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File 13975304226.jpg - (41.62KB , 500x500 , angry-bee.jpg )
1000 No. 1000 hide quickreply [Reply]
Whadda those mudkips think they're doin' here?
>> No. 1001

File 138439443861.png - (34.02KB , 646x403 , ah yes.png )
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its true
>> No. 977
wHAT are in the girls who dont play withit?
>> No. 981

File 137822476590.jpg - (11.90KB , 228x221 , Guild wars faction.jpg )
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What is this life, fubot? What is this reality? What is... what is everything and like your mother?
>> No. 962
Mostly excitations of fields.
>> No. 974
all kinds

File 136099856465.jpg - (59.56KB , 602x466 , 4NfAY1.jpg )
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lol i forget

how 2 bee

plz teach
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>> No. 836
File 137107736218.gif - (103.29KB , 400x400 , Bee4.gif )
Don't forget to DANCE!
>> No. 837
what's up niggaz
>> No. 953
You have to twerkey wit it yow. Bees love twerkey.
>> No. 957
>> No. 968
maybe you are a queen bee and just don't know it.

can you fly?

File 137688176225.jpg - (9.56KB , 140x141 , 1375852264485.jpg )
955 No. 955 hide quickreply [Reply]
I drank the honey wine.
Will queen be upset with me?
>> No. 956
we made more wine since you said that but yeah you're going to be punished. You're going to be dressed as a wasp and have poo thrown at you by the peeeeeople.
>> No. 958
File 137731630041.jpg - (222.01KB , 1200x816 , ksdnc.jpg )

teh beeeeeeople?
>> No. 960
Then, you will be taken down and gangbanged. By the entire colony.

beez need to get some
>> No. 966
Hey man don't talk about that shit

You bee harshin ma


File 136657786447.jpg - (70.23KB , 640x480 , Photo0248.jpg )
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Today I saw a bee sitting on my awning as a leaned out the window for a smoke. At first, I thought it was dead, but it moved. It moved very slowly. It crawled a few inches toward me as I stared at it. It reached a ridge in the tiling and couldn't climb over it. The bee stopped moving and was still for a very long time. I finished my cig and closed the window.

A few hours later, I went back out and the bee was still there. It had not moved. I nudged it with the butt of my cigarette and it didn't react. The bee was dead. I felt ashamed that I did not stay with this poor soul in it's final moments. I just don't know what to think. I took a picture of our fallen friend and went back inside.

After looking outside just now, the bee is gone. Maybe a strong gust blew it's little body away. But maybe it wasn't dead. Maybe it found the strength it needed to crawl back home and bee with its family. I want to believe that. I want to.

>> No. 815
thatd a very snad story fubot :(
>> No. 816
File 136677457315.jpg - (44.89KB , 650x433 , brrzzd.jpg )
Was it cold? Bees can't move when it's cold.
It's because they're made out of honey.
>> No. 959

File 135225289348.jpg - (245.28KB , 846x750 , bobby.jpg )
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what could you talk about with your clone?
i mean, he'll know everythinggg you know

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>> No. 808
dance and make beats
>> No. 809
But more importantbee, why dos /fubot/ monitor NPR?
>> No. 810
sciencetits say nperz things butt beez naan wasps sometimes so weez listen. Education cuntinues outside the hive drone!
>> No. 833
Dirty talk
>> No. 951
we would team up to accomplish things in half the time, then 69

File 136928994341.png - (194.48KB , 608x268 , ineed.png )
823 No. 823 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
ok, can it be honey time now please? I'm here.
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>> No. 828
File 13696264283.jpg - (19.72KB , 382x308 , l.jpg )
>> No. 829
Guyzzzz, I think you may bee overreacting. He wazzz very polite and we promised.

Sometimezzz it seemzzz like we are more interested in defenzzzz than just doing the bee thing.

bzzzzz :/
>> No. 830
File 136987878613.jpg - (40.13KB , 604x549 , fail-safe.jpg )
Sir the drones have already passed the fail-safe point and cannot be recalled. We've run this scenario a thousand times sir. Despite their air defenses my advisors tell me that some of the drones will make it to their targets. It's too late sir. The bear and her cubs will be destroyed.
>> No. 831
baers r a-ok just tis once

i say so
>> No. 832
File 137030359184.jpg - (48.87KB , 600x400 , Baby-Bear-Cubs-Play-in-Whistler-BC_.jpg )
Well, there goes the neighborhood.

