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File 137688176225.jpg - (9.56KB , 140x141 , 1375852264485.jpg )
955 No. 955
I drank the honey wine.
Will queen be upset with me?
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>> No. 956
we made more wine since you said that but yeah you're going to be punished. You're going to be dressed as a wasp and have poo thrown at you by the peeeeeople.
>> No. 958
File 137731630041.jpg - (222.01KB , 1200x816 , ksdnc.jpg )

teh beeeeeeople?
>> No. 960
Then, you will be taken down and gangbanged. By the entire colony.

beez need to get some
>> No. 966
Hey man don't talk about that shit

You bee harshin ma


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