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File 135887170194.jpg - (667.49KB , 1851x2787 , 1327461512256.jpg )
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Dear 99ers,
I'm a welder, and am looking for a watch job (e.g 1 month work, 2 weeks rest) outside of great Kakzakystan.
Can't speak, read or write English for shit. Only language is Russian, please advise.
>> No. 296
File 13588720936.jpg - (168.22KB , 1536x960 , 1322665126559.jpg )
>> No. 297
>Can't speak, read or write English for shit.
Yeah, why are you here and why/how did you make this thread?
That wasn't necessary
>> No. 298
File 135887313931.jpg - (311.30KB , 1320x1656 , 1341329607354.jpg )
Sorry for the bump,
Well I'm not the one who'll get it, I said it in that way, because wanted to make it short
So, any advice?

File 133848091663.jpg - (443.19KB , 1600x1200 , Cw8FT.jpg )
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This is a pretty open question, but, how can I make some fat stacks with art? I'm a decent illustrator and have been freelancing on and off for a few years. However, I can never get much work so my yearly profits are dismal. The problem with the industry as a whole is that there are tons of people willing to work for free or next to nothing, so I think a good route would be to have some kind of business on the side. I'm wondering if there are any places / business ventures I could get into to monetise my skills?

A couple of ideas I have are: selling t-shirt designs on Threadless. And a custom greeting card generator, as the ones already out there have awful artwork and are fairly limited with what you can do.

Lama unrelated
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>> No. 209
Make money off twisted porn commissions, mlp porn is big bucks right now, seriously.
>> No. 260
There's tons of people doing it for free/ very little money because they are either trying to gain customers and have more people know about them or it's a hobby for them and they enjoy doing it.

My brother used to do photoshop when he was about 14, he posted a load of his photos on a photoshop site just because he liked using photoshop and without any effort got paid £20 by a musician who wanted to use one of his photos as an album cover.

Basically i think you need to get your work out to as many people as possible and maybe be willing to do some free work for a while until you get well known and try and use the internet to get yourself known, flickr, twitter, tumblr, whatever you can to get yourself known, theres plenty of websites for posting your art, or pretty much anything you do. I know this one girl who's got 17million reads on one of her books on this post your book website.
>> No. 268
this. you don't know how many people actually live of drawing furry pr0nz.
>> No. 283
Offer classes to noobs on craigslist.
If i lived in your city i'd totally sign up.
I'm good at the business side of marketing but shit at the design part.
>> No. 291
1. paint pictures
2. die
3. ???
4. profit

File 133131953141.jpg - (70.47KB , 630x478 , sexybeast2.jpg )
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I'd like to start a small home business building custom desktop computers and distributing them locally.

Basically, my business plan is to accept orders online with custom part specifications, I buy all the parts and build the computer, and then I ship/deliver the finished computer to the customer. The total cost to the customer will be the cost of parts (including s+h), cost of shipping/delivery of the finished computer to the customer, plus a small ($50-75) service fee. I believe this will keep the prices much lower than regular retail prices for pre-built desktop computers, with the added advantage of being able to customize your PC for exactly what you need. I may also eventually offer related services such as pre-installing the operating system/drivers/software/etc., and/or setting up the computer in the customer's home (plugging it in, connecting any peripherals, booting it up for the first time).

I will be managing this business completely on my own, at least to start off. I will be handling the webpage, accepting orders, buying parts, building the computers, and shipping them out. I will advertise locally in the confidential sections, with flyers, and maybe on the internet or radio.

Now, I have never tried anything like this before, so I have no business experience whatsoever, and I will be learning everything for the first time. How likely is this business model to be a profitable venture for me? Do you guys have any tips for a home business just starting out? Any good resources I can check out, or things I should consider before jumping right in?
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>> No. 245
File 134765389150.jpg - (59.64KB , 632x960 , 6w50v.jpg )
i would suggest starting as small as possible and not spending any money on what you don't have to. maybe build computers for a few friends/family members and charge a fair but profitable price. if that goes well, you can start advertising in your local paper and craigslist and facebook. just try to keep your costs as low as possible and it might work... i wouldnt bother with making a webpage because that will be an expense you dont really need to pay. you could make a facebook page for your business and that should be enough. you should assume that most people dont know much about computers and they will have to trust you to put something together for a fair price. you can gain credibility if people leave feedback on your facebook business page. you will probably want to plan out the parts for a 3 or 4 different types of computers to fit the needs of different types of people. something like a facebook/youtube macine with very minimum gaming capability, a mid range computer with decent hard drive, and a higher end gaming computer, and then something that is top of the line. but again just to to plan all this out and build a computer for a few people you know and see how that goes. if you like it, start advertising and try to grow, and maybe hire 1 or 2 people
>> No. 271
when u create a page make it simple for ppl who do not know mch about custom pc's.

