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File 145123944981.jpg - (1.77MB , 2448x3264 , IMG_20151226_182732.jpg )
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Make me a mobile site.

File 144986730718.jpg - (36.28KB , 300x300 , loveisreal.jpg )
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Now that /b/ is the Korova Milk Bar, can we wordfilter "girl" to "devochka"

File 144912452749.jpg - (25.36KB , 500x375 , jesus.jpg )
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Could this video be made into a token? I think you'll all agree that it is a masterpiece.


File 144632254440.png - (69.00KB , 283x428 , Thomas Effect in Social Psychology.png )
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I'm trying to reply on /h/ but it keeps telling me that I've inputted the wrong Captcha. The other boards let me post as normal.

Also, the only Captcha I'm seeing is ¯\(°_O)/¯

Thanks in advance, also cookie recipes will be provided for answers
>> No. 206
Yeah seems to be the same in every other captcha-enabled board. Like, the system's running, but there's no actual captcha showing up.
>> No. 207
Any word on if this will be fixed? I'd like to get back to posting.

File 143522040283.jpg - (21.14KB , 480x360 , totinos.jpg )
198 No. 198 hide quickreply [Reply]
there's child porn on the /men/ board

what the fuck, mods
>> No. 199
I work all day away from computers and get rid of pretty much 95% of spam (that is never reported, by the way).

What I'm trying to say, I suppose, is: Be patient (and report that shit, goddamn).
>> No. 203
>>199 We do our best, but persistently changing IP addresses, image hashes, and other measures taken by the spammers and tailored to the *chan system make it difficult. Report all problematic posts via our report function, and carry on about your business, citizen.

File 143384766738.jpg - (291.40KB , 984x598 , zvcxph.jpg )
193 No. 193 hide quickreply [Reply]
Would you guys mind if I used Paisley theme for my own board? :3
>> No. 194
so long as you don't post here ever again, sure
>> No. 195
B-but why?!?! ;_;
>> No. 196
The Paisley background is a registered trademark of 99chan inc. and parent company Superior Internet Productions. Any trademark violations or copyright infringements will result in swift legal action and/or surprise buttsecks.
>> No. 197
I wrote it, sure go ahead.
>> No. 210
99chan should DMCA anyone using a paisley pattern for anything. Lets only hope we catch Jab wearing a paisley tie.

File 140412650994.gif - (3.04MB , 200x150 , 1403728122106.gif )
113 No. 113 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Was /lit/ folded into something else?
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>> No. 116
While we're on the topic I want throw the idea out there to the admins interested in /wri/ & /lit/. I bet the gentle reader in the post above is not the only one to be confused by this. If a new person or long absent returnee were to come back here they wouldn't know what happened to /lit/, or that there WAS a /lit/. Other imageboards have /lit/. /wri/? not so much. Maybe it should be /lit/ and not /wri/ not so much as a reflection of the content but just so people will know what it is/how to find it. I would like to hear other thoughts on this.
>> No. 117
I'd touch a mods d to get .lit back. I still have a bunch of jpeg+rars from wayback.
>> No. 118
It still exists, it's just combined into /wri/. Post away!
>> No. 119
Can I touch your d anyway?
>> No. 122
Isn't this supposed to be a "SFW" board?

File 141595219355.png - (63.00KB , 263x250 , 1315017868725.png )
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Someone is spamming CP ad links all over the site and it makes me nervous to even visit. If the decision is really between captcha and prison then I think most of us would prefer to have a captcha.
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>> No. 174
That's kind of a bug-thing business. That's why we made the sticky.
>> No. 180
Please do something about all the CP, there is still no captcha and even /b/ is infested, not to mention the slower boards.
>> No. 186
Captcha wouldn't deter posting CP links at all, it would just make posting a pain in the ass. You don't have to click the fucking links, even then just clicking isn't illegal since in order to even report it you would need to see it, stop over reacting.
>> No. 187
Yes it would, because 90% of the spam I ban is bots.
>> No. 190
There's a bunch more CP spam in /s/ and probably other porn boards. When are you planning on adding a captcha?

File 143132080540.gif - (931.97KB , 500x375 , Nebula.gif )
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/elit/ is listed as sfw apparently, pictures posted there are showing up in the latest pictures thing on the front page.

File 142569872185.gif - (1.74MB , 426x240 , 1405371364409.gif )
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how is this board even possible?


