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File 144571199648.jpg - (41.92KB , 420x558 , dataholmes2.jpg )
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here are both gentlemen
>> No. 486
delete this mistake please
>> No. 492
Continue the thread here

File 144571190644.jpg - (194.97KB , 1600x1375 , Jeremy-Brett-sherlock-holmes-33590956-1600-1375.jpg )
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I say, there have been some forgotten gentlemen over the years. Sherlock is one of them , despite his arrogance and bad all around attitude, he was a gentlemen
>> No. 484
File 144571197314.jpg - (14.43KB , 300x393 , original.jpg )
Mr. Data is another. he was never un-gentlemanly except on purpose, or when he was mal-functioning
>> No. 489
Yes but they're both fictional, and Data is based off of Sherlock, obviously as their rivals is BOTH moriarty. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a a knighted gentleman, which in the traditional sense is what a gentleman is.
>> No. 493
I enjoyed the episode when they have to fight Sherlock's nemesis.

File 140719661480.jpg - (759.60KB , 1024x768 , Penguins.jpg )
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Is spying for your country gentlemanly?

Perhaps not the action, but the skill set?
>> No. 439
A gentleman is always honest except in matters of love and war.
>> No. 490
That's rather interesting. Isn't James Bond considered a Gentleman? There's a new movie out called Kingsmen about a Secret Service of gentlemen. Honesty is rare in most, and to say a gentleman is ALWAYS honest is a lie.

Tact and grace don't always need honesty. We don't tell someone they're ugly or dim-witted. If something needs to be said, it's said with highest level of intelligence above all else.

To be accurate and brief. The skill set of a gentleman is to be like a spy. To be deft, not daft. Everything is calculated, and nothing is to rouse others, unless intended. Crassness is for brutes, and craftiness is for spies.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy also tells this same story and it's based off a true story, much like The Tailor of Panama.

File 133827647618.jpg - (21.35KB , 210x140 , marijuana%20pipe.jpg )
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Good morrow my fine gents. I bring before you a query which hath baffled me. I am formally aware that the use of tobacco is a gents way and is quite enjoyed by many. Is it gentleman like to consider the "greener" varriety of smokable products. I know the ruffians who you must confront to obtain this product are often rude and less gent like. I am wanting to soeak to my fellow gents as to what we should deem fit about this. I must also mention that i and woefully sorry if a similar conversation hath appeared before.
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>> No. 397
Opium and marijuana were respected under Victoria's reign...she even liked them herself from time to time.
Things were different then. Gentlemen where common place, not ushered into niche corners of the radio web...sorry I must roll my self another
>> No. 413
I love smoking tobacco. I've smoked normal pipe tobacco but I prefer Middle Eastern pipe tobacco, called Dokha. It translates to "dizziness" it has an extremely high nicotine content so when you get a good lungful and let it out you get the best head buzz ever and it only lasts for about five to ten minutes. I get mine here: http://www.medwakh.com/

If you are looking into it and are going to buy I can recommend some really good blends.
>> No. 426
Come now sir, let's not be withholding the good stuff
>> No. 427
I played this game at a gentlmans club recently. Does anyone know what it's called? Someone says a statement and they say that there is something about the way they said it that indicates a secret rule or pattern, and then other players have to guess what the statement is and if they get it, they have to not disclose it but follow the rule themselves. And the remaining people keep going until the last person figures it out. And its usually something dumb like instead of what you expect, the rule is a cough before the statement.
>> No. 481
William Shakespeare himself was known to partake of cannabis and Shakespeare was a quintessential gentleman.

While I know that the lower proletarians have popularized, and I daresay, profaned this glorious herb, it still calms the nerves and invigorates the spirit in a manner far superior to alcohol.

Enjoy hemp products if you wish, just don't expect all other gentleman to understand. I daresay, if you enjoy your gentlemanly status with finer chaps and landed gentry, it's best to abstain from talking of cannabis.

In the minds of most, it still makes you a hoodlum or ruffian to consume cannabis. Also make sure that you don't associate with hoodlums any more than necessary.

In procuring the glorious herb I may associate with some unsavory types, but these are not people I'd associate with for any other reason...

I feel some of these hoodlums embrace "pot culture" because they wouldn't have an identity otherwise. These are the worst type of proles.

