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mydick.mov by sloth - 10/04/20 @ 04:03 PM EDT #

i found an old 99chan backup. sort of trying to remember how the fuck this clusterfuck of turds ever ran.

this is a discord that some people from the day use.

some things are broken, notably any kind of posting. this backup is from when i was not writing things so dunno lol. figuring it out.

Stay tuned for good things by kod - 09/02/15 @ 06:54 PM EDT #

We're moving datacenters, we're temporarily on a backup connection. Sorry for the downtime!!


Welcome Back Everyone!

99 Revamp by rickb - 08/21/15 @ 02:57 AM EDT #

99chan is undergoing a tremendous growth in traffic (not easy to tell by looking at /b/.. But for the sake of servers not burning up hard drives or nics we're moving to a new framework. This has been asked by the community for years, long before I became an admin but now we've made near complete progress. https://99chan.org/beta is the address, check it out, abuse it, post it, test it. It needs polished but all and all it's faster, safer and a step into the future from our shitsaba framework. There is a thread in /b/ discussing it as well. Don't worry, we won't lose content as I've coded a migration script and already sync'd the site up to a few hours ago to test. The two are not linked so feel free to screw around. Auto spam detection and captchas are in use so tread lightly as bans ARE linked across the two sites. :) Please provide feedback in the /b/ thread, it will be moved to tttm shortly but in the interest of getting quick and meaningful opinions it's location in /b/ is sufficient. Thanks! Nigga

Domain Renewal is important, you guys. by Found - 06/14/15 @ 06:43 PM EDT #

So.. Uh.. Yeah, let that be a lesson to all you kids out there, check your e-mails and renew your domains well in advance of their expiration. It'd take a real idiot to not do those things though..

Pic Related: My reaction when I was blamed for not renewing the domain.

POAST MOAR by ntnix - 06/07/15 @ 02:56 AM EDT #


Shit by rickb - 05/15/15 @ 06:24 PM EDT #

So 99chan is going pretty well. Continuous circle jerking on /b/ and many other features. Come on irc too. It isn't Christmas circa 2014 anymore so I figured a news update was due. Shit is fun.

Happy Holidays from 99chan by ntnix - 12/21/14 @ 02:56 AM EST #

Happy Holidays from the bastards at 99chan

So have a good Christmas, Holiday or whatever. Or don't.

Fixs n' things by ntnix - 12/08/14 @ 12:43 AM EST #

Hello all,

I added and fixed some embed code for the site; Youtube, Vimeo, LiveLeak and Soundcloud are available to embed on boards that support it. I know we had Youtube already but I moved it to HTML5 which should cut down on the loading times. The others should be in HTML5 as well.

In addition I moved the default style back to Paisley. I figure the old 99chan theme still looks good even today, if you don't think so, well, don't use it. I don't care. Also I put the old drunk gentlebot logo back in, thanks to Atticus for finding it.

WebM support for gifs and the like will be added shortly, I know webms exist already on here but I will be converting the existing gifs and new animated gifs to webm using code that's available. If you have suggestions and/or problems with anything, please don't hesitate to drop me a PM in irc. I idle in there alllll day.



WEBM SUPPORT by rickb - 08/09/14 @ 03:31 PM EDT #

So I got bored and coded in some very half assed support for webm videos, the current player requires you to right click on the thumbnail preview and hit play, I know that is a lot to ask you know the whole clicky clicky thing but it's all good I think. Soon enough we'll introduce an easier way just to hit play. BUT FOR NOW JUST RIGHT CLICK AND HIT PLAY YOU LAZY DRUNK CANADIAN FAGGOTS <3 All fixed, we have controls now. Fuck flash forever, hail webm!

VERY SORRY FOR DOWNTIME YES? by ntnix - 07/24/14 @ 07:05 PM EDT #


Sunday, June 8th, 8pm E/5pm P: NFL-Style Personal Board Draft by wharrves - 06/04/14 @ 05:56 PM EDT #

Okay, so, we've talked about doing this for a long time. Basically, we have a bunch of mods and admins right now and very few boards that have direct oversight. Things have been pretty good here lately since getting the domain back, but one of the things that made many of the topic boards so healthy and fun back in the day were people like Casanova, Lucif3r, Klapaucius, Graywilde etc. making the board sticky and posting frequently in there as the resident champion and expert of the board. So basically, everyone who is some kind of staff right now is going to have the chance to have their own board where they rule with an iron fist and throw at least one thread/reply a week out there, or whatever. It's a pretty fun and rewarding thing to sort of have your own personal website that you help grow and shape and shit and I know that all of you are up to the task.

That being said, we have specialists here who are exempt from being voluntold to do this:

Programming group: duchess, ntnix, rickb, vauxie

Hyperactive Always-logged-in CP Detection team: Klapaucius, Found

Semi-retired Former Site Architects Who Have Earned the Right to Do Whatever They Fucking Want: Regs, Gray, Pinkerton

Additionally, a bunch of those guys are going to be there this weekend to take on the extra work because they think it will be fun, anyway. Here's the thing though: There are no hard feelings here, but if you aren't on those lists and you're an admin or mod, you don't have to do this, but.. well.. we have shitload of mods/admins and if we have to mint more to take boards while people continue to sit on site access and not do anything, I would expect to have your credentials deleted within seven days. If you can't make it on Sunday, let me know in irc, or email [email protected]

So be there this Sunday nice and early after 5pm Eastern to get the board you want. We'll figure out a fair, random order to make picks in so that everyone has the chance to take something that they like. The only boards that already have owners are /calc/, /fitfa/, /mu/, and /tvav/.

