers crossed.

File 145051903035.jpg - (20.61KB , 500x333 , 111.jpg )
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passive income deluxe is free okay enjoy u fucker

File 140102361394.jpg - (369.11KB , 850x565 , hard-time.jpg )
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I'm torn by the fact that the easiest ways to get into a wealthy environment betrays me empathetic sensibility. Does anyone know how to turn emapthy off?
>> No. 379
>> No. 395
You spend money you make money you spend time you will never get it back.
>> No. 680
Bruh, it's your call if you want kids or not. It is neither right nor wrong, it IS A CHOICE.

File 144490698880.jpg - (22.10KB , 350x214 , amln-4.jpg )
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Pixel advertising is back: http://3millionpage.com

File 14448324372.jpg - (819.39KB , 1310x1466 , cash1.jpg )
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File 144144052856.jpg - (24.46KB , 480x360 , driven2.jpg )
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File 14412884324.jpg - (6.36KB , 274x204 , 22-marketing-resources.jpg )
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File 14148901148.jpg - (826.11KB , 1024x768 , Desert.jpg )
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Data indicates that having children will make you unhappy, marriage is a question mark, and 1970's second wave feminism made women more miserable than ever before, a pattern enduring till today


If you're not already suckered into a relationship with someone who is influencing you to have kids, are you planning to have kids? If so, why?

I personally commited from childhood not to have kids, and only waned in my sturdiness as a teenager with serious mental problems. Go childfree, be happy! Why have kids? We have a population problem already and most of all, they're bad for your wallet and freedom!
>> No. 672
>We have a population problem already
That's actually not true. In developed countries like America, Canada, and most of Europe, the rate of population growth is actually falling. In fact, we may soon have the first time in history where the population begins to shrink for a reason other than war or disease. It will have a profound and frightening effect on the economy, which will also shrink with the population. Population growth is still accelerating only in developing nations like India and Africa.

File 141463283938.jpg - (31.59KB , 300x189 , honeyee-multicolor-louis-vuitton-takashi-murakami-.jpg )
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So I finally got a job, a retail job, but at Louis Vuitton no less. It's pretty boring. It felt good to get styled in their Damier ebene men's sunnies, belt and shoes for an education session when I just started. There's also a really really attractive guy at one of the other stores in the city, Daniel, who I hope to get with or hang around.

I've already graduated uni. Everywhere is turning me down for every kind of job. What next, guys? Even the managers earn like just 50k Australian after years and years of slogging it out.

I'm dumb as shit and don't want to go back to university. What do I do, guys? Also, my history of mental illness precludes me from joining the military or anything.

>> No. 444
Based on my experience, I also came up with this idea. Thoughts? What do you think about a restaurant where the walls are visual marketed with clothing or some other products that people watch? Or even TV's plastered everywhre showing ads?
>> No. 486
Career advice: leaving retail

the people who shop at LV have a very high standard, for the work they do, what they expect of others, the food they eat, the people they associate with, and the service expected for them.

I work at louis vuitton, but at a retail store. I don't know if I have a dead end job or not.

I really don't know. Can you think of any options for my career? I'm bored with fashion...and I don't like being in such a feminine environment. Our christmas afterparty was at a gay club and my colleagues are backstabbing and bitchy...:(

Worst case scenario, I'll try to get into politics. But, do you think people will look down on someone who's past job was retail, so I might not get elected?
>> No. 487
Question about the same job. I got a $43 AUD cab back from the staff christmas party, and was too drunk to remember to ask for a reciept. I'm too embarrased to ask for my manager to credit me the money. How can I work up the courage to do it?
>> No. 671
Find a job you enjoy. Every time you get paid, put around 10% of your earnings into a compounding savings account. Learn to prioritize your wants. You will be able to afford some things but must sacrifice others. There are lots of cheap or free ways to enjoy life, find them.

File 13399071543.jpg - (512.58KB , 1350x582 , main-qimg-6a1caba51c155201298b062c475ba590.jpg )
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I have 1200 pounds. I'd like to know how to increase this and then increase the overall result (compound).
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>> No. 188
File 134517507618.png - (419.15KB , 1467x1670 , 127037008964.png )
there are two main investing strategies. investing based on prospective growth of the company and finding a stock that is selling for less that it is worth, value investing (buy low sell high). value investing can be challenging to predict even for people who pay attention to the stock markets all day. growth investing is what you should be trying to look for.

to find a growing company, you can look at financial statements and compare one years statement to anothers, check a number of financial statement ratios (quick ratio, current ratio, asset turnover etc) to determine the health of the company and determine if it is growing. remember that when the company grows, each stock increases in value. other ways to help determine if a company is growing is to check for extensive advertising (a company you keep seeing ads for), or to find out what industries are growing now and then find the best companies in those industries. also keeping an eye on the news and the general economy can help. companies that emphasize low prices do well comparatively during tough economic times (dollar general, priceline etc). I try to avoid investing in companies that are so large that they don't have much more room to grow (walmart, toyota, mcdonalds etc)

it is also important to diversify your investments. this means investing in many different companies (at least 5 but 10 or more is best), in order reduce risk. if one company goes out of business, you will have only lost a certain percentage of your portfolio, not your whole life savings.

it would be more prudent to pay off all your debts, starting with the highest interest rate debt first. investing would be better only if you know you can make more from investing than you will lose from your interest payments on debt you owe.
>> No. 312
Could you guys provide a few good books about investment in general. Anything will do (stock market, forex, options, futures, gold, etc), however the ideal would be something that would cover the most topics regarding investments in general, in a single pdf.
>> No. 321
The way I've been doing it is by doing short term trades in a specific field.

