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File 139742506152.jpg - (131.42KB , 800x433 , hello clarice.jpg )
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Hello nerds. Welcome to /a/, 99chan's very own dank, sweaty den filled with crusty body pillows and broken dreams.

This is your board for all discussion pertaining to Japanese animation. Whether you're a lifelong otaku or you just discovered Miyazaki, all are welcome here. I hope this can be an active and enjoyable board for fans - casual, hardcore, and everything in between - to talk about their favourite animated film and TV from Glorious Nippon.

If you're looking for recommendations, looking to discuss the new season of your favorite show, or looking to share your thoughts on the philosophical symbolism Anno was expressing with those gratuitous shots of Asuka's panties, this is the place for you. I encourage you to post your thoughts, jokes, opinions, questions, analyses, and anything else. Please keep in mind that this board is safe for work.

Here is a complicated Japanese emoticon ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…⋆ฺ
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>> No. 1651

File 143568695756.jpg - (210.52KB , 1200x857 , index.jpg )
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god this board is so dead
Who is excited for the new anime the creators of coboy beebop and samurai champloo are making?
>> No. 1502
Michiko & Hacchin isn't new, but it is good shit. Watanabe doesn't have anything else coming down the pipe that has been announced, unless you're talking about someone else.
>> No. 1503
really then how come i have never heard of it it is one of the bestanimes ive w atched in a while
>> No. 1504
You still wouldn't know about it if Toonami hadn't recently started showing it.
>> No. 1506
yeah it just weird that i haven't seen a single thing about this since it just started on toonami

File 142089662282.jpg - (92.40KB , 500x708 , 500.jpg )
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999 get

>> No. 1002
File 142089670287.jpg - (99.51KB , 1436x800 , Anti-russian measures.jpg )
good job faggut

File 145013257614.jpg - (176.16KB , 1025x770 , Maico Hitler Stache.jpg )
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Stream 3 runs anime mostly from the 1980s and 1990s from 7:00 AM to about 4:00 PM on weekdays and is set to a schedule.

Stream 1 has live action B-movies from the VHS era and other things of that sort in the evenings.


If you tune in, thank you very much.
>> No. 1725
File 145013300793.png - (186.68KB , 1024x768 , Schedule Mon Dec 14.png )
The schedule for today. This runs after programs as a bumper.
>> No. 1727
File 145096431036.png - (727.78KB , 1024x576 , CHRISTMAS.png )
Christmas Eva Marathon!

Hate it. Mock it. Love it. Whatever you want. Come join the fun in IRC!

#fatstupidgarbage @ irc.rizon.net

Oh also I was in a rush so I messed up the timing towards the end.

File 144812938519.jpg - (139.82KB , 1280x720 , 1448080137715[1].jpg )
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So with recent happenins and TPP, there's been talks at certain places of making an archive of our favorite Japan shit. Would our dank comrades be up for the challenge?

Essentially, it would be up to you: save everything weeb-related you can find, keep it safe, and then get it ready for preservation. At the certain place, we've managed to organize somewhat, but we need all the help we can get.

Get all the anime, all the manga, all the eroge, everything. And keep it secret. Keep it safe. Until the time is right.
>> No. 1712



File 144744421931.jpg - (340.82KB , 912x912 , 3x3 a.jpg )
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3x3 thread, niggers.

File 132799335252.png - (292B , 80x15 , Ijint.png )
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Does anyone use this?

If so,care to share your lists here?
I'll start.

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>> No. 263
Add me: profile/velcor
>> No. 1260
>> No. 1261
>> No. 1267
WEll im gonna use it now i love it
>> No. 1703
This is magnificent.
I am friending all of you bastards, MAL is amazing


File 135835506352.jpg - (151.44KB , 716x1050 , 13.jpg )
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So, what do you think of jojo? i used to read the manga shitload of years ago, and saw the ovas, now i'm watching the new series and iam impressed, i hate the fact they censor the gory bits but it ain't that bad.
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>> No. 682
File 13847450155.png - (197.58KB , 603x732 , 1361664849052.png )
JoJo is the bee's knees. Shit only gets better as it goes along, and Araki's art style gives my boner a boner. 10/10 would bang.
>> No. 714
>> No. 739
Next week is Death 13, I wonder how they'll handle Kakyouin feeding a baby its own shit in the TV version?
>> No. 1520


or Muda?
>> No. 1691

"Muda" literally means "balls" as in testicles in Croatian.

