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File 139200779439.jpg - (351.21KB , 800x609 , 1390428621816.jpg )
355 No. 355
Can we have a thread for making cash online? There are so many ways to do so and with just a few folks from here none of us would have to worry about loans and/or clicks.
>> No. 366
I got one of those types of jobs, it's just taking forever to get any decent cash from it without working like a starving indian, clicking through thousands of 0.01 cent HiTs. I should probably just keep at it.
>> No. 370
Why not give some more info about the ones you heard about?
>> No. 411
If someone wins an auction you have placed on eBay and then decides not to pay you for the item, make a fake eBay account and message the buyer telling them that you noticed they had won the item and that you would love to have it, offer a reasonable amount more than they won the auction for.

The idea is that they get greedy, decide to pay you after all for your item and then you stiff them when they try to collect from your fake account.

At this point I would use the fake account to mock them for falling for it all, and point out how they deserve it because only scumbags don't pay for auctions they have won.

Of course, this ends up being very effective if you decide to trick them into buying an item from you they think is cheap because you earlier said you would buy it for a very high price with another account
>> No. 421
For easy work go to usertesting.com They seem to pay a bunch and it looks like the kind of thing you could put on your resume. I just applied. I fuced up the trial assignment they gave me but they gave me a second chance. Now I have my fingers crossed.

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