add comparisions to ur page between a prebuilt pc....& how much it will cost if u build a pc with the same spec..
the price diffrence will draw the crowd.

also describe the warrenty on all parts separatly.
>> No. 278
ill give you some advice based on my own personal experience running a bznz for 10 years

sell people problems not solutions
never sell to niggers or jews
lie your ass off, lie about everything
advertise everywhere, to everybody, all the time
never work with women
never get women involved in your business
never let a woman manage your money
never haggle
dont rely on one or two frequent clients
dont close shop when the fish arent biting
never start a business during a bubble
never do anything to benefit others, only yourself
never do favors for customers
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>> No. 282
I have no clue where you've done business; but its obvious that you're trollin or shit at what you do

My advice to you would be to, if you want to MAKE money is to create a completely new operating software.
Here's why i believe its the only profitable option:
>the computer business is an oligopoly
>You'd be losing money and not getting orders because other trusted companies are already doing it
If you do end up creating your own business of some sort, I highly recommend Amazon and eBay. From my experience, its the best way to do small business online.
-coming from an internet/social media marketing specialist
>> No. 290
lol you do realize that apple and microsoft are the same company right? bill gates has a total monopoly on anything computer. he'll buy out any srs competition

File 135662247347.jpg - (53.35KB , 800x478 , d6e8278db9.jpg )
273 No. 273 hide quickreply [Reply]
anyone acquiring gold at 1g pieces?
>> No. 274
Where are you getting 1g pieces of gold?
>> No. 276
File 135670258459.jpg - (129.09KB , 1000x1000 , 50-gram-gold-combibar-packaged.jpg )
from some swiss company
>> No. 277
when keeping savings in gold, is it better to use smaller units or larger units?
>> No. 287
Why keep savings in gold may I ask? Like what's the system/ advantage so forth apart from the obvious that gold is the only real form of currency

File 133041747552.jpg - (27.00KB , 499x500 , women-orgasm.jpg )
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How do pornographic actors get paid?

Are there different scales for clothes off v. sex? Is it all just off the cuff? What kind of contracts are involved? Have any contracts been written and signed regarding sex with animals? How much do dudes doing bukkake get? How much do the girls get? How much do dudes getting bukkake'd by girls get? What kind of contracts are at work here? Are there weird things like "if I puke, I get more money"? More questions but you get the idea.

General porn money thread.
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>> No. 74
I have a close friend who did gay porn on the side for a while and here is the information he gave me: He would generally pull $1-3000 per shoot. Shoot pretty much took up a day though generally you are only talking about a few hours of actual filming. All of the shoots were in san fran and they would fly him down as he did not live in the area. One company(the whole kink.com armory thing) really tried to get him to move down and do 2-3 shoots a month on their various websites.
>> No. 207

wow you can make up to 3k for taking a cock in the ass and not only losing your manhood but also have it on tape

no thanx there are better ways to make money, I'd bang shemales
>> No. 253

1-3k a shoot at 2-3 shoots a month. 2-9000 a month isn't terrible for having gay sex. I mean I wouldn't do it but I certainly wouldn't judge.
>> No. 256
why everyone here have name Scrooge McDuck?

i have hear they paid different for different action. For example:
anal: $700
bj: $500
hj: $200

like that, idk the detail
>> No. 270

File 135006003739.jpg - (118.20KB , 1024x631 , Cafepress-Logo-1024x631.jpg )
261 No. 261 hide quickreply [Reply]
Anyone have experience selling shitty t shirts online?
>> No. 262
If by that you mean selling band merch, then yes. Using an online store is cost inefficient if you want to produce on a larger scale. Buy your own screen printer (cheap ones around $100 better go up in price) and do it yourself. Save a lot of money over using any other service.
>> No. 265
when cafe press first came out I made some money by putting popular memes on coffee mugs and tshirts. (we didn't call them memes back then. it was a long time ago)

it worked for me because there was no investment except time. it's different now because tons of people are doing that. plus if it's the same as it used to be you get like $1 for selling a $15 shirt.