File 132885579388.jpg - (12.47KB , 270x360 , JAPAN_YAM2.jpg )
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Dear /Gent/lemen of the club. I daresay having read through the assortment of various topics in this fine establishment it came to my attention that there was no thread discussing fine distilled beverages of any kind. To that end I have decided to start such a dialogue. The image herein depicts a fine bottle of whisky I have acquired from the orient as a gift. Having sampled it in the past I must say it is quite exquisite, though rather expensive for those just starting their foray into the world of whisky. If you feel that you should share your personal preference of drink feel free in this thread of discussion. Yours - Mister Thaddeus Morgenstern
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>> No. 472
File 142144334522.png - (136.21KB , 196x548 , img-whiskies-rye-Dickel.png )
It seems to me that, while the love of whiskey is very much alive and well, the appreciation of its diversity is somewhat lacking. I personally prefer bourbon in general, and can in fact say that I have never tasted a bad bourbon, though such things are also all relative to the circumstances of the tasting.
When the money flows freely, I try all sorts, though in the end I am a simple man of simple tastes who always returns to his favorite place, Knob Creek. When the money must be neatly organized and accounted, I keep at the very least Makers Mark. When the money is dried up, there is always an Old Crow to keep me company. A Wild Turkey often struts through the same parties my friend Jim Beam attends.

Even so, I find myself unable to adequately sate my thirst for rye whiskey. It has fallen out of favor over the past generation, and so it can be a chore to find, much less find it on a budget or of particular quality worth making it a permanent fixture. I submit the only thing freely available in my city-- George Dickel's Rye Whiskey; about $25 a 750 ml bottle here. Knob Creek also has their rendition here, which is very fine and smooth without losing rye's gruff character.

Would any of you /gent/lemen happen to have other experiences or suggestions to aid my quest?
>> No. 473
Sadly, I am unable to aid in your quest for the perfect dry whiskey.
I do ask however, for your personal reasons of enjoying such a brew, and how it compares to it's alternatives.
While I do find my friend, Geoffery Oogle, to be very knowledgeable in such matters, I would prefer to take the word of a fellow /Gent/leman.

Yours sincerely,
Sir Richard Rump Esq
>> No. 475
I thank you for your interest, dear sir. I would say that these drier distillates carry a very complex variety of flavors. Without the sweetness that others contain, the sensations are easily distinguished on the palette.
This, and, I must confess, I am a bit old fashioned; it has a wonderfully hearty torture that I like to associate with excellent drinks. After all, if it's not worth the discomfort, it's not worth drinking.
>> No. 476
Thank you for your interest, dear sir. I would say it as a lack of distraction. These drier distillates allow for an easy perception of the complex variety of flavors contained within. This, and, I must confess, I am a bit old fashioned. Without the sweetness of other liquors, rye imparts a wonderful torture. After all, if it's not worth the suffering, it's not worth the drinking.
>> No. 479
A wonderful summary, thank you kind sir. I shall set forth to find an appropriate brew, post haste.

Gratefully yours,
Sir Richard Rump Esq

File 142074624125.jpg - (43.83KB , 250x318 , Air force academy chapel.jpg )
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To my fellow gentlemen;

Is applying for a nations service academy (speaking in blatant terms a college that educates students to become officers in the military while simultaneously achieving a bachelors degree) considered an honorable pursuit, the life of a businessman does not suit me, and I would feel great satisfaction and pride at the thought of being a part of a cause greater than myself. That said, many tell me that the military will simply turn me into a mindless killer.Yet my family has a long history of armed service, and I feel I need a fresh perspective. That said, what is the /gent/ opinion on my predicament?
>> No. 470
A gentleman and a scholar best known by his last name, Satre, wrote extensively on the topic of 'bad faith'.

He explained that deferring ones decisions to another, knowing that they will exert influence over you greater than your own, is an inherently immoral scheme to create a sense of absolution of moral responsibility in yourself while enjoying the rewards of that pursuit, noble or otherwise.

Participating in the military is a prime example of giving your moral responsiblity to a chain of command culminating in civilian leadership with power distributed in the majority of people - the mean, the average. As a vessal of this kind of mediocrity, you will never be better than average in your social standing, nor enjoy the euphoria of moral righteousness.

There are more options than business and soldiering. Scientific pursuits, for one :)
>> No. 471
470 makes a perfect argument... against participation in all society in general; an ailment for which the only practicable cure is death. As for your family's tradition of service, what are we really serving? Now, I am no patriot-- a soldering life is in my soul, but I just don't fit in-- so I will never recommend military service except as last resort for only a few people; but I will also never recommend against it if it's what you feel the need to do.

