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File 14172806315.jpg - (51.80KB , 494x284 , 1410761871408.jpg )
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Welcome to Traditional Games. All things gaming (non-vidya) related are welcome here. From Warhammer 40K to Monopoly.

Board Rules:
1) Keep it Traditional Games related.
2) Nerd it up.

File 14202091553.jpg - (294.30KB , 1920x960 , ng6jQ2N.jpg )
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I suppose this thread could use a worldbuildng board. I am trying to build a world based mostly on the ancient Near East and Central Asia with a select few dinosaurs and without any magic. Post your world here so we may steal from each other.
>> No. 20
I had a D&D campaign setting that I had spent years working on. It was based on if the Roman Empire had survived all the way until the end of the Renaissance.

The main power in the world was a continent spanning Empire, founded 5,000 years ago by the Emperor Lysander I who ascended to god-hood and was worshiped as the Empire's patron deity.

The cosmology is what I spent most of my time working on though. Basically... IN THE BEGINNING there was one God, who created a host of angels to build the world for him (an infinite being cannot interact with the finite without becoming finite itself). Things were going fine until one of the angels rebelled (you may notice some common themes with Abrahamic religions here). There was a titanic war in heaven and God got pissed and abandoned his creation. The angels that were left defeated the rebels and imprisoned them and with their source of power (god) gone, they had to find some way to supplement it. Turns out, worship by mortals, who were imbued with a bit of the creators divinity, sustained them just fine. The Archangels in the setting (who went unnumbered, but there were a LOT of them left) became the various gods and goddesses that comprised all the world's religious pantheons. The lesser angels became their servants.
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File 144582252730.jpg - (29.88KB , 450x403 , mancala.jpg )
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So what games do you know of that can be easily made with little-to-no resources? Like werewolf/mafia, mancala or backgammon?
>> No. 39
I suppose you could make checkers if you had a big enough piece of paper/cardboard and enough coins, similar-color beads or some other little thing that can be used as a substitute.

File 141750888311.png - (955.19KB , 1000x750 , IMG_20140503_233254.png )
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This board seems lonely, so I'll make a thread I guess.

So, does anyone paint minis? Show off your work or work you like here.

This is a Son of Malice I started on, I'm trying to go for a more boney looking white instead of the chalky white most Malice jobs seem to use.
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File 141890628589.jpg - (196.18KB , 1032x581 , night lords 3 2.jpg )
This one actually doesn't look all that bad. It's the camera flash that makes everything look like shit which brings out the horror.
>> No. 16

These poor Astartes..
>> No. 18
File 142072639122.jpg - (492.42KB , 4128x2322 , rusties.jpg )
>> No. 29
File 142470478317.jpg - (69.01KB , 800x643 , ECandini.jpg )
>> No. 36
Those look pretty good.

File 142075198246.jpg - (83.28KB , 550x550 , 1420003232258.jpg )
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Who's your favorite Chaos God?
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>> No. 22
I used to like Slaanesh. Now I'm not sure. So Chaos Undivided.
>> No. 26
File 142245440557.jpg - (723.28KB , 1201x2267 , tongue_slaaneshi_s_daemonette_by_slaanesh_goddess-.jpg )
>> No. 30
Slaneesh is to be feared because Slaneesh will obliterate everything that you are, all of your goals and wants and desires, and replace you with "slaneesh_cultist.exe" that happens to be running on your body and has access to your memories.

Slaneesh is an ugly, self-centered worldview that sacrifices everything else for the temporary indulgent joy of ME ME ME. Slaneeshi cultists are equal parts pathetic and frightening, like any frenzied addict that thinks you are in the way of their next fix. And Slaneeshi demons can rip away your will and inhibitions just by proximity.

Slaneesh is to be feared because she is the death of reason and self control. Of all of the chaos gods, Slaneesh is the one that deserves to die screaming the most.
>> No. 32
File 14257103128.jpg - (257.70KB , 1000x1000 , Daemonette.jpg )
You mortals are always so cute when you're pure.~~

Come and relax for a bit dear, nobody will know. After all, I have oh so many pleasures to show you <3
>> No. 35
Nurgle. Because he's the only being in this forsaken universe that actually loves you - in a sick, unnatural way but still. He is the only one who makes the pain go away.

File 142232628733.jpg - (141.45KB , 1024x753 , Primarchs_big.jpg )
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Most favorite and least favorite primarch.

Most favorite: Vulkan. He was cool. And I love just about everything about the Salamanders.

Least favorite: Lorgar. Way to fuck it up because you can't handle NOT worshiping the Emperor even though he told you multiple times to knock that shit off.
>> No. 25
Most favorite: The Lion. I could tell you why, but I'd have to kill you.

Least Favorite: Dorn. No personality.
>> No. 34
Favorite: Either the Lion or Sanguinius. Both are relatively low-bullshit.

Least favorite: Mortarion is really boring, which saddens me because Nurgle is my favorite god.

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