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File 144408100373.jpg - (707.40KB , 1630x1600 , 1443876996679.jpg )
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so i figured there should be at least one 2015 thread in the board (even though the image says 2104 but hey), here we go

File 13521384742.jpg - (26.92KB , 800x600 , Voyager_2_Neptune_and_Triton.jpg )
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What is your idea of a good FTL function in a sci-fi world?

Personaly i like the stargate idea but instead of it being on a planet to planet basis that it is a solar system to solar system kind of thing.

There is this Pen and paper RPG called diaspora where i think that this idea have been thought through quite well. However their explanation is a bit hard to follow.

Another way of FTL travel is by space ship. I heavily dislike the idea of just any ship being able to travel anywhere with the push of a button as that makes it less crucial for worlds to have any interesting relationship with FTL.

So, what is your idea or have you found any intresting ways of solving the FTL necessity in interstellar travel?

image is from wikipedia, supposedly a photo from Voyager 2 of Neptune and the moon Triton
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>> No. 688
I jotted this down in one of my idea txt files way back as a sorta scifi setting idea thought thing. It's not really a method of FTL or anything (and technically not FTL at all but rather relativistic sub-light travel), but it's rather just some brainstorming on what interstellar travel culture would be like. I don't know how accurate any of it actually is, but it was interesting to me at the time.

"Space travel at relativistic speeds causes high variances in time as per relativity, causing immense cultural and social effects. Calculating *when* you end up is just as important as where in long distance stellar travel. This causes societies to develop high tolerances for individuals of very wide generational gaps. Prehaps even exists groups of time 'purists', static station or planetary residents who have not done signifigant time travel and still operate on a shared time scale- perhaps a class divide?.

In this: are societies primarily differenciated by what time (and hence levels of technological development) they subscribe? Or is there technological interchanging between societies to prevent such inequalities (how though? as travel lag would cause natural inequality)? In either possibility however, travlers themselves must undergo immense culture-shock coming out of travel into civilizations which have had far more time to advance than the travlers have percieved as had passed. Prehaps a sort of jaded attitude is adopted however, negating such shocks (or extending off that thought- even a zeitgeist of neo-luddism could develop as the high unpredictability of tech advancement causes a general disinterest in it and inversely gained interest in fundamentalism and predictability- forced stagnation. Could a sort of steampunk-analogue of space scifi be developed from this? or space-Amish for a more amusing thought)

Could travel be seen as a danger because of these time effects? Is long distance/high speed travel undergone reluctantly and at high risk? Prehaps done only by those with little to loose or little interest in societal roots? Could this all be made into a challange and limiting factor to space exploration in such a universe?"


Another little thing that I thought would be sorta interesting, and this time for a true FTL civilization, would be essentially for Light Archaeologists to exist that use the travel of light through spacetime as a sort of universal archaelogical record. They can calculate out where the light from a given position is in spacetime and via advanced photon gathering methods (essentially spacemagic, as I don't know how such would work), observe it as a live and objective record of the past.

But yeah, that's probably more or less impossible due to minimal amount of light and massive distances it would have to stay unscattered for.
>> No. 695
I like the idea of things going REALLY fucking fast to traverse impossible distances(like the void of space) so any Sci-Fi that basically uses a vast amount of energy to power their "FTL" drives are cool with me. It's actually the only thing I hate about 40k. The fact that they use "going into an alternate deminsion" as a sort of FTL instead of pure FTL itself, although some races don't use the "warp". Star wars has a pretty good hyperdrive, except for the shitty visuals. I like the idea that FTL isn't j ust by being in a starship, that immensely powerful beings can travel through the void of space, sort of like ZOTE(even though they never travelled to distant planets without a ship) with giant mechs, or super-powered entities, moving with such speed to escape the eternity of solitude that is the void.
>> No. 703
I don't like FTL at all. It's insufficiently intrepid for space travel. The real universe permits anyone to travel to anywhere else in the universe, if they have a craft and access to enough energy. Relativity and all that; it's possible to cover a thousand light years in ten years of relative experience; you just have to consign yourself to knowing you'll never get back home once you've left. I find that exciting; it's more of an adventure.
>> No. 723
Forced stagnation is perfectly compatible with technological development. All technological development proves is that at least ONE human like entity is willing and able and free to develop new technology.

