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File 140892263868.jpg - (459.83KB , 3000x2000 , 140815.jpg )
419 No. 419
So I've developed my shitty application for the android market, and I am looking for an advertising engine that can maximize my revenue via downloads.

I only want to put a single banner ad in one view (having ads in the main view would ruin the specific experience). I do not expect to have dedicated users, but plan to encourage mass downloads via viral marketing.

Therefore, I require an advertisement scheme that pays the most per download of my application, as opposed to those that make money over time of usage.

Does anyone here have experience with mobile advertising/
>> No. 420
I got myself a website, does hiring SEO people on the net really work or will I get blacklisted like a spammer or something else that compromises my company vision?

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