Thanks, wharves

I'm a gay bird. by rickb - 05/27/14 @ 08:48 PM EDT #


I officially renounce the gay bird; For too long we've lived under the tyranny of the gay bird, this gay bird has corrupted rickb who has finally been made aware and his insanity cured by removing the gaybird from the main logo rotation dir.
I cannot tolerate this gay bird, I cannot tolerate being a gay bird and I am trying to stop being a gay bird. You cannot imagine how hard it is to be a gay bird in the closet, threatened with guns while just trying to be a gay bird.
I am a recovering gay bird, please, show me support and love as I cannot be 'gay bird' on my own.
Gentlebot glory has been restored in two candid poses, post often.

Site Maintenance by rickb - 05/16/14 @ 05:15 PM EDT #

As you've probably noticed the site has been shit today, well it is like that because we install some SSD's on our webnode. So now it's all fast and shit

Sorry about all of that.

New Creepy Board by Lucif3r - 04/17/14 @ 03:23 AM EDT #

We now have an incest pornography and fetish board under the Adult Entertainment section /mombjguy/ because we were legally obligated to do so

Heartbleed by rickb - 04/09/14 @ 08:07 PM EDT #

Just to reassure the 7 people who frequent 99chan... lol.
99chan was affected by the Heartbleed vulnerability, we did immediately act and patched all 6 of our servers as quickly as possible, we found out about the vulnerability before it went public and every script kiddie in town was trying to figure out how to script something that pulled raw memory and put it in some readable form. So yeah, shit is fixed and 66% of the internet was affected.
We have no reason to believe that anyone cares or did retreive any of our data. But if you run a linux server that utilizes OpenSSL (like all of them) get your shit patched asap, this is by far the worst vulnerability in terms of fall out that I've ever seen.

Blocks by rickb - 04/05/14 @ 11:49 AM EDT #

Do you have autism? Do you like placing blocks? Then why not come and play minecraft! You can satisfy all your repedetive action needs whenever you want. Your mom wont let you borrow her credit card? That's no problem as SWIM is hosting a free version so anyone can play. Details: Server - mc.faggotry.org:25765 DynMap - http://mc.faggotry.org:25766 Maek blox! Talk to any of the admins in game to get build permissions or come on our irc channel and we can add your name before you play.

99chan.org is a thing once more by ntnix - 03/31/14 @ 03:28 PM EDT #

Gather around children, I will tell you a story.

Once ago there was a sacred artifact that came into existence. The org. The org allowed whoever sought it to travel to a far off land. In this land lay beings who discussed various magical things with one another as these beings like the travelers were indeed too, travelers. The org was a beacon of light who shined throughout the far and distant lands. It was a maker. It brought joy, pain, love, hate, fun, boredom and many more things into the lives of the people.

Then one day, the beacon, the org's light; was taken.

The path that it lit was obscured. Confusion. Where did the beings meet now? Was it in the same place? The light once showed us the way but now we have to follow the moonlight, the whispers of others who know of the path. But there is no light anymore. Those who come to the realm of 99chan now have to follow many paths. Never was it the same.

But one evening; fate, hope, luck and the alignment of the planets changed all that. The prayers and the chants of a savior were answered In an act of swift biblical proportions. The org was re-lit, to burn once more. A euphoric sense of ecstasy was brought to the beings of 99chan. "We have found the way they home!" was echoed throughout the land. The light of the org burns strong once again.

99chan lives again.

Post-Reply bug fixed and stuff by ntnix - 03/28/14 @ 05:59 PM EDT #

Hi 99chan, I (ntnix) would like to say Hello, second I would like to say that I fixed the bug with the post reply, What is that? When you would click on a post to quote it's post number it had a habit of just making a huge hyperlink train and not put it in the message, well I squashed that bitch. So yeah, you can quote reply ids now. Second I would like to say that we have a mumble which we share with 1 and 7chan. The mumble is:


If that doesn't work try mumble.7chan.org:64738
Stay tuned for some more awesome updates!

Paisley by rickb - 03/27/14 @ 11:30 PM EDT #

Yes. Enjoy.

/do/ is back by rickb - 03/14/14 @ 09:11 PM EDT #

After doing some soul searching and shit we have decided to bring /do/ back! Please follow the rules and shit, don't post things in bad *faith* and fapfapfap

CloudFlare bitches by rickb - 03/13/14 @ 02:04 PM EDT #

We're on CF now, so the likelihood of getting DDoS'd is VERY low since we have awesome protection now. This will help make 99chan more stable over all. We also have a brand new dedicated server that will meet our needs for many more months, we outgrew our spider web of VDS's and raspberry pi's.

