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File 132514709963.jpg - (33.67KB , 593x395 , caught-in-the-act.jpg )
352 No. 352
Sorry to bug you guys, but I'm desperately curious where the sm/ (shotacon) portion of this site went? Any info, please post! In the meantime, please dump teen yaoi here!
>> No. 353
I think we got rid of it months ago on legal grounds. Same as the infamous /loli/ board.
>> No. 354
huh, really. I guess it's a big risk, especially considering how Canada hates it. 2 young men (twins) did time for possessing shotacon material. But in the usa, it's legal from what I'm told. I hope they kept the postings on another site, that was alot of material.
>> No. 355
So... if this thread doesn't really go anywhere for you guys, I encourage the mods to delete it. Apart from that, I have a question for you yaoi boys out there. To what degree would you consider yaoi unacceptable reguarding age/appearence? I've watched some anime and noticed that it's men and teens 16+, but I've always enjoyed art depicting younger teens. I would imagine such depictions would be out of the yaoi realm and considered more like shotacon. Still, Naruto at 14ish makes me hard as steel. x3
>> No. 358
fear is killing shotacon. the FBI doesnt give a crap about drawings.
>> No. 359
Very true... I'd like to see the worst they could do to alleged 'assimilated child pornography', like seriously, shota isn't even life like, it's obviously a fantasy that's completley harmless to childeren. Yet Canada made it illegal, even though drug paraphernalia and allegations are very legal. Even smoking pot is legal in Canada, it's just 'possession' of more than a certain amount gets you ticketed.
Yaoi is legal, but I've noticed alot of censorship done on animes, which really is a shame.
>> No. 362
Speaking as someone who was arrested for importation of a single manga book in Canada, no, shota material isn't legal here. Unless they did it fairly recently.
>> No. 373
really? Thank you for that. I'm glad to know it's not uncommon, people reading shota mangas. It must've sucked, going to prison... how long were you arrested? (damn fuckin' police!)
>> No. 415
I know this is a stupid question but did anyone save the shota stories thread from the now defunct shota board? I haven't found another one as good on any of the other chan's boards.
>> No. 709
if it moves and breathes its ok in my book
>> No. 757
Wow. It's your lucky day. I archived it on a netbook at the time so the PDF looks a little weird, but I actually have the whole thread you're asking about.

>> No. 758

Thank you! I found an archived version of the page here: http://web.archive.org/web/20100701144959/http://www.99chan.in/sm/res/7159.html but It wasn't as complete as yours. Also, 7chan has a decent thread going but I'm sure you already know about it. Thank you again!
>> No. 835
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