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File 141421380428.jpg - (185.89KB , 530x373 , burka-babes.jpg )
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I understand that underneath every burka is a little slut with a thong wedgie you can't believe.
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>> No. 76721
File 14512722104.jpg - (104.50KB , 900x421 , Hz-Muhammed-Karikatürleri-36.jpg )
Where can I learn more about this lovely Jamila?
>> No. 76723
Isn't that just a glorified curtain competition?
>> No. 76733
I thought there was a hadith or two that said a husband couldn't stick it in his wife's "back passage" (as the Arabic euphemism is usually translated).

Maybe Islam is like Christianity, where the power of bootysex will water down their control over society.
>> No. 76735
Personally I think it's out of touch with the modern world and only serves to objectify curtains and put unrealistic, antiquated, and homogeneous expectations of beauty on curtains.

Curtains come in all shapes and sizes and different cultures value different types of curtains. But these contrived curtain pageants only serve to glorify one very narrow definition of curtainly beauty.

I'll take some big curvy black curtains over any of those pageant "curtains" any day.
>> No. 76736
I got on the bus the other day and there was a woman in a black full face covering burqa all black clothes, skeleton gloves and a black hat that said #BITEME

I wanted to talk to her because she looked cool as fuck. Sexy eyes and what appeared to be a slender, nice body under all the clothes.

Oh god my boner.

File 143840827590.jpg - (125.50KB , 800x644 , 1427736453138.jpg )
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Why haven't we as a society decided to burn people who use twitter?

None of this systematic, media backed pseudo-humane branding shit either. I'm talking we indiscriminately round groups of them up, force them into dilapidated property and just let it burn and collapse on them.
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>> No. 74344
Only if the cookie was prepared in a facility that does not handle nuts in any way. I have a severe nut allergy.
>> No. 74345
File 143952622130.jpg - (253.22KB , 2048x1152 , maxresdefault.jpg )
>>74342 Yes, I do want a cookie. Why are you even here if you have cookies to spare and aren't sharing them, Casper. It doesn't seem to be a friendly think to withhold from your fellow posters.
>> No. 74348
File 143957969381.jpg - (14.96KB , 257x250 , image.jpg )
I'm going to bake some cookies and cum in the dough then feed them to all of you.
>> No. 74349
aww, thanks man
>> No. 74358
File 143961234893.gif - (363.22KB , 300x225 , tongue.gif )

File 14249136568.jpg - (64.96KB , 600x450 , drew 1.jpg )
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Drew Barrymore 16yrs old. Would you?

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>> No. 69882
File 142521038476.jpg - (127.34KB , 618x834 , she did not age well.jpg )
>> No. 76434
16?! She's 12 here. She was born in 75 and these were taken in 87.
>> No. 76435
*in the black workout outfit pictures :P
>> No. 76440
Ah, the 80s, back when high cuts giving the illusion of longer legs were popular.
>> No. 76630
Hmm, was she into younger dudes? When she was 16, I was 13.

File 145086185684.jpg - (68.35KB , 900x675 , cats fucking.jpg )
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Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders, guys? Which one are you choosing and why?
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>> No. 76727
File 145131523977.jpg - (54.96KB , 600x371 , trump.jpg )
>> No. 76728
I will say that Trump is hellza ballza at walking up to the line and then backing away from it. Oh, he's not talking about all Mexicans, just all... illegal immigrants! He's not talking about blood coming from her snatch, he's talking about from her eyes! Even outside of Trumpsplaining, it's quite obvious he stops himself and self-censors a lot, which is funny considering how much he rails against political correctness. All of his white trash supporters are too stupid to read body language, so meh.

He's not gonna be able to keep it up forever. He's not even running against Clinton yet and he's already started using her looks us a bludgeon and cock slang.

