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File 132791089911.jpg - (571.56KB , 2294x3000 , dankahnnote.jpg )
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By popular demand, it's /speak/, the Language Learning Board!

Here's the rules:

1.) Don't troll, this isn't /b/. Don't disparage other languages. Don't come in here to ask stupid questions about languages. Don't be a dick.
2.) Please be gentle to people learning a new language: if their grammar sucks, if they can't spell, keep in mind that it's education and a process, and takes time.
3.) Contribute! Do you have resources to add? Please do.

Rules subject to change without notice.

File 140119287674.jpg - (88.15KB , 566x523 , Semantic_primes_table.jpg )
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If you want to learn common words, fast, learn the following (see left).
>> No. 334
Agreed, thanks for catching me out on my unwritten assumption. Grammar is paramount.
>> No. 338
List of semantic primes



Relational Substantives




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>> No. 387
Top kike
>> No. 388
Are you fucking with us? I legitimately can't tell.

File 132798001616.gif - (11.27KB , 519x336 , hylian3.gif )
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This thread is for sharing what resources you may have.

I'll start
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>> No. 104
does anyone have any galician/galego resources that they'd like to share? having trouble finding anything other than "beginner's" stuff
>> No. 106
me gusta man but wtf
why renamed foreign languages :(
>> No. 231
It's seems more relevant now
>> No. 233
Anything on Hebrew or Arabic?
>> No. 386
For you Japanese learners, there's also

File 135366448548.gif - (58.36KB , 750x929 , 2009-06-15-beartato-french.gif )
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I am currently in the process of learning french. Helping me along is dear mr. Michel Thomas. I think I have
gotten a good base-sense of the language, so now I am trying to find good
reading material that is simple, illustrative and entertaining.
I am thinking maybe french garfield comics. I'd also happily accept any french
online-comics that are easy to comprehend for someone with a very limited vocabulary.

My niveau is somewhere on this level:

Here, I uploaded Michel Thomas vol. 1, have some.
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>> No. 327
This is very helpful op, thanks for the links.
>> No. 359
It's OP and I have decided to watch the entire works of "Scrubs" on french during my summer-holidays. Thought this was a cool idea to get some entertainment while also getting more used to the french language. Magnet-Link :

>> No. 382
Here's the "French in Action" videos:

and the MP3/PDFs:

Whether you learn much or not, they're entertaining.
>> No. 383
Ouais, mec. Arte c'est de la bombe.
Je passe par ici quelques fois par mois. Pose toutes les questions que tu voudrais poser à un francophone.
>> No. 384
Je suis Charlie

File 135108258175.png - (28.16KB , 220x209 , lang8.png )
217 No. 217 hide quickreply [Reply]

Write in the language you're studying and people who speak that language correct your entries.

Correct other peoples' entries if they're learning a language you speak.
>> No. 228
Thanks, OP. This may be quite useful!
>> No. 380

File 141568315128.jpg - (53.43KB , 500x500 , Goosebumps in Chinese.jpg )
375 No. 375 hide quickreply [Reply]
Hey, /speak/, I'm learning Chinese and have progressed to the point where I think I'm ready to do some actual reading. I'd like to start with children's novels, since I imagine they'll be less strenuous than adult stuff. I recently ordered a Goosebumps book that had been translated into Chinese, but I'm looking for something a little more authentic, something that isn't just a translation of an English work. Any learners of Chinese who can recommend books they practiced with? Any native-speakers with favorite books from when they were kids? I'm learning simplified characters, but I'll take recommendations in traditional characters, too. It couldn't hurt to start learning that system as well.
Pic related; it's what I DON'T want

File 132841976990.png - (15.61KB , 166x200 , 1322465536001.png )
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I am in my second term of Russian. It's really awesome, since being an info/culture junkie, it's opened a lot of doors.

Some things I've seen lately: Русский ковчег, Мой друг Иван Лапшин and getting drunk and confused to Фитиль without subtitles.

If you're a Russian speaker and happen to be bored, please feel free to write (or copy) a paragraph from anywhere and attach an audio of you reading it. This is the best learning tool for me.

