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File 132902916665.jpg - (534.52KB , 1194x1687 , GaslandDVD-F.jpg )
64 No. 64 hide quickreply [Reply]
Gasland is killer documentary. I watched a few days ago, and it's exactly as funny, and interesting, and shocking and moving as a documentary should be.

I'm just surprised that none of the victims put a compressor on their water well, and started selling water-gas to their neighbors, to see how long it was before they got a cease and desist notice from the gas company.
>> No. 424
Very provocative.

What's the point of bottling? Concentration probably isn't that high and therefore couldn't be used for anything mildly demanding, not even lamp fuel. Would be more useful as evidence or even a novelty.

File 135570812887.jpg - (60.65KB , 1200x800 , Arrow_TV_Series_Green_Arrow.jpg )
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Thoughts on Arrow?
>> No. 348
It's a pretty fun watch. It's manages to maintain a surprisingly good mixture of both serious and less-serious hero stuff, which keeps it free from just being realistically gritty or comically campy like most hero stuff tends to go one way or the other on. He's a dark and realistic figure, but then he'll end up fighting Asian Lady Gaga or throwing down lines like "no one can know my secret!", and you can't help but grow a smile.

I rather dislike a lot of the 'normal life' stuff though, especially the lawyer girlfriend and the whatever his name is other guy. I really don't know why we have to follow them along as they order pizza and have talks when we could instead be watching Oliver do things.

Also, dat Windows 8 product placement. Which on the topic of such, I sorta feel sorry for that tech girl; constantly being forced to play master detective outside of her job description. I sorta wonder if she's just making up bullshit when they ask her things, and it just happens to make sense to them in weirdo superhero plotting logic land.
>> No. 353
Castle is another show that has a bunch of Microsoft product placement. It's weird. Both are good shows though.
>> No. 370
I've been hooked to Arrow. I think probably cause I was a big fan of Smallville and it reminds me a lot about that, but more serious in tone while still keeping the super hero tropes that belongs in it (like the Lady Gaga Asian). Good fun all around. Though I do admit that it just kind of throws shit at you, especially at the end of episodes. A lot of cutting between characters to wrap up their arch for the episode and doesn't give you a moment to take a breather before the ultimate climax. Still, I really enjoy it.

Speaking of Castle, that's also my other favorite show on air (my top three are Game of Thrones, Arrow, and Castle). When they started to go into the Castle/Beckett relationship I was scared because of how they went about a similar relationship with House and Cuddy (in House, obviously) but they've handled it surprisingly well. I'm interested in their relationship but it doesn't take it away. Good job on the writers part.
>> No. 398
As a long time Green arrow fan, I friggin' adore this show. It puts new twists on the concepts while still remaining faithful to the spirit of the characters and I'm guessing having actual comic writers on the show probably has a lot to do with that.

My only real fault with the show is that Green Arrow needs to be a little bit more of a hippy but I'm willing see if that's something that may develop later on.

Either way, this show is LEAGUES better than what the comic book has been recently (although I've not read it since Lemire got the writing duties).

File 134966914824.jpg - (50.73KB , 620x349 , tumblr_m9vaebtqk61rukkiao2_1280.jpg )
312 No. 312 hide quickreply [Reply]
Just watched Green Mile. First time. Good movie.

Michael Clarke Duncan's performance was fabulous. He really went balls to the wall with this character. I can see how it was a breakout role for him.

I didn't know David Morse was in this film; I always appreciated his work and he's great in it. Just pleasantly surprised me.

The depth of personality invested in these characters was simply staggering. You feel like you really know these people by the end.

A few things hold it back from being great.

Most obviously, it's too long. The last 20 minutes were particularly superfluous and failed to grab me emotionally. We didn't need to see the execution; we know what happened. He could have walked the green mile and then we see a shot of him dead afterwards.

The opening and ending showing Paul Edgecomb as an old man didn't provide anything to the story. I'm sure it is in the book and possibly they wanted to remain faithful to that, I haven't read it. But it had zero relevance to the rest of the plot and could have been cut.