If you see new technology you can only infer from that that AT LEAST one laboratory exists.

(I intend the capitals as emphasis but at the same volume of speech <3 )
>> No. 856
The capacity to shift matter from an exotic dimension into ours, and then back out.

Say, for example, you have Universe dimension A, and Universe dimension B. We'll call them USA and USB.

USA and USB both have their own configurations of matter, different from each other. Neither universe interacts in a classical, gravitational sense, however they share a spatial layout. If a star is due galactic center from you in USA, it would also be due galactic center if both the galaxy and the star were shifted into USB. Consider USA to be the air above the surface of the ocean, and USB to be the water and its contents below the surface of the ocean. With the correct application of force from within USA, (a fish hook on the end of a line) you can pull matter and its consequent gravitational pull from USB into USA (You've landed a fish). Once you have made apt use of the matter and its gravitational field, you allow the matter to drop back into its origin dimension (catch and release of the analogous fish)

The matter and its field is utilized in the following way:

A Hegemonic vessel, Baslim, from USA wants to accelerate towards a point elsewhere in its universe. It shifts a sensor into USB, and locates a star inside USB which is between it and its destination. The crew of Baslim shift said star from USB to USA. Baslim then falls towards the star, increasing in velocity as a falling starship is wont to do. Just prior to reaching a particular thermal/Roche threshold, the star is 'released' from USA and shifts back into USB. Baslim then locates another star or gas giant along its trajectory, pulls it into USA, lather, rinse, repeat.

The implications of this method of travel are a theoretically unlimited speed (limited in practical terms by the sensors capacity to detect, shift, and unshift stars as it proceeds) and the capacity for such a shift--drive to function as a weapon. Imagine your planet is a dread enemy of Baslim, and a red supergiant is shifted to within spitting distance of you for a few moments. Other implications include the residents of USB being sorely vexed that their stars are being randomly shifted in and out of their own universe. Such a technology has the capacity to inspire outrage not just across star systems and galaxies, but universes as well.

File 141404856319.png - (388.37KB , 582x450 , unnamed.png )
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I wanna be immortal. It seems the hayflick limit is the most our cells can divide and thus the final factor in age limit. Obviously if we can repair and/or extend our telomeres we can at least live longer and healthier lives. Besides blood transplants from young people and eating placentas I'm thinking carnosine supplements. If you can introduce telomerase into the body that should extend life. I got more if you are interested. By the way what are the laws regarding energy weapons in america?
>> No. 809
>[directed] energy weapons
I'd imagine they'd be illegal, one way or another. They're likely disruptive to communications, so FCC should be butthurt about it.

>blood transplants from young people
... how would this help, at all? it won't make the telomeres in your cells longer, and won't stop your body from creating new blood cells.
>> No. 812
What if you took blood when you were young, then used that as some kind of template for later repair or something?
>> No. 851
EM weapons are already illegal (to use) for this reason, unless you're waaaaaaay up in the gigahertz range. Photonic weapons are just fine though. Regardless, what are they gonna do about it, shoot you? At least with weapons you can shoot back.

Blood would be no good. You'd want cells capable of division. I don't understand much of the theory, but stem cells of the right kind could potentially be used.
>> No. 854
File 143397095174.jpg - (49.68KB , 1280x720 , Galaxy Express 999 1979 720p BluRay DD5_1 x264-Ctr.jpg )
As I look at Count Mecha and other mechanized people, I find that eternal life isn't always happiness. It's because life is limited that people try hard to live and feel for others, and that is what creates kindness. That is what I have realized.

Mechanical bodies have got to be removed from the universe.

I've realized that living forever is no reason to get a mechanical body.

That's why I'm going to that planet in the andromeda galazxy that gives out immortal bodies for free. So that I can destroy it.