File 133919839827.jpg - (80.85KB , 600x485 , tumblr_m4buwojmks1qdazono1_1280.jpg )
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So I've been out of the scene for awhile, and I'm not quite up to date on new stuff. The last Animes I've watched fully are Baccano and Durarara. They were pretty good. I also watched bits of HS of the Dead, but I got bored.

For reference, some of my favorites are FLCL, Planetes, GiTS, Kino's Journey, Euraka 7, & Cowboy Bebop.

So any recommendations on stuff that I'd like in the past 2-3 years? Or popular stuff that's good too?
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>> No. 430
>> No. 491
Why did some jerk off just ghost bump this 3 month old thread?

SAGE has been used.
>> No. 528
Three months is like a few days on this board.

SAGE has been used.
>> No. 552
If you want zombies without it turning into a retarded fanservice shitfest like HS of the Dead, go check out "I am a Hero".

SAGE has been used.
>> No. 1509
File 14362153599.png - (215.17KB , 446x507 , Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 12_46_35 pm.png )
mate, theres only one option for you, hajime no ippo. i cream everytime i merely think about it
its about boxxing

File 142914391018.jpg - (362.52KB , 987x1400 , 001.jpg )
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Im new to this kinda thing so sorry if I fuck up. Any kill la kill fans?
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>> No. 1205

>> No. 1235
so aprrently this is sfw?
>> No. 1412
She didn't choose for Senketsu to look like that. He has to minimize contact with her body so she's not drained of blood completely.
>> No. 1488
So is the main character pretty much always angry?

Explain this to me please.
>> No. 1501
or you could watch it its bad in the begining but it gets so good

File 143131215462.jpg - (585.86KB , 2048x2048 , ipad_air_32852_league_of_legends_ahri.jpg )
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any recent animes that have come out that i should watch ?
>> No. 1310
Plastic Memories is something I like. Check it out.
>> No. 1312
File 143141298425.jpg - (127.82KB , 500x500 , Cover.jpg )
Yuri Kuma Arashi was probably the best in my opinion starting within the last year, and has probably sat on the empty throne of "best yuri drama ever" based on the fact that there aren't many yuri dramas in anime. If you're familiar with or enjoy Revolutionary Girl Utena and/or Mawaru Penguindrum, it's made by the same person. It's great from beginning to end, granted you're not one of those people who just can't get into Ikuhara's stuff. Even compared to Penguindrum it's better and has a better ending. It's fantastical and trippy and weird and sexy. Really sexy. Like, "you don't even have to make porn of it" sexy.

Aldnoah Zero works as a rather interesting science fiction and mecha anime, and is made by Gen Urobuchi, creator of Madoka. However, it sorta employs a lot of contrived bullshit. What's good about it is so good that you might be able to overlook its faults, including a really rushed ending.

Barakamon is probably the best slice-of-life anime to come out recently. Each episode is pretty interesting and doesn't get into the boring staleness some others get into. Also good to go if you're a lolicon, but it's not really a lolicon anime.

The Rolling Girls is an interesting blend of alternate world building, moe aesthetic, and episodic storytelling. It's soundtrack is awful but that's all I can really hate about it.

Kantai Collection is of course based on the strangely wildly popular browser game where girls are WWII-era ships. It's a little bit of a strange one if you're not already familiar with the game (which is most gaijin) but it can be an entertaining aside.

Getting into anime they I didn't love but others might include Denkigai no Honyasan, Amagi Brilliant Park, Sora no Method, and Koufuku Graffiti.

Denkigai is a moe SoL but it follows members who work at a book shop in Akiba, I watched about half but then it literally started recycling storylines so I dropped it. Not that bad though.

I also watch about half of Amagi Brilliant Park, and it has an interesting enough setup, but it just didn't hold my attention. It also had that harem stink which turned me off.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 1489

File 133482389245.png - (282.80KB , 442x442 , Neon Genesis Evangelion.png )
355 No. 355 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
I thought we already had a thread for this, but apparently we don't.

