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File 132500465644.gif - (586.38KB , 250x170 , deal with crab.gif )
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>> No. 1218

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  I a a worthless peice of shit mods please delete all posts by ip and ban me

File 145076127741.jpg - (119.70KB , 800x600 , ircduh.jpg )
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IRC... does anyone use it still? To connect, do I enter "irc.99chan.org" as the server? Sorry I'm asking such dumb questions

File 145091153577.jpg - (256.00KB , 512x512 , Twitter00bf68a.jpg )
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What bumms you out, /regs/?

My granma died on 4/20 this year, and my totally cool ferret died the day after that.

File 145051908321.jpg - (16.47KB , 555x325 , asd.jpg )
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omg conscious exploration beyond the physical realm what is this sorcery


File 144384878479.jpg - (53.59KB , 525x600 , 12909157642.jpg )
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Anyone on /regs/ got the thread of the guy who took all those pics in the hospital? I'd love to have it
>> No. 1232
The one with Present

File 140456591440.jpg - (37.52KB , 557x403 , IMG_703.jpg )
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Anyone remember this chick from /hor/? If anyone can supply the rest of her set, I'd be super glad.
>> No. 1189
ur a faget
>> No. 1217
I'd be super glad too. And a faget.
>> No. 1226
is that the same girl that the fagot Tiny tryed to name "freckle chan"?
>> No. 1230
File 144859851926.png - (355.67KB , 557x403 , fgt.png )
who has what we seek?
>> No. 1231
faget hahaha lol

File 133010250051.jpg - (18.87KB , 316x432 , Björk 14A.jpg )
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To any frequent users of (high levels of) dissociatives, do you have a feeling while inside of the K hole/M hole/3-4th plateau that the world is coming to an end, or that you will die soon? I'm not talking about ego death or the Mayan calendar. This is something completely different, sort of like a Spidey sense that this dream of reality will end soon.

Also, general dissociatives thread.
>> No. 1227
File 144571353691.png - (1.25MB , 923x602 , U66ttt.png )
it is coming to an end. it must end ...and soon
>> No. 1228
File 144571359138.jpg - (82.78KB , 1200x800 , Beautiful-Girls-1996.jpg )
ask the nearest loli
>> No. 1229
Sold ketamine for the past three years and did my own product with female customers on a daily basis. It made me delusional, in retrospect. Clean for two months now after quitting cold turkey. Kind of miss it. I did feel as if the world was coming to an end, at least mine. But after laying off it for more than a month I feel as if I can see much more clearly now and the future is clearer without it, as cliche as it sounds.

File 140754910193.jpg - (35.21KB , 661x344 , Meth_+what+meth+does+to+you+feelsbatman_jpg_1b5917.jpg )
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I was able to quit cigs 3 months ago cold turkey after smoking them for 4 years. I think pot is more addicting tho. If it werent for probation, i wouldnt be able to stop smoking weed for more than 2 days.

My question is simple

Think I could try meth just once?

My coworker recently became addicted to it and has offered to sell me a 10 sack.

Gonna be getting it tomorrow..

From what ive heard, it's 3x stronger than coke (which ive tried and holyyyy shitttt) and its sorta similar to X but way more euphoria and youre super awake. Heard the comedown is way worse than coke and x...which freaks me out a little bit..

what should I do? I'm confident that I can try this once...part of me is at least.
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>> No. 1180
File 141464903642.gif - (1.98MB , 300x176 , 1404877291181.gif )
my first time with meth was some bunk molly we railed .even though molly is my favorite, it wasnt a bad high. didnt have any weird come downs other then some puking and making those freaky jawing faces

