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File 134006516548.jpg - (108.41KB , 423x599 , 861926 - Dragon_ball_Z Mitsui-jun Son_Gohan Son_Go.jpg )
706 No. 706
does anyone know where i can get the rest of this
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>> No. 710
No, but I sure would like to know.
>> No. 716
Mitsui Jun.
>> No. 717
http://www.freetobeme.com fuck off
>> No. 756
File 134903856078.jpg - (26.77KB , 307x480 , 133885845246_shotachan.jpg )
Whether in shotacon images, written stories, any other kind of fiction, or (tragically) in real-life itself, anytime ano-rectal penetration takes place between a child or adolescent and an adult male (or between a younger child/adolescent and an older, more developed one), it is almost invariably the shota-- the younger, less-developed one, who is on the receiving end of it. It is thus the tender, young lad who is placed at far-greater risk of infection and injury and who alone bears the burden of the pain and other trauma and complications involved.

Much the same holds true for fellatio as well, where, again, it is overwhelmingly the innocent young lad who must endure the invasion of mancock into his tender mouth and the foul blasts of putrid manslime that follow. (the latter often landing on the poor tyke's face as well, and even reaching-- and stinging-- his eyes)

Having said all that, I hasten to also point-out that shotacon art is by no means limited to depictions of the brutality, predation and sadism that I have just described. One need look no further than this very board to find many images that are free of all of these. Images that portray boys in all their natural glory. Boys at full-mast, frolicking freely and safely. Many of the more wholesome shotacon images are even heart-warming and sentimental, capturing a special innocence and sweetness of boyhood.

Unfortunately, everything-- from the most innocent and wholesome to the most vile and horrific-- all of it gets lumped-together, without distinction, under the broad category of "shotacon". I know I am not alone in my frustration at this. There are no doubt others who share the views and feelings that I have expressed in this and other posts-- even if we are in a distinct minority among our fellow shotacons.
>> No. 763
I couldn't have possibly said it better or more eloquently myself, fellow Anon. I don't personally agree with those engaging in those sort of acts in real life, but shotacon art can be a beautiful thing. When it comes to the prejudices against it, I understand, but it still gets to be frustrating, feeling like I'm a sicko for enjoying it. I'd never touch or harm a child, whether he was willing or not. The stigma placed on shota makes me feel like, should I try to share a truly beautiful or simply cute picture, then I'll be branded and rejected as someone that would.

On the note of the more disturbing side of shotacon, I'll admit I can be a fan of some of it. I'm admittedly a bit of a closet sado-masochist, so I can look past some of the more disturbing aspects and find it either artistically beautiful or downright hot. When it comes to other people complaining about it though, I don't get it. I'll find some people vehemently bitching about it, only to jerk off to a picture of a 3 year old girl getting her head chopped off.... The hypocrisy of it is the most infuriating part, I think.

I hope I don't sound completely stupid saying all that, but to be perfectly honest I just had to get it off my chest.
>> No. 764
Just because you find gay sex disgusting doesn't mean it's wrong.
>> No. 776
what a bunch of delusional saps!
>> No. 813
File 140548558883.jpg - (129.66KB , 1055x961 , 1401304980527.jpg )
What Shota Needs More Of:

Symbiotic: Younger and/or less-developed and/or less-experienced/sophisticated and/or more naive/less savvy boys would be fascinated by the older/ more-developed/ more-experienced/more-sophisticatedboys and from them get a glimpse/preview of their own development to come. More-developed/older/sophisticated/experienced boys would be charmed by the cuteness/innocence/freshness of the younger/less-developed/less-sophisticated/less-experienced boys. Older boys (at least some) would also see themselves in younger who remind the older of that point in their own lives/ evoke memories.

- Some with only two boys, others with more, including full groups, classes, summer camp cabins, etc.

- Some with grown men too, some with only boys

- Ages of boys: primarily 9-16, with special emphasis on 12-15.
Could possibly also be some at least with boys as young as three or four but probably with a lower upper-limit for the ages of the oldest they would be involved with.

Older boys would be highly protective and loving of younger; sensitive, careful to make sure they are fully comfortable, fully-willing and enjoying themselves at all times; at their side to offer guidance and reassurance. The younger boys would be cherished, loved and protected by the older ones.

This would be in stark contrast to most instances of sexual activity between a child or adolescent and a considerably older and/or more developed and/or more sexually sophisticated male (whether adult, adolescent or child). In such cases, the younger one is typically used and exploited by the older one as little more than an object to satisfy his lusts. (Even in cases where there isn't obvious, overt abuse.) Among other things, this dynamic is rather dramatically evidenced by the particular form that such contact takes in the majority-- if not /overwhelming/ majority-- of cases: [see >>756 ]

In many, perhaps most, of such cases, the boy is interchangable with-- if not a second-best, easier-to-obtain substitute for -- a woman or girl. Afterall, just how different is the anus or mouth of a young human male than those of a young human female? Also note the slang term, "boy-pussy": A disturbing euphemism for the ano-rectal orifice of a boy that is standard lingo among men who (mis)use (or at least fancy) said orifice as if it were a vagina.

The special homoeroticism that is at the center of this ideal, fantasy world is the complete antithesis of the hideous reality described above. /There/: boys are used, emasculated, degraded, invaded, desecrated, defiled. /Here/: Boys and, particularly, what makes them boys: not their anal or oral cavities but their exclusively male parts; the very parts that make them boys: their glorious, tender, growing penises, testicles and scrotums, in all their wonderful variety and diversity are celebrated, cherished, extolled. Natural, wholesome, masculinity. The sexual pleasure and erotic lure is emphatically phallo-centric and teste-centric. Penises, testicles and scrotums, in all sizes, shapes and other variations; from before, into and beyond puberty, are cherished and celebrated.
>> No. 814
I have more but need to do more editing and perhaps /elit would be better a place anyway.
>> No. 825
"the tender, young lad who is placed at far-greater risk of infection and injury and who alone bears the burden of the pain and other trauma and complications involved."

You do realize it's not real right? There are no actual boys being victimized? Just checking.
>> No. 829
And what about we that were the WILLING recipient of those attentions? When I was a young shota-boy (oh, so very long ago) I discovered "mancock" and the inevitable "manslime" and not only enjoyed it, I actively sought it out. Just because you were violated and didn't like it doesn't mean that all of us didn't. When that portion of my life was over (outgrown, more like), I was able to move on, taking with me not any guilt or feelings of abuse and violation, but rather warm and wonderful memories of mutual satisfaction and momentary love. Even if they WERE pederasts (or pedophiles depending on your personal definition), they weren't doing anything to me that I didn't want them to.
I miss those days. That was the best spring and summer of my life.
>> No. 837
File 143269172197.jpg - (34.75KB , 599x560 , CFabs8wUMAEH0MD.jpg )
These were posted to Mitsui Jun's twitter like a week ago.
>> No. 838
File 143269173262.jpg - (32.96KB , 517x482 , CFadZhtUkAACe9q.jpg )
>> No. 839
File 143269174484.jpg - (42.01KB , 600x507 , CFbErRpUEAEOxAY.jpg )
>> No. 840
File 14326917524.jpg - (31.22KB , 599x472 , CFae8PaUIAA6LjK.jpg )
>> No. 841
File 143269177615.jpg - (31.17KB , 494x530 , CFaeb1aVEAIpdpG.jpg )
>> No. 842
Totally rude lol.

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