File 142367479241.jpg - (31.41KB , 450x333 , bill-lumbergh.jpg )
176 No. 176 hide quickreply [Reply]
what chan software does this run on?

pls tell
>> No. 177
hint, press the "end" key

File 142201160787.jpg - (2.30MB , 843x17654 , 99chan planets.jpg )
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Posting here because /ask/ Filesize limit is 1024kb

File 142020941398.jpg - (44.03KB , 285x310 , 1386040382350.jpg )
167 No. 167 hide quickreply [Reply]
Where is the alcohol board? Did you really tell it to go? That's very disappointing.
>> No. 168

File 141803329545.jpg - (73.66KB , 638x479 , the-developers-nirvana-fallacy-16-638.jpg )
163 No. 163 Locked hide quickreply [Reply]
Am I the most interesting person on 99chan?
>> No. 164

File 141479699250.jpg - (88.77KB , 700x605 , Freind1.jpg )
157 No. 157 hide quickreply [Reply]
I feel that /docta/, /ask/ and /phil/ have significantly overlapping content.

They're great boards, don't get me wrong. “Organisations that create mentally healthy workplaces, can expect a positive return on investment. For every dollar spent on effective initiatives, there is on average $2.30 in benefits to be gained by the organisation” (Creating a mentally healthy workplace – Return on investment analysis PwC report). That probably translates into donations, on an image board (maybe, dunno, whatever).

How about: /psy/(chology), /theo/logy, and /rel/ationships?
>> No. 161
/docta/ used to be, and remains, primarily /rel/ationships, though now that /dream/ was merged into it, it's a little more haphazard. It's also always been a place to come with mental health issues.

/ask/ has always been more intended to be general questions, with specifics sent to their own board.

/phil/ is obviously for philosophy. I'm not sure where it overlaps heavily with either of the other two.

File 14147463077.jpg - (29.81KB , 590x350 , Giant-crab-spotted-at-Kent-docks-521553.jpg )
156 No. 156 hide quickreply [Reply]
Why the fuck is the home page and half the boards 404'ing?

File 140914814731.jpg - (81.18KB , 454x512 , txPNk.jpg )
137 No. 137 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
i just got zlined from irc and i'm not sure why, first time signing in years - think i used the name kunt? what up?
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 140
IRC problems belong in IRC
>> No. 141
Removed it, not sure why you were zlined because the nerd that did it didn't bother to specify a reason.
>> No. 142
I think I may have done this, someone who was causing problem was using the nick cunt and left minutes before you, my bad. :(
>> No. 154
File 141453599347.jpg - (51.29KB , 624x351 , _78395173_clown2.jpg )
Is there a problem with IRC at the moment? It's more likely I'm just a fool and can't work it out. Web IRC clients don't seen to work. What's the main IRC #channel?
>> No. 155
Web clients are currently disable due to security concerns (Chinese space terrorists).

File 141012372838.jpg - (14.04KB , 638x384 , youtube video.jpg )
143 No. 143 hide quickreply [Reply]
so I think the embed function is broke or something. I'm cutting out everything including v=? and before. I've tried cutting out less letter one at a time and i dont normally have problems with it. also while im at it, why cant we just put the full url?
>> No. 144
Yeah YouTube changed some stuff I need to look at their new code and change our backend thanks for letting us know.

File 140694443962.jpg - (114.58KB , 500x436 , Turtle_Power_Partners_in_Kryme.jpg )
127 No. 127 hide quickreply [Reply]
What happened to /ask/? It's still there, it just doesn't appear on the board list. It was one of my favorites. What do?
>> No. 128
It had no real traffic for a long time and honestly, if you have an interesting question, you might as well just make a thread on /b/.
>> No. 132
Well I just made a thread on there. I think I'll keep using it until you physically take it away. I can't see the argument in having something and not using it.
>> No. 133

I'll get the admins on this, cheers for bringing it up.
>> No. 135
You should ask /ask/ what happened to /ask/
>> No. 136
File 14083700675.jpg - (63.61KB , 500x748 , 0525249353.jpg )
Got it fixed for ya, OP.

File 140747281066.jpg - (29.43KB , 267x400 , hitlerarpaio.jpg )
129 No. 129 hide quickreply [Reply]
Out of curiosity, because I can't find the post that got me banned for three weeks, and the mod message of "very original" was less than helpful, can someone give me an actual reason? I am not asking to be unbanned if I did, in fact, do something to deserve it. Lord knows I've said stupid, bannable shit. But for long bans, could the mods be a little more specific? Whatever it is I did is obviously a grave offense and I wouldn't want to repeat it.

Oh, the IP is
>> No. 130
Yet another pointless, redundant, unoriginal, flaming thread justifying people wanting to fuck 12 year old based on a flimsy psychological/evolutionary predisposition. You should be thankful we didn't all-boards, no-read permaban you for spam.
>> No. 131
Well according to the mod that banned you you opened a pedo thread.

And I do agree with your mention of being clear on the longer bans. I'll have it thrown out there with the rest of this dysfunctional "team"

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