did it again last night but i knew it was meth and chose to snort a little bit at a time.It was amazing but i wasted it super connsentrating on one reeealy long fourum post for hours before deciding at five in the morning i didnt even wanna respond anymore. you'll find the sun comes up without you nodding off at all. food is laughable until maybe the dinner after the next, youll forget water is even a thing so keep it handy you wot even realize how dry your mouth is until your tongue crumbles like sand. the high lasts a WHILE your first good time, mine lasting ..ill guess 16 hours and i only crushed a rock the size of a sunflower seed kernal . so make sure youll be free from responsibilities/visitors for maybe two days. Like, im off the high but the body stretching/jawing is still noticeable. the puking can kinda suck if your a pussy like me- youll also get sudden nausea spells that can be pretty intense. lay down and it passes.
So far i can say i DEFIANTLY want more but its pretty easy to forget/ignore for a bit..but then you think "well damnit id sure like to be fucked up again.." but again, it's better to know allot of withdrawls is your head along with how easily you get addictied to drugs. if you can say 'i am aware im wanting more but i can NOT have it' it can discipline you and it helps. mind over matter or whatever.
I am weak to drugs and get addicted super easily. Fent was the worst drug i ever did in terms of how addicting/awful for you it is. I got hooked and got off but it was a weeklong hell i get sick even thinking about. i can say for me this is a walk in the park compared to fent withdrawals.

this is my second night in a row awake though. I feel achey, but not really tired...deff make sure you have weed for the weird finger movements/sick feeling/anythinng.
all in all it varies but for me i tottaly get why it's such aa big deal. it's awesome- but it WILL fuck you up. if you rail it do small lines at a time
(youll have to, shit burns to your fuckin soul and your eyes are gonna water)

stay safe, swim with a buddy be aware of your hygiene.
take a shower the next day it feels AMAZING
>> No. 1181
>> No. 1182
end of day three now and holy shit every muscle is screaming at me. like theyre so stiff and tight i got exhausted vacuuming and had to lay down. i get the 'man i know id feel better with more junk' vibes but theyre easy to push away since this is a one time thing and i dont even BEGIN to know how to get it myself, which is helpful cuz theres no temptation of getting more (it'd be silly to go crazy for more when you KNOW you can't so just push through that mess).
so all in all anon id say if you're strong enough then it's alright, just have a heating pad or some pain pills for the soreness cuz really this a cake walk aside from the aches.
food still iffy- ate a honey bun when i got up and that was six hours ago but i dont feel hungry at all...so..yeah have fun be safe.
>> No. 1183
also you wont wanna sleep even the night after, youll feel like theres no WAY you could snooze but trust me man -let your room get dark and get cozy with the tv on and a blunt in hand;youll be out so suddenly itll shock you when you find it's the next day.
but DO sleep youll need it. dont take sleeping pills , let your body settle passively. tried to give you as much info as i could so
>tl:dr do it just don't be gross about it
>> No. 1224
File 144023430761.jpg - (104.13KB , 600x600 , limbo.jpg )
hey op here. i never tried it. got offered to buy a g of it at my new job for 50 but i turned it down. Hey man thank you for all the info about the drug. i hope youre doing alright. if you get the chance update this post and lemme know.

File 138717032371.jpg - (199.43KB , 850x1133 , 1375260480760.jpg )
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Has /regs/ any experiences with DPH?
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>> No. 1219
I was here

>> No. 1220
I am here
>> No. 1221
>> No. 1222
>> No. 1223
or there

File 138007823950.png - (197.72KB , 641x355 , Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 11_01_19 PM.png )
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I really hope this is a joke
>> No. 1071
embed it next time faggot
>> No. 1076
Seems pretty legit. Gonna make me think twice before getting out my marihuana needle.
>> No. 1216
File dirtfoot2.flac - (2.69MB )

File 142079901387.png - (10.60KB , 297x24 , Untitled.png )
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My thread was deleted. Still looking for that 99chan planets thread screen cap. Thanks
>> No. 1203
the header does not mean what you think it means
>> No. 1204
Do... do you even look at the board before you post or do you just post?