I ask everyone to take a look around, let us staff know in IRC or in /tttm/ if you see anything weird going on.

Have fun and enjoy your newer, faster and greener 99chan.

Shit V2 by rickb - 02/25/14 @ 07:42 PM EST #

So shit is stable again, we cleaned up some boards, got rid of some pointless shit and fixed some problems all in one fell swoop. Things are stable, we're also doing nightly backups that go to two locations, one out of the US and one inside of the US. TTTM was cleared out to start anew, anyway all of that shit is just historical "THE SITE IS BROKE" shit and drama from le split.

So now I promise two things, 99chan will stay up until zombie Obama takes over the internet and harvests all of our servers for gold and silver AND

We'll never lose another image or thread as long as 99chan exists, I am very confident about the new platform we're on and our backup practices.


Private Email by rickb - 02/24/14 @ 01:09 AM EST #

We now have a private email (secure, proxied outside of the country and completely SSL'd We ask for a small donation to get an account, please request in #99chan on irc. We'll give it to you for free but a small donation for a sweet email with the domain logmenot.net

Please enjoy this private email reserved for 99chan users.


Board Consolidation by wharrves - 02/23/14 @ 11:57 PM EST #

Alright, The time has finally arrived ( TUESDAY, FEB 25 ) to merge some of these boards together. We've been talking about it basically for fucking ever, so it might as well happen. Don't worry though, we're going to make it as painless as possible. Basically, we're not going to be deleting anything. 95% of boards to be dropped are going to have their content moved to a new board, and you will be able to post there, just as you always did on the old board. We're just going to expand the parameters of allowed content there and bam: you'll have an increase in the number of people viewing and replying to your threads. In order to help you know where you need to be to find your thread, ntnix, a based fucking admin, is going to set shit up so that attempting to navigate to the old board will automatically forward you to the consolidated board where your shit now is. Also, we're going to hook up moderators to the boards that visit them more than once a year, so you'll have someone with an interest in the board around watching it, and hopefully using it and making shit fun for you as well. If you have any questions about any of this, please see the thread in /99/ (soon to be moved to tttm, by the way) or hop on irc. Best regards, wharrves

New Old Management by rickb - 02/22/14 @ 09:13 PM EST #

'Sup everyone. So 99chan is back in full force. We had to upgrade our server infrastructure to handle all the load generated by all ya'll niggas downloading all our porn and amusing yourself with our witty items on /b/ and whatnot. I wanted to take a minute to introduce our core staff.

We have Wharrves: Wharrves is a cool ass homie straight outta the heartland. He enjoys skull fucking spammers and shit posters and in his spare time likes to take long walks on the lake since he's jesus and can walk on water.

There is also Ntnix: Ntnix saved 99chan from absolute devestation by stepping up with his wallet and getting us the web node we were in dire need of (can't push a TB of traffic a day with no / a shitty server!) We all love ntnix and he is Jesus too.

Rickb is an alien porn on the planet Omicron Persei 8. He's kept 99chan up and running throughout all of the blasphemy. Rickb is also a faggot and has a lovely ass.

Solidus is a champion of the Netherlands, he knows his cars even though they're Euro cars that can only go 17 miles per day. He's a great admin.

We can't fucking forget regs, regs hosts an irc leaf and our main link to the irc combine he is an oldfag on a fucking mission. We all love regs and his tight ass.

Last but NOT least we have Klapaucius, far more active than any of us faggots, Klapaucius has maintained our boards with vigilance and professionalism for years. Klapaucius is the personification of 99chan and we love him very much for this.

This is our team, our team is strong and mostly have large penises, we don't take shit but we're fair. Make requests, ask for shit, apply to be a mod.

We love our great community, So my babies please, we on an unmetered 100mb line burstable to a fucking gigabit SO USE THE DAMN BANDWIDTH ya'll cray ass honkies.


The Management

SHIT by rickb - 02/02/14 @ 02:49 PM EST #

So we had a major issue with our datacenter, actually two. We had bad drives on both of our dedi's so... We lost a bunch of images between Feb 1st and December 6th. I'm working on getting things backed up but just so you know, if you had a super fucking amazing post, repost it.

Secret Santa by rickb - 01/09/14 @ 09:17 PM EST #

The Secret Santa thread has been moved to /99/ FYI

IRC Mergerness by rickb - 01/02/14 @ 11:55 PM EST #

Movin' on up, to the east side to a deluxe apartment on 1chan and 7chan's IRC. We're all merged now, it is finalized, if you want to connect to irc, nothing has changed, but you'll also be able to get onto #1chan and #7chan from #99chan. Love it, cool people, good times and a flash back to a long time ago! SWEET! :) Love rickb

Servers Yo by rickb - 12/22/13 @ 02:40 PM EST #

We got another server donated to us! This donator wishes to remain anonymous but we now have two servers is an awesome and very kind datacenter in Austin Texas. I will be creating a clustered setup soon and it will be great, posting time is already down to 3/10ths of a second! For right now these servers will server as our backup servers, waiting on the bench incase of an outage.

