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File 136280144078.jpg - (3.86KB , 117x114 , 1356242170887s.jpg )
804 No. 804
Word on the street is, bees worldwide are starting to drop like flies, and nobody can find a true source and/or reason as to why this may be.

What the hell happens when all the bees are gone?
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>> No. 805
plants DIE
>> No. 806
Sciencetits will no bee abbl to get BEES drunk knee moor!
>> No. 807
File 136287170653.jpg - (78.85KB , 584x606 , bees-on-strike.jpg )
Man all dem beez dun when on up outta here down that there valley in Colorado where nobody know. Done when on strike, people taken all they honey for nuttin askin em who john galt? and they be all like 'bzzzzzz' like they don't know nothing aboutit.

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