File 132695162563.jpg - (629.58KB , 2136x3201 , hermes_1_00030h-2010_03_10_21_31_33_606244_hq.jpg )
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So, you're walking down the streets in the year 2053.
What do you see?
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>> No. 817

I wonder if the internet in it's current form will still exist, or something will superceed it
>> No. 823
File 141998520748.jpg - (221.21KB , 700x517 , quickie-handcycle-mach-2.jpg )
>> No. 825
File 142247332070.jpg - (106.72KB , 540x772 , tumblr_nivusqjJRd1qmwjyxo1_540.jpg )
You see me.
>> No. 852
File 143249232451.png - (415.33KB , 1360x768 , lmp791.png )
Hybrid airships flying over the city.
>> No. 853
File 143294882635.jpg - (48.79KB , 600x400 , honda_scuter.jpg )

File 141565580963.jpg - (42.84KB , 800x470 , hp-little-night-music.jpg )
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I'm looking for like a Sci Fi backround for my computer. Preferably a sexy future girl in some crazy neon cityscape. Been trying to find a good one for a while, but google is not doin it for me. Mine as well use this as an excuse to post other balza backgrounds as well.
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>> No. 846
File 142969223595.jpg - (801.89KB , 1920x1080 , 1399621224133.jpg )
>> No. 847
File 142969223654.jpg - (318.73KB , 2643x2101 , 1399622015681.jpg )
>> No. 848
File 14296922382.jpg - (485.34KB , 1920x1080 , 1399627355657.jpg )
>> No. 849
File 142969223948.jpg - (151.42KB , 1547x878 , 1413313696881.jpg )
>> No. 850
File 14302705569.jpg - (215.87KB , 1280x905 , rhubarbes-blame-by-roman-makarenko.jpg )

File 132760219778.jpg - (45.16KB , 475x315 , borg.jpg )
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Two people in this video volunteered to have their hands amputated to have robotic arms attached in their place. Would you do this?

I would be afraid of my strength. Sure, there would be a lot of times when it would be cool to have a robotic arm or hand, but you could seriously hurt yourself or your cat.
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>> No. 623
File 134704747517.png - (163.32KB , 509x231 , RetinalProsthesis2.png )
I'd like to replace my defective eyes.
>> No. 655
But with neural implants. I'd like to have some kind of neural implant to boost my short term memory.
>> No. 673
>> No. 824
>I would be afraid of my strength
With current technology it's probably be much weaker than a typical hand. It's not like the movies.
>> No. 826
every invaluable cognitive trait, each piece of what you are, every bit of you that helps people or experiences the beauty of the universe, can be pathological if taken to extremes or applied in inappropriate places.

File 134422864840.jpg - (224.04KB , 250x305 , untitled.jpg )
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Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the off worlders pour into EVERY human planet and ONLY into human planets.

The Vulcan and Tellar are just as crowded as Kronos or Romulus, but nobody says Kronos or Romulus will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of off worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY human world and ONLY human worlds to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-humans.

What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-klingons were brought into EVERY klingon world and ONLY into Klingon Worlds?

How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the KLINGON problem?

And how long would it take any sane klingon to notice this and what kind of psycho klingon wouldn’t object to this?

But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the human race, Starfleet and respectable Vulcans agree that I am a borgwhowantstoasimilatesixmillionworlds.

They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-human.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 618
I can't tell if this is a Star Trek thing, or you're just trying to justify racism through metaphor.

SAGE has been used.
>> No. 624
>> No. 651
Fuck you guys I happen to like where this is going
>> No. 654
Well said, OP, well said. Being a Klingon myself I did everything to teach my fellow Klingons about species-awareness. Yet the Council bans such remarks. It's an intergalactic conspiracy. Soon there will only be mixed-hybrids Klirocans, or something. Disgusting, unhonorable species traitors. This is genocide of the Klingon people and we can't take this anymore. The federation will implode with a loud bang and then the Klingons will kill everyone who betrayed our culture and diluted it.