I have enlisted in two different branches of military at two different times, for two different sets of reasons, and those terms included going to war and other such simultaneously glorious and unsavory/despicable activities. Speaking from that experience, there is no way they can brainwash you into a mindless killer if you're not already predisposed to letting them. The military life is, however, and insiders game. If you measure your success as rising through the ranks, you'll have to become exactly like all the crooked bastards around you, and beat them at their own game; there is virtually no way of getting anywhere otherwise.

470's mediocrity doesn't stem from the people or governance, but from the fact that it is very difficult to get fired from the military, so the people who make careers of it tend to be those who can't do a satisfactory job on the outside. That is the reputation your enlisted subordinates will saddle you with from the get go, as well as your leaders' expectation of social conformity to them. If that is something you think you can work around (for god's sake,not with) then by all means, do your thing.
>> No. 478
I too have given this sort of occupation due consideration. Bear in mind that enlisting with the military is a time-honored option for young gentlemen with limited prospects.
In our day and age, the likelihood of your dying in combat are considerably lower than they've been for centuries, and military pay, especially for officers, ESPECIALLY compared to entry level private sector jobs, is quite good.
If you wish to avoid being a killer, mindless or otherwise, than joining with the coastguard or the air force are you better options.
Two generations of my family can vouch that even the enlisted life in the air force is reasonably comfortable and satisfying compared to other branches. However, if satisfaction with your "greater cause" demands action, you'd best turn elsewhere. A friend of mine, a former soldier, makes no secret that the army sniggers behind its back at the "chair force."
But given their great subsidization of university costs, and the more than adequate pay and benefits, I would recommend it. (I'll do it myself after completing my current work contract.)

File 140530140326.jpg - (548.12KB , 1024x768 , Lighthouse.jpg )
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How do I find who is the best criminal lawyer in the world? Price no-bar. I found a rate-my-lawyer type site but it was very underdeveloped.
>> No. 477
If you are in need of the best criminal lawyer in the world, he will find you.

File 141866764488.jpg - (45.24KB , 550x366 , max_burnet_computer_museum.jpg )
467 No. 467 hide quickreply [Reply]
Dear sirs,

Browsing through the threads, I find there to be an idea that has yet to be developed which in a way, saddens me as such a thing wasn't brought up prior. If it was, please pardon my ignorance and carry on with your day.

Here I what I suggest. How about one would seek shelter from the daily mondane life and chit-chat with fellows of our ilk? Yes, I am talking about how one would go about having a dedicated IRC channel made specifically for /gent/lemen of this refined establishment? I do understand that this refuge has seen better days and could receive more visitors but I do declare that a common chit-chat salon would be a nifty idea.

Here is how I envision it. The same rules that applies here should apply on this channel such as polite discussion in a refined manner and where topics of a gentlemanly relevance should be the order of the day. Of course, any ruffians who's ill will encourages them to entrude on our turf and spit profanity in public should immediately get the boot.

I sadly lack of the technical know-how on how to start and maintain such an idea, however. I would nonetheless like to see this project come to fruition. Again, if such a thing already exist, pardon my naivete. In any case, I would encourage any fellow that knows of such existing channel to link me to it immediately and I will try to be on my best behavior.
>> No. 474
Capital idea my good man!
I however see no good reason why we must limit ourselves to an IRC channel, like some form of cavemen.
There are a plethora of alternatives that easily lend themselves to even those least familiar with the inner workings of the interwebs.
May I suggest you invest an afternoon in investigating technologies such as Skype, Kakaotalk, telegraph (a new, secure technology, I assure you), and others. I am sure you will quickly find something simple to use that adequately suits our needs.
Once you do, please don't hesitate to share your findings and we shall see you on the new medium.
Though I would implore us all to return here when we can to keep the old club alive. It holds some deep, cherished memories for us all, I am sure.

In great anticipation,
Sir Richard Rump Esq

File 13551307749.jpg - (22.43KB , 635x422 , Cigar.jpg )
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What cigar brands does /gent/s prefer?