The system I've worked out is to find a bio-pharmaceutical company that is going to be getting FDA approval for a new product soonish and invest. As soon as the approval goes through, the price usually goes up by quite a bit.

It's still a risk of course because the FDA could say no but that's unlikely as long as you're not dealing with pennystocks.
>> No. 337
File 137567862161.jpg - (73.43KB , 700x579 , green rock.jpg )
Invest in MJNA. 420blazeit

>> No. 669
File 14389285631.png - (8.83KB , 480x161 , fuckinglogo.png )
This seemed like the best thread to put this in. Think or Swim has a lot of investor tools and educational resources you can use. One of the cool things you can do with it is open up a pretend Papermoney™ account with $100,000 in fake money to test your trading savvy out. It's part of Ameritrade now (wasn't always I don't think). It's free but after 60 days you have to open up a real TDameritrade account to keep it going (there's not minimum to open an account though). You can trade stocks, options, ETFs, futures, forex etc.

File 142293726970.jpg - (81.13KB , 960x403 , 10906181_884992118187673_979883116015700550_n.jpg )
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Your IPN is funded with YOUR money through your Birth Certificate Bond and Social Security Trust that make up your Reserve Account in the FEDERAL RESERVE. It uses your reserve account to draw from every time you sign your signature on a Promissory Note, credit application, or bank checking or savings account.

What is a Promissory Note? It is Money, legal tender and national currency, but it is also an International Promissory Note, because all promissory notes are accepted as money in the current global International economy.

Most Countries accept the FEDERAL RESERVE INTERNATIONAL promissory Note, Money order international promissory note, or Bank Check international promissory note. This makes all promissory notes international. Want proof of your STRAW MAN Funded Reserve Accounts? I have proof with my BC and SSN in High Yield Investments and diversified portfolio of Fixed-Income Instruments and High Yield funds. As well as my CUSIP Number proving that these Millions of Dollars are yours and mine in this commercial world.

do your own research,




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File 140520080762.jpg - (22.46KB , 335x363 , shirtmockup.jpg )
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is it money over passion or passion over money? should your money be your passion? do you think humans are slave to currency?
i want to do some kind of art thing (friend owns an indie record label but that's my only resource other than my own beat production software and hardware, clothes i handmake, whatever)
my father is a video editor for FOX but also freelance, i'm almost 19 and need to get my shit together, what do you recommend? the fact i'm posting this on a minor chan should show how clueless i am
do you think hipsters would buy this also?
>> No. 403
Money shouldn't be your passion but if you're good at what you do then it will come. I dunno about the shirt, don't hipsters buy anything?
>> No. 404
thank you, i needed this
>> No. 405
He is richest who is content with the least, for content is the wealth of nature.

>> No. 517
I collect books for fun. Usually with books of the late 18th century, condition is extremely important, as it is not yet old enough to be valuable just by being old (around the early 1500's is where that starts). religious text (of which the market is saturated, from that time period) aren't that great. I go look for the valuable stuff in Japanese book shops and sell them in the West for $$$. Passion. Profit!
>> No. 519
Money over passion and then the alternative when it's financially possible to do so.

File 141570354538.jpg - (101.60KB , 1440x900 , To-win-the-game1.jpg )
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Market's are somewhat efficient. You won't save all that much buying off-plan because people who know about the grant have pushed up the prices of brand new homes.Interest rates and the property (and it's price) itself are a much bigger factor to consider.

File 141501068857.jpg - (10.48KB , 240x210 , images.jpg )
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I got a group interview and I couldn’t go cause of my existing job.
If anyone else applies to commonwealth bank, maybe this will help:
Apparently, the group interview goes like this:
2 groups, 4-5 people per group, topics on poster, e.g. about home loan, present poster
group size 10-15 people, 4-5 managers 3 parts to the interview, - ask about person next to you’d history, hobbies and get to know him/her, the n present and sell why they would be good for position

File 14082763681.jpg - (762.53KB , 1024x768 , Koala.jpg )
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Findiana(Jones).com - "rescuing job seekers" Ï'm interested in starting a recruitment job site that screens candidates for recommendation to jobs. Do you think that's a good name? My secondary purpose is that I can get myself a job, and have something good to put on my resume during the time I am job seeking. Anyone want to work on this 'startup' with me?
>> No. 416
If you're based in Indiana you could totes make it "Findianajobs.com"

File 141128854940.png - (22.28KB , 1272x358 , 34423.png )
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I will share today my idea for passive income. It's a bit of a long read.