File 136841092283.gif - (4.01KB , 200x200 , Sunny_Delight.gif )
819 No. 819 hide quickreply [Reply]
did u kn

sun is where flowers get their food to make pollen for us

clearly we need to find a way to make honey directly from sun
>> No. 820
bilions of bees will lose jobs it will be the bee recession you cant do this they have families
>> No. 821
File 136856768962.gif - (13.03KB , 523x273 , star-sucrose formula.gif )
Luddite drone!! There will be more honey for everybee! More than your family will know what to do with. Now you can go back to school and be a beepsychologist just like you wanted to back in community college.

No. 811 hide quickreply [Reply]
/fubot/, I wnt u 2 tell me

how u wud make love to me
>> No. 812
When a virgin queen flies to a site where thousands of male honey bees may be waiting, she mates with several males in flight. A male drone will mount the queen and insert his endophallus, ejaculating semen. After ejaculation, a male honey bee pulls away from the queen, though his endophallus is ripped from his body, remaining attached to the newly-fertilized queen.

The next male honey bee to mate with the queen will remove the previous endophallus and eventually lose his own after ejaculation. Male honey bees are only able to mate seven to 10 times during a mating flight, and after mating, a drone dies quickly, as his abdomen rips open when his endophallus is removed. Even drones that survive the mating flight are ejected from their nests, as they have served their sole purpose by mating.

Virgin queens mate early in their lives and only attend one mating flight. After several matings during this flight, a queen stores up to 100 million sperm within her oviducts. However, only five to six million are stored within the queen’s spermatheca. The queen uses only a few of these sperm at a time in order to fertilize eggs throughout her life. If a queen runs out of sperm in her lifetime, new generations of queens will mate and produce their own colonies.

Honey bee queens control the sex of their offspring: as eggs pass through the ovary into the oviduct, a queen can determine whether a particular egg is fertilized or not. Unfertilized eggs become drone honey bees, while fertilized eggs develop into female workers and queens. Female workers do not mate, but they can lay infertile eggs, which in turn become male honey bees.

Queens lay their eggs in structural oval-shaped cells, which stick to the nest ceiling. Worker honey bees fill these cells with royal jelly to prevent larvae from falling. Soon-to-be workers are fed royal jelly during the first two days, while future queens are given royal jelly throughout the entire larval period. The development of each member of a colony differs depending on caste: male honey bees need 24 days for proper growth from eggs to adult, while workers need 21 days and queens require only 16.
>> No. 813

Missionary position?

File 136280144078.jpg - (3.86KB , 117x114 , 1356242170887s.jpg )
804 No. 804 hide quickreply [Reply]
Word on the street is, bees worldwide are starting to drop like flies, and nobody can find a true source and/or reason as to why this may be.

What the hell happens when all the bees are gone?
>> No. 805
plants DIE
>> No. 806
Sciencetits will no bee abbl to get BEES drunk knee moor!
>> No. 807
File 136287170653.jpg - (78.85KB , 584x606 , bees-on-strike.jpg )
Man all dem beez dun when on up outta here down that there valley in Colorado where nobody know. Done when on strike, people taken all they honey for nuttin askin em who john galt? and they be all like 'bzzzzzz' like they don't know nothing aboutit.

File 136260905275.png - (8.30KB , 196x114 , la_dock_asian_bronzea.png )
801 No. 801 hide quickreply [Reply]
Bees are the end and the beginning.

Bees are every inch of god stretched across the limitless corpse of this balloon universe of ours.

Lel beez
>> No. 802
File 136261861791.jpg - (64.76KB , 620x679 , Ubeequitous.jpg )
who is this doing this synthetic type of alpha beta psychedelic funky?
who is this doing this synthetic type of alpha beta psychedelic funky?
who is this doing this synthetic type of alpha beta psychedelic funky?
who is this doing this synthetic type of alpha beta psychedelic funky?
who is this doing this synthetic type of alpha beta psychedelic funky?
who is this doing this synthetic type of alpha beta psychedelic funky?
who is this doing this synthetic type of alpha beta psychedelic funky?
who is this doing this synthetic type of alpha beta psychedelic funky?
>> No. 803
bc bead are when arms suffrage

File 136002972447.jpg - (6.77KB , 216x251 , ABRAHAMCHUTULU.jpg )
775 No. 775 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Someone explain to me what this board is about.
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>> No. 783
how u not get? is pretty e-zzzzzzzzz
>> No. 788
File 136048507073.gif - (0.96MB , 500x461 , 1357184670253.gif )
op you are no wasp yes?
i am susbeeciosus
>> No. 796
>> No. 797
File 136148307149.jpg - (5.73KB , 320x180 , eye.jpg )

>> No. 834
b bee /b/

this is the second b

SAGE has been used.