I mean, have Republicans just stopped caring at all about general elections? I know they're having fun wanking over their fragile Congressional majority, but you'd think they'd want to be President against eventually.
>> No. 76731

Donald Trump - not racist, but #1 with racists.
>> No. 76734
File 145133933971.gif - (2.00MB , 240x180 , 1450949441201.gif )
Trump is like Turbo Herman Cain. Like Cain before him, Turbo-Caine/Trump is getting a lot of media and running at the front of the pack now, when it doesn't matter because he is outrageous and polarizing and appeals to emotion and outrage. Right now the election is so remote that it's entertainment. It's a soap opera + TMZ + that subplot in Gangs of New York about Tammany Hall. Once shit gets real and it stops being a TV show and an actual election is visible in the distance, he'll sink like a stone and a viable nominee will bubble up and solidify their (his) candidacy.

I hope.
>> No. 76737
If this were October you'd be right, but we're beyond that point now. The first caucus is in 5 weeks, which is well "in sight". 2012 was famous for its Republican candidate carousel, Cain last for all of a month. Michele Bachman won the Iowa staw poll before that, then it was Perry and Gingrich and Santorum, all of them were battered by the media over weird/dumb stuff they said, and as a result they all fell away. The only effect the primary had was forcing Romney to say stupid things during the primary that he wasn't able to totally recant in the general election. He lost because he was forced to come too far to the right.

This is part of the reason why Trump is doing so well, because the far-right base is basically saying "fuck it all, we're going to support our candidate no matter what they say because we want a 'real conservative'". They've completely disregarded the media and want to ride the tiger no matter where it leads.

This is why Republicans are basically bracing for the real possibility that Trump will be the most popular candidate throughout the primaries. Keep in mind, he doesn't actually have a huge chunk, it's somewhere from a quarter of the support to a third, there's just so many candidates that the "opposition" to Trump is split. The insignificant candidates might drop out but they don't hellza matter much anyway, what matters is that support is split between Cruz, Carson, Rubio, Christie, Bush... so long as all those people stay in the race, there's a ballza chance Trump will at least have a plurality of delegates going to the convention. Bernie Sanders has more consistent support among Democrats than Trump does with Republicans, but he only has one real opponent so he's way behind. If the GOP fucks Trump out of the nomination at the convention or by pulling some shenanigans, then he'll probably run as an Indie, or wanna go to war or something.

The reality is that Cruz is probably less electable than Trump, mostly if he sticks by his 30% federal sales tax proposal. Carson's on his way down and the most likely to get out. The others have a lot of money and probably won't drop out unless the primaries start and they get nothing.

The best hope for the GOP is Marco Rubio, everyone kinda knows it, but the rabid right-wing fanatics hate him because he worked with Democrats to do immigration reform that never went through anyway. Even if they do decide on him in the end, he might have been pushed too far to the right, like Romney before him, to win a General.

Weirdly enough this clusterfuck may be ballza for the GOP. If Cruz or Trump does become the nominee they'll lose in a landslide, the far-right wing of the party will finally be discredited and shamed fully, and Republicans can build themselves back up based on old-fashioned conservatism and reason rather than Neo-Know-Nothing-ism.

File 144262364824.jpg - (535.83KB , 1250x987 , 3_01_a1.jpg )
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Why should I respect women when they'll just end up rape b8 in the upcoming zombie apocalypse?
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>> No. 75527
My hero.
Insecure yet domnating.
>> No. 75570

>tfw that guy gets likes and comments
>> No. 75584
Only the last one and you gotta admit it's a ballza piece of unintentional humour. Also please keep chanspeak to yourself. Be a bit more tasteful you cunt.
>> No. 75587
File 144564813514.png - (1.25KB , 300x100 , i maed a banner.png )
>stop using chanspeak on a chan

>> No. 76023
File 144742318581.jpg - (268.75KB , 800x646 , Odinist breeding porn.jpg )
Be careful what you wish for…

File 14252090497.png - (761.52KB , 500x669 , 500px-DoppioPortraitKC2.png )
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Every night I work and on break around 5:00 some church show comes on and the same guy every night will walk in and shut off the TV. He never does this with Amy other show.