Post anime with awesome soundtracks.
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>> No. 574
File 135781912568.jpg - (5.40KB , 284x177 , images.jpg )
I take that back. I don't care if she lifts from others anymore.

>> No. 642
File 136725811291.jpg - (294.66KB , 1410x1410 , big-yosuga-no-sora-ost.jpg )
Didn't like this series that much, but it had one of the loveliest BGMs I've encountered. The instrumentals were apparently rearrangements from the VN, but I wouldn't know about that.

OP is pretty decent too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlmFtOH4anU
>> No. 837
File 14143195353.jpg - (632.02KB , 1024x768 , 8b0d3a4ee49230a463b26d3a5f1410582e05609a.jpg )
Read or Die. Music by Taku Iwasaki and others.

Opening theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiyU3EJmhxI
>> No. 843

I am a big fan of denpakei songs and JC Staff and SHAFT always deliver.
>> No. 1436
File 143416764488.jpg - (36.00KB , 620x349 , killakill.jpg )
I don't usually like Japanese music or at least the stuff in anime but FLCL had a great soundtrack.

My second would have to be kill la kill.



File 13590178646.jpg - (316.95KB , 800x600 , samurai-champloo-kiss.jpg )
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Ok- this may get me banned. I'm from 4Chan, and I'm new here- there's a forum like this one, also called /a/ for anime/manga. Is this the same as 4Chan's /a/, where you can't talk about certain anime/manga, or else they will hate you?

Picture is somewhat related.
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>> No. 998
So it's all a bunch of cartoons right?
>> No. 999
>> No. 1001
Pretty much, yes
>> No. 1427
Desert punk was great until the ending. It really felt like it was leading to a few more seasons. It was going to be so good too.
>> No. 1430
if you like naruto one piece or bleach you dont know what good anime is other than that dont think this board will hate you for liking whatever animes you like

File 14305018307.png - (231.21KB , 700x661 , tumblr_nnkthhYgWL1u33x2xo1_1280.png )
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why cant this board be active besides all the asshole posting jailbait ?

File 137036481967.png - (334.07KB , 595x842 , 1370329303450.png )
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SQUID GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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>> No. 660
File 137414230558.jpg - (34.74KB , 500x583 , img224.jpg )
>> No. 661
File 137414233342.jpg - (39.09KB , 500x580 , img219.jpg )
>> No. 662
File 137414377543.jpg - (1.66MB , 4095x5983 , 0c015e260a27721e4540357fb113c5a5.jpg )
>> No. 786
File 141295802227.jpg - (199.99KB , 853x480 , 1401163424966.jpg )
The things I would do to that squid...
>> No. 997
for what purpose

File 141485363598.jpg - (430.94KB , 600x592 , cover.jpg )
844 No. 844 hide quickreply [Reply]
I don't know where this should go but how about a ``weeb music'' thread?
doujin music
Touhou arranges/EDM

Not welcome:
3DPD aidorus


Share your favorites and take it easy. Some of my favorites from the album pictured are here.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 846
File 14148543716.jpg - (631.10KB , 800x793 , 33_turbo - 電波deグルメ.jpg )
Anyone else really like 33.turbo? A lot of the stuff I like and wanted to post isn't on youtube and I'm too lazy to upload it. Can't we just have mp3 uploads or something?
>> No. 979
>> Touhou arranges/EDM
Yeah, I listen to a lot of this sometimes. Mostly I listen to music I downloaded a few years ago ("Bastard Pop Terrorists") from a thread on 4chan/t/, but I also have about 200 IOSYS tracks. There's another thread up on j-core on that board (look for it if you're interested).

As for the music you posted, it doesn't strike me as particularly interesting or distinct from other stuff I've heard. It's simple and doesn't hold any touches that make me feel like there was effort invested in it. The cover images are nice though.

File 132537764384.jpg - (92.01KB , 440x492 , planetes1lg.jpg )
24 No. 24 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Does anyone remember this awesome show?
21 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 698
File 139533634096.jpg - (73.38KB , 1280x720 , cc291633327d218f86502b61041a235b.jpg )
I just started this after having it on my list for quite a while. I like it so far. I like the combination of workplace comedy with hard sci-fi. It's a great concept and well executed in terms of production values, and the English dub is good.

