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File 141463283938.jpg - (31.59KB , 300x189 , honeyee-multicolor-louis-vuitton-takashi-murakami-.jpg )
436 No. 436
So I finally got a job, a retail job, but at Louis Vuitton no less. It's pretty boring. It felt good to get styled in their Damier ebene men's sunnies, belt and shoes for an education session when I just started. There's also a really really attractive guy at one of the other stores in the city, Daniel, who I hope to get with or hang around.

I've already graduated uni. Everywhere is turning me down for every kind of job. What next, guys? Even the managers earn like just 50k Australian after years and years of slogging it out.

I'm dumb as shit and don't want to go back to university. What do I do, guys? Also, my history of mental illness precludes me from joining the military or anything.

>> No. 444
Based on my experience, I also came up with this idea. Thoughts? What do you think about a restaurant where the walls are visual marketed with clothing or some other products that people watch? Or even TV's plastered everywhre showing ads?
>> No. 486
Career advice: leaving retail

the people who shop at LV have a very high standard, for the work they do, what they expect of others, the food they eat, the people they associate with, and the service expected for them.

I work at louis vuitton, but at a retail store. I don't know if I have a dead end job or not.

I really don't know. Can you think of any options for my career? I'm bored with fashion...and I don't like being in such a feminine environment. Our christmas afterparty was at a gay club and my colleagues are backstabbing and bitchy...:(

Worst case scenario, I'll try to get into politics. But, do you think people will look down on someone who's past job was retail, so I might not get elected?
>> No. 487
Question about the same job. I got a $43 AUD cab back from the staff christmas party, and was too drunk to remember to ask for a reciept. I'm too embarrased to ask for my manager to credit me the money. How can I work up the courage to do it?
>> No. 671
Find a job you enjoy. Every time you get paid, put around 10% of your earnings into a compounding savings account. Learn to prioritize your wants. You will be able to afford some things but must sacrifice others. There are lots of cheap or free ways to enjoy life, find them.

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