I have to be honest here - during the 90s I cared a lot for the quality of the cigar and I smoked nothing but fine, expensive cigars.
Today, not so much.. Nobody out there knows anything about real cigars so why even bother? I smoke cheap ass, low quality cigars today, and everyone still thinks I'm boss.
12 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 373
I do not know what kind of cigars they would carry, but insist that you should be allowed to inspect them before purchase, so that you are not sold an old, dry cigar, as well as that you like the aroma of it.
>> No. 374
If you really want to try a real cigar buy some Cohiba's = the best cigars in the world. Enjoy one with a glass of 200 year old cognac!
>> No. 391
It is your choice and nobody elses. I smoked a cuban recently, and boy was it different to anything else I had smoked.
>> No. 404
I must disagree with the above gentleman's dismissal of the Cuban - US situation. It shows a distinct lack of candor and foreign policy experience.

Part of the love of The Cuban Cigar come from the terroir of proletariat uprisings, beards, green jackets and classic cars that make their way into the smoke. Damn the 'civilized' world, keep cuba a decent holy spot for those of us who like the old days.
>> No. 468
File 142027546488.jpg - (120.89KB , 1218x1001 , 345image.jpg )
Gentlemen, gentlemen! Calm, if you will.
Must we bicker so regarding the status of international relationships, when we are here to discuss our preferences in cigars, fine or otherwise? Nay I say to thee! Let us correct our course and resume discussion in the finest of tobacco luxuries.

I myself was introduced to cigars by a friend whose family was the proprietor of a now-shuttered cigar company. Pacific Cigars, if you are curious. Once, they delivered cigars to the wealthy and powerful, including none other than William J. Clinton during his term as President of the United States. Ah, but that time has gone, as the plantations have been sold, and the warehouses slowly empty their remaining stock.
If any of you gentlemen happen upon a Pacific Cigar, I would highly recommend procuring it, and ensuring that it is stored at proper temperature and humidity for a few months, so as to regain its former splendor. When properly stored, these cigars will deliver a strong, full-bodied flavor yet smoke with with the smoothness of much lighter cigars. Happy hunting, chaps.

In regards to brands not defunct or difficult to obtain, I have sampled many cigars over the years. Many of them have been quite enjoyable and memorable. Macanudo, Romeo Y Julieta, Partagas, Room 101, Kristoff, Chohiba, Davidoff. These are but a few of the cigars that I have imbibed in my travels. Acid is an acceptable brand many choose to smoke, though I personally feel that adding flavors to a cigar detracts from the enjoyment of the natural state of tobacco. Each manufacturer puts out cigars worthy of praise and repeat smokings. There have been two however that stand out above the rest in my opinion, those being Padron and Bolivar.

My current favorites are the Padron 1964 Anniversary Series "A", for a long, smooth, pleasant smoke, and the Bolivar Petit Corona for a relatively brief, but flavorful and altogether pleasant experience.

I have had my hands on several Cuban cigars over the years, and each of them was a disappointment, although this was not because they were cigars of poor or questionable quality, you understand. Rather, this was because I had heard tales of the superior quality and craftsmanship of Cuban cigars, and these were but average offerings. Acceptable, but utterly forgettable. Bolivar was my first exposure to Cuban cigars that opened my eyes to the potential of Cuban tobacco.

Politics aside, Cuban cigars are only as good as those that farm, age, and roll the tobacco from which they are crafted. I have smoked Dominican and Nicaraguan leaf that was superior in every respect to Cuban, and yet in the right hands, Cuban leaf can indeed be greater than any other.

File 135041344775.jpg - (13.88KB , 300x300 , 92086371gramophone-nostalgia-jpg.jpg )
267 No. 267 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
My dear gentlemen,

Allow me to introduce an idea I had this morning. Let us create a repertoire of assorted music designed for the refined sirs that we are. This old bean here enjoys a nice classy music during a stormy night with a nice glass of whiskey. It is also enjoyable during an evening with fellow gentlemen discussing world politics and sharing some of the finest cigars we seperately found from our expeditions.

To initiate the birth of our collection, I present to you a little tune I enjoy on worthy occasions :
Godot - The fragrance of dark coffee
6 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 285
I find myself returning to a Mr. Al Bowlly time and again. There's something about his gentle crooning that soothes and settles my - at times, and by my own admission - restless spirit.
Allow me, if I may, to share with you but a sample of his repertoire. His was a talent that was unfortunately rended from the world in a tragic and untimely fashion.

>> No. 286
I never heard of such fellow before but I do say his voice is very suave. A great recommendation my good friend. I do fancy myself a tune of the likes. It is a sad thing gentlemen are rarer where I am from. This kind of music would be absolutely perfect for social events.

