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File 134179257421.jpg - (287.93KB , 2592x1944 , IMG_20120627_192951.jpg )
430 No. 430
So here I am, sitting at the mall in a small nowhere town. I work at a resort and manage the employee housing. American kids are too lazy to work so the slots are filled with foreigners. Makes me wonder what they put in the water in places like jkrain or Taiwan because they girls are amazingly hot. I would much like to keep one but coming out and offering a green card for a ring doesn't seem feesable. How do?
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>> No. 431
Yes, this is fine.
>> No. 432
File 13418158423.gif - (503.83KB , 500x375 , Rxu9F.gif )
Think of a snowman.
>> No. 435
So very helpful. Aside from maybe a mail order bride, this would be the only other shot
>> No. 437
marryig outside of your kind is bad for the community op
bees have to stick together
find a nice queen if you want to settle down
>> No. 445
and where would I find such queens, good sir? Must I also mention I am here, which implies being socially inept. but dealing with the foreigners is easy.
>> No. 448
File 134226235711.jpg - (711.78KB , 1600x1000 , wat.jpg )

sir, you must also insure the irrationality of your future queen. we at Beeharmoney suggest searching a mental instution for your desired queen. an ayn rand reader would also suffice.

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