If you do at least 100 shirts you should be able to get some shirts with 1 color printed on them for $3 each. If you do them yourself they will be cheaper because a lot of that money is in the labor. Of course if you can sell those 100 at $10 each you make $700 bucks.

The question is can you sell them?

File 134543433237.jpg - (29.41KB , 512x384 , NASDAQ-512x384.jpg )
194 No. 194 hide quickreply [Reply]
I need help finding a step by step explanation on the best way to acquire a series 7 license. I know about the exam, but I also read that I'd need a job in financial securities before I could take it. What would be the best way to set up a career path that leads to a Series 7? What schooling should I put myself through (business?math?accounting?) and what's the best way to get an entry level position in financial securities without previous experience?
>> No. 198
I think a finance major is what you want. Be warned that this field is very competitive, especially in today's job market. I think you can get a series 7 by working in certain sales positions (sales of financial instruments). These positions should be easy to come by.
>> No. 257
working chop shops is almost the only way to get sponsored

File 134717005367.jpg - (286.73KB , 1000x750 , K's Kamera 375.jpg )
210 No. 210 hide quickreply [Reply]
This question relates to money and debt.
So I need money. I applied to this place and they told me that they do a criminal and credit background check.

I am currently owing money for medical bills. That I obviously can't afford.

How serious are credit background checks? I've googled it and have found varying answers.
Any insights?
How fucked am I?
>> No. 212
It's amusing that a company can't reject you because of a medical condition which they have no right to seek records for, but they can refuse to hire you for debt from a medical condition.


I don't understand why your credit history should be a factor for most jobs in the first place. Seems really fucked up to me. You have bad credit, so you can't get a job that would give you the finamcial stability to achieve good credit.

I think Franz Kafka designed our economy.
>> No. 242
I don't know if I personally would use credit checks as an employer, but it seems reasonable enough. An employee with shitty credit is on aggregate probably worse in a lot of relevant categories.

File 134271747985.jpg - (255.37KB , 800x533 , large.jpg )
178 No. 178 hide quickreply [Reply]
ayo what up.
I'm 20 years old going on 21 soon.
I have chronic wanderlust.
I'm a NEET college dropout. I had a job but hated the feeling of being tied down to a strict work schedule, so I ended up quitting. For all intents and purposes atm I'm a hikikomori.
I have been thinking about getting a job with a traveling carnival. I realize the whole run away to join the circus thing is kind of lame, but it honestly seems like a pretty good option. I'm not scared of being poor, or shitty dirty living conditions.

Anybody have any experience working in a similar field? Any crazy carny stories?
>> No. 180
I'm truly sorry that your psychological condition prevents you from working.
>> No. 181

Best response.

Though to actually add something on my part to OP you should check out specific carnivals themselves and talk to their management and the people who work there to really see if that kind of work is really right for you. I mean I just don't think you could make a blanket statement about the industry like what you're asking for and have it really be accurate.

If you are serious about it you really need to do the research because I don't think there's a lot of industry standards there and even then there are many types of that kind of thing.

Also you might want to think about using phrases like "NEET" and "hikikomori" less often, just and FYI there.
>> No. 208
File 134689498553.jpg - (704.28KB , 1117x1600 , 3.jpg )
don't do that unless you have some special kind of talent or something and can actually act for people to watch, well enough for people to pay money to watch you do it.

i've worked fairs and stuff, you'd be trading in 'a strict work schedule' which you at least have the chance of not being around many people (depending) to certainly working with many people all at once (not great for a 'hikikomori' menality) , with stress comparable to working at a fast food restaurant, and then shoveling animal crap after everyone leaves. strict hours would be replaced by unbearably shitty long hours and no certain benefits. the fairs that aren't temp jobs through a temp job industry are fucking shady.

if you opt out of shoveling animal crap or dealing with droves of people you're doing setup or takedown and those fucking rides have almost killed friends of mine. they're dangerous and no one gives a shit about helping you lift more than you can handle, you get a hard hat and the word "go" and you will be let go if you're not fast at what you do.

(that's before what i assume would be truly shitty living conditions. i don't know about that. i've never traveled with these things.)

your best bet is to either get in with a huge commercial carnival type thing like cirque du soliel or grow the fuck up and try to at least get a security job at night so you can do nothing except jack off and eat donuts in front of monitors from 12-8am.

