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File 138422650873.jpg - (11.50KB , 200x200 , Everything Is.jpg )
1791 No. 1791 Stickied hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Neutral Milk Hotel - Everything Is (EP)

> Psych folk, their finest if you ask me

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>> No. 2215
File 144684688538.jpg - (86.36KB , 1436x1080 , soundlocator2.jpg )
So really, what's the best file host out there right now? I'm tired of using zippyshare and I'm completely out of date when it comes to where people upload their shit.

File 139369382973.jpg - (78.96KB , 600x441 , 1335747473979.jpg )
1911 No. 1911 Locked Stickied hide quickreply [Reply]
I am Klapaucius, Overlord of All Things Sound-Related. And this is /mu/ - Music, my kingdom and home.

In order to light a fire under discussion in /mu/ we've decided to invite /eq/ over to join in. Honestly, you guys should have been collaborating a long time ago and I'm sure you'll get along.

Finally, here are the rules:

-No trolling of any kind except the exceptionally funny shall be tolerated (hence the name). If you're being an angsty hXc tween, you shall be shamed, trolled and banned.

-No pissing contests of any kind. No one and nothing is better than someone or something else, ever. We're all equally shitty. Except for the aforementioned tweens. They're worse.

-No taking the piss out of someone else's personal tastes. Even if it's south american ghetto fuckmusic that they like, you leave them alone.

-While in a discussion, you either know what you're talking about with 100% accuracy or you shut your whore mouth.

>TFW this isn't 4chan.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 138095600369.jpg - (127.41KB , 500x287 , soundcloud_logo.jpg )
1765 No. 1765 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
How about a Soundcloud thread?
Listen and discuss.

I'll start: https://soundcloud.com/ky-mera
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>> No. 2165
>> No. 2179
File 143569699758.jpg - (2.87MB , 2048x1536 , brainneurons.jpg )
Here's some good music for y'all:

>> No. 2182
File 143696541713.jpg - (12.23KB , 320x320 , FB_IMG_1436360538413.jpg )
Listen to FiGi - Silly Trap (Musin Remix) by Musin #np on #SoundCloud
>> No. 2183
Nice one there Mr. Musin.
>> No. 2230
File 145058312010.gif - (230.73KB , 800x508 , 1447209522349.gif )
We'll say what we always say:
Fuck off and die




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  Currently listening to thread
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>> No. 2224
jesus christ post less
>> No. 2225
other people should just post more
>> No. 2226
fuck fine here you go
>> No. 2227
File 144822732559.jpg - (30.80KB , 400x306 , rap.jpg )
>> No. 2229
File 144988490438.jpg - (169.37KB , 540x793 , 802s.jpg )

Posting this because it's the most 80's shit ever.

File 144965593079.png - (152.07KB , 313x626 , pepper.png )
2228 No. 2228 hide quickreply [Reply]
Favorite theme songs?


File 144601572266.jpg - (84.70KB , 600x588 , american.jpg )
2210 No. 2210 hide quickreply [Reply]
What is the weirdest music or recording you know of?

I hope you find the following articles as fascinating as I did:


>> No. 2212
File 144601625656.jpg - (82.84KB , 165x182 , RichardLoreDeadMan.jpg )
This recording is also very peculiar. The mystery surrounding it is very fun to read about. Listening to it with the lights off produces a pleasingly spooky effect.


>> No. 2213
I don't even know what I'd consider the weirdest because I made a point early in my life as a melomaniac to search for the weirdest things, so I've lost sensitivity. You guys seem to be focusing on field recordings and sound documentary but here's some music that you might find weird.


File 141293972388.jpg - (241.68KB , 960x612 , discobabes.jpg )
2069 No. 2069 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Italo Disco thread!

Space disco counts too
25 posts and 18 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2190
Man, good stuff.
>> No. 2198
File 144432858737.jpg - (89.35KB , 480x480 , lady.jpg )
Vanessa- Be My Lady

>> No. 2201
File 144483818766.jpg - (13.80KB , 316x314 , com.jpg )
The Communards - Don't leave me this way

>> No. 2203
File 144535608877.jpg - (17.83KB , 297x300 , cock.jpg )
Cocktail Naif - Love Concert

>> No. 2206
Nice one!

..Also, kinda weird the beat in that one sounds a lot like the beat in this one posted a while back in the currently listening to thread.