The posters above me are the blind ones. It is denial. they don't want to see the truth, because they think its "uncivilized" to think so. They forget their roots and don't see the downfall of every culture. We are unequal and qwe have a birthright.

Klingon Empire rise!
>> No. 822

File 133056240454.jpg - (148.95KB , 463x600 , wintermute.jpg )
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keeping the /foilhat/ to a minimum, how much progress has man made in the field of artificial intelligence? The only thing that comes to my mind is Watson, which is more of just a really fast search engine that has speech recognition if I understand it correctly.

I'm that guy that read posted about Ender's Game and Neuromancer. I'm on Speaker for the Dead now and between Jane and Wintermute I have completely been obsessed with the concept of AI. I am both in awe of the possibilities and utterly terrified at the same time.
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>> No. 605
Google built a working simulation of the human brain with 16,000 computers...and all it did was go on youtube and look at cat videos. So I guess Skynet is a /b/tard.
>> No. 612
the idea of an AI turning evil is just stupid. a computer does what it is programmed to do.

the risk that a bug make it do something we consider bad might exist though. but it might aswell make it not work. or just misunderstand a word. or something else.
>> No. 652
Hahahaha nice this made me lul
>> No. 721
No, Watson is far more than a search engine. He gained his knowledge by reading wikipedia and other encyclopedias. Natural language cognition is a significant achievement. Watson understood puns and word play and other nuances.

That''s what Watson does, he understands language.
>> No. 821

A computer can't "naturally" understand language, that's a contradiction in terms. Watson just gives the illusion of understanding, his performance on Jeopardy is proof of that.

File 135339478226.jpg - (473.14KB , 1920x1200 , Ghost-in-the-Shell.jpg )
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With all the biomedical and biotech advances being made these days I've been thinking more and more that it's possible Ghost in the Shell may actually hit it's predictive date of 2029. It's only 17 years out but, based on where technology is now compared to 17 ago, I'd wager it's possible, perhaps even probable. All the necessary technologies are there in experimental research, or are close to being there in rudimentary stages. It seems like it's only a matter of developing, combining, industrializing, and commercializing the existing technologies.

What Sci-Fi worlds do you think have a decent chance of coming true by the date that they are set in?
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>> No. 752
Kids do blow stuff up, just not in high density, affluent metropolitan areas.
>> No. 765
Yeah, but the kids themselves don't blow up into lumpy flesh-machine hybrids.
>> No. 771
I like this show. It's like a workplace comedy with hard sci fi
>> No. 814
Star wars
>> No. 816
I think the biggest impediment right now is that people simply don't have enough money to deck the world in cybernetics.


File 136457261420.jpg - (85.53KB , 500x500 , Ghost in the Shell Motoko.jpg )
717 No. 717 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Granted the chance, would you want your consciousness to be transferred to a computer to then maybe live inside another body like an android when the technology is available?
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>> No. 791

assessment of readiness to change: how confident are you that you will achieve this goal?

assessment of readiness to adapt: what is the biggest challenge you must ovecome in attaining your goals?
>> No. 793
>You all know you secretly wish you could live to see the perfection of humanity to the point we would think ourselves gods.
I'd want to be the fucking catalyst.

I'd hesitate to sacrifice myself for a hundred people I don't know, but something like this I think would be worth dying for.
>> No. 794
The industrial way of life leads to the industrial way of death. From Shiloh to Dachau, from Antietam to Stalingrad, from Hiroshima to Vietnam and Afghanistan, the great specialty of industry and technology has been the mass production of human corpses.”

— Edward Abbey
>> No. 798
I think, in a practical sense, selfhood is retained if there's no noticeable interruption in one's sense of existing. By this, I mean a piecemeal replacement of neurons etc., rather than a whole-organ copy of the brain. It would have to be a very gradual process, with checks every step of the way.

So to answer OP's question: Assuming the nature of data is basically the same as it is today (never mind the mechanisms, e.g. quantum computing), I would never consider becoming an infomorph. The idea of a cyberbrain is much more palatable, though.
>> No. 813
Yeah, the Ship of Theseus Paradox, which is a really interesting concept. We essentially already do this organically due to our body constantly growing and rebuilding itself, so in essence you literally are not the same person you were 10 or 20 years ago, but at the same time are.