File 134642420611.png - (213.84KB , 1162x850 , battlefield.png )
204 No. 204 hide quickreply [Reply]
need advice.

i am a history major who will be graduating next year, but tbh i am interested in working in the financial or corporate sector

any advice for me? what should i take etc.

>> No. 205
business finance, marketing, management, statistics and maybe basic accounting. it's probably too late for you though. economy is bad and most graduates don't have jobs. i would consider getting a masters degree in business or something
>> No. 248
also economics. it wouldnt hurt to put in a few applications but dont get your hopes up. your only hope really is if you know someone who works somewhere that can recommend you for a job in his/her company. the average length of unemployment is like 9 months or something

SAGE has been used.

File 134525032089.jpg - (27.81KB , 540x270 , baidu.jpg )
190 No. 190 hide quickreply [Reply]
Investing in the Chinanet for the fourth quarter of 2012 sounds tempting, but this lead on Baidu seems a little too good to be true. Does anybody think this could be a bubble once Google, Twitter, and Facebook are allowed in China? Article here --> http://webupon.com/social-networks/investing-in-the-chinanet-say-hello-to-baidu/
>> No. 191
the asian markets are already saturated with asian web companies. it's like origin vs steam, origin has to be significantly better than steam for you to switch. if google complied with chinese law tomorrow and resumed business, what would convince the average user to switch from baidu to google?
>> No. 192
I guess you wouldn't be able to get the day-to-day Baidu user to switch to Google unless Google had a more intuitive & functional website to offer. Would you agree that Baidu is a safe investment through that argument alone? I just don't know whether or not I should trust this company to grow as consistently as it has the past few years...

File 134326497113.jpg - (16.77KB , 480x360 , 0.jpg )
182 No. 182 hide quickreply [Reply]
I was thinking about credit score and that my credit score is bad and I feel bad. I know some of the things I should do about it like regularly deposit money into a savings account and stuff like that, but why don''t we start a discussion about credit scores, how important they are, and what to do with/about them.
>> No. 183
Get a credit card, preferably one sans fees, and don't really use it much at all. So long as you attain and pay off a balance, your credit score will improve. It's better to do this earlier on.
>> No. 184

This is excellent advice. What I do is I have several bills that are deducted automatically. I have those charged to about 3 different credit cards and I pay them every month.

So you add a layer of abstraction to paying your bills, but as long as you don't use them for anything else and you're paying the balance off completely every month you basically have credit building machines working for you.

File 134170238128.gif - (29.32KB , 215x278 , lays-kettle-cooked-mesquite-bbq.gif )
165 No. 165 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm 13 years old; how should I go about making money?
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 167
The lemonade thing is rather cliche. Anything else?
>> No. 168
Sell your body.
>> No. 169
stay in school dont do drugs drink your milk
>> No. 174
what kind?
>> No. 177
Start an ebay store. Sell whatever.

File 134120518319.jpg - (86.03KB , 480x398 , 25cityroom-elmo-blog480.jpg )
159 No. 159 hide quickreply [Reply]
925-1000.com Free database and forum on identifying silver marks.

kitco.com Pretty much the standard site for news aggregation on precious metals and precious metals market data.

Standard Catalog of World Coins 1601-1700 (4rd Ed 2008)
Standard Catalog of World Coins 1701-1800 (5th Ed 2010)
Standard Catalog of World Coins 1801-1900 (6th Ed 2009)
Standard Catalog of World Coins 1901-2000 (38th Ed 2010)
Standard Catalog of World Coins 2001-Date (5th Ed 2010)

Unusual World Coins (4th Ed 2005).pdf
Collecting World Coins, Circulating Issues 1901-Present(12th Ed 2008)

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 172

Metal Value of Coins – Base Metal, Gold, and Silver Coins
>> No. 173
File 13418271586.jpg - (48.91KB , 580x435 , fake_morgans_made_in_china.jpg )
Chinese Coin Counterfeiting

>> No. 175
File 134209134458.jpg - (82.31KB , 537x800 , 1.jpg )

File 134093391935.jpg - (263.08KB , 1000x649 , splendid pictures 061.jpg )
156 No. 156 hide quickreply [Reply]
Is it worth it to have a college degree?
How about a state college where the state is infamous for poor quality education?
>> No. 157
If this belongs in ask please move it there.
>> No. 162

I can't definitively answer that question for you, but I can tell you that in most cases it doesn't make sense financially.