It's hard to praise the depth of the characters when the film had three hours to reach that depth; other films have done it in half that time.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 313
>> Michael Clarke Duncan
He died.
>> No. 322
I've never seen it all the way through. I'm pretty sure I've seen the whole thing. Or if not the whole thing, then damn close to it, but only in bits and pieces over like a decade. Mainly because it never holds my attention. I've never bothered to rent it, only seen it on TV and whenever it's on TV it's always on for like 5 hours which is just insane. You put it very well when you said it has too much fat and meanders, OP. That's exactly why I always drift away from it and can never just sit and watch. It just feels... aimless and bloated. There are some beautiful moments, for sure, and Michael Clarke Duncan is great in it but I just... yeah.
>> No. 346
what the fuuuuuuuuck
>> No. 397
The end was needed to show that Paul and the mouse were all immortal and shit.

File 135975859585.jpg - (25.08KB , 612x413 , the americans.jpg )
372 No. 372 hide quickreply [Reply]
Anyone catch the pilot of The Americans?

Let's have a thread about it cause I kind of just caught it offhandedly on Hulu and didn't know anything about it and was immediately caught up in it.

So The Americans are about this couple that are KGB agents during the Cold War living in DC in 1981. It was beautifully tense throughout the episode. I thought it was a great take on Spy dramas, but instead I was rooting for the "enemy" as both of the characters are just incredibly likable. And the "villain" so far, the FBI agent, is also likable. It brings the same conflict to me that Breaking Bad did, where my favorite character was Hank but I was still rooting for Jesse and Walter.

I say it's worth giving a try if you like the kind of Cold War spy dramas, but also want a (and I hope it continues) deep character drama as well. I caught it on Hulu just now, so that might be the place you want to check.
>> No. 385
I think the first few episodes have been pretty decent. I think they've done a pretty good job of making a 1980s period piece without overdoing it. You can tell it takes place 30 years ago, but it still looks real and approachable to a modern audience.

File 132682163478.jpg - (61.15KB , 689x599 , Tarkovsky_v_kresle.jpg )
43 No. 43 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm making this thread again, maybe some of the new guys could actually be of help.

Help me /tvav/, you're my only hope.

I watched this movie a longass time ago, can't recall its name, its plot or most of anything about it, but I really need to watch it

again, can't really explain why.

This is what I do recall about it:

The main character was a male, skinny, loser-looking, serious. Audible inner monologue.

At some point and can't really remember how (a party perhaps?) he meets this blonde, pale, big breasted girl (if I recall correctly she had short-ish hair) and they have sex almost immediately (I remember perfectly a scene in which they're having sex and she climaxes in just a few secons, apologizes saying it's been a while since last time she had sex, and then they go at it again).

They kinda hook up for the rest of the movie, or at least for the rest of it that I can remember.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 319
cabin fever?
>> No. 373
That's uh, nowhere even near it. I mean it's a horror film, come on.

But thanks for giving me an excuse to bump.
>> No. 377
I have to say, this sounds like a movie I want to watch, so I looked around, using >>45 's keyword search link as a starting point. I found one potential that also includes the keywords "back injury", "back rub", and "fellatio" on top of the triple-keyword search I started from.

"The Opposite of Sex" from 1998.
>> No. 378
I gotta say, the woman looks a damn lot like my memory, but that's about the only thing in common it seems to have with the movie I'm looking for. The guy, for starters, didn't look like that at all, and I think the movie happened during winter.

Oh and then there's this...
>16-year-old girl
>gay half-brother
>seducing his boyfriend

Yeah no
>> No. 379
Well, you said you didn't remember too much, so I don't know WHAT to rule out.

File 135443915380.jpg - (52.89KB , 653x435 , pawnstars5_t653.jpg )
344 No. 344 hide quickreply [Reply]
/tvav/, greetings.

What is your opinion on Pawn Stars?
It has quickly become a favorite program of mine for two reasons;
One being that an elder member of my family is something of a collector herself, and I've always wondered how she'd do in the business.
The other being, I absolutely love all of the in depth shit that needs to happen for a deal to be made, and if the deal was an appropriate one or not. The economy isn't at it's best nowadays obviously, but there is a huge market for most of the stuff that is being shown on Pawn Stars, and it really gets my imagination going; where does all of this cool stuff end up? What kind of people like buying/selling this stuff? etc...

So, how do you feel about this show?
>> No. 351
apparently the woman that worked there was a former Suicide Girl.
>> No. 355
That's interesting. I'll have to look into that.

