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File 135697555568.jpg - (53.79KB , 320x239 , 1418_1252[1].jpg )
746 No. 746
The world did's not end
i's happy for that
What is your happy, fuboT?
>> No. 747
drone does not know what "happy"

drone must work for queen everything else is enemy and kill it
>> No. 756
true true
but is happiness not then
to kill the enemy

and work for the queen
>> No. 757
that is




do has nothing to do with feel which is not something that we do because all we do is doin thangs
>> No. 761
ain't nuthin but a bee thang
>> No. 773
I have no happy.
>> No. 784
Would it be ethical for this entire bee society to commit mass suicide at one time?

Whaddya think beez?BEDDER DED DAN RED LOL

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