I draw the line at student loans. If you can complete your degree without taking out loans, I say go for it and make the best of it. If you have to take out loans for your degree, then it is, in most cases, not worth it at all.

Student loan debt is the worst kind of consumer debt since it can't be discharged in a bankruptcy (in the U.S. at least). The thing you have to ask yourself is how much more money will you make based on having your degree? In most cases the answer is not enough to justify the interest you'll pay on your loans.

Most fields (excluding medicine and a couple others) can be self-taught for a fraction of the cost of college.

If you're industrious and make sure companies know that you're willing to work hard and eager to learn you'll have a hard time not being employed.
>> No. 163
'bout to get my degree in molecular biology. im about 5 k in debt because i bought a lot of lsd and weed with the scholarships i had and ended up messing up my gpa enough to lose out on one of my merit scholarships.

ill pay it all off by the end of the year because i networked and gave a shit as opposed to just going to class and getting high (I only did that in my lower level classes, once shit got real I was a good student.)
>> No. 170
it is good to get involved in IT and you don't have to get a degree, but you can get certifications instead. if you can get a little experience you could be on your way to a good career without a degree

File 134038179442.jpg - (27.26KB , 300x225 , stupid-kids-300x225.jpg )
154 No. 154 hide quickreply [Reply]
How much money does one really save by attending a county/community college? In the long run doesn't it cost you a larger paycheck and better job opportunities, offsetting the savings on tuition and student loans?

I guess what I'm asking is, financially speaking, what is the best way to recieve a higher education?
>> No. 155
associates at community, bachelors and so on at a state or private university
A company won't not hire you because of where you got your associates
>> No. 161

This man is correct. Do community college for 2 years, then transfer to a 4 year school. That way you get the best of both worlds.
>> No. 164
i think it costs me 2000 a year for community college, which is about half of what my universities tuition is. I lived with my rents at when I was at a CC so that was another thing.

Also, do well. You'd be surprised what kind of money can pop up just from having a decent GPA at a community college.

File 133565770865.jpg - (468.96KB , 2403x1919 , American_Cash.jpg )
112 No. 112 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
How wise or unwise do you think it is to keep your money in cash?

I have never had a bank account in my life (due to my brother losing all of his money from one without explanation); I have always kept my money in a lockbox in my house. Of course, I've never had tens of thousands to spare at a time; but now that I'm done with school and I should be getting a higher paying job, my balance has nowhere to go but up.

Does anybody else keep their money in cash? Why or why not? Is it time to give up and get a bank?
7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 141
Disadvantages as noted, inflation, theft, no interest, no FDIC, no gains from investment, maybe your house will burn down or weevils will eat it.

Advantages: Cash transactions are very private, and easy to hide from Mr. IRS.
>> No. 144
You're right. I assume OP is getting a job that will automatically withhold and report to the IRS though, so cash really doesn't have any advantages unless you're making large foreign cash investments that would be taxed heavily or something. Inflation will slaughter you if you hold cash. Treasuries are getting one SIXTH of real inflation as returns currently. You'd have to do some actual real investing to beat inflation.

From what I understand FDIC is pretty much to be used only for runs on banks when they run out of money to pay depositors and are about to fail. I don't think they have anything to do with insuring against identity theft or fraud. FDIC primarily exists to keep confidence in the banking system high. If you actually need to use it and get your money, the whole economy is pretty fucked anyway.
>> No. 146
>FDIC primarily exists to keep confidence in the banking system high. If you actually need to use it and get your money, the whole economy is pretty fucked anyway.
That's when the economy morphs from zombie into pyramid.
>> No. 147
No, someone just adds a bunch of zeros to the end of a number on a computer and your $250k is now morphed into enough to buy a 24" color tv and 3 loaves of bread.
>> No. 152
Just like the stock market the best (safest) thing you can do is diversify. Split your cash in a heavy fireproof safe in your house, and in multiple banks. Don't keep it all in cash either think about precious metals (If American I suggest waiting to buying these after the economy recovers and the price drops from where it is now), stocks (especially foreign and S&P 500), and the like.