Anyway, as far as the thread is concerned, I am definitely a fan of the show. I watch it anytime I can. Chumlee cracks me up!
>> No. 357
As a rule, I despise reality tv in most forms, but Pawn Stars has a certain appeal in that I've never found a reality star whom I hate more than that bald smug fuck. I, personally, avoid the show, but when I am unfortunate enough to walk through a room in which it is being veiwed and I hear the mocking laughter of that fat flake of shit as he tries to convince someone that an item in question is worth, to him, 1/4 of its' true value, I find myself grappling with the unrational urge to punch the tv for the wistful notion that I could knock his teeth out by doing so.

That said, I prefer the Caijun spin-off.
>> No. 360
Cajun PS is cool. I definitely do like the program. But when compared to regular ol' Pawn Stars, I gotta say I gotta go with Rick and The Old Man.

However, in defense of the Cajun spin off, I tend to see "cooler looking" or "rather odd-ish" items on CPS more so than I do on PS.
>> No. 374
I guess as a guilty pleasure or a distraction from ice road truckers its not bad.

Though, I have to believe that this whole show is staged.
Or that its nowhere near as real as it makes it self out to appear to be.

File 135783606623.jpg - (270.01KB , 1395x1536 , Image15_jpg1000924658.jpg )
359 No. 359 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Normally I don't find tv to be worth a damn, but ive developed a liking for skins. It is so refreshing, a tell it like it is rendition of youth. It reminds me of so much in my life. As an american I also can appreciate the vocabulary.

Feel free to discuss any media relating to mental illnesa and delinquency itt.
1 post and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 365
>It has single-handedly spawned a generation of drug-addled morons who think life ACTUALLY happens like a TV show.
Hasn't that been happening since the late 80's though?
>> No. 366
File 135931626264.jpg - (85.13KB , 600x600 , 1328817476993.jpg )
More so since Skins came around trust me bro. You needed to be in England when the first season kicked off and you would SERIOUSLY understand where I'm coming from.

Either way my views are completely subjective and most likely contrary to other peoples since they eat this shit up. Personally though I've seen massive changes in the hivemind IRL regarding drug-use and pushing an "image". Thankfully most of it has died down but has been, nearly, replaced with all this "swag" nonsense.
>> No. 367
>You needed to be in England when the first season kicked off
Well, I was speaking form a similar point of view, only with older shows and films. And music. Think of the late 80's golden era of raves and kitchen sink shows and such.
>> No. 368
File 13593600851.jpg - (10.17KB , 320x240 , 1300861188850.jpg )
>> No. 369
I loved the first two series of Skins and that cast. I thought the cast after them was meh at best. I haven't seen it since then, though.

File 133887544242.jpg - (101.48KB , 900x600 , mannowhere6.jpg )
196 No. 196 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
So I just felt like pimping/discussing my favorite movie ever, Man From Nowhere. It's a Korean movie, and without spoiling anything it's abount a pawn shop owner that gets sort of close to a young girl (no pedo) whose the daughter of a heroin addict. Again, without spoiling anything, shit happens and she gets kidnapped.

The basis for the story isn't crazy original, but the story is well thought out and the characters are both well played and given personality. The movie starts out slow so that the characters and story can be built up, and I think this is the best thing about the movie. It's like Taken, if they had given a shit about plot or character development.

So, basically a slow start gives emotional attachment to the characters, and then shit gets intense, without ever losing sight of the story, which is my biggest gripe with revenge movies. Everything is so bland but the violence. But not in Man From Nowhere.

It's available for streaming on Netflix, so if you have Netflix you have no excuse.
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 244
File 134082859141.jpg - (17.96KB , 720x304 , The Man From Nowhere_2010_DVDRip_AC3_x264-LooKMaNe.jpg )
Thanks for the rec OP. I forgot I downloaded this a long time ago, and re-downloaded it again only to find it already on my HD. Finally watched it. Totally badass movie. I liked the kind of mutual respect and rivalry the protagonist had with the bad guy's right hand man. Made their fight scenes really interesting. I was crying manly tears when I figured out he actually saved the little girl from the surgeon and took out his eyes instead. He wasn't such a bad guy after all, he just worked for a scumbag. Still had a job to do though, so his death in that final fight scene was kind of sad.
>> No. 255
File 134190244425.jpg - (91.03KB , 300x421 , A_Dirty_Carnival_film_poster.jpg )
On the subject of amazing Korean crime movies everyone should watch this.
>> No. 273
File 134608776770.jpg - (134.22KB , 414x310 , oldboy_poster.jpg )
I saw the Man From Nowhere recently after someone recommended it. I checked imdb to see it had an excellent score of 7.9