Welcome abord, my good man. Just a word of advice though. Please refrain from double posting in the future. We would like to keep our refined establishement orderly now won't we? This being said, please tell me how was your event? I do enjoy Frank Sinatra at times. What song of him did you play? Would you care to share with us the list of your musical selection for that evening?
>> No. 371
This piece is exquisite

>> No. 381
Might I reccomend Benny Goodman, OP? Perhaps a bit more upbeat, but good none the less.

And "The Beast" by Milt Buckner... yes, this is certainly a good one. I discovered it from the very amusing video game Bad Company.

Yet another set of compositions is Gustav Holst "The Planets", a series of orchestral pieces based on the planets of our solar system, and presumably the personalities the Romans assigned to them.

For those nordic gentlemen among us, I wish to reccomend the Finnish music project "Tenhi". While rather grim, it certainly goes along with the theme of stormy nights and drinks. A prospective listener can expect to feel a strong yearning for the woods.

The purpose of /gent/ is to appreciate only contemporary things? Seems like a rather unreasonable limitation to place upon oneself. I initially had misinterpreted your sentiment for something far more reasonable; that you wished that OP had requested music that we gentlemen listen to in general, rather than specifically "gentlemanly" music. Life is too short to spend listening to only one type of music.
>> No. 466
My friends,

Today, I've stumbled upon a discovery which should be brought upon and shared with the visitors of this refined establishment immediately. Allow me to introduce the following website : http://www.best-otr.com/

Despite the very poor design quality of the website, it offers gems of auditive pleasures for the fellow that wishes to fill their ears with music from the good old days. I encourage you to take a peak. It even has a section dedicated to music from the 1920's to the 1950's. Shame that this seems to be never brought up on this board before. Please note that some of the files vary in audible quality. In the 20's section, It includes some music of the very well-known Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra amongst other.

I do understand those are readily available today still but there's a certain charm with the graniness of the audio that brings a nice feel and charm to the music that can't be beaten with the crystal clear quality of today. Furthermore, it also contains radio dramas ranging from comedy to drama and science fiction amongst many more. I know that now we have the podcasting technology for every audiophile there is. I must insist that listening to those radio dramas with the graniness included around town seems like a pretty exciting idea. It's like a portable /gent/ radio station, if you may. Radio dramas are a relic of the past and only a few places like Japan still has those presently but I enjoy the possibility of carrying in my pocket something that used to be listened to by the whole family crowded in their living rooms before television was readily available. Therefore, I urge any visitor to take a peek at the website mentioned above.

File 141743473617.jpg - (16.56KB , 300x239 , posture.jpg )
454 No. 454 hide quickreply [Reply]
Describe your dating history in a poem
>> No. 457
Ships that pass in the night, and speak each other in passing, only a signal shown, and a distant voice in the darkness; So on the ocean of life, we pass and speak one another, only a look and a voice, then darkness again and a silence.
>> No. 458
File 141850459014.jpg - (108.05KB , 800x800 , 1418502066453.jpg )
>> No. 459
The feeling of destroying the capacity for inward peace, an insane dance
with the angels of innocence admist thorns and in frenzy, the warmth of
a divine blessing, a daringness which prevailed over any imaginable fear
hovering on the brink of a voluntary act of contrition, but soon all pales
besides the cry this shattering truth wrests from all fellow men, there is
more to it than suffering and sounds of suffering, it is a process that only
the extinction of a divine sould could terminate. The eye can outstare neither
the sun, nor death... if I sought God it was in delirium and in the delight of

The idea of Salvation comes, I believe, from the one whom suffering breaks
apart. He who masters it, on the contrary, needs to be broken, to proceed
on the path towards the rupture.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 460
god damn my dick is dry
drier than a grandmas snatch
it is dry
a dry ass dick
drier than the kalahari desert
>> No. 461
its a limerick fyi

File 140892856346.jpg - (101.53KB , 960x540 , 10646850_10152263236625965_7703318894321542132_n.jpg )
441 No. 441 hide quickreply [Reply]
It is my humble opinion that a proper gentleman should have a suitable smoking implement. With that said, I propose those of us who possess such things shall post images of our most prized tobacco pipes. Pictured is my own, as well as my lighter, pipe tool, and pouch of locally blended tobacco. Please do excuse the folding chair, it had been requisitioned to accommodate guests and has yet to make its way back into storage.
>> No. 453
File 141575153477.jpg - (107.89KB , 513x377 , desile-location.jpg )
Good Sir! A folding chair of such quality is unacceptable and far beneath the status of a gentlemen of your prestige. I deduce that you are a gentlemen of taste and virtue as per your love of tobacco leaf, and so I cannot chastise you verily for it, but never the less I submit a folding chair of far better quality.