File 144460871080.png - (99.16KB , 500x500 , 0_00.png )
2199 No. 2199 hide quickreply [Reply]
Artist: 0:00
Album/EP: World
Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyWTQIPIms41GR4t_m0MBUw
>> No. 2200
File 144468176730.jpg - (72.88KB , 500x333 , -You-like-Krabby-Patties-don-t-you-Squidward-spong.jpg )
you're the artist aren't you OP

File 144268917064.gif - (198.96KB , 640x510 , protracker.gif )
2192 No. 2192 hide quickreply [Reply]
For all music geeks out there :)


Searched today a bit trough google+ for alternative music and i found a post of that guy here!

Tons of full artist collections there from the Amiga time!

https://plus.google.com/102972851928663490169/posts/VJTpTjbYevb - was the source post!

File 142509474213.jpg - (95.58KB , 1920x1080 , maxresdefault.jpg )
2149 No. 2149 hide quickreply [Reply]
Sadly with the state of the music industry at the end of the 00s, drill never stood a chance to become anything other than a singles based genre. But there have plenty of earworm singles to keep the streets hot

Let's post some of the essentials

Restrictions: no king louie mubu shit
**BONUS POINTS**: female drillers
>> No. 2150
File 142509923040.jpg - (41.23KB , 500x500 , 51mKYB4W-VL.jpg )
wait, you mean, like, drillcore or what?
>> No. 2191
Probably Chicago drill.

File 143588949257.jpg - (884.15KB , 1920x1500 , rollercoaster thumb.jpg )
2180 No. 2180 hide quickreply [Reply]
This video makes me dizzy as FUCK:


File 142821433921.jpg - (145.90KB , 500x375 , ryanjon.jpg )
2159 No. 2159 hide quickreply [Reply]
So my old ipod recently plopped, and I've discovered that apple no longer makes the larger ipod classics, and I have way too much music for my phone which brings me here--

I need an MP3 player with at least 120gb (preferably more/expandable) that isn't too expensive. Recommendations?
>> No. 2166
A smartphone with a big SD card
>> No. 2169
search craigslist and pawnshops for an old ipod
>> No. 2170
I dont know about iphones or windows phoes but android phones only can take 32 gig sd cards
>> No. 2173
Bullshit, I got an Android 2.3 player with a 64GB SD card. Would not recommend, SD cards are slow as fuck in comparison to hard disks.

File 141464413175.png - (25.07KB , 170x170 , Chicken+Digger[1].png )
2099 No. 2099 hide quickreply [Reply]
What ever happened to chicken digger?
>> No. 2101
File 141496878370.gif - (496.76KB , 400x227 , allurchknzrbelong2us.gif )
The project was shelved back in 2010 when Bad Boy entertainment bought out 99problems records. The deal included the entire 99problems catalog but members of Chicken Digger say they never signed off on the deal and litigation is still ongoing.
>> No. 2164
I'm chicken digger. Funny people still ask about all of that. High-larious. Thanks for the nostalgia, mate.

File 142328127662.jpg - (466.96KB , 1500x1500 , 7ready set fall memento.jpg )
2138 No. 2138 hide quickreply [Reply]

I'm very passionate about these bands and songs. Hopefully that passion can do someone else some good as well.

This includes but is not limited to: Metal, metalcore, hardcore, deathcore, and post-hardcore. My tastes lean towards the more modern metal style, as you can probably tell. 1 song per artist. These are in no particular order.

These are the choruses I found to score highest on a number of traits including catchiness, uniqueness, and creativity.
>> No. 2139
  Mallcore thread?
>> No. 2148
Yes please haha

File 137386448861.jpg - (19.53KB , 208x200 , oh god what the fuck.jpg )
1902 No. 1902 hide quickreply [Reply]
Hi EQ, a while back there used to be a big "look at what I made thread" and I remember there being a song in it parodying Flobots "Handlebars" with lots of references to sucking dicks.

Just wondering if anyone has that file?

Pic unrelated.
>> No. 1903
I guess not?
>> No. 1944
Nope. I wish I had it, though. It sounds fucking awesome.
>> No. 2143
That's a damn shame.
>> No. 2145
Wow this thread is old.