Sadly I was a bit disappointed 'cause I thought the story had no real depth. As someone mentioned it's a revenge movie, that's all there is.
>> No. 352
File 135652006514.jpg - (85.70KB , 480x720 , Returner.jpg )
>>273 The Vengeance Trilogy is always worth watching

While not Korean, The Returner is an entertaining choice. Not a GREAT movie, but worth watching at least once
>> No. 354
wow. just watched it and loved it.

File 135582800487.jpg - (17.97KB , 450x294 , chumak.jpg )
350 No. 350 hide quickreply [Reply]
Pick a name from http://www.ubu.com/film/ then pick a film then watch it then give a short summary/review/response/what-have-you.

Bas Jan Ader - Selected Works 1970-71.
Fall 1 and 2 were alright, I'm Too Sad to Tell You did nothing for me. The Broken Falls were enjoyable too and Nightfall was ooookay.

I found it easy to watch, just little film-paintings. Dude falls off of stuff and I can accept that. It's silent so I put on some music, thought Eluvium would go nicely and it did.

File 135172728255.jpg - (55.24KB , 599x350 , breaking-bad-franch.jpg )
325 No. 325 hide quickreply [Reply]
Pick a class or genre and then share what you have worthwhile or at least meaningful.

I'll start with the class of french films I've found notable and watched recently enough to remember:

Le samouraï (1967): Classic french noir about some hired killer jerk

Le dernier combat (1983): Some jerk trying to get along with his miserable life in a apocalyptic world where no one has the basic manners to utter a full sentence. Bonus: Jean Reno is the antagonist.

C'est arrivé près de chez vous (1992): Low budget foux documentary following some serial killer piece of trash. This was a hard movie to watch and for that reason I recommend it. It isn't very often a movie can evoke emotions involuntarily for me.

Un condamné à mort s'est échappé ou Le vent souffle où il veut (1956): Based on the true struggles of some french guy realizing that life sucks when you're a nazi prisoner.

L'armée des ombres (1969): Somewhat like the last one, in that they both focus around hard french dudes surrounded by nazis but really a totally different movie with starkly different themes.
>> No. 329
Look at me, I watch French films. Am I not amazing enough to take to bed, chick at an arts exposition?

And not one La Jetée in sight. For shame

SAGE has been used.
>> No. 349
File 13557221867.jpg - (46.12KB , 640x467 , Jacques_Mesrine.jpg )
Dunno about all the pretentious art house wank, but Mesrine is fucking awesome. Two part French crime drama about the gangster Jacques Mesrine, played by Vincent Cassel. Watch it.


File 135401152876.png - (5.48KB , 750x164 , Questionmark_evolution.png )
338 No. 338 hide quickreply [Reply]
Hello /tvav/!

I saw a documentary on retrograde amnesia once, but I forgot the name of it (rimshot).

However, I remember the basics of it:

An older relative to a man has lost all his memories. Predictably, the patient is living a completley different life. Calling himself "Tii-Doo" or something equally silly. The director is trying to piece together the past, and one interesting lead is that the patient was involved in some really shady business. The conclusion being that he just wanted to forget.

Could anyone please tell me what film it is?
>> No. 345
I would suggest looking up popular individuals with amnesia. Benjaman Kyle, Henry_Molaison, etc.

Also just googling 'amnesia documentary' and related terms brings up several hits.

You might have some luck lurking around through imdb pages for Momemto or such as maybe the guy's case was an influence or something, try plotkeyword searches too. You could also try some tvtropes articles related to amnesia, as they often have fairly throughout lists.

Beyond that, dunno.