File 140672883579.jpg - (5.44KB , 320x158 , facet theory.jpg )
434 No. 434 hide quickreply [Reply]
Is anyone here still unemployed? Is anyone still writing noting their position as a housesitter/caretaker of their own home? I think we should extend the tentacles of nepotism to the less employed amongst us. If you're still looking for work please post here about your situation and I and the others will do our best to help you help the next generation of 99chaners. What could more gentlemanly than that?
>> No. 440
Your choice of wording with 'the less employed amongst us' made me laugh heartily.

I find myself between jobs currently, such banal tasks as polishing glasses I have decided is not for me.
>> No. 443
>plural tasks
>singular is
Forsooth, 'tis abundantly clear that oneself should not consider one above the onerous duties of a scullery wench, for one is certainly not abundant in qualifications that would denote otherwise higher applications of intelligence.
>> No. 446
I am in a job that I currently detest? that's got to be just as bad as being unemployed, I would have thought? Please help? :)

A. UK.

File 134920479560.jpg - (471.54KB , 1011x1280 , tumblr_lk40xbXxR91qa70eyo1_1280.jpg )
258 No. 258 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Gentlemen, what do you consider the most ideal physical traits of a fair lady? In my view, a lady's facial features take precedence over her body, but an classically feminine shape is utmost desirable; that is a diminutive waist, small ribcage, soft shoulders, voluptuous hips and buttocks. My tastes rarely consider breast size an issue.

Veronica Lake bares an ideal face. Her high, full cheekbones, sultry appearance and soft figure are all quite ravishing.
5 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 393
File 139687899671.jpg - (115.90KB , 800x600 , 0010.jpg )
FULL LIPS are my favorite female body part.The look & feel of full soft lips sliding up & down over my cock drive me crazty
>> No. 396
Sorry for the improper use of the English language.What is the past perfect tense for "fuck you"?
>> No. 412
Legs. I also have a weird thing for arm pits as well. I love licking a girls smooth armpit when i'm fucking her
>> No. 415
I find grace to be the greatest quality. Social skills represent something far greater than physical traits - adaptability. A socially skilled weapon can always change her appearance, but an idiot woman cannot pretend to be smarter.

I like to watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gng3sPiJdzA to remind myself that most woman are only elegant in film, television and the eyes of less worldly men.
>> No. 438
Have any gentleman in my company successfully hit on telemarketers? I'm curious to see how those formulaic PUA routines work.

No. 429 hide quickreply [Reply]
I recently got into an MBA program. Posts on forums report that a MBA isn't going to actually teach you anything so reputation and networking opportunities should be your primary concern.
Just about anyone can get into any MBA course in Australia with just about any degree from an aussie uni. Apparently MBA is ALL about pedigree. Look at the US; anything less than the top 5-8 business schools, and you might as well not bother wasting your $100k. Australia may not be as bad, but I turned it down cause I didn’t get into a really good program. Has anyone here ever been through gentleman tier education of any kind, MBA or otherwise?
>> No. 431
If anyone is curious, this article was the final stake in the coffin for me: >http://www.smh.com.au/executive-style/management/blogs/management-line/are-mbas-overrated-20100827-13v9u.html
>> No. 432
File 140536516418.jpg - (64.04KB , 500x444 , 05qpq.jpg )
I am working towards a geology degree, but that is not very gentlemanly.
>> No. 433
There are no gentlemen here in the US, but I hold a masters degree here.
MBA is for bullshit artists and salesmen. Don't get me wrong, some people make it work for them. A masters in economics would be the not-bullshit version of the MBA; you would receive more respect and better work.

At least in the US, part of the gentlemen tier education involves teaching introductory classes to freshmen. If this is the case for you, then fucking lots of 18yo girls under your authority should be your primary concern.
>> No. 437
But isn't bullshit artistry the essence of business?

Its not unethical, I mean, if i see a baby eating candy, I know that baby didnt earn it, i work hard, i deserve that candy, so i snatch that shit. I feel that if a baby can't devote the time to securing it's candy, it deserves to have that candy stolen!