I recently discovered an app for android devices, iphones, and ipads called featurepoints(Enter 9R6K9R upon installation). If you're smart you could probably use an android emulator to use this method on PC. This application lets users download other apps, and you test them(aka just run them then set your phone down) for 60 seconds a piece. Each app tested credits points to your account, which can be redeemed for money on your PayPal account.

Each app grants ~30-100 points, and 3000 points gets you $5 on your paypal. Naturally, the maximum earning potential like this is around $10/hr at best. It's easy as fuck, and if you have the spare time, go for it. But I'd like to talk about how to create passive income using the referral link(mine's 9R6K9R) you're given upon installing the app.

Each referral link grants 50 bonus points to the person that uses it, providing incentive to use them at all. If you advertise that in the right ways, and ejaculate your code all over the internet's face, it is easy to get a dozen or so people referred/day. You earn half as much as your referred users earn as they test apps.

In other words, if you refer 150 people, who earn on average 200 points a day each, you would get 15k points/day, or $25/day, and then after that you could either continue getting more people referred or just sit back and enjoy easy monies on a daily basis.

Now as you can see, the earning potential of this is actually quite good. You still aren't likely to get rich, but for people who don't exactly have the best of jobs, $25/day with no effort is a pretty good little supplementary income stream.

So I'll leave it at that. If you do decide to try it out, you can use my code to get bonus points instantly:9R6K9R
Or don't use the code. I won't sit here and beg for it, but it would help me out greatly.
Proof of payment attached to prove it isn't a scam.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 430
Basically MLM but in app form, thats what youre trying to sell us?

File 140892263868.jpg - (459.83KB , 3000x2000 , 140815.jpg )
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So I've developed my shitty application for the android market, and I am looking for an advertising engine that can maximize my revenue via downloads.

I only want to put a single banner ad in one view (having ads in the main view would ruin the specific experience). I do not expect to have dedicated users, but plan to encourage mass downloads via viral marketing.

Therefore, I require an advertisement scheme that pays the most per download of my application, as opposed to those that make money over time of usage.

Does anyone here have experience with mobile advertising/
>> No. 420
I got myself a website, does hiring SEO people on the net really work or will I get blacklisted like a spammer or something else that compromises my company vision?

File 14067100408.jpg - (6.56KB , 194x259 , images_jpg.jpg )
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Hey all you people who’s hobbies are flirting with models, by which i mean trading with them, financial models that is, and something real models with said finances after cashing out. Okay, I know, that was aweful.

Here's what I'm here to ask: are there any legitimate reasons for a fund manager not to disclose how much in assets they have under management? Oh, and I'm not trying to trick myself into believing a dodgy fund manager. I AM a dodgy fund manager and I want to seem like I have more funds than I really do. Wait no, by me I mean a fictional aquintance. His, no I mean her name is ''I".

On a completely unrelated note, if a startup fails, who should I put down on my resume as my referee?
>> No. 418
I would suggest studying some legitimate fund management companies or groups and seeing if they will disclose this information to you, a (phoney) potential client.

If you can emulate legitimate players well enough you will surely win over some.

File 140759029838.jpg - (294.51KB , 1024x684 , Outside-Alice-Springs-gallery-1.jpg )
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"Cram a piece of wadded-up paper towel in the change return of a vending machine, as high up as you can get it without losing it entirely. Once a day, come back and give it a little tap to send all the change it has collected tumbling to the bottom and into your hands. Repeat."
>> No. 417
While an interesting idea that I readily admit is novel to me, it seems a fair amount of time to invest (finding machines, doing the act secretly) for a such a small return.

File 140006583072.jpg - (18.19KB , 250x250 , OutofFocus-big.jpg )
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I have worked hard to pay off all my outstanding debts, and achieved a net worth that has a 'positive' symbol in front of it. My total savings at this juncture are around $5000 and my fortnightly contributions are expected to remain steady at precisely $500 a fortnight for the two years to come. I rent a house and have a company car.

My total assets include one neglected motorcycle and a case of scotch.

This saved money goes into a savings account with 'local bank 003' and generates 3.71% interest P.A paid monthly PROVIDED I don't withdraw any money.

This is the best savings account I could find amongst the major banks.

My question here is, is this the best thing I could be doing with my fortnightly scrimpings? To invest heavily in some thing or other takes a chunk of capital, and that capital, I assume, can't be paid into at steady amounts, so what options are available to someone with a small initial investment of $5000 and regular input that's going to net me better than 3.71% P.A?
>> No. 375
Buy corporate paper? I'm actually interested in this, if anyone has experience.
>> No. 410
Get your consumables cheaper. As part of the employee training at Target, they teach you that if a customer argues over a price, and the full price is under $20, to just give it to them for whatever price they claim. It’s cheaper for the company to move on to the next customer than to call in a price check.
>> No. 414
Oh and one earns paychecks in exchange for the provision of value, not the expenditure of effort. Aim to work smart, not hard, and if hard work is smart work then okay.

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