And along those lines, but regarding languages in general, I find a great way to learn a new alphabet is to study messy handwriting. I think that this concept is at the heart of children's shows which feature "funny voices." (you learn the rule by learning the exceptions.)
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>> No. 279
Большая избыточность. Что особенно бесит, в большинстве технических слов обязательно стоит по одному абсолютно лишнему слогу.
>> No. 307
I would love to help your friend out if he wants it. I'm by no means native, and to be honest my russian needs practise too. But it would be cool to correspond with him.
>> No. 365
Привет, как успехи с изучением?
Вот, держи сайт, там найдешь много всего.
>> No. 373
the test
- Кто из вас перед праздником приходил ко мне домой отвечать урок -
Обрюзглый человек в рясе, с тяжелым крестом на шее угрожающе посмотрел
на учеников.
Маленькие злые глазки точно прокалывали всех шестерых, поднявшихся со
скамеек, - четырех мальчиков, и двух девочек. Дети боязливо посматривали на
человека в рясе.
- Вы садитесь, - махнул поп в сторону девочек. Те быстро сели,
облегченно вздохнув.
Глазки отца Василия сосредоточились на четырех фигурках.
- Идите-ка сюда, голубчики!
Отец Василий поднялся, отодвинул стул и подошел вплотную к сбившимся в
кучу ребятам:
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 374
Как у профессионального диктора, который книги озвучивает. Очень классно!

File 13690749456.png - (0.96MB , 1680x1050 , luwyu.png )
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Any of you guys into 中文?

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>> No. 283
我有很多目的学汉语。我的本来想法是帮我的专业很多。不过,我也觉得学汉语是很好玩儿。 你在哪里学习?
>> No. 337
>> No. 358
File 14079007826.png - (145.31KB , 697x498 , autism.png )
This thread is in Chinese, not Japanese.
>> No. 368

我们在讨论中文, 不是日语。

>> No. 370
File 141199767650.jpg - (70.87KB , 531x471 , haram.jpg )

File 140607425711.jpg - (28.05KB , 400x400 , ca me vexe.jpg )
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Hey, guys do you like languages other than English? Do you like music? Well put em together.

I'd imagine you guys would be more knowledgeable about this stuff than /mu/ is so here we go: All you have to do is mention an album or song that you like that's in another language, it doesn't matter if the band usually sings in English and it doesn't matter if you have any idea what they're saying. I actually don't have a lot, but I'll try to post something new every day.

Mademoiselle K: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zO9OOf_mW2A

This is so far my personal favorite foreign-language rock album, the whole thing is just head bobbin punk sung entirely in French and the lead singer does a damn good job. This first album is easily their best, but their second is pretty good too (but kind of hard to find).
5 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 353
Here's some Yoruba/Sakara music by nigerian musician Yusufu Olatunji. The Yoruba language is a tonal Niger-Congo language.

>> No. 354
File 140634413560.jpg - (5.11KB , 225x225 , meh not bad album.jpg )
Super Furry Animals: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JC1JrHWIRlU

Today's album is called "In an Aeroplane Over the Sea". Just kidding. It's Super Furry Animals, a band that normally plays in English, but this album is in Welsh, a beautiful language, in my opinion. This is my favorite track on "Mwng", give it a go. It's hard to find a good "rock" song in Welsh, but this album's pretty okay.
>> No. 355
Yay for SFA
>> No. 356
File 140712345015.jpg - (11.81KB , 225x225 , You ARE the father.jpg )
Boris: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I02GzM16_XQ

Today's band is Boris, and this one is "Attention Please". Really any of the Boris albums are good, just pick one, though this one has good lyrics. If you want to hear a dude singing, then their new album "Noise" is also really good.
>> No. 367
File 141135304334.png - (677.82KB , 965x720 , macro-its-beautiful-2.png )
HOLY SH… That’s awesome.

File 140986401568.png - (63.94KB , 168x136 , 0c79ccf3709f689ed83c3d15053f801d.png )
363 No. 363 hide quickreply [Reply]
Ich spreche Deutsch nicht gut. Was tun?
>> No. 366
Krautchan vielleicht? Ich weiß nicht ob die Vokabeln nützlich ist, aber du lernst mit Deutschsprachig.

I had to use Wiktionary for a few words in that. It's the wikipedia version of a dictionary and it's really good for individual words.

File 140897576772.jpg - (20.33KB , 350x350 , patch_web.jpg )
361 No. 361 hide quickreply [Reply]
What does "Aki No Kure" mean? I can't find a good translation anywhere.
>> No. 362
"autumn sunset" or somesuch


File 140790003592.png - (228.63KB , 399x598 , slaythegay.png )
357 No. 357 hide quickreply [Reply]
Anyone still use this board?

