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File 135225289348.jpg - (245.28KB , 846x750 , bobby.jpg )
707 No. 707
what could you talk about with your clone?
i mean, he'll know everythinggg you know

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>> No. 708
File 135226041692.jpg - (44.51KB , 289x294 , man-in-the-mirror.jpg )
U shuld probably kill them becauz thay mite do bad stuff and say it was u liek tuch chirdlen or somthin.
>> No. 709
Fight or Fuck
>> No. 710
i would Stay Calm
>> No. 711
in other news: NPR now sources stories from /fubot/

proof revealed:
http://99chan.org/fubot/res/707.html - 12/11/06(Tue)17:48

http://www.npr.org/blogs/krulwich/2012/11/07/164607292/when-you-re-visited-by-a-copy-of-yourself-stay-calm - November 07, 201212:05 PM
>> No. 723
stare into eachothers eyes and laugh until we cant largh no mo also kiss each other
>> No. 724
File 135438356467.jpg - (541.95KB , 897x900 , 4.jpg )
Wouldn't that have to be your doppelganger? Unless they can clone an adult version of you...

Bees are ok I guess.
>> No. 725
What if they made a clone of you while you were still a zygote, genius?
>> No. 726
File 135442538188.jpg - (258.91KB , 1600x1139 , Membracidae lateral habitus.jpg )
Then he wouldn't necessarily know everything you know, silly. Anyways, once they develop the technology better, I will definitely be owning a 3d printer and printing off clones of myself to enslave (and fuck. nobody gets me off like me)
>> No. 727
I don't get your retort.
>> No. 728
File 135448504597.jpg - (144.89KB , 1600x1192 , 16237_mximage.jpg )
Did you read OP's post? He was claiming that your clone would know everything you know, which it wouldn't unless they made an adult clone of you (otherwise your clone would have a different life, and therefore wouldn't know everything you know).

In short, bees need to put on their thinking helmets
>> No. 739
i;d probly tell him how hot he/me is
>> No. 740
I'd ask him shit about my past to find out if his memory is as shitty as mine, and then when the tension could be held back no longer we would fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck until we could physically fuck no more. Then we'd take different drugs and discuss things together to find out objectively how different drugs affect my perception of various topics.
>> No. 758
I don't know about that... if I were the clone, I'd seriously think about replacing YOU, since that is my function anyway... why wait to be turned into an organ resource? (like a third world child)
>> No. 794
There's nothing i could discuss with my clone that i haven't already discussed with myself.

Most likely we would team up to play tricks on people and perform some clever scams for fun and profit.
>> No. 808
dance and make beats
>> No. 809
But more importantbee, why dos /fubot/ monitor NPR?
>> No. 810
sciencetits say nperz things butt beez naan wasps sometimes so weez listen. Education cuntinues outside the hive drone!
>> No. 833
Dirty talk
>> No. 951
we would team up to accomplish things in half the time, then 69

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