This leads us to imagine that we're just a sum of our parts which evolves and changes as time progresses and they individually get replaced, and that theoretically you could introduce nanomachines and other technologies into the body as you mention and slowly change into something else.

But this too isn't without it's problems, long term change is still a change and in the end with all these technologies will you still be 'human', or even conscious by the end? Additionally there's the issue of the tons of matter in our brain which doesn't change or get replaced, what contribution does this matter have to our mental being? Would it be able to be replaced with tech or would we need a Ghost-in-the-Shell-like future where we encase this precious matter in artificial brain casings to preserve our core ghosts of consciousness.

It's a very interesting prospect that invites tons of science and philosophy.

File 133046731012.jpg - (26.98KB , 650x480 , aeonflux-cartoon01.jpg )
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I'm looking for cyberpunk cartoons. I've seen Ghost in the Shell (though just the movies. I have yet to watch the series), Aeon Flux, a bunch of Batman Beyond, and Akira. So if anyone could make some suggestions for animated series or films with cyberpunk or neo-noir themes, I'd appreciate it.

I have one suggestion of a lesser-known show with some cyberpunk elements:
Phantom 2040 - A futuristic version of The Phantom set in - yep, the year 2040. Character designs were by Peter Chung, the guy behind Aeon Flux. Also, Debbie Harry was in it apparently, which is cool.
First ep in full:

Any more suggestions would be appreciated.
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>> No. 714
There is a trailer around somewhere for the next GitS series. People are bitching about it though.
>> No. 715
It's been a while since I've watched it and I can't remember how much "cyberpunk" there is but Metropolis is worth watching.
>> No. 720
The Animatrix anthology is a mixed bag but generally really good
>> No. 770
File 139569654448.jpg - (128.15KB , 956x720 , Amuro's_face_at_the_prospect_of_more_Newtype_.jpg )
Bubblegum Crisis is a must, especially if you like 80s sci fi movies.
>> No. 800
paprika is a really good movie that's super weird but fits the genre
trigun is not quite in the cyberpunk category... it's more like cyberwestern. But It's really good -- one of the best.
Dennou Coil takes place in a world with pervasive augmented reality, and it's pretty interesting.
But, yeah, anyone who is reading this: ghost in the shell is the definitive cyberpunk anime experience. The first movie and tv run are just wonderful. The tv run takes 7-8 episodes establishing characters and the universe, and it peppers the continuity throughout the season. It's easy to get bored initially, but later you'll appreciate the work that went into constructing this universe when events within it take on appreciable depth.

File 140100305184.jpg - (6.81KB , 183x276 , index.jpg )
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Non-living, physical systems

In physics, emergence is used to describe a property, law, or phenomenon which occurs at macroscopic scales (in space or time) but not at microscopic scales, despite the fact that a macroscopic system can be viewed as a very large ensemble of microscopic systems.

An emergent property need not be more complicated than the underlying non-emergent properties which generate it. For instance, the laws of thermodynamics are remarkably simple, even if the laws which govern the interactions between component particles are complex. The term emergence in physics is thus used not to signify complexity, but rather to distinguish which laws and concepts apply to macroscopic scales, and which ones apply to microscopic scales.

Some examples include

Classical mechanics: The laws of classical mechanics can be said to emerge as a limiting case from the rules of quantum mechanics applied to large enough masses. This is particularly strange since quantum mechanics is generally thought of as more complicated than classical mechanics.
Friction: Forces between elementary particles are conservative. However, friction emerges when considering more complex structures of matter, whose surfaces can convert mechanical energy into heat energy when rubbed against each other. Similar considerations apply to other emergent concepts in continuum mechanics such as viscosity, elasticity, tensile strength, etc.
Patterned ground: the distinct, and often symmetrical geometric shapes formed by ground material in periglacial regions.
Statistical mechanics was initially derived using the concept of a large enough ensemble that fluctuations about the most likely distribution can be all but ignored. However, small clusters do not exhibit sharp first order phase transitions such as melting, and at the boundary it is not possible to completely categorize the cluster as a liquid or solid, since these concepts are (without extra definitions) only applicable to macroscopic systems. Describing a system using statistical mechanics methods is much simpler than using a low-level atomistic approach.