>>/ask/ is that way.
>> No. 1206
/r/ is gone. I figured the admins got merge happy again. /ask/ used to be for like, life advice and shit. I made a thread there anyway. Cheers
>> No. 1213
File 143189653221.jpg - (1.59MB , 1427x7558 , poor op.jpg )
i swear I have it somewhere but I don't know where. Have this one instead

File 140186231998.jpg - (1.92MB , 3264x2448 , tmp_IMG_20140303_115041-99929486.jpg )
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Does anyone have the 99chan song from the old audio board? It was pretty long and incoherent, towards the end he belts out "99 Chan. Org is where little girls congregate to discuss fashion oh"
I enjoyed listening to it as I worked out.

Picture is some roots from my rotary atomized aeroponic garden.
>> No. 1137
I'm also looking for the 99chan song but haven't found anything except an archive of the thread it was originally posted in ): i doubt it'll help anybody but here it is just in case it jogs someone's memory or whatever


idk if you're actively hunting for it too, OP, but if you find anything, please post back here. i fucking loved that stupid song.
>> No. 1143
I have it, and will dig it out on my old hard drive in a little while.
>> No. 1149
Here you go, tits.
>> No. 1150

Incredible. Thank you so much.
>> No. 1209
Also looking for a song. Would have been posted about 2008/2009 on /eq/.

Harumph — Dawn Of A New Aige

File 136215809873.jpg - (70.85KB , 500x445 , Spice.jpg )
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Synthetic marijuanas/Spice thread.

Does anyone smoke, like smoking, have friends that smoke it, or know anything about it? I find that many people either know nothing about it,
or just quickly dismissed it as dangerous as fuck because of news headlines of random 15 year olds OD'ing themselves.

15 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1158
I smoked it... three times in my life?

1. First time I ever smoked weed, it was syn. So I knew NOTHING about drugs at the time, didn't even know what a blunt was. So I smoked about half a joint of syn. It was the first time I ever got high and honestly I don't think I ever got that high since. It was around the time when the ICP Miracles video came out. I remember rolling on the floor literally dying of laughter while Miracles was on endless repeat. I would just be having these weird convulsions and I was spasming on the ground like a retard. A retard on syn.
A couple hours later I was DAMN tired, but I couldn't fall asleep no matter how I tried. I spent like two hours just rolling around in bed feeling nauseous. After about a thirty minute nap, my brother wakes me up and demands that I eat this $5 Tostinos pizza we got at Wal-Mart, claiming that I would feel better if I just ate this pizza. I just wasn't having it, so after about an eternity trying to pry me out of bed, I got up and walked through the hall. Actually I didn't walk, but teleported about five or six times through this hallway, I don't remember "moving" at all, but just "snapshots" of me just struggling to get through this 15ish foot long hallway. Same thing with the pizza too. One moment I saw a fourth of this flaming brick in my hand and a second later, half of it was gone and then another 2 seconds later, I just saw a bunch of crumbs in my hand. Everything felt like a time lapse. I should probably mention that I was really drunk too.

2. The second time I smoked syn was with this fat chick I went to school with. It was easily the longest, most exhausting, and probably most embarrassing sex in my life. I fucked her good for a while, but I just couldn't feel her. Looking back, I don't blame the syn though. She was just fat.

3. Last time was with this black guy I used to work with. I had no idea that's what he had, but I was like fuck it, I wanna get high. So we smoked about half a blunt of this stuff with this other black guy named Darnell. I couldn't ever forget his name cause he had it fucking inked over his belly which was constantly in my face. He was a former inmate, and goddammit I wasn't surprised, he just looked like one, talked like one, my boy didn't like em either, but again, weed (or close enough). Plus he never forgot to mention that "all I had was a gun on me man", so there you go. When half the blunt was gone, me and my buddy just said we're good, I was like glued to my chair, becoming one with the family dog. Darnell though was like, "ey man I got this" and smoked the rest of the blunt and then rolled another one just for him retelling his story of how "all I had was a gun on me", which I heard about twenty times before so being on syn while watching this crosseyed dude become progressively more crosseyed, just smokin syn by the package, while constantly taking me back in time to when all he had was a gun on him was just...surreal to say the least.

