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File 133991161255.jpg - (13.17KB , 287x281 , doccottle.jpg )
404 No. 404
one time a goat was friends with a tree and they both went to space and then found a curtain planet and rolled around in curtains forever the end
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>> No. 407
that was bee-utiful
>> No. 409
i like curtains they are more comfortabeee they fell because they feel good.
>> No. 410
not as beeootiful as you bb <3
>> No. 411
bee'f curtains
>> No. 415
File 134113074392.png - (635.83KB , 742x1076 , __andrew___by_anime_games15-d4zzvya.png )
Part two: The awakening

" Goat, I... I don't know if I can do this."

Tree, poor, poor tree, was so shy that she didn't feel comfortable in the tight lingerie that showed off her exquisite, plump bark and fine leafs.

Goat knew when he saw her in the stockings that he would never leave her. It was more than goaty lust, it was more than just the result of two people abandoned on a planet of curtains. It was the way tree sighed when he wrapped his hooves around her waist and kissed her neck, it was the way they could stare at each other for an hour and only have conversations with their eyes.

It was in the way she floated around the dirt floor of their curtain shack, like a pure angel unsoiled by the shambles of an existance that proved to be their cage, her roots barely touching the ground.

So, years after the apollo 24 crash landed on curtain y, months after the first kiss, days after the first time they made love, and minutes before goat knew that he would love her forever, that he took out the present he had been saving for so long- a sexual champaigne for a special occasion, if you will.

Goat pulled out the twelve- inch excalibur model 150 cc vibrato-explodo pleasure wand 200 from his goat- pocket. The fear in tree's eyes soon gave way to curiosity... and lust.

Goat smiled the smile of a goat who knew the night would be pleasantly long.
>> No. 417
File 134113157126.png - (137.05KB , 300x305 , MY ATTEMPT FAILED BRAH.png )
Goat couldn't resist his feelings anymore. He had to take her, not once, but many times. He would let her know she was his through every breath, every kiss, every lick and suckle and thrust and gasp and calling of her name that sat on the tongue like a drop of sweet candy.

He flung the sticky end of his sticky hand with expert skill, and before tree knew the glue-like vine was wrapped around her waist, she was already in goat's stubby hooves. Her anxiety and lust mated to create a mask of a nervous smirk for her to wear, but on the inside, she was beaming. The skill that had proven so useful in protecting them was now made into an instrument of love. Back on earth, she thought with a sigh ( partially influence by the fact that goat was kneeing her legs apart), such an act would be a rose of peace growing in the farthest corner of the landfill of earth's skeleton.

Now, it was a private garden for the two of them, and she would treasure the memory ( and pleasure herself to it). But that was future thought, and the moment needed her attention as she wished to give herself fully to the bearded lover that had tamed her timid heart.

Goat ripped off Tree's bra with stubby flat teeth, and began chewing it as his cloved hooves clumbsily tried to slide tree's panties down...
>> No. 418
Tree couldn't stand it anymore. She had to have him inside her. She used her branches to shred her panties, and then to rip apart goat's bell bottoms. Goat gasped out of surprise and then pleasure as tree slid herself onto his long metal shaft, and probed her way into his anus with her slender twigs.

Within a fraction of a second, goat's dropped jaw switched to an impish grin. He knew she had the lust in her, he just had to break the damn- and now she would flood, all over his polished steel shaft and across her entire soul inside herself and her barky pussy.


Gears whirred in a perfect symphony, steam blew out the tip of his mechanic cock and began to rise out of tree's barky pussy, making it look like her pleasure sanctuary was a wooden teapot.

Then, the unthinkable and orgasmic happened.

Goat's robo dick performed an action neither of them knew about.


Soon, tree knew the full meaning of passion as every organ within her body was filled- her sap was penetrated, her bark was fucked, bits of jizz-steam rose through her barky branches. and through her eyes- she became a sensual clone of an angry looney tune.

Goat screamed in iron pleasure, his mind being expanded BEYOND NORMAL ORGASMICS. He felt god in every cell of his being, he saw krishna resting in the world cobra, he unleashed kundilini and found nirvana and they started fucking eachother in the ass inside the tempest within his very soul. He was AWAKE. HE WAS ARISEN.

Then, everything slowed. Time itself stopped. Bitz of steam jizz leaked through tree's barky nose, but as solids- looking like ice snot. Goat's cock played the window's startup sound that indicated a malfunction, and then stopped vibrating/twisting. His heartbeat stopped, and a voice pierced his mind. It was like having a loud speaker in his brain, he thought, and then all thoughts were silenced as the voice of samuel jackson filled the crevices and crannies of his mind.

" So the hero of the black rods begins the first step on his journey. He pushes the first domino with his robo-dick and starts the reaction that will end this plane of existance. That is, unless you take responsibility for the puppy you just created and clean after the shit it just made. Should you choose to follow your real destiny, seek the brothers of the stained curtain- the heretics of every kingdom of pan-curtainia. I will warn you, hero. If you choose to become a martyr- a living statue- a vassal for what you have ccreated, your lover will suffer many times over. You will break her heart, her spirit, her being. Have you the courage? Don't be a pussy, bro."

If a voice could smile like a cheshire cat, thought Goat, this fucker would have a kilometre wide shit eating grin right about now, goat thought as the world faded to the color of midnight ocean.
>> No. 423
OP why did you post that picture of Leslie Nielsen?
>> No. 434
That's Burt Reynolds, silly coos.
>> No. 450
File 134235643719.jpg - (853.40KB , 1280x853 , beecok hunf hunf.jpg )
so hawt
continue with part one plzzz
ma beecock is bursting

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