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437 No. 437
Data indicates that having children will make you unhappy, marriage is a question mark, and 1970's second wave feminism made women more miserable than ever before, a pattern enduring till today


If you're not already suckered into a relationship with someone who is influencing you to have kids, are you planning to have kids? If so, why?

I personally commited from childhood not to have kids, and only waned in my sturdiness as a teenager with serious mental problems. Go childfree, be happy! Why have kids? We have a population problem already and most of all, they're bad for your wallet and freedom!
>> No. 672
>We have a population problem already
That's actually not true. In developed countries like America, Canada, and most of Europe, the rate of population growth is actually falling. In fact, we may soon have the first time in history where the population begins to shrink for a reason other than war or disease. It will have a profound and frightening effect on the economy, which will also shrink with the population. Population growth is still accelerating only in developing nations like India and Africa.

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