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File 13399071543.jpg - (512.58KB , 1350x582 , main-qimg-6a1caba51c155201298b062c475ba590.jpg )
151 No. 151
I have 1200 pounds. I'd like to know how to increase this and then increase the overall result (compound).
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>> No. 153
Create an online stock account. Buy low, sell high. 1200 dingers isn't much to really worry about, so you can take risk, but you can make a decent buck if your lucky enough.
>> No. 158
How do?
>> No. 160

Gambling on the stock market is a great way to lose all of your money. Don't just throw your money into it without having a decent idea of what you're doing.
>> No. 171
mutual funds are great for beginners. there are all kinds of guides online for investing
>> No. 179
Mutual funds are for beginners because they require no effort or knowledge. You just hand your money over and wait for a return. Might as well put your cash in a term deposit.

The reason they're not advisable for someone who wants to seriously invest is that the return is shitty, and you can't trust the fund managers. If they make a bigger profit than expected, you won't find out about it.
>> No. 185

How did you acquire the knowledge to know what you're doing ? Is it possible to know enough about stocks to guarantee some kind of revenue?
>> No. 187

No, of course not. Stocks are always a gamble, it's just a matter of how calculated your risk is.

To learn how to calculate, watch stock values on Google or Yahoo Finance, and watch Mad Money.
>> No. 188
File 134517507618.png - (419.15KB , 1467x1670 , 127037008964.png )
there are two main investing strategies. investing based on prospective growth of the company and finding a stock that is selling for less that it is worth, value investing (buy low sell high). value investing can be challenging to predict even for people who pay attention to the stock markets all day. growth investing is what you should be trying to look for.

to find a growing company, you can look at financial statements and compare one years statement to anothers, check a number of financial statement ratios (quick ratio, current ratio, asset turnover etc) to determine the health of the company and determine if it is growing. remember that when the company grows, each stock increases in value. other ways to help determine if a company is growing is to check for extensive advertising (a company you keep seeing ads for), or to find out what industries are growing now and then find the best companies in those industries. also keeping an eye on the news and the general economy can help. companies that emphasize low prices do well comparatively during tough economic times (dollar general, priceline etc). I try to avoid investing in companies that are so large that they don't have much more room to grow (walmart, toyota, mcdonalds etc)

it is also important to diversify your investments. this means investing in many different companies (at least 5 but 10 or more is best), in order reduce risk. if one company goes out of business, you will have only lost a certain percentage of your portfolio, not your whole life savings.

it would be more prudent to pay off all your debts, starting with the highest interest rate debt first. investing would be better only if you know you can make more from investing than you will lose from your interest payments on debt you owe.
>> No. 312
Could you guys provide a few good books about investment in general. Anything will do (stock market, forex, options, futures, gold, etc), however the ideal would be something that would cover the most topics regarding investments in general, in a single pdf.
>> No. 321
The way I've been doing it is by doing short term trades in a specific field.

The system I've worked out is to find a bio-pharmaceutical company that is going to be getting FDA approval for a new product soonish and invest. As soon as the approval goes through, the price usually goes up by quite a bit.

It's still a risk of course because the FDA could say no but that's unlikely as long as you're not dealing with pennystocks.
>> No. 337
File 137567862161.jpg - (73.43KB , 700x579 , green rock.jpg )
Invest in MJNA. 420blazeit

>> No. 669
File 14389285631.png - (8.83KB , 480x161 , fuckinglogo.png )
This seemed like the best thread to put this in. Think or Swim has a lot of investor tools and educational resources you can use. One of the cool things you can do with it is open up a pretend Papermoney™ account with $100,000 in fake money to test your trading savvy out. It's part of Ameritrade now (wasn't always I don't think). It's free but after 60 days you have to open up a real TDameritrade account to keep it going (there's not minimum to open an account though). You can trade stocks, options, ETFs, futures, forex etc.

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