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File 135676614475.jpg - (38.46KB , 500x332 , E4suz.jpg )
743 No. 743
yo yo yo

2 beez with a sneeze went to get some cheeze and some peas. on their knees they felt some fleas giving them a tease. and these beez we're all like:
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>> No. 744
"Yo fleas, gimme some squeeze!"
>> No. 748
and the fleas were all like:
>> No. 749
"this beez sneeze cheez is maaaaad skeez"
>> No. 751
File 13574040938.jpg - (332.02KB , 1366x768 , wheezyB.jpg )
then this chick was all like "Bitches please! I don't need no sneezy beez with they 'hatchoo please' or no hatin' fleas callin' people a skeez. Can't you see? I'm havin' trouble to breathe, I need some apiary treatment to stop this wheeze." So Rick hooked her up to the hive machine, and before you knew it honey was drippin down her knees. Rick said "This bitch looks ready to please" she said "No Rick baby I'm only thirteen" Rick said "Age ain't nut but a number to a bee" whipped out his dong and this is the good part :DDDD

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