I'm with >>646 in that I hope the character development is done right because, as solid as this series is conceptually and in execution, I can see it wearing really thin and over-staying its welcome if the characters don't go anywhere. As it stands right now, it's been fairly static in that regard, but there is a lot of potential here for a good balance between satisfying hard sci-fi, workplace comedy/drama, and exploring the ambiguous political situation in which they are living.

So far, it has touched on some interesting themes, but only touched. If I'm not happy with how certain issues are explored, I can see this getting old long before 26 episodes are up.
>> No. 707
Awesome series
>> No. 734
I laughed at the thought of a grown man screaming with frustration while watching anime
>> No. 748
I just recently rewatched this and have one gigantic complaint.

That awful sequence of events in season 2 where Tanabe goes against the wishes of the dead astronaut floating and space and bitches and complains his body shouldn't be left alone to wander space.

Who is this cunt to decide a dead man's wishes, especially based on her personal beliefs? She is the worst part of this show. If it only followed Hachimaki I think it would be one of the best space anime ever.
>> No. 751
File 14106297903.jpg - (60.18KB , 444x254 , tanabe-and-hachimaki.jpg )
Excellent point. Fucking Tanabe, let the man die how he wants to die, it's his life, his death, and his decision.

Sorry for taking months to get back to you. It's a good series. The dialogue is almost entirely yelling, which gets really really tiresome, but that's anime I guess :/ It's a great exploration of a corporatized space exploration system. The way it looks at inequality is surprisingly nuanced. Most space shows have this united humanity going out into the galaxy, as if the only possibility is that going into space will unite us all and solve all our problems. But Planetes goes for a different future, where all of our earth-bound inequities just go with us out into space.

So overall: good character drama, especially the latter half of Hachimaki's arc. Nuanced portrayal of a possible structure of for-profit space exploration. Some genuinely funny and genuinely moving moments. Too much over-the-top dialogue and voice delivery. Fucking Tanabe.

File 138273593490.jpg - (106.37KB , 480x444 , avengersanime.jpg )
678 No. 678 hide quickreply [Reply]
Did you hear about the new Avengers anime?

It's going to be produced by Toei.

Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers

File 13310027863.jpg - (16.12KB , 406x352 , 3wyoHTrOHZ0MR0G.jpg )
271 No. 271 hide quickreply [Reply]
Question: how come a cartoon about giant robots blowing each other up has a themesong with lyrics about letting love guide the way, and looking to the stars and shit?

Seriously, it seems like any time I watch an anime (which is not often) and the opening theme is subtitled, the lyrics are always things like "I'M GONNA LET MY LOVE LEAD THE WAY, LOOK TO THE STARS, I'M FREE TO LET THE STARS OF MY LOVE LEAD THE WAY TO MY HEART" or something equally ridiculous. And while a Japanese woman is passionately singing these lyrics, the images that I am looking at are a bunch of dudes with weird haircuts and some girl in a bikini flying robot fighter jet machine gun tanks.
>> No. 272
File 133103313647.png - (768.63KB , 768x768 , 2593.png )
who unbanned gununu?
>> No. 274
Burn Gundam!
You! Run!
You're still burning will rage
If the fighting spirit is in your nature
The powerful enemy
Attacks, attacks, attacks
The rage of justice
Meets the Gundam

But yeah. Then it goes

You're still sinking into despair
If you're certainly sad
Dispell the fear
Go on, go on, go on
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 275
Congratulations, you figured out that mecha is sort of stupid and nonsensical at times.
>> No. 692
Even shows with otherwise badass musical scores do this.

File 136199447797.jpg - (71.41KB , 1280x720 , o7I8s.jpg )
615 No. 615 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Anime of the fucking millennium. Discuss.
7 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 637
File 136656539598.jpg - (19.53KB , 184x184 , InfernoCop.jpg )
>> No. 639
Sorry no
>> No. 640
I have no idea about the context of this picture but it made me laugh.
>> No. 675
>> No. 708
Not just the millennium... but of all time- time that has passed and time that has yet to come!

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