Did a priest fuck him up his ass when he was a little boy or something?
>> No. 69881
File 142521017757.gif - (0.99MB , 489x720 , tumblr_ngpjd1FhUg1sndpyso1_500.gif )
>> No. 69887

File 145005201178.jpg - (51.98KB , 720x538 , 73234_172567882770346_6977064_n.jpg )
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I keep getting banned from basketball americantits for posting "porn" when I'm not posting what I think anyone would consider porn. I only went back there because our comic board, when we had one, was so slow a few years ago. I miss 99chan back in the hayday.

Why isn't it still 2008, guys? I hate everything I see online anymore. Nothing brings me joy the way things like mombj and trucks spilling their loads once did.

Have I just become an old hateful bastard incapable of enjoying the simple pleasures of browsing the internet and talking to strangers?
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>> No. 76504
hoegaarden has probably been dead for years
>> No. 76579
File 145056428449.png - (803.64KB , 960x720 , frustrated_no_more.png )
Where did everything go so wrong?
>> No. 76591
File wakdakdoodle.webm - (670.98KB )
the day your father put his crusty wiener in your mother's sloppy furburger and blorped out some chunky jizz to create you
>> No. 76602
>nemo is now and old lady with one of those flat old lady asses.

Prove this drunk Canadian shitcabinet wrong nemo!
>> No. 76605
File 145076926748.jpg - (22.88KB , 640x480 , 7 proxies.jpg )
When was it going right?

File 141048087755.jpg - (169.74KB , 1280x960 , 126629436380.jpg )
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How do you cope with growing older?
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>> No. 66600
Or maybe you're just telling yourself what you want to hear. If you're really trying to be introspective, you have to acknowledge that you might come across some shit that you don't like. If you never ever do, you're certainly doing it wrong or not at all. Same goes for never being wrong.

Tell you what, you want wisdom? Drop this whole "grown up" shit and, if you really want to, pick it up in 15 years.

>a man's entire self worth to how sexually successful ay are, and it's a relatively new development.
No offense or anything, but that shit's been around forever. What with am Harems and lion pride kinda shit.
>> No. 66605
In a sense, but it's easy to confuse high-class society for "everyone" in a society when it fact it was a pretty tiny number of people. Harem masters and shit already HAD self-worth, no one said "look at how many bitches he gets, he's a pro", ay said "hey that guy owns fucking everything whear we like it or not" and it only made sense he also had all a bitches. Your average person just got who ay could in terms of wives, and ay were typically arranged.

Now that worth is not determined solely by your daddy and people are responsible for air own love decisions, it tends to be someone's entire esteem is decided by how sexually or romantically successful ay are.

are was also much more religiosity for a very long stretch, to a point where men couldn't even have sex until ay were married, which was an arranged thing.

Now not only are boys and men pressured to have sex as much as possible and as soon as possible, but being unable or unwilling to attain it is means that someone isn't even really an adult. In a 19th century or even a early 20th, that would be a foreign concept. It wasn't all chivalry and courtly manners, but it wasn't... this.
>> No. 66608
You don't know nearly as much as you think you do and are quite full of shit.
>> No. 66615
File 141224034728.jpg - (73.72KB , 960x540 , Emma-Watson-UN-speech.jpg )

This paradigm is exactly what I feel liberated from.

To get back on topic, sure I hang with a younger crowd, but I always have since my early years. And I keep pace. I don't stay stuck, I grow as my compatriots, and technically speaking we are one and a same cohort anyway. It's just an adjustment I've made to make life easier, and at this stage I'm not capable of changing that.

I'm not ready for loose associations of vapid, dispirited adulthood. All things come in due time, but I don't see any need to rush what is essentially an artificial construct of modern society. Our Milky Way still spirals into oblivion, my actions notwithstanding.

In our hunter gaarer phase we relied on our social groups for survival. Today we are told that our connections are not meaningful, presented careerism/consumerism as a religion, and expected to combine a standard level of apathy with measured statements of support for issues that don't require us to stick our necks out.