File 13382663083.png - (388.89KB , 500x647 , 1295677678945.png )
138 No. 138 hide quickreply [Reply]
Im going to sale things online I find in vintage and thrift stores
But first I need to sale wholesale item to kick me off strong, what do you suggest
and what should I do to keep paypal from pulling dime from my asshole and colon?
>> No. 142
There really isn't any way to avoid paypal fees anymore. ebay and paypal are the same company, and you're required to offer an electronic payment method to sell on ebay, and since paypal is the most widely used method of payment by about 9999 to 1, offering any other service is going to kill your sales or fuck you up when people try to send you payment via paypal (ebay has helpfully set up everything to default to paypal payment no matter what you do) and you don't accept it, and other electronic payment services have fees of their own, so you really can't win, even if you're not selling on ebay and have an amazon account or your own website, you're going to have to offer an electronic payment method and the terms for getting a merchant account and fees from visa amex or mastercard are even worse

so basically they have your nuts in a vice with an effective monopoly on online payments for auction sites and they know it.

there are about a billion things you can make money on selling online with a high margin, but when I need to make a grubstake fast, nothing beats hitting up the local yard sales this time of year and talking people out of gold and silver

it can still be done

good luck, it's wicked competitive out there with everyone trying to find things to sell online since they can't get jobs
>> No. 145
what wholesale items do you guys recommend?
>> No. 149

>the terms for getting a merchant account and fees from visa amex or mastercard are even worse

I work in merchant services and I usually tell my clients that use paypal that it's not worth switching to our service until you have about 10k/mo volume. Before then the cost is roughly the same, but once you get about 10k a month we become radically cheaper. Also, we offer way better service than PayPal.

I could go on for hours about how much I hate PayPal, but it's not related to the thread so I'll just say if your monthly volume gets up to a consistent 10k you should get a merchant account because it will be cheaper than PayPal and offer better service if you pick the right company.

File 133743589866.png - (52.43KB , 506x350 , 15345123423.png )
129 No. 129 hide quickreply [Reply]
PayPal advice?

Hello, everyone. I'm currently in deep debt, and I do have a job, but that seems to not be enough. I'm wondering if any of you have a fast and / or efficient way of getting PayPal money.

I don't really want to beg, because I'm not that desperate.

Anyway, anyone have any advice?
>> No. 130
Don't even think about investing in making money online unless you have at least 100$ you can lose. You're doing things backwards, first get out of debt by taking a hard look at everything, cut back to the barest essentials and rebuild slowly.
>> No. 134
File 133759383418.png - (942.09KB , 1275x1650 , Bitcoins 41047 PM.png )
take a look and lurk for a day
>> No. 143
Start a chan site and ask for donations.

File 133459585852.gif - (97.34KB , 267x199 , jimmydance.gif )
100 No. 100 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Hiya fellas. I dug myself out of post-teenage school debt, a few medical expenses and I've been saving pretty damn hard for the past two/three years. Without compromising my general monthly expenses of rent, car, food, utilities, etc. I have $11,270 in a savings account doing very little for me. As of late, that number's been growing by about $375 each month depending on how disciplined I'm feeling.

So. What do I do with it? I want a house but my curious employment situation does not inspire a great deal of confidence in loan officers, substantial down payment or not. I've considered starting a commercial cleaning business but that seems like a lot more effort and risk than I'm accustomed to.

Any suggestions? What's the best use of an idle $11k?
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>> No. 108
Invest. Avoid real estate. Read up a lot. Traditionally bonds and precious metals are sort of safe havens. Place you're guaranteed to slowly grind out money vs the swing of equities. You could dump it in a CDO for probably minimal profit but no access to it. Alternatively put in an IRA if you're serious about some long term savings. I personal am a fan of precious metals. Silver is trading around the 30$ mark so you could purchase around 30oz depending on what kind of price you get. Most people would definitely encourage a diversification. Talk to your bank and maybe put 5k in a short to mid length CDO. That's half your money tied up in a pretty secure investment. Then you can read up on equities and such and figure what you want to do. Don't invest more than you can stand to lose and set stop loses for your profits. I always rather be the guy who got out pre peak and didn't get a max profit than the one who road it into the big sell off.
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Also, I don't particularly like >>108 's advice. That said, I think the one common thread you're going to find is that everyone is going to say educate yourself. At the end of the day it's up to you what you want to do with your money, and the only way to really know that is to read like a motherfucker and get financial advice from people in the industry's your looking to invest in. GOOD LUCK!
>> No. 128
Open up a Roth IRA and start buying S&P index funds (SPY is the call for the most common one). You can put up to 5k a year into it and if the returns sit there until you are 65 you won't be taxed on taking them out. If you pull them out beforehand there is no penalty, but there is the usual taxes on capital gains.
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Stock market !
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If the government doesn't mess with Roths by the time you retire.

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