File 132986672932.jpg - (68.67KB , 1024x768 , Woman-Cyborg-3-AV4OPL49DI-1024x768.jpg )
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Androids and cybernetics.
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>> No. 767
File 139569627835.png - (402.01KB , 409x750 , dat Sylvie.png )
>> No. 769
File 139569642636.jpg - (538.10KB , 1600x2270 , Catty_full_378969.jpg )
The evolution of all the Catty's.
>> No. 782
File 139943830637.jpg - (739.99KB , 1024x798 , eroilus_cyborggirl.jpg )
>> No. 784
File 139943949760.jpg - (175.35KB , 1000x1000 , wancozow_mikucyberorganism.jpg )
>> No. 785
File 139951912544.png - (167.51KB , 253x311 , protesispie.png )

File 133413017927.jpg - (27.17KB , 540x340 , google-glasses.jpg )
553 No. 553 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Google Glasses.
There are pros and cons about this idea, but what are your opinions. Would you get them?
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>> No. 737
Oh, I guess I wasn't too clear on that part.
>I was NOT suggesting that you would pick Apple>Google, I was just naming other companies that are picking up the competition against the Big G.
I fucking hate Apple lol.
Linux and FREE Software > all.
>> No. 739

They will never be Skynet. The name's taken. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skynet_(satellite)
>> No. 750
I will wait for the rivals to come up with something better like a glasses-mounted video camera that can be used for real time video which then you can upload to sites like Livestream or something like that.
>> No. 779
I have so many qualms with carrying a cellphone around that the very last thing I want to do is wear it on my face and let it see everything I do all day. I don't care how useful it is.

One day though maybe the technology will be a little more mature and I can build one myself that sends all of that delicious spy data about me to my personal servers for analysis and storage by my own AI algorithms. Then I never have to worry about being too drunk or high to remember something again.
>> No. 780
I have so many qualms with carrying a cellphone around that the very last thing I want to do is wear it on my face and let it see everything I do all day. I don't care how useful it is.

One day though maybe the technology will be a little more mature and I can build one myself that sends all of that delicious spy data about me to my personal servers for analysis and storage by my own AI algorithms. Then I never have to worry about being too drunk or high to remember something again.

File 136817597492.jpg - (180.64KB , 1600x1280 , 8_One_of_Parkers_Muses.jpg )
724 No. 724 hide quickreply [Reply]
Frakking cool stuff - tripping balls and great cast too

>> No. 749
God I hate that animation style. I don't get why indi-film makers have a hard on for motion comics lately. Its so half assed. It looks like someone made storyboard art for a film, ran out of money and made that the film.
>> No. 753
good god, how did they get that kind of cast with that mediocre looking a story and art design?
>> No. 762
atrocious animation
>> No. 763
By "that kind of cast" do you mean a couple has-been actors and a voice actor who will do a voice over in literally anything?

File 133809077445.jpg - (61.07KB , 500x333 , Mike-Mayhew-and-Ranier-Beredo.jpg )
591 No. 591 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Doctor Who is better than Star Trek.

By quite a wide margin, actually.
13 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 722
someone who wants people to feel like their corporation is a close personal friend, at least until such a time as they notice they've started feeling that way. This is standard fucked-up mainstream-business shit. "drink coke and your shitty friends will finally show up when you ask, the sun will come out and bunnies will fly out of your ass, because coke loves you" This is the shocking truth.

SAGE has been used.
>> No. 735
I'm a Brit and I've been a Doctor Who fan since Primary, but that's a load of shite.
Doctor who is better in so far as the quality is consistant, give or take for the odd episode or two per season that are let downs. However, Star Trek definetly has the superior high points across the board, worse lows too.