hypocrisy by rickb - 12/17/13 @ 10:43 PM EST #

I've upgraded 99chan to nginx after being staunchly against this migration I decided to do it for fun and holy shit, the site is way faster. It's at least 80% faster, give it a post, pretty awesome. On a side note, if you have a website, upgrade to nginx because it is built to mitigate buffer overflow and timeout attacks by default. LOVE IT

TOR by rickb - 12/16/13 @ 08:47 PM EST #

We now block tor entirely, at a ISP / router level. Due to a DDoS attack that didn't actually take us down, it just sent me annoying emails about addresses being blocked due to hitting 300 connections. THANKS A LOT NOW I HAVE 780 EMAILS TO ARCHIVE. But yeah, we now block tor. Love Rickb

SSL and /dawww/ by rickb - 12/15/13 @ 02:43 PM EST #

So we have SSL, we also have /dawww/ back by popular demand, no idea why it was deleted in the first place. But there happens to be a super cute Panda waiting for your viewing. I hope you enjoy secure Panda's here on 99chans.

Network Update by rickb - 12/01/13 @ 09:54 PM EST #

Hello people.
So basically kod has split from the network and formed her own network. I wish her luck with all future endeavors and hope all is well. 99chan will remain up and awesome in the mean time.
The IRC server address is still what it was, irc.99chan.org.
Hop on IRC if you have any issues with the site.

Scheduled Downtime by duchess - 11/18/13 @ 09:36 PM EST #

I'm posting this to let everyone know the site might be a little flaky this weekend while the dev team does some work on our deployment procedure. We're scheduling 9am-5pm PST as time that we'll be working on things so if the site is a little flaky then you know why. -duchess

defend your favorite board by twobutts - 11/16/13 @ 01:55 PM EST #

99chan has too many low-activity boards. if you want your favorite board to stick around, make your case. any board that isn't spoken up for will be a strong candidate for deletion.

Reminder by kod - 10/30/13 @ 06:46 PM EDT #

Smoke weed

New Logo Plz by Pinkerton - 10/14/13 @ 08:06 PM EDT #

In case you guys haven't noticed, ol' Gentlebot's image is getting a bit long in the tooth. He needs a revamp. Something longer, harder, girthier, and maybe slathered in mayo. Shit, I don't know.

The point is, 99chan is moving towards greater horizons (or something like that) and with the technical advancements we've been making, it feels like we should shed some of the vestiges of "old" 99chan. The current logo is really the biggest remnant, and it needs to go.

That's where you come in, 99chan-user-who-fancies-himself-an-artist. Think you can make one better? Post it in this thread. After an arbitrary amount of time, one of us will pick what we think is the best. Or maybe we'll select a few and let you vote. I don't know yet.

There's only a few rules.
1.) The logo must feature Gentlebot somehow.
2.) The logo must not use that faggy awful Affliction-looking font. Ew. Use a good typeface if you're putting "99chan" in there.
3.) It must be the same size (or aspect ratio) as the current logo.

That's it. Leave your mark! Or something inspirational like that.

Oh, and a new favicon.ico would be super rad too.

If we pick your shit I'll give you a custom token or some shit like that.

Relevant Thread

Community Update by rickb - 10/14/13 @ 06:19 PM EDT #

Kod recently purchased a super fast 400MHz HP-UX server that will be our new web server, we grew concerned that our ageing raspberry pi cluster infrastructure was becoming inefficient as the SD cards hurt our fingers when we replace them, also we're upgrading from a 3G hotspot to a 4G hotspot!

Ok in real news! We are running a art galera clustered mysql infrastructure! This was needed, tonight you'll notice a big speed boost in posting and everything else.. The reason posting as been so slow is due to us having to tunnel our mysql shit over ssh because hosts find it necessary to QoS us on an application level, gay.

So basically shit will be faster, if you scroll down you'll see the new server Kod purchased and another dedicated piece of hardware is on the way, we're growing so fast we're just trying to keep up with the demand so with over 250K uniques a month and over 5,000,000 hits a month we're actually doing pretty good uptime and speed wise!

As always thanks for making 99chan one of the best communities out there!

Yeeeeaaaa by gray - 10/05/13 @ 03:43 AM EDT #


new xeon server i bought by kod - 10/03/13 @ 12:32 AM EDT #

We got some new hardware fuck yeah expect good things

Also, check this fucking shit out http://www.tjoonz.com/dubstep/bassnectar-immersive-music-mixtape-side-two/

Boards by rickb - 09/30/13 @ 09:16 PM EDT #

We have unanimously decided that starting next week that all boards will be consolidated into /board/ and that we are also introducing a new frame on the right side of the page to increase user productivity. Also, on a side note we will be removing all CSS due to unforeseen graphical situations. Please be patient as we migrate all of our systems to Oracle™ DB and relocate to our new datacenter, please donate all proceeds to this address as it is our new datacenter: Fort Meade, Maryland, U.S.
Thank you for your donations as they have allowed us to purchase a support contract from Oracle™ We direly needed to purchase this because in the event of more than 3 concurrent connections our Oracle™ DB locks up and requires remote assistance using gotomeeting.