File 140678835259.jpg - (9.69KB , 251x201 , images.jpg )
435 No. 435 hide quickreply [Reply]
As of today, I am taking a vow of chastity in the spirit of self improvement. I will not have sex until I have a steady girlfriend, or meet a girl who has the potential to become a stead girlfriend. I call upon the Saints of Nofap and PUA to help me in this quest. If i deviant from my quest, I will post here. As of today, I become great and feel longer lasting greatness. Be witness to my mastery!

File 134024969729.jpg - (113.53KB , 500x750 , tumblr_m4ch5pmeDB1qi0m7co1_500.jpg )
183 No. 183 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Good evening gentlemen, I have recently made a startling observation I feel obligated to share. Whilst walking or riding my bicycle down a street or trial I commonly pass people, and to acknowledge them I give them the customary head nod. Instead of waving or saying "hello" I smile and bow, from the neck up. My good men understand what this means for they smile and nod back, but women, they seem not understand. They either look away or smile clumsily…
Gentlemen, why is it that we understand this head bow?
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>> No. 208
what an intriguing proposition sir! I must say, I rather do agree with you.
>> No. 420
What it comes to is a simple gesture of respect. A nod says to fellow, "I see you and respect your space." A return nod says, "Thank you for acknowledging me and respecting my space. I do the same for you, dear sir." A passing nod to a gentleman is seen as respectful. Mind you, a gentleman's actions are what make a gentleman.
>> No. 422
Without being melodramatic, I suppose this nod may be a sort of salute shared by gentlemen from the days of old. I wonder if it has continued uninterrupted from centuries back or if it has merely been revived by young men of our era.
>> No. 425
probably seems too much like you're checking them out but super obviously
>> No. 428

Our custom is not there's, but they are none-the-less civilised

File 133361075692.jpg - (47.77KB , 359x450 , billgent.jpg )
116 No. 116 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Do you ever feel that, despite your best intentions, you come off as a blaggart to those around you?
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>> No. 219
File 134492281239.jpg - (179.28KB , 960x1280 , strawflute.jpg )
I fear your problem is not a lack of foxes, but rather an old hound. What is it that you consider so unique about your own character that none can seem to reach you? Certainly, with your participation on this forum dedicated to pleasant conversation, you've demonstrated that you find some pleasure in sociability; but why, then, would you propose such a double standard in the meatspace realm?

Surely, we are not all such paragons of wittiness and charm that by some divine circumstance we all are of your preferred sort. There are foxes all around you, but if you insist on taking only those particular specimins as match your fancy, you will return with a poor harvest indeed. I strongly suggest you expand your horizons of what you consider an acceptable partner in conversation, as not all will feel as though they must bend to your will.

Which is, after all, what you seem to expect of others. If they are not of your particular preferred sort of companion, do you really think to write them off at once, as if they are somehow imperfect? Truly, you will miss many fine friends and acquaintances if you do not put the required time in to know them well. I believe you will find that most, though not all of those who walk the earth are indeed pleasurable conversation, if only for a short while.
>> No. 226
That is so well put. You have changed my life for ever. Such beautiful imagery and truth. What a keen weapon, sir. ;)
>> No. 370
Good sir OP, I do believe you share my feelings exactly, its like I'm this shy demure lass trapped in an oafish buffoons body. It makes me quite morose daily.
>> No. 414
Perhaps you are just narcissistic (1) and it is, in fact, other facets of your identity that come across as obnoxious

1: http://samvak.tripod.com/journal34.html
>> No. 416
I grow my vocabulary to suit my purposes. No more, no less.

File 132566948480.jpg - (355.93KB , 1132x906 , zpage279.jpg )
15 No. 15 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Gentlemen, I find this picture board's dearth of content shameful. As such, I wish to propose a matter of discussion, this being the nature of a true gentleman. To elaborate, the manner in which a gentleman acts and distinguishes himself from less dignified individuals, both visible and not. What do you believe the defining traits of such a man and his character to be?

While there could indeed be infinitely more lengthy discussions of what consitutes each of these three traits, I have attempted to mentally distill to some degree the substance of a gentleman's manner:

The first, the sustainment of honour between the gentleman and others, that he may demonstrate the content of his character through his words and actions.

The second, the maintenance of integrity within himself, that it may allow him to display confidence.