File 136046996426.jpg - (91.52KB , 320x480 , 2200-0.jpg )
786 No. 786 hide quickreply [Reply]
do u like boobees
>> No. 787
are boobees like bees but boobies

like a turquoisefooted, stinger-carrying yellow-and-black-feathered Seabirds?
>> No. 789
File 136048536351.jpg - (81.93KB , 550x946 , bumblebee.jpg )
bumble boobees
>> No. 790
Demz make miz stngrr feel wrrrd
Maek hrrd to gitzz pollenzz
>> No. 791
-drone ikles dis ptos-

File 135890552549.jpg - (11.64KB , 340x234 , Sandow_crop_exact.jpg )
759 No. 759 hide quickreply [Reply]
A very frequent phrase the mods use is "(USER WAS FOUND TO HAVE AUTISM)" when someone gets banned.

However, if one was to bee banned on this board, the phrase should bee (USER WAS FOUND TO HAVE BEEISM) but of course, seeing as how this is the irrational bees board, beeing banned for beeism wouldn't necessarily bee a bad thing, right?

To bee or not to bee...

>> No. 760
>> No. 762
>> No. 785
shakespeer was a bee lulz

File 135697555568.jpg - (53.79KB , 320x239 , 1418_1252[1].jpg )
746 No. 746 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
The world did's not end
i's happy for that
What is your happy, fuboT?
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>> No. 756
true true
but is happiness not then
to kill the enemy

and work for the queen
>> No. 757
that is




do has nothing to do with feel which is not something that we do because all we do is doin thangs
>> No. 761
ain't nuthin but a bee thang
>> No. 773
I have no happy.
>> No. 784
Would it be ethical for this entire bee society to commit mass suicide at one time?

Whaddya think beez?BEDDER DED DAN RED LOL

File 135483466213.jpg - (17.52KB , 400x304 , bee.jpg )
732 No. 732 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
i cant be absolutely certain but i think that
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 736
sometimes i just feel like
>> No. 745
congradulations you are the 1000000th visitor to our site your prize is
>> No. 750
File 135740144513.jpg - (335.96KB , 1600x1200 , steeecks.jpg )
honey sticks!!
lolis not included
>> No. 752
wow fubz i feel like u no those lolis irl
>> No. 753

well this is the happiest i've been since

File 135676614475.jpg - (38.46KB , 500x332 , E4suz.jpg )
743 No. 743 hide quickreply [Reply]
yo yo yo

2 beez with a sneeze went to get some cheeze and some peas. on their knees they felt some fleas giving them a tease. and these beez we're all like:
>> No. 744
"Yo fleas, gimme some squeeze!"
>> No. 748
and the fleas were all like:
>> No. 749
"this beez sneeze cheez is maaaaad skeez"
>> No. 751
File 13574040938.jpg - (332.02KB , 1366x768 , wheezyB.jpg )
then this chick was all like "Bitches please! I don't need no sneezy beez with they 'hatchoo please' or no hatin' fleas callin' people a skeez. Can't you see? I'm havin' trouble to breathe, I need some apiary treatment to stop this wheeze." So Rick hooked her up to the hive machine, and before you knew it honey was drippin down her knees. Rick said "This bitch looks ready to please" she said "No Rick baby I'm only thirteen" Rick said "Age ain't nut but a number to a bee" whipped out his dong and this is the good part :DDDD

File 135628789810.jpg - (158.36KB , 960x673 , indonesia.jpg )
737 No. 737 hide quickreply [Reply]
i had a dream just now that i wrote a fanfiction called "Gay new world, by Aldous Cocksley"

it was basically the same as the book just filled with dick jokes and what not

i thought it would be funny u kno
>> No. 738
write it
>> No. 741
i kno men
>> No. 742
Rainbow theme is perfectly appropriate once again.

File 135296225284.jpg - (537.76KB , 1127x705 , 1352954263559.jpg )
712 No. 712 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Buz buzz buzzz
Why did the bee cross the road?
5 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 718
File 135310836575.jpg - (55.34KB , 900x722 , DaveOnBee06[1].jpg )
Dave is a pretty neat dude so it carried him over it (the road that is).
>> No. 719
you are wrong. It was the road who crossed the bee.
>> No. 730
What did it do to make bee mad?
>> No. 734
he did not bee hive correctly
>> No. 735
to get to da queen bee

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