Thank you,

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND by Lucif3r - 09/23/13 @ 08:23 PM EDT #

/fc/ has been split back up into /reich/ and /cccp/! So you totalitarian fuckwads don't have to share the same bathroom anymore <3 don't say the jews never did anything for you /reich/

Subtle encouragement by kod - 09/17/13 @ 07:28 PM EDT #

I have increased the amount of visible replies and threads per page to encourage more user interation with discussions occuring on the site. Please let me know if it sucks and I should die by making a thread in /tttm/! Thank you! <3

Images missing by kod - 09/13/13 @ 11:34 AM EDT #

Howdy! If you ever experiance some bullshit with missing images it's probably because we aare doing all sorts of wierd stuff on our current setup, but not to fear! We will be switching out hosting to even stronger faster dedicated servers soon. We already have a great one cranking away coordinating a cluster of nodes but we are always looking for better solutions. I apologize for any inconviniences i might have cause by pressing > instread of < when doing some manual syncs.

Speed by kod - 09/12/13 @ 08:21 AM EDT #

Rick replaced a lot of deprecated PHP funtions and now the site goes really fucking fast. We are planning on compiling up to the latest PHP with -march=native pretty soon once we do some more code cleanup, so posting will soon be nearly instant. <3

THANK YOU TWOBUTTS by kod - 09/08/13 @ 03:02 PM EDT #

Me and rick got a new css style working for the site, hope you guys enjoy! Go ahead and report any bugs you find in /tttm/ and we will work on fixing them asap! <3 EDIT: One of our IRC regulars made some more nice changes to the style, and I wanted to say thank you! Without you, the user, 99chan would be nothing, so thank you for being a part of this wonderful site and have an excellent day everyone! <333

duckling /do/ by kod - 09/02/13 @ 09:41 PM EDT #

I have configured /do/ so that it does not host any content. It cannot be DMCA'd. If you still want to use it go right ahead. Working on a better solution to this, give me some time. If you want it faster donate by coming into irc and sending a pm to kod or rickb. In the meantime make some torrents of you shit, buy a community seedbox and get seeding. Don't worry, a backup of /do/ exists and it may return someday soon. Have a nice day and remember to make a nice thread in /tttm/ calling us losers and idiots! <3

/do/ by rickb - 09/02/13 @ 05:21 PM EDT #

/do/ has gone bye bye. People kept doing the same things over and over and over and over and no amount of admining / modding could keep the content down long enough. We've done our due diligence, the users of /do/ did not. We've issued dozens of warnings on this board and it was our ONLY problem board so yeah, it is gone, don't bother a /tttm/ post it isn't coming back.

Attention Copyright Holders by kod - 08/21/13 @ 01:04 PM EDT #

Hello and good afternoon!


We are fully legally compliant with the DMCA and we provide a simple contact form located at the bottom of every single page on 99chan, located at https://99chan.org/dmca/contactform.php and you can directly email us at [email protected] or [email protected] HOWEVER please keep in mind that technology is not always reliable, and as such it may take a while for a DMCA notification to reach us. With that in mind, I have created /dmca/ which is a board dedicated to DMCA and other copyrighted material removal requests. Administrators and moderators are also available for a live chat reachable by using the Internet Rely Chat link in the menu or by navigating to 99chan.org/irc/ or using a client such as kiwiirc, mibbit or mIRC at the address irc.99chan.org. We want to work with you, we want a great experience for our users and server takedowns are the last thing we need, as a small community oriented site. We do not support, condone, encourage or tolerate posting copyrighted materials or linking to them, and even though the latter is technically legal since we would not be the host of the content we are more than happy to work with you to remove offending content. We just had a situation get resolved live over the phone with one of our admins and we strive to offer the best for EVERYONE involved, including copyright holders. Our point is that we are open to dialog and discussion of the content on our site and we are more than willing to hold up our end of the bargain as administrators and moderators. In the past there may or may not have been a slightly different attitude towards copyright holders but we are currently VERY FRIENDLY :) and we want everyone involved to come away from an experience with our site satisfied and happy. If for ANY REASON you cannot get into contact with is, it is likely only a minor glitch and we recommend you use one of the many methods of communication available to contact us.

Thank you and have an excellent, legally compliant day!


FUCKING REPORT SHIT WHEN YOU SEE IT PLEASE! We count on you to keep this site running in tip top shape, and it's not all that hard to tick the checkmark and press the report button along with a simple reason. Please don't post blatantly copyrighted materials, and if you get your post deleted or banned, IT IS FOR A REASON AND STOP REQUESTING OR POSTING SHIT. We like to let people off with slaps on the wrist but if lawyers keep contacting mothers and daycares of friends of 99chan admins and hiring people to find/follow us shit is going to change really quick around here. This is a safe place to post and read discussion regarding a wide variety of topics, and since we allow anonymity we are a bit of a lightning rod for a lot of types of people with a lot of intentions, so please keep the community in mind when you post. We want to keep things running smoothly FOR YOU, THE THE USER! We are a for the people, by the people community first website and chat server, and we want to keep it that way. On a similar note, mods please mod the shit out of porn boards as they are the vast majority of the attention our site receives, both in terms of legal attention and traffic (even if nobody posts we push terabytes monthly). Servers are expensive, costs are entirely out of pocket currently, my pocket, so I would love it if we can all have a great time together.