File 141386575366.jpg - (49.23KB , 700x525 , 77_big.jpg )
2095 No. 2095 hide quickreply [Reply]
Anyone into the retrowave vibe? Just made my first tune in that sort of style, what do ya'll think? http://youtu.be/pqpxOX5THis
>> No. 2104
So people are basically just taking a word, putting "wave" after it, and calling it a genre?
>> No. 2141
  Gonna go with what I know of "vaporwave", or related

hilite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qN92wuq6xHo

hilite https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4gl-FX2RvI

hilite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hB3ibdil2UM

hilite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOX003xpa9A

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 2106 hide quickreply [Reply]
  Can we get a thread going of genre parody songs? not like weird al, more like parodies OF genres
>> No. 2107

bonus points for not rap as there are roughly one million rap parody songs
>> No. 2108
along that same line
>> No. 2112
wait, how is that song a parody?
>> No. 2129
I've always thought it was supposed to be a a parody of the "deep" backpack rappers. especially in context of their other songs. anyway the crowd says things like "ooo big words" and "im just here to pick up girls". also many lines come off as purposely psuedo-deep like "respect your mother, respect no one but yourself". the rappers from deep purple dynamics typically use purposely come off as absurd and never say preachy things like that song. this includes all their side projects, they are all about the sound really.

like this song isn't a parody of a specific song but reminds me of all the songs about partying by old rock stars

No. 2126 hide quickreply [Reply]

File 140899575917.png - (44.52KB , 800x600 , AudacityPortable.png )
2042 No. 2042 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Confession time: I've never used anything other than Audacity for my sound projects. It's fairly limited (I often lovingly refer to it as the MS Paint of sound editors), but after so much use I've learned how to get around a number of its limitations, though it does make the job rather tiring and I'm often frustrated at the limited options it offers when it comes down to actually manipulate/distort/generally modify the sounds themselves.

What are some accessible and not too overtly complicated program I could use and what are its advantages over Audacity?
5 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2050
Mangling samples into unrecognizable semi-industrial soundscapes is what I did almost exclusively for the first year or so that I had my SP-404, so I would highly recommend one of those. I wasn't so much doing Youtube sampling as sampling from my own field recordings or improvised organ/synth/percussion playing that I recorded to tape. Initially I would do it all in the box with the 404 using the resample feature but then I branched out and dropped a bit of cash on some guitar pedals - delay, reverb, and a looper - and would create ambient pieces recorded to tape. The 404 was a godsend for exactly the kind of sample-mangling you're looking to do.

Other than that, basically any DAW is going to work for you, it's just a matter of personal preference with regard to graphic user interface. Ableton is pretty advanced, so maybe start with Reaper, see how you like it and go from there.

But yeah, I'd recommend the SP-404 or anything else in that line big time.

>> No. 2051
Don't think I can afford hardware, especially since this is not much more than a hobby and I'm making 0 jewgolds with it, but I'll give Reaper a try.
>> No. 2052
>this is not much more than a hobby and I'm making 0 jewgolds with it
Skateboarding's not a lucrative hobby, but you still want to get a good deck, solid trucks, quality bearings, etc. Otherwise you're not going to enjoy your hobby as much. Feel me?

I hear you, though. Reaper is a good place to start. Keep in mind though: I've seen SP-505s on Craigslist and eBay in the $150 ballpark, and Zoom Sampletraks (which I've never used but heard great things about) for under $200. You could also look at getting some kind of MIDI controller or two, which can run even cheaper. Something with knobs and/or faders (Korg NanoKontrol maybe?) that you could map to effects parameters. Getting away from the click-click tedium of computer work and having a more immediate, physical interaction with your music makes a world of difference. Getting away from the computer screen and going by sound and feel rather than sight has been particularly important for me. Really can't beat the immediacy of a hardware sampler for sound mangling, as far as I'm concerned.
>> No. 2109
File 141751834187.jpg - (529.43KB , 1077x653 , maschine.jpg )
>Native Instruments "Maschine"

It comes with a big set of glorious Instruments and highly modifyable top notch Synths like Massive and Multi-/Effects.
It streamlined my music production workflow and makes me actually enjoy every bit of the production.
>Am a newb though, never used anything other than FL, Audacity(only for mixxing) and Maschine
>> No. 2111
Maschine looks cool as fuck and I've been thinking about copping one for ages. Seems like a lot of bang for your buck.

File 141453892841.png - (321.32KB , 1109x621 , hang in there baby.png )
2098 No. 2098 hide quickreply [Reply]
songs with happy lyrics?

not like about happy things, ones that remind why you should be happy
lets all be happy now ok?
>> No. 2100
>> No. 2103
> Bob Marley

tell me you're messing with me

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