Well those were my weird syn stories.
>> No. 1175
I tripped my face off on Mr nice guy back in the day. I've tried dmt and it was nothing compared to this shit. I don't know what it's like now but I've sworn off smoking it since a bad time with it. Shit is rough and you can od on it.
>> No. 1184
never gonna fuck with spice. friend o' mine did it and freaked out- she ended up calling 911 begging them to come get her cuz she thought her heart was gonna explode.
she went directly to jail and did not pass go.
>> No. 1207
я курил спайсуху,нихуя не было
>> No. 1208
So,i smoked the spice,(i know how to make it),i had 20 minutes headache,thene verything was very funny and light,then i had some vomit (soory for my bad englisH),if u want to smoke weed,dont do it very often

File 141564009243.jpg - (62.94KB , 570x428 , a one that isnt cold.jpg )
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For some reason I've always this idea in my head that 99chan is populated entirely by alcoholics. I think I just heard it said a few times when I first started coming here and it stuck with me.

So... are you an alcoholic?
>> No. 1186
No, I'm a drunk. Alcoholics go to meetings.
>> No. 1199
judging from the sporadic posting, the fact I am an alcohol, and the uh... well...

whatever "This" is...

yeah this site is totally full of drunks and drug addled buffoons.
>> No. 1201
I don't drink. I only smoke weed and do ambien.

File 141199877415.gif - (5.30MB , 512x384 , Fuckyoupayattentiontome.gif )
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Hey guys. Does anyone remember the posts on /f/ that played a bunch of video game music? It was like a huge playlist that you could open in your browser; one that was normal and one that was mellow. Any idea where I could find it?
>> No. 1172
I take it /regs/ is the new /r/?
>> No. 1177
File 141384284355.jpg - (73.12KB , 800x644 , 1391811576808.jpg )
That's like making the statue of liberty a nuclear launch site...blasphemy that becomes awesome with continued use.
>> No. 1190

File 140136647592.png - (183.00KB , 997x638 , スクリーンショット(2014-05-28 18_25_07.png )
1134 No. 1134 hide quickreply [Reply]
Good effect for your brain.
(Internet Explorer may not be supported)

Does anyone know more crazy website than this one?
>> No. 1187

>> No. 1188


File 140913484798.jpg - (9.66KB , 314x338 , atari_logo.jpg )
1162 No. 1162 hide quickreply [Reply]
Hopefully someone (maybe a native English speaker) can help to understand the lyrics of some Atari commercials/ads (each 30 sec long). Below is what I got.
Parts in { } = not sure
Parts in [ | ] = texts variants; not sure too


[Boy:] You wanna play Berzerk?
[Older woman:] You're on.
[Boy:] Hey, where're you going?
[Older woman:] The video arcade! You can't play Berzerk at home.
[Boy:] {[Now you|Atari]} can.
[Older woman:] Atari.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 1163
Request fulfilled elsewhere. Thanks anyway.

File 137733684994.jpg - (32.92KB , 500x667 , 1098508_10201717226800360_1418507129_n.jpg )
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So like, I was wondering if anyone else has experienced a state of hypersensitivity and self-consciousness from smoking weed. I'm 21 and only started smoking last year, I have had hasish in brownies before when I was like 16, and I've taken LSD, MDMA, 2C-I 2C-B, mushrooms, laughing gas, ketamine, opium, cocaine, and uh.. Yeah I think that's it. I've had bad experiences for drugs, but weed is easily the drug I have to be most careful of. I can feel like people are out to get me, I can misinterpret things people say as relevant to me when they're not, and I feel like everyone is judging me. During this state I tend to feel really weak, pathetic and tired. Like I just want to close my eyes. It's more likely to occur when I'm outdoors, or with people I don't really trust, though I've had shit trigger while alone and with people I'm close to before.