Thanks again everyone, I love you little motherfuckers so much and I will bend over until my back breaks to keep this site going, so I'd also like to say I appreciate all the work everyone else does to make this site awesome, both in staff and users.

<3 I hope everyone has a nice day! <3

Copyrighted Materials by rickb - 08/20/13 @ 11:53 PM EDT #

We just got a DMCA takedown notice that killed one of our servers, one of our good ones. When you see something and post it, please look into it a bit more and try to determine if you're using it in good faith? I know this seems redundant but it'll help us.

Giving back to you, the user! by kod - 08/20/13 @ 05:14 PM EDT #

Thanks to recent developments, 99chan is fully ssl compliant with a verified certificate and stable hosting across multiple nodes, with all nodes working in unison to run the site. Since that huge hurdle has been passed, we are all starting to think about ways to focus on the site that arn't technical. Meowphine presented a WONDERFUL idea of a 99chan raffel! The way it would work would be you post in a thread with unique poster IDs and that would be your ticket in a drawing for prizes like cash, a vps, 99chan apparel.... soemthing. We will work out details later on, but this is a good way not only to drum up some more activity on the site but also to give back to you guys for making the site what it is. Without you it would be a cold lifeless, postless barren wasteland, so thank you! And thank meow for looking out for you guys and having a huge generous heart <3 Meowphine <3 forever.

420blazeit yolo

Paisley by kod - 08/20/13 @ 03:08 PM EDT #

Paisley is a little bitch whore slut and needs to be rewritten to comply with our SSL policy, and as such it has been disabled as the default page style. If you want it for your board please contact an administrator. if you want to use it as a user please select it from the drop down style selector manually.

Thank you!

RICK FIXED IT! PRAISE RICK! he really worked hard on all that, I saw his hair literally turning white when he was working on it. He does an awesome job with stuff that just has me baffled. Paisley works again and has been reenabled on select boards and is fully ssly compliant! :)

New considerations by kod - 08/19/13 @ 12:24 AM EDT #

Hello! The 99chan administration team has always paid out of pocket for the community to enjoy and apreciate our servers, and we will always continue to do so. In the past, we have had discussions concerning unobtrusive textual and perhaps image advertisment content in some of the "empty space" around the site. We promise NEVER to affect user experiance, and anything below the posting fields I personally consider off limits to advertisers. We will never allow pop up ads, autoplaying videos or music, malicious javascript or keyword hovertext ads. We care about our userbase and you are always the top priority.

Tokens by kod - 08/18/13 @ 03:50 PM EDT #

Some tokens have been lost, who the fuck knows why. Nothing of value was lost, but if you want tokens readded for you come find me or another administrator in irc and work something out. Most of them still work, so whatever..

99chan back under proper management by rickb - 08/16/13 @ 10:06 PM EDT #

99chan has been combatting shitty shitty shitty issues with invalid SSL certs, random problems, all sorts of horse shit. rickb and kod have removed the offending 99chan admin so the users of 99chan can enjoy 99chan rather than wonder if the site will actually work when they go to it.

Kod and I are dedicated to making sure that 99chan works and is reliable. All services are back up, all posts are up to date and nothing was lost on the migration. The offending admin not only caused the problems but also refused to fix them, citing authority when he had none. 99chan will now function like a fine oiled machine. Live long and prosper.

Thanks to localhost solutions www.localhostsolutions.com for donating us an AWESOME dedicated server so that we can better serve you.

INVALID SSL CERTIFICATE by rickb - 08/11/13 @ 10:55 PM EDT #

Don't worry, Maverick spent all his money on crack and some meth and forgot to pay for our shit. So our SSL cert is invalid. It will be fixed soon. Don't worry, we don't collect logs and we don't sell info to the NSA.

by gray - 08/08/13 @ 04:40 PM EDT #

You should seize the day too, tbh..

by gray - 08/07/13 @ 07:02 PM EDT #

Seize the night, fools.

>.> by gray - 08/07/13 @ 05:28 PM EDT #

Whispers on the net..

Motherfucking radio is back by kod - 07/23/13 @ 06:43 AM EDT #


New CSS by kod - 07/04/13 @ 09:35 AM EDT #

Hi! I added a bunch of new styles to the site, if you would like to make some that would be awesome! Post them in /99/ if you care to make them. If all you wish is to enjoy some crappy css just use the drop down bar, it actually works! Fancy that! Have a wonderful 4th of July and smoke cops kill pot

IRC Shenanigans by rickb - 07/02/13 @ 08:04 PM EDT #

Nevermind it is all fixed.

SSL by rickb - 06/27/13 @ 10:37 PM EDT #

So we have SSL now. Some of the tokens are hard coded for http:// instead of https:// (*cough* maverick *cough*) you will automatically be redirected to https:// even if you use an http:// link, all things work and you have a mostly NSA free 99chan now! Have fun and shit.
Nope, oh's fault. -Maverick

sage by kod - 06/23/13 @ 11:04 PM EDT #

Happy Birthday 99chan

happy birthday 99chan ~meowphine

Good job on all the posts. It's been a short 5 years full of fun and bullshit, here's to another 10. Go get fucked up tonight or something!