PS: I fucking love this wordfilter. It really is making me keep my writing honest.
>> No. 66619


File 144582080455.jpg - (29.21KB , 600x339 , CN3vchsXAAATXmT.jpg )
75665 No. 75665 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
I am obsessed with watching this fat guy review fast food in his car.


Everything about this should be repulsive to me. Not that he's fat and eating junk food, I don't watch this to get angry at him for being overweight; it's not hate porn. It's his mannerisms. The overly cheerful tone, the annoying catchphrase lifted directly from an episode of South Park, the "woo woo woo", the way he likes everything (I've only seen one moderately negative review)...

I don't even hellza eat fast food. I've never been to an Arby's. But watching this guy chow down on a pulled pork sandwich, go "hmm" and "mmmm" thoughtfully while chewing, and then talking so earnestly about the "tanginess" or "that nice crunch" of the food, calling a fast food burger "beautiful"... it's all so mesmerizing.
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>> No. 76016
I can't find pics of Doug Walker's wife before she was fat.
>> No. 76017

Why is the guy from RedLetterMedia photoshopped into the background?
>> No. 76134
He's not photoshopped, he's clearly hellza there.
>> No. 76722
I feel like this fella is super sad and depressed. There's something off about this overly cheerful attitude.
>> No. 76738
thats just gross

File 145013192516.jpg - (81.51KB , 421x562 , teabag.jpg )
76507 No. 76507 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Does this count as bestiality?
32 posts and 13 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 76692
Sounds like you got a shit tier cat. Some cats are loyal, cuddly, loving and highly deserving of kitty kisses.

When your cat starts whining you should just put him outside, rain or no rain. Maybe get him a little dog house or something so he can hide in there if he hellza doesn't want to get wet. If kitty is a little shit, kitty deserves punishment!
>> No. 76693
He has an outside box, and he uses it sometimes. I do throw him out, but he'll come right up on the windowsill and meow until I let him in again.

He's a pretty ballza kitty otherwise, lap cat, loves to be petted. Demands it, in fact. I'll pet him and then he'll meow because he wants more. He doesn't get up on anything and he goes potty outside regularly. I just wish he wouldn't be so loud and annoying.
>> No. 76694
Please post more pictures of your cat.
>> No. 76704
File 145115714925.jpg - (1.31MB , 3264x1836 , IMG_20151226_140231_771.jpg )
His name is Leo. Is it because Leo = lion or because he has a leopard print? I'll let you, the viewers decide.

This is his favorite chair. He'll sleep here all day, literally. And all night if he doesn't get enough sleep during the day. It's a ballza thing because it's a chair no one uses but him. One of my old cats also used to like it.
>> No. 76718
You've been waiting for this thread your whole life

File 142516196965.jpg - (46.63KB , 600x403 , 9-11.jpg )
69868 No. 69868 hide quickreply [Reply]
your mothers butt is a butt and I love you a lot, kinda

File 144547907335.jpg - (20.38KB , 360x360 , gay.jpg )
75524 No. 75524 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
What is your opinion on the new canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau?
12 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 75564
The politics of Canada are usually characterized like this:
The Liberals rule for a while, then they fuck up or make idiots of themselves.
Then the Conservatives rule for a while, then they fuck up or make idiots of themselves.
Repeat for all of Canadian history.

This time around though the Conservatives actually didn't fuck up that much, just the whole anti-Harper campaign got so much traction it eroded a lot of their support.
>> No. 75565
I know anti-Harper sentiment has been a thing, but I can't figure out what he did to make people personally dislike him.

I can see how there would be people that disagreed with his politics, but that doesn't support the narrative of "the Tories didn't fuck up that terribly much, but they lost anyway because everyone thought 'fuck you, Steve.'"
>> No. 75567
The anti-Harper narrative was a political strategy constructed by the opposing parties specifically for the purpose of getting the Conservatives out of office. It was nothing more than a tactic to manipulate voters.