File 135260185915.jpg - (102.86KB , 640x425 , asg.jpg )
335 No. 335 hide quickreply [Reply]
ditched my tv and cable subscription.
now i watch a lot of news channels and dl tv series
here's my top 3 favorites in order

can y'all suggest others i might add to this list?
>> No. 343
russia today is like leftist fox news

and of course

File 135407948977.jpg - (54.78KB , 350x665 , Happy_d95d44_169833.jpg )
340 No. 340 hide quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 341
File 135407969521.jpg - (51.45KB , 843x403 , 22783_10152254001450634_1555103727_n.jpg )
>> No. 342
File 135407982683.jpg - (1.54MB , 1920x1200 , bruce_lee_dragons_fighter_3d_1920x1200_wallpaper_W.jpg )
and awesome

File 132764402372.jpg - (52.77KB , 620x465 , idiot.jpg )
54 No. 54 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Documentaries and the like. I've never been a huge fan, but in recent years I've found a number of them that I like.

Post about ones you like (or dislike), especially if you've just recently been watching it with your impressions.

I've always found History Channel programs to be absolute shit, personally. I saw a few episodes of the BBC's Ancient Worlds and it was pretty inspiring and all around fun. Then I decided I'd check out "SEX IN THE ANCIENT WORLD" by the History Channel, and the tone shift was unbearable. For every 5 minutes of footage I swear there was a minute of repeating the exact same footage, I guess because they want to catch channel-flipping viewers up with whatever they might have missed, or because it's a money-saver.

But then I started thinking, well, it might not be so horrible of an approach. After all, the best learning is coupled with reviewing it soon after. So, it's a balance I suppose.

I'm enjoying "An Idiot Abroad", just finished the first episode. I really disliked that Gervais/Merchant/Pilkington show where they just made fun of Karl all the time. It felt mean-spirited, but this has more of a "laughing about everything" feeling than "laughing at some guy we pick on."

I also liked March of the Penguins, but I feel kind of bad about that.
13 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 326
File 135194476696.jpg - (135.05KB , 500x750 , elephants.jpg )

>EARTHLINGS is a feature length documentary about humanity's absolute dependence on animals (for pets, food, clothing, entertainment, and scientific research) but also illustrates our complete disrespect for these so-called "non-human providers." The film is narrated by Academy Award nominee Joaquin Phoenix (GLADIATOR) and features music by the critically acclaimed platinum artist Moby. With an in-depth study into pet stores, puppy mills and animals shelters, as well as factory farms, the leather and fur trades, sports and entertainment industries, and finally the medical and scientific profession, EARTHLINGS uses hidden cameras and never before seen footage to chronicle the day-to-day practices of some of the largest industries in the world, all of which rely entirely on animals for profit. Powerful, informative and thought-provoking, EARTHLINGS is by far the most comprehensive documentary ever produced on the correlation between nature, animals, and human economic interests. There are many worthy animal rights films available, but this one transcends the setting. EARTHLINGS cries to be seen.
>> No. 327
>PETA masturbatory material by a man quickly descending into both insanity and irrelevance.

SAGE has been used.
>> No. 331
Maybe save the scathing thirteen-word critique for when you've actually seen it.

SAGE has been used.
>> No. 339
>PETA masturbatory material
They're actually quite good at it. Remember the Natalie Portman and Avril Lavigne ads?
>> No. 356
Just ignore him, he does this with anything that doesn't prove how much of an independent manly man he is and dares to actually question his lifestyle and beliefs.

SAGE has been used.

File 133514596511.jpg - (131.38KB , 500x333 , truffaut[1].jpg )
118 No. 118 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Auteur theory: dying or not?
Films, at least major/studio-made ones, seem to be becoming increasingly more committee made. Panels of writers putting together a screenplay, producers and corporate interests meddling in the final product, etc.
It seems like the director is becoming further and further removed from the final product.
For instance, take camerawork. Kubrick used to hold the camera himself. Now, you've got the cinematographer, camera operator, focus puller, camera assistants, and all of the people in the video village standing between the director and the image. And that's just in 2D.
7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 320
File 135114705430.jpg - (18.67KB , 200x300 , look at this sexy sexy sex machine.jpg )
Well, Paul Thomas Anderson seems to be going pretty strong (and looking fine as ever). And Woody Allen is still chugging right along. The quality of his output is a bit up and down, as it always has been, but he's as prolific and singular as ever. Tarantino, Aronofsky, and, on a much smaller scale, Lucky McKee. And Rian Johnson seems like he could go either way. He's got some auteur tendencies but I could also see him turn into a bit of a commercial schmuck.