I'd argue about DS9 because that is overall my favourite Star Trek for the sheer consistancy in it's cast and story, but I'm completely with you on Enterprise. I think that it was just too different for the die hard fans to stomach.
>> No. 746
Dan Dare is the best.
>> No. 748
I see things differently and must disagree. Rather than write a page or two on it, I'll just say that 90% of the jokes are comprised of Lister's a slob/eats curry, Rimmer is delusional/cowardly, Cat is an asshole, everyone is stupid. Put those in a scifi situation and you can easily guess every joke. and I would have to add that they don't "explore" tropes as it's more like they just sort of poke at them with a stick from a few feet back (further limited by short episode time). Even if it was enjoyable for its time it was not for me, having started it up recently and gotten through 5 serieseseses so far.

But between Star Trek and Who, I'd have to go with Star Trek. Dr. Who's universe seems to be centered almost entirely around England and that bloody screwdriver doing everything and anything the writers want just to save effort/face. At least Star Trek has some rules to the universe that you don't have to watch a decade of TV to get. Although Voyager was terrible. Why did people keep talking to each other at kissing distance?
Anyway, I'm with >>601. I don't mean to insult and I'm sorry if it came across that way.
>> No. 751
Also, I didn't mean to sound angry. It just seems that way because of text limitations

File 137616119315.gif - (855.55KB , 400x400 , reactionlessmass3.gif )
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reactionless thruster much?
>> No. 760
What? How's that work? What are the dots supposed to be?

File 137564781310.jpg - (212.05KB , 2592x1936 , IMG_20130722_120843(1).jpg )
744 No. 744 hide quickreply [Reply]
Wanna throw some ideas for a cyberpunkish jacket?
I'm planning on making it from scratch, drawing the models, getting the fabric, cutting and sewing.
Up to now, it will have four external pockets (two on
each side), lots of internal ones, a detachable hood and a channel that would carry the headphones cable from one of the internal pockets to the head.

This pic is a Jensen-inspired design I made.

File 132832084210.jpg - (519.49KB , 969x1507 , what may happen in the next hundred years 1911 to.jpg )
466 No. 466 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
What do you expect to happen within the next hundred years? By the way, this article was written in 1911. I predict that /deadpool/ will return. Also does anyone know if the fruit size thing is accurate? Maybe the fruits that they are compared to also changed in size
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>> No. 541
Wow, that is one uptight, cunty post. The guy made a joke, no need to get your panties all wedged up into your bumcrack.
>> No. 542

The bananas most Westerners are familiar with (the Cavendish) are a smaller variety than bananas fifty years ago. The previous banana-the Gros Michel- was twice as large and much creamier than the Cavendish. However the Gros Michel banana was wiped out by Panama disease mid-century. Fruit companies started harvesting Cavendish bananas due to their resilience to Panama disease. Cavendish crops are now beginning to show signs of Panama disease. That's all I know about that.

>>the gamestations of the future will be controlled by movements of the body

Can someone explain this to me? I've heard this prediction multiple times and I still fail to understand what people mean by this. Will I twitch my elbow to reload my assault rifle in Halo? Stretch my neck to change my clothes in GTA? Clap my hands to cast magic spells in Skyrim? Which leads to my next question-why the hell would I want to do any of that?
>> No. 543
wii and kinect
>> No. 711

A post seems to be missing from this thread. Does anyone have the article these two are replying to? Google isn't helping.
>> No. 734
Sounds like the Irish problem with potato blight in, what, 1850ish? Homogeonized stock resulting in a disease spreading that an alternate stock had developed a resistance to from prior exposure, and because they failed to use this stock that had prior exposure and resistance the disease will hit hard.

File 13683886344.jpg - (227.34KB , 1200x1600 , 1108dp_09+diesel_born_fron_air_conditioning+first_.jpg )
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so i've never bought anything steampunk. wanted to buy the SPG album, but no money. So what do you buy, or what would you buy if you had the money?
I could only see myself buying acual steam engines or diesel engines or tools.

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