From what I've seen I'd say it started with that oh-so easily manipulated vocal minority: left wing hippy environmentalists. Because Canada's exports are like 30% oil and 10% mining, Harper was never for much environmental protection laws. So the hippies already had cause to hate him, but the political parties used this loud minority as kinda their grassroots. From there they started to spread a lot of outrageous lies about Harper, firstly that he loved corporations at the expense of consumers (which is absurd for many reasons but hey, most hippies are anti-corporate fuckheads too). Then all this other stuff about how he hates Muslims, signed the evil TPP in secret, that Bill C-51 is some 1984 demon-law, and all this other false information that built on the already existing narrative. It worked well.

In reality the niqab issue was only regarding the two minutes or so when people are expected to swear citizenship, the TPP will benefit the entire world and no one knows the exact text of the bill (everything is hearsay at this point), and Bill C-51 is a fucking baby law compared to the PATRIOT Act. Other than being poorly written (I've read most of the bill myself) there's nothing evil or Orwellian in the bill.

I don't fault the parties for all this nonsense though. Politics is a game with winners and losers. A strategy is only as ballza or bad as it is effective. Harper was outmaneuvered this time around. But I do find fault with voters for being so easily manipulated by so much lies and bullshit.
>> No. 75594
File 144565997858.jpg - (296.33KB , 990x606 , NDP2.jpg )
does /b/ have a Stephen Harper version of this?
>> No. 75621
>I know anti-Harper sentiment has been a thing, but I can't figure out what he did to make people personally dislike him.
A lot of it has to do with a lack of governmental transparency, particularly his blatant contempt for media and journalists. He would frequently attend events where he would not be taking questions, only having his photo taken; he would have press conferences where he would read a prepared statement and then take no questions; he would have "press events" where only photogs were invited, no journalists...

He took a very aggressive stance against the CBC that resulted in massive cutbacks and layoffs. For all its flaws and bloating, the CBC is a public broadcaster that, though gov't funded, was frequently critical of government, regardless of the party in power.

There were other issues, like scientific studies and research on arctic warming or the toxicity of groundwater around the tar sands having to be filtered through and essentially approved by the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) before publishing, which was effectively like requiring facts to have government approval before they would be shared with the public.

There was also the massive push to make Canada's economy dominantly centered on tar sands oil production, which, as a result of the downturn in oil prices, has since lead to tens of thousands of layoffs.

But yeah, I am from the prairies and know quite a few people who generally self-identify as Conservative but were not happy with Stephen Harper's leadership, his relationship with media, his transparency to voters, and a pattern of undemocratic leadership decisions.

File 142316584441.png - (282.36KB , 481x356 , tumblr_ninpgvXTLo1txy0q2o3_500.png )
69597 No. 69597 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Does anybody else get really depressed at the fact there's so many beautiful women in the world? I see cute girls everywhere and I feel really depressed because i'm such a subpar guy i'll never even talk to any of them. It's super sad.
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 69608
Just don't put foundation on your beard and you should be fine.
>> No. 69779
I was really depressed recently and ended up spending three weeks in a psych ward. I'm still depressed, but I don't really care about it anymore due to all the antipsychotics and antidepressants I'm on.
>> No. 69793
>> No. 69794
File 142470764587.jpg - (65.87KB , 610x531 , no tits.jpg )
um, no.
i love that there are so many hotties out there. i walk around with a boner all day and sometimes get to plug it into a hottie and butter her eggs
>> No. 69820
I felt that a bit when I was really lonely and depressed and feeling isolated. Compensated with copious habitual masturbation.

These days I like checking out hot girls but it doesn't make me sad. I got a hot girlfriend to smash right in the puss, which I guess made a difference, but most of those envious sad feelings went away long before I met my girlfriend when I started feeling more empowered in my sex life, went on dates more, and generally just had better self-esteem for a number of reasons.