誰か、習う言語を突然の悟りことがあるか? 僕には、「水素の語源が英語と同じ」の悟る時でした。 「水」が「water」の意味を持ったらとは「素」は「origin」の意味を持ち、そして「hydrogen」の意味を着きましょう。

>> No. 360
File 140851807276.jpg - (8.86KB , 250x250 , 1395808049002.jpg )

File 134518921989.jpg - (464.24KB , 1442x882 , Speedpaint___Future_City_by_ANTIFAN_REAL.jpg )
137 No. 137 hide quickreply [Reply]
Interested in learning Somalian. Anyone have any good sources? Rosetta stone doesn't have it.
>> No. 340
The major language spoken in Somalia is a northern African form of Arabic. There are some tribal languages but mostly Arabic
>> No. 342
I know it's not necessarily the objective of the board, but I have to wonder why someone would be interested in learning how to speak to Somalis to begin with.
>> No. 343
So you can become a Somali pirate of course!
But seriously there are a lot of Somali Emigre's in different cities throughout the U.S. and Europe over the past 10 years. I live in a mid sized, somewhat southern U.S. city and we have a pretty sizable and growing population of them here.
>> No. 346
Somalia is mostly very poor except for the rich who probably speak english or arabic

You're gonna have a bad time

File 140192457950.jpg - (13.73KB , 640x360 , 374729159_640.jpg )
333 No. 333 hide quickreply [Reply]
Do you think everyone wants to travel? Even the poor people in Africa? Or the white ultranationalists in Ireland, or the tribesman in the Amazon? Or is this just some self-validating consumer bullshit?
>> No. 335
I knew people when I was in the service who had the chance to live to live in western Europe and wanted no part of it. Not some crazy job either just like a normal nice job at a nice base in Europe. Single people, with no wives, kids, etc. That was for 3 yrs though, but I know friends now who would look at a free trip to Hawaii or Germany as a hassle.

File 140116027539.gif - (587.51KB , 680x383 , 1b3.gif )
328 No. 328 hide quickreply [Reply]
Where can I learn less common languages, such as Finnish and Persian, for example?
>> No. 330
Some good beginning resources for Finnish listed here: http://how-to-learn-any-language.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=28675&PN=40

And Persian resources here: http://www.persianiseasy.com/
>> No. 331
thank you.

File 140085770628.png - (251.71KB , 4507x1980 , 1400709304467.png )
323 No. 323 hide quickreply [Reply]
I'll just leave this here.
>> No. 324
File 140085773227.png - (48.60KB , 1316x922 , 1400709350467.png )
And this.
>> No. 325
How is this not spam and why shouldn't I ban you?
>> No. 326
It wouldn't be "spam" if I had written a long post about it before I introduced my project and linked to it. I'm too lazy to basically repeat what's already written on the campaign's page.

And this isn't some random bullshit project, which every Japanese learner can tell you, it's something innovative and useful. Besides, you don't have to pay anything, I'm just spreading the word around. The database will be released for free.

File 133760744341.jpg - (8.93KB , 150x197 , 20120505.jpg )
96 No. 96 hide quickreply [Reply]
>The dominance of English as the global language is a mixed blessing, as native speakers often lose the brain benefits of a second language

The article goes on to discuss how people raised as bilingual from an early age turn out a lot differently to those who weren't. Having thoughts in another language can really make you a different person.

Thoughts? What does this make you think of your language selection?
>> No. 97
I can vouch for your mind working differently when it can think in two or more languages. Sometimes it won't find an answer for a problem in one language but the other language will lead the mind to a solution.

So to speak.
>> No. 100
Well, growing up in Britain, I've found that native British people don't see much point in learning another language. Having said that, younger people seem more open to learning other languages, especially outside of the 'language for business' notion.

I certainly find it a lot more helpful, and I'm no where near fluent in any other language.
>> No. 101

My girlfriend was raised on two languages(totally different structures and sounds), and now at 21 she wants to learn English, but I can see she has a much better aptitude for picking it up than anyone English would have picking up one of her languages.
I think learning a second language has a huge effect at any age, but doing it when you're very young is the best time.
>> No. 318
I do wish I learned another language when I was young but, being English, "there's no need". Not quite the same issue, but I feel almost upset that I don't speak both English and "my own country's language". My own country's language is everyone's language, makes me want to learn Old English but nobody else speaks it so it's not like I could speak it with other Anglefags. Feelsbadman.

