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File 14067100408.jpg - (6.56KB , 194x259 , images_jpg.jpg )
408 No. 408
Hey all you people who’s hobbies are flirting with models, by which i mean trading with them, financial models that is, and something real models with said finances after cashing out. Okay, I know, that was aweful.

Here's what I'm here to ask: are there any legitimate reasons for a fund manager not to disclose how much in assets they have under management? Oh, and I'm not trying to trick myself into believing a dodgy fund manager. I AM a dodgy fund manager and I want to seem like I have more funds than I really do. Wait no, by me I mean a fictional aquintance. His, no I mean her name is ''I".

On a completely unrelated note, if a startup fails, who should I put down on my resume as my referee?
>> No. 418
I would suggest studying some legitimate fund management companies or groups and seeing if they will disclose this information to you, a (phoney) potential client.

If you can emulate legitimate players well enough you will surely win over some.

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