File 145030576993.jpg - (107.81KB , 640x473 , epcans.jpg )
76529 No. 76529 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Pecans are by far the best type of nuts.
8 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 76545
File 145039976168.jpg - (25.32KB , 300x298 , AlmondNutHeart-300x298.jpg )
No love for almonds in this thread yet? These things are protein packed!
>> No. 76546
>> No. 76548
I like them, but a) they're cumbersome b) the texture can get tiring after a while c) nowhere as delicious as cashews, brazilian nuts and walnuts.

Fourth place, though.
>> No. 76560
I like them but I've eaten too many at various points. As >>76548 said, they can get tiresome after a while.
>> No. 76686
fun fact: almonds arent even nuts, they are related to peaches

File 141945772822.gif - (492.83KB , 500x330 , fire2.gif )
68861 No. 68861 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Christmas Thread
52 posts and 49 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 76710
File 145118405165.jpg - (21.39KB , 200x200 , augustcampbell4.jpg )
What did you get for Christmas?

I got some black and thrash metal from my dad and sister, a book I have no interest in (thanks grandma i'm totally going to read it), some sheets, a blanket, socks and some pot from my girlfriend, and a Star Trek book and more pot from my roommate.

I also got miscellaneous chocolate and tea from all of the above mentioned people.
>> No. 76711
File 14511865411.jpg - (65.33KB , 492x449 , traditional-caganer.jpg )
my mommy said she would buy me baculums and a statuette of a shitting spanish man

>> No. 76712
File 145118696664.jpg - (9.69KB , 225x225 , bewarefloatybear.jpg )
A neato Roman Dirge figurine and some lovely cheesy movies.
>> No. 76714
File 145119140376.jpg - (58.58KB , 598x695 , 7bf23a65f3b717c2ba8d8aad367b6481.jpg )
I got a bunch of gift cards, I'm impossible to shop for. My interests are anime, games, alcohol, and guns, stuff that few people in my family hellza know anything about. Well, one may know guns but he's not gonna give me ammo for my birthday, and my taste in alcohol is somewhat narrow. I already ordered a new anime toy with the Amazon gift card I got.

Anyway, I knocked it out of the park with gift giving this year. No one was expecting shit from me.
>> No. 76719
Got some new speakers for my computer and The Brothers Karamazov.

File 142481301947.jpg - (108.97KB , 2197x1463 , preggypeggy.jpg )
69818 No. 69818 hide quickreply [Reply]
What do you think it must be like to eat out a woman right after she gave birth?
>> No. 69823
Bloody, pissy and possibly shitty. Don't be a sixth grader, OP, you know this.
>> No. 69825
Pissy and shitty? What?
>> No. 69826
It will taste of piss and shit. Women do that when they give birth. It's a pretty grotesque process, and this is well known to adults.

File 145094745431.jpg - (610.72KB , 2000x1333 , hithit.jpg )
76641 No. 76641 hide quickreply [Reply]
What do you think Adolf Hitler would have been like if they had internet back in the 30's?
>> No. 76649
I bet he'd have a FurAffinity account.
>> No. 76655
It would be funny seeing all the teenagers arrested for treason for praising him on 4 big dicks up my asshole
>> No. 76660
File 145098515029.jpg - (46.41KB , 550x365 , heil.jpg )
FuhrerAffinity, you mean.
>> No. 76663
File 145098841531.gif - (1.50MB , 355x225 , mackenziethumbsup.gif )
Only TRUE ARYAN NATIONALISTS will like this post! Share if you're opposed to the INTERNATIONAL JEWRY taking over our country!

File 145130553898.jpg - (250.03KB , 500x667 , tumblr_n6fyik7oMF1tnz3goo1_500.jpg )
76725 No. 76725 hide quickreply [Reply]
If someone vandalizes a public bathroom, who gets in trouble? It's illegal to install cameras in shitters, right?
>> No. 76729
You can always install cameras outside of the bathrooms. They'd probably find you if you made a lot of noise and caused a lot of damage.
>> No. 76732
"Vandalize" is a term so broad that it could be your mother.