Here is a live feed of the 99chan server engineer team tonight

I FIXED IT by kod - 06/19/13 @ 07:05 PM EDT #

Something is broken, we know, we are fixing it. EDIT: I fixed it <3

MOAR BANNERS by rickb - 06/16/13 @ 10:05 PM EDT #

So we need more banners and logos. We're accepting community submitted ones, if you make a good one it'll go on the site within a day. MAKE BANNERS PLS WE LOVE YOU. If you need specs like size and file size and shit just hop on irc (irc.99chan.org) Learn IRC!!! Go here for help

and go here to post your banners / logos. be creative and we will give you fancy things.

Fuck yeah,


Fuck. by rickb - 06/08/13 @ 11:52 PM EDT #

For real, the shit is fixed and all the boards are actually working again. I promise this is the last time we'll have board death unless the world ends or some shit.

New potatoes installed! by maverick - 06/08/13 @ 11:51 PM EDT #

Sorry about the downtime, the potatoes we had hooked up to the ol' TI-84 were getting a bit mouldy so we had to swap them out for some new ones. Rest assured though, these new Dakota Chiefs will power us for some time and the extra juice may even speed up the site a bit.
The database is all fixed up and nothing should be missing, so have fun.
Also, feel free to visit us irc faggots if you have anything you'd like added to the site, we now have 3 code monkeys.

Addendum: Database is unfucked. Sutol was dicking with things and broke EVERYTHING

Opps by rickb - 04/16/13 @ 12:28 AM EDT #

We had some minor issues with one of our servers. It caught fire after mining bitcoins for 90 days straight. we gave it a blunt and it seems to be a bit better. hop on IRC if you have any issues with anything nothing to see here....move along..

Ok so we did lose like 12 days worth of posts.. :| but we'll fix that shortly.

EVERYTHING has been restored, threads, pictures and shit. Sorry for the interuption

some shit i did by gray - 09/28/12 @ 03:14 AM EDT #

Some shit I did just now because it was bugging me:

• I moved /money/ and /speak/ to the Resource section.

• Moved /cute/ to the newly created PISS OUT MY ASSSS section.

• /hor/ is now back in the porn section. Moving it was an terrible idea.

• Deleted /radio/ because no one used it.


Spam by gray - 09/11/12 @ 02:28 AM EDT #

Someone felt it prudent to spam a few boards and age threads off. I think most of it has been cleaned up but there could still be more. If you see dumb spammy shit be sure to report it or poke someone on IRC with a stick until they do something. Much thanks to Twitch for doing the majority of the cleaning.

Oh god everything is on fire by Maverick - 07/09/12 @ 02:08 AM EDT #

The IRC is down until further notice due to some kind of routing error with the hub. I blame the datacenter but it could also be sutol's fault, so everyone be sure to take a swipe at sutol when you see her.
Until its fixed irc.regs.be is working just fineIM A FAG DISREGARD

Note from regs: everything is back up go back to your homes citizens

Datacenter shenanigans by regs - 05/05/12 @ 06:56 PM EDT #

Well shit is blowing up in one of our data center locations. So if you have been receiving notifications from the 99channel emergency response system then that was the cause.

Fear not though because I have moved shit outside of that server so normal operations can resume; I will add it back in when they seem to get their shit together.

This was actually also causing our email to fuck up a little bit (more like a lot) so messages were not delivered for quite some time. This has also been fixed! So if you have a 99chan.org email and didn't get your gay porn newsletter and are wondering why, that is why.



There has been some downtime the past few days, this was due to some kernal upgrades and me not being able to reboot the server quickly, all should be well now.

Downtime and shit by regs - 02/19/12 @ 11:18 AM EST #

Sorry for the recent downtime. There was an issue with one of our servers that has since been resolved at the datacenter. Remember to check regs.be if 99chan is ever down for some sort of status update.


New Board by Casanova - 01/30/12 @ 03:09 AM EST #

/speak/ has been returned to you. Feel free to learn something new.

BANNERS by gray - 01/23/12 @ 06:29 AM EST #


Shit Crackalackin' by regs - 01/11/12 @ 12:16 AM EST #

Ok guys, things appear to be going back to normal. Thank you all for your help in repopulating boards and your feedback in /99/. There have been some considerations and you should see some of those reflected relatively soon.

Over the past several days I have been implementing some server changes that should improve the way the site runs. There may be some weird glitches while this process is happening but everything for the most part should be runn smooth aww naww

/99/ by gray - 01/03/12 @ 08:37 PM EST #

If you have board ideas, site suggestions, or just wanna talk about 99chan, get your ass to Mars /99/.


WELP by gray - 12/27/11 @ 07:03 PM EST #

Hey guys. So things happened but now we're back and stuff. IT WASN'T MY FAULT FOR REALS. I've added back a lot of boards based on usage data from a while back and by request. GO HOG WILD.

Are you an artist? We could use a new logo. If you're up to making one, go here and read der thread.