Then there are the bad auteurs, like Uwe Boll and that other Paul Anderson, Paul W.S. Anderson. Their movies are shit, but I think they still fit into the singularity-of-vision requirement to qualify as an auteur.
>> No. 321
File 135114712055.jpg - (16.27KB , 447x300 , pta.jpg )
Here, I even found a picture of PTA looking all thoughtful and auteury.
>> No. 323
I always felt auter theory was the bullshit director's used to claim others' work for their own.

SAGE has been used.
>> No. 330
I wouldn't say that it is dying, but it is definitely weaker than it was when film first started. The way I see it the director should be the cinematographer as well to fully achieve the vision within his head. When you add so many people outside of him or her with a hand in the vision it changes what he see's. Yes, their job is to make the directors vision more accessable, but why not just leave it to him and let him control the camera fully. Hell most movies these day's even have second unit directors who basically direct separate scene's the director can't get to which makes no sense to me.

As for the studio's growing involvement. I think these CEO's and financiers are forgetting they aren't the one making the movie. A prime is example is Prometheus. The studio heads forced ridley scott to make changes in editing and while filming for both time and money. That isn't right. It ruins the whole movie and the final product becomes less than it could have been.
>> No. 337
To be honest, most of the time when people meddle with the director's vision it's for the better. Sure, there are exceptions and there are directors who are fantastic at what they do. But most of the time the director is to focused on mentally fapping to his own "genious" to realize that what he wants to do isn't working.

George Lucas is a prime example of this. The original Star Wars trilogy didn't end up anything like he wanted it to because of executive meddling and he was complaining about it all the time during the production of the first one. Then he got his hands free to make prequals and remakes and they turned out shit because no one was there to stop him and say "Lucas, I understand what you're trying to do, but it's just dumb".

No. 332 hide quickreply [Reply]
  There's a lot of good films coming out I can't wait to see. So let's have a general upcoming film thread.

My list is
- The Hobbit
- Hitchcock
- Lincoln
- Cloud Atlas (I know it's out, but I have yet to see it)

But of all the films I'm excited to see, Les Miserables is the one I'm looking forward to most. It looks absolutely amazing. So goddamn excited. I love both the musical and the novel, so it's a pretty big deal for me. Maybe not the best cast as far as singers go, but the way they're filming with doing the vocals live instead of pre-recorded is brilliant to me. I expect to cry like the twenty two year old male bitch I am. Do not judge me.
>> No. 333
If you can't wait, then what are you doing right now?
>> No. 334
Well, the reason I haven't seen Cloud Atlas yet is because I don't have a lot of film going friends. But I'm thinking of seeing it by myself this weekend.
>> No. 336
Hobbit, Lincoln, Skyfall. Not much else.

File 13503383284.png - (260.02KB , 361x599 , 361px-Isaacs_-_Sjaka_Koning_van_die_Zulu_(1836)_cr.png )
314 No. 314 hide quickreply [Reply]
Hello /tvav/!

I've seen a photo from a zulu production of Macbeth. The king is standing next to the three witches who are sitting on the ground. I'm not sure if it's uMabatha or not. But the image was well composed and suggestively strong.

File 13484494048.jpg - (44.59KB , 400x100 , 420streams.jpg )
307 No. 307 hide quickreply [Reply]
We're back in gear with Howlie bringing you From Beyond and other awful riffable scifi's tonight. Pack a bowl, get naked and kick back with us until the end of days.

File 134681404745.jpg - (69.77KB , 376x500 , livid_saf04.jpg )
280 No. 280 hide quickreply [Reply]
Quite a bold claim isnt it?

>> No. 281
not really, when you consider how much that site throws around hyperbole and tends to give praise to truly awful productions on a regular basis.

which doesn't mean this particular film is necessarily bad, just that BD is not a site whose recommendations I would lend particular weight to.
>> No. 282
speaking of truly awful, was that your review video op?

stop it.

File 13466141905.png - (240.66KB , 400x574 , k.png )
276 No. 276 hide quickreply [Reply]
So I fucked my sister last night..
>> No. 277

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