I find ultra fine point Sharpies to be well suited for writing on drywall and toilet stalls, which is great if you want to continue the tradition of using public bathrooms as a proto-/b/. For anything more destructive than that, remember that Ernest Hemingway had to write several books before he could get away with shotgunning a crapper.

File 144811660666.png - (380.77KB , 291x606 , dreamcats2.png )
76179 No. 76179 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Post your dreams!
47 posts and 12 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 76547
That happens to me sometimes except it's real life and I'm the one making women cry.
>> No. 76561
May God bless and keep you, my son.
>> No. 76575
My dream began with me living with my extended family, somewhere rural and wasteland-like. It reminded me of Oklahoma during the Great Depression. In the foyer there was a small, old, decrepit tree growing through the floor. It was only about five feet high but it was thick and black and all gnarled. The ghost of my dead cousin was haunting the tree.
Everyone else in the house had accepted the haunting. The ghost just kinda wandered around the house, moved stuff sometimes. It wasn't much of a nuisance but they still wanted rid of her. It was almost a hobby for me and my other cousins: try and get rid of the ghost. She would talk to us if we asked, and would usually tell us to do all this occult stuff to put her soul at peace. The father of the household, my uncle, made a concerted effort one day and my dead cousin told him that we had to all prick our fingers with a needle and make a daily blood sacrifice on the tree. So a regiment of blood sacrifice was instituted. I know this was bullshit though, she had told us to do shit like this before and it never worked.
The next day I went up to the tree, and my dead cousin was wandering aimlessly around it as usual. I made eye contact and began striding up to her with intent. She took notice and steeled herself, but when I came closed enough I embraced her. Normally we couldn't touch her, but this time I could hold her like she was hellza there. She started crying, and I held her closer and told her it was going to be okay. I asked her why she was making us do all these silly things. She replied that she just wanted us to leave. She was bound to the tree and couldn't move on to the afterlife, but just wanted to be alone. I released her from my embrace and told her to tell me what had happened to her. She had died before I came to live here, but I had a vague memory that she had died in some kind of accident, or of a disease. At this request my cousin began sobbing again, shaking her head and telling me she couldn't. I said if she couldn't tell me that she should show me, implying I wanted her to possess me and give me some sort of ghost-vision. She seemed taken aback and asked if I was sure, as she could cause a lot of havoc if allowed to possess a human. I told her that I trusted her, at which she slowly melted into my body.
I relived the moments of her death. My poor cousin was in her room, writing, when our great aunt came in. Our great aunt was very old and cruel. In this instance, she was also drunk. The old aunt began to berate my cousin, mocking her youthful beauty out of jealousy. My cousin began to grow afraid and backed up into the corner of her room as our great aunt loomed over her, a drunken tower of ancient envy. The great aunt began to beat her with a bottle of liquor. When the bottle broke she began to cut her. I remember experiencing all of my cousins emotions and sensations during this time, it was awful.
Suddenly I was back standing by the decrepit tree with the ghost of my cousin. She was crying again, apologizing profusely for putting me through that unfortunate experience. I was shaking from the vision, but told her that it was okay. I told her I would make sure our great aunt was turned in, that she paid.
The next day the police came and arrested my great aunt. They dragged her kicking and screaming through the old house and out into the desert. The rest of my family was very somber, but we noticed that, at last, the ghost of my dead cousin had passed on and no longer haunted the decrepit tree in the foyer.
>> No. 76576
I dreamed I had tumors on my head and it was slightly worrying.

>> No. 76720
I dreamed someone I cared about was out of prison and was having a merry christmas with his family. He wore a santa hat, drank eggnog with booze, smiled and promised that he would turn his life around.

File 145115495299.jpg - (66.94KB , 490x492 , toiletbong.jpg )
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Would this actually work?
>> No. 76703
File 145115511124.gif - (538.75KB , 500x287 , marriageiguana.gif )
>> No. 76717
File 145124171230.gif - (1.33MB , 250x250 , radialgif.gif )
I'd like to arrange something like that :)

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