And third, the treatment of all with respect, deserving of it or not, as a true gentleman should never waver from a noble outlook.

Please feel free to lend a greater degree of specificity to the topic, and offer your disagreements with my opinion if absolutely necessary, although doing so indirectly would be favorable.
13 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 314
File 135735271217.jpg - (171.10KB , 500x322 , tumblr_lbzumpp2yT1qawv39o1_500.jpg )
Good sirs, I call upon your predisposed forgiveness for if what I may make mention of, has been made mention of.
>I first call upon the true mark of a gentleman, his posture.
This is an important distinguishing factor amongst men and gentlemen, for the tycoon may hold a hunch or a closed chest whilst a pauper can walk proudly with broad shoulder and hips thrust. Your posture speaks a volume and a half to the men and women who surround you.
>The next mark of a true gentleman, the value of his word and input.
A man who's word can be trusted undoubtedly, is a rare and precious breed of men. A gentleman is known for his: truth, integrity, and benevolence of word. For if: you lack truth, you are of weighted suspicion from yourself and others; you lack integrity, you are but a grown boy and will be seen as such; and if you lack the benevolence of word, you are but a gaunt prick in the emperor's clothes. When one holds these traits whilst not being loquacious, people will want to hear your voice and word.
>Somewhat importantly: the nature of a true gentleman, is inspiring.
A gentleman is an inspiring human, by any means. The Dalai Lama is an inspiring gentleman for he is bringing internal peace to this world. Einstein was inspiring for his unbound curiosity. Emerson was inspiring for the mystery he carried within himself. Carl Sagan was inspiring for being inspiring. Mozart was inspiring for the beauty that was held in his music. It may not take a heap of an effort to be inspiring, but it certainly makes all the difference.
>While all the aforementioned are marks of a gentleman, what seals the deal is that he is pleasurable to be around.
He is polite, sincere, and treats ALL humans equally (children, women, clerks, prisoners, the rich, as well as prostitutes and beggers). He holds no vices, poor mannerisms, habitual foul scents, or grudges. And a rather silly trait that boys have today is making rude humor of the functioning of their bodies: they laugh at and socially chastise one-another for actions such as: passing gas (from the top and bottom) or accidental erections.

As you may see I hold a high mark on what it is to be thought of as a gentleman, a mark that I admittedly slip below on occasion. Being a gentleman is something to be proud of, but to hold no pride in.
>> No. 368
In addition to the previously proposed notions - all of which I wholeheartedly agree - I would suggest that a gentleman is characterized by a sense of noblesse oblige and always strive to "stand in the gap" on behalf of others when ones' station and resources permit.

A prime example is that of a man who will mentor a fatherless boy that - while not his own - he will treat and invest in as his own son.
>> No. 406
>He treats all humans equally
Why? Why should a gentleman treat all humans equally? Surely, a gentlemen would carry in his mind an ideal for Society and would thus frown upon certain behaviours and mentalities that he would deem detrimental to the progression of his society and to the happiness of his fellow man? After all, the only way one can remove rejection is to remove the standards that create them. Once we remove standards, we remove order thus we "progress" into chaos. Not only that but a gentleman should not hold apathy towards politics. He should be actively involved in the nature of his society and the betterment of his fellow man.

Then again, I suppose this calls into question, what you mean when you say "human". I think it's worth noting that you mention Einstein as an example of a gentleman and Einstein himself, if I recall correctly, stated that he saw all men equally, be it the governor or the garbage man so perhaps when you refer to a human, you're only thinking of the civil, contributing members of society.

What about those that leech off of the good will of others? What of those that abuse the welfare system? Or those that evade taxes? What of the manipulators and connivers?
>> No. 409
>respond to their negative actions in isolation
Can you elaborate?
>> No. 418
Who do you expect to post here? It is YOU who is responsible for the rise or fall of this chan. YOU are it's keeper and its champion.

Your great grandmother’s dead. Before long I’ll be dead, and you and your brother and your sister and all of her children, all of us dead, all of us rotting underground. It’s 99han that lives on. It’s all that lives on. Not your personal glory, not your honor… but 99chan. You understand?

File 137393232124.jpg - (49.45KB , 500x375 , bowtie.jpg )
363 No. 363 hide quickreply [Reply]
Dear sirs, whilst upon my internet ventures I have uncovered this motion picture that I felt you would find enlightening. Enjoy.


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