File 134656421476.jpg - (43.83KB , 376x351 , 1276565903963.jpg )
154 No. 154 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey /speak/, I have always been incredibly interested in languages, where they come from, how they form and change, etc. Recently I have become increasingly interested in learning to be fleunt in another language, so here I am. I would like to ask, what are some (relatively) easy languages to learn, aside from the classic french and spanish.
2 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 159
Norwegian, Afrikaans, Farsi
>> No. 161
depends where you come from. If you're english native easiest for you will be dutch and/or afrikaans. German is indeed a little tough because there's a lot you can do wrong so flawless fluency is almost impossible for non-natives, still you will be able to push it to an ok level I guess. For me as a German Icelandic seems to be ridicoulously easy, bc it seems to be a early mediaval or Gothic version of German, so maybe that would be an option, too.
If you're more interested in Romance Languages, why not try Romanian?
>> No. 230

Son of a bitch, the only languages that I waanted to learn are the either in mid tier or youwonthaveenoughtimeasshole tier. I hear learning esperanto can aid yout with learning new languages, is that bullshit?
>> No. 238
It's true. Learning a language is easier when you've already learned another one, in that you're used to the processes and techniques of language learning. Esperanto is one of the easiest languages (arguably THE easiest) out there, so it might be a good first option, but you'll have to bear in mind that your chances of walking down the street and finding a fellow Esperantiston (the word Esperantisto is someone who speaks Esperanto, and it is in this case the direct object in the sentence) are slim to shit.
>> No. 315
hold on, I don't get it, is this infograph retarded enough to claim there are only 62m french speakers world-wide???

holy shit now I'm angry at how stupid this is

File 136159997253.jpg - (52.71KB , 300x414 , tumblr_lbwnuvdt8c1qzglyjo1_400.jpg )
258 No. 258 hide quickreply [Reply]
Can anyone help me learn German? Skype?
>> No. 260


OVER 14GBS OF P- wait a minute. Here you go.

SAGE has been used.
>> No. 263
duolingo.com is cool.
>> No. 314
Wäre mal interessant zu sehen was alles an Deutsch-Material hier so anspült.

File 134680435767.jpg - (14.25KB , 850x567 , nihongo1.jpg )
158 No. 158 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
So, I've made this thread in 420chan. But I want to ask other people as well.
I was wondering if you guys could give us some resources and tools for learning Japanese.
I already learnt hiragana and katakana, I'm using RtK for the kanji, and Anki. I have Genki, and I know about Tae Kim and Pimsleur. I was wondering if you guys could tell us possibly, more things for learning the language, thanks to any replys.
4 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 265
I've got a question which doesn't deserve its own thread, and it's kanji-related so I suppose this is as good a place as any:

When I've been using websites to learn some basic kanji I've experienced that - more often than not - the kanji I am supposed to learn is followed by hiragana or katakana characters, in order to form a meaningful word. My question is this; are these kanji used outside of those words? Am I to memorise the kanji as the sound which isn't expressed by the katakana/hiragana?
Example: 良い (ii) - good
Is "良" a usable character in other contexts as well, expressing the "i"-sound, or is it ONLY used to express this particular word?
Thanks in advance.
>> No. 266
I'm pretty new to Japanese myself, so I might be a bit off track, but...

The root (given pronunciation not in kana) is what you should memorize, and the character will always conceptually mean the same thing. That said, kanji seem to often have multiple roots depending on suffixes and when in conjunction with other kanji. To use your example, 良 can also be pronounced よ (ex. 良し). A dictionary is your best friend for all these shenanigans.
>> No. 267
File 136371899731.jpg - (485.35KB , 900x695 , 1363477873456.jpg )
This clarified things quite a bit - appreciate it!
>> No. 271
A word of advice, which might seem obvious but made a huge difference for me: keep your anki cards as simple as possible. I'm not kidding, it makes the difference between mountains of piled up cards and flying through your reviews. So keep it retardedly simple, I have separate cards just for reading, or meaning, or recognition, and it's actually easier than trying to cram everything up in the same card.

Also, if you want materials maybe check up this monster pack:
>> No. 311
File 139687885599.jpg - (7.64KB , 251x189 , 1275679168945s.jpg )
I got this... you want this guy to teach you.. and to yell / motivate you to learn this shit.
The torrent for all his youtube video is still on 4chan if you dig... or just look up: Namasenei's Japanese Course 2.72 gigs of goodness.

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