DDoS on my irc?! by regs - 11/16/11 @ 12:10 PM EST #

Hay guys,

So two of our irc servers were DDoS'd off of the face of the earth with one currently receiving one as we speak (lol) So if you're on IRC and its slow or there is a netsplit I apologize in advance. I am working on adding more nodes to IRC to ensure the stability of the network in addition to the site here.
I stopped playing Skyrim long enough to fix some errors on the site people were talking about, if you encounter any please be a good jolly 'ol lad and post it in /tttm/ or shoot me an email.

Donations by graywilde - 10/15/11 @ 10:35 PM EDT #

Sup 99chan. I've been paying the bill lately but, due to a recent event I can't do that any longer. We need money or the site isn't going to stay up for long. I'd just post a paypal link but, as you may know, Paypal banned both of my accounts. So, we need to use an alternative.

Here are a few options that I can accept right now:

Alertpay is the best option for me. You've probably noticed the donate button I have embedded on the site. I tried to get it set up to accept credit cards for donations but, they denied it since we aren't a non-profit organization. You can however set up an account and link it to a credit/debit card or bank account to draw funds from. I can easily access alertpay funds and use them to pay bills. You can send donations this way by either using the donation link anywhere on the site or, by addressing payment to [email protected]

Donating via mail is an option but, I'm not going to give out my home address to anyone I don't know. I'll set up a PO box for this at some point so this won't be much of an issue. If you want to donate this way, contact me on IRC.

Western Union is an option but, it's pretty bad. They charge 10-17 dollars depending on how it is done. If you want to use this option, contact me on IRC.

I should have enough in time for next month from a few people on IRC but, beyond that I'm uncertain.

Thanks <3


hahaha its fixed by sloth - 09/26/11 @ 11:16 PM EDT #

hey guys server fucked up while i was passed out last night. i haven't checked the logs yet so no idea what it was but fuckin everything crashed. because of our shitty host we had to submit and restart ticket and wait but we're working on that :D anyway shit is all unfuck. go nuts.

Fucking paypal by graywilde - 08/04/11 @ 12:46 AM EDT #

Do not send donations to [email protected]

Paypal has locked the account and fucked us.

I'll have Alertpay, Dwolla, and Liberty Reserve up and running shortly. If you plan on donating in the future please sign up for one of these services.

I'm going to try and get them to refund the last two donations ($25 and $35)

by sutol - 07/29/11 @ 08:06 AM EDT #

Image posting, however, is fine.

Please wait for sloth to fix it.

It's fixed.

these things, i keep doing them by sloth - 07/05/11 @ 09:27 AM EDT #

Oh wow we have /gif/ now. It is NSFW but go there and post some motherfuckin gifs. I like gifs. Everyone loves gifs. If you don't love gifs then you must be a terrorist or not a person or something.

oh fuck i did it again by sloth - 06/06/11 @ 12:37 PM EDT #

I ran out of drugs and started fucking with shit again...
Everyone welcome /idol/, a board for celebs, cartoons and general famous shit.

Remember, if you have ideas for boards or anything else, feel free to shit on /tttm/.

raaaaadio by sloth - 05/30/11 @ 11:07 PM EDT #

As those of you who visited the site recently are aware, the radio is all working again. The flash player no longer autostarts but if you're in the mood for some tunes you can hit the radio button for magic player and crank some tunes. Its over <~~ thataway in the menu.

Anyone who wants to DJ can hit up anyone with & in #radio

Oh yeah and ComradePyro is preggers or something.

oops i made a board by sloth - 05/15/11 @ 08:18 AM EDT #

made a new board today. its for writers and shit. everyone put your hands together for Luci and /wri/ - somewhere for all y'all writers or whatever to go to.

if you like it post up because man trizdizzle aint no joke y'all

peace out

BOARDS FOR THE BOARD GOD by ComradePyro - 05/11/11 @ 10:41 PM EDT #

Long day fuck eloquence there's a new board, /sports/. Klapaucius is your new mod and he's trigger-happy so mind your manners.

I love you.

Steampunk and Cyberpunk by ComradePyro - 05/02/11 @ 12:24 AM EDT #

What up, Ladies and gentlemen? I have for you two delicious new boards for your viewing and posting pleasure, /cp/ and /sp/.

No that's not for what you think it is.

They are Cyberpunk and Steampunk, respectively. Casanova will be your chief moderator if you ascribe to gears and brass, while Zenreich and Marmalade will be your daddies if you prefer silicon and copper.

Enjoy, my homosexual brethren, and as always, much love 2 my truest homies.

by graywilde - 04/14/11 @ 05:10 PM EDT #

Hello everyone! We're working on fixing bugs and rebooting boards that need it. Please bear with us.

In the mean time, here's a kitten riding a rooster for your viewing pleasure.

hi by graywilde - 04/12/11 @ 11:00 PM EDT #

If you're reading this you push'd butan correctly. Congratulations. Big thanks to ATG, Regs, and Fubar for being awesome. Also, mind the not so rebooted boards. We're very sleepy and require naps.

Attention: by ATG - 04/11/11 @ 10:52 PM EDT #

Penis Penis Penis Penis Penis