Despite all that, I really like smoking weed, I feel like it gives me a deeper appreciation of life, connects me with my body and my senses, and allows me to better 'be in the moment' or 'go with the flow'. Has anyone had similar experiences, or does anyone know how to control the onset of negative emotions?
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1062
what. give me that nug right now.
>> No. 1070
I get very paranoid sometimes. Horror-trips are mostly schizophrenia and paranoia taking over. The worst thing is, once you are in schizo-land there is no easy way out, its all about how much in touch with reality you are.
>> No. 1080
Pretty sure you should stop smoking weed if you're schizophrenic. That's like the only negative effect of weed and you're just sort of living in it.

To OP, it's because the weed is making you notice problems you have in your daily life. The reason why you have that feeling from weed is because you need to make progress, maybe have more confidence and be less afraid of societal criticism. That's how it is for me anyway. Weed can make me agitated, but it only ever draws attention to problems I already have.
>> No. 1099
This sounds like me whilst sober. :c
>> No. 1156
I get super paranoid and think negative/strange things while high on weed. I used to smoke daily almost non stop. been on probation twice for getting caught with it. Stopped smoking. Life is better without it but I still miss it. If you ever have to stop smoking weed it's a pain in the ass because your dopamine is fk fried and nothing is pleasurable while sober. I think the more you smoke weed, the more the high feels normal and the more you go negative dopamine.

Weed used to be fun in high school when there wasn't really anything to worry about. I'm 20 now and I live in Texas and it fills me with lots of anxiety to even think about going to buy some.

All in all OP I suggest you don't smoke weed until it's legal/ move somewhere where it is legal....that's what i'm going to TRY to do anyway. I think this is a good idea because if it's legal, we won't have to worry about cops or people ratting or whatever. Also about people judging you, I feel that. I think that's just us being self-conscious. And that's why I prefer to vape in my room alone...that and cuz I only have "friends" when I have weed.

honestly being sober is a better lifestyle anyway. Go to school. Go to the gym. meditate. listen to digital drugs. read a book lol. These are all really easy to do without weed when you start to get some dopamine back.
Probation fucked my life up but at the same time it kinda helped pull me out of a weed hole.

Sorry if i went off topic too much >;o

oh but how I do miss me some good ol finger stickin Romulan..mmmm....

File 140487862460.jpg - (39.07KB , 500x311 , chill man.jpg )
1153 No. 1153 hide quickreply [Reply]
I have a question for you /regs/, but it may not sound very coherent because I'm pretty drunk right now.

Lately I've been interested in getting high in some way, other than with alcohol. I'ma tell you right now that weed is kind of out of the question. I've found that every time I smoke weed, I just end up super anxious and scared and it's generally a bad time. I can't remember the last time I had an enjoyable weed high, from start to finish. This is in part why I turned to alcohol as my drug of choice, but now that's not really cutting it either. Around when I turned 21 and was all stoked on being able to get intoxicated legally, I had a few pretty fun nights of getting wasted and doing whatever. Now, mere months later, being drunk has lost its novelty and it's really just something I do if the only alternative is being bored on the computer at night.

What I'm interested in doing right now is tripping. However, like I said, I have pretty bad anxiety and I really don't want to aggravate that in the same way that weed does. What drugs would you recommend for me, /regs/? I'm in contact with this dude from school who I know could hook me up with shrooms, but I'm not sure how intense/manageable that sort of trip would be. I've heard an acid trip can last for up to 12 hours, which presents a similar problem. I've considered trying to scare up some Robitussin (the kind that won't kill me), but I'm not sure about that either. Really, I'm down for anything that will produce a weed-like high without making me anxious and paranoid.

tl;dr: I want to trip/just get high and chilled out, but alcohol is getting boring and my anxiety prevents me from smoking weed.
>> No. 1154
If you get anxious just smoking weed, I don't think there's much hope in finding the "right" substance for you. On general principle, I'd say that a person should develop a healthy mental state before getting wrapped up in any kind of drugs anyway, otherwise it just leads to using those drugs as a coping mechanism. You should probably work on whatever it is about your life that's got you so anxious, find some balance and harmony, and THEN worry about what drug sounds appealing.

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