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File 145130553898.jpg - (250.03KB , 500x667 , tumblr_n6fyik7oMF1tnz3goo1_500.jpg )
76725 No. 76725
If someone vandalizes a public bathroom, who gets in trouble? It's illegal to install cameras in shitters, right?
>> No. 76729
You can always install cameras outside of the bathrooms. They'd probably find you if you made a lot of noise and caused a lot of damage.
>> No. 76732
"Vandalize" is a term so broad that it could be your mother.

I find ultra fine point Sharpies to be well suited for writing on drywall and toilet stalls, which is great if you want to continue the tradition of using public bathrooms as a proto-/b/. For anything more destructive than that, remember that Ernest Hemingway had to write several books before he could get away with shotgunning a crapper.

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