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File 145056344461.png - (157.72KB , 620x349 , kiss.png )
76578 No. 76578
Fuck star-wars. How can anyone enjoy the franchise despite all the commercial whoring it's doing? Shit, there's even a Jarjar make-out simulator lollipop. It's shameless.

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>> No. 76582
theres nothing wrong with enjoying a whore.
>> No. 76583
if its a fat ugly whore then either you have fucked up taste in whores or youre just a wanker.
>> No. 76585
If you're having sex then you can't accurately be called a wanker, buddy.
>> No. 76586
I'd let Harrison Ford fuck the living shit out of me.
>> No. 76590
maybe 20 years ago
>> No. 76592
File 14506466778.jpg - (31.10KB , 550x428 , deputy sexmachine.jpg )
dream spitroast:
fugitive-era harrison on one end, same era tommy lee jones on the other
>> No. 76593
I love a ballza receding hairline being rocked
>> No. 76594
File 145066161536.jpg - (140.59KB , 1242x1020 , c-bukowski-title.jpg )
Me too man. It makes me jealous.
>> No. 76596
File 14506631503.jpg - (75.52KB , 759x500 , adam-driver-kylo-ren.jpg )
Adam Driver is better, you have shit taste. He hellza should've banged the cute Jedi girl in the movie.

>> No. 76598
Star Wars basically invented the overwhelming marketing and merchandising campaign. Makes Star Wars an "event" rather than just a movie.
>> No. 76619
Please. We're discussing real men here. The only sex that that skinny fuckboy should be having is with his bear masters.
>> No. 76621
It's easier for me to look past the merchandizing than to look past the fact that it's basically A New Hope with modern-er effects and feminist theory
>> No. 76622

>feminist theory

Is it hellza that big of a deal that the main protagonist is female?
>> No. 76626
Not only that but the black guy.
JJ said, in many interviews, that he wanted a black actor because he felt there were "too many whites".
1st off. JJ, a meager director, took the WRITERS WORK (aka the TRUE ARTISTS) and SHIT his smarmy white guilt all over it.
2nd off. That black actor, who got hired IN PART, SIMPLY FOR HIS BLACKNESS, would have refused the part if he had ANY INTEGRITY AT ALL.
>> No. 76628
Your type is always amusing. As if there were any "true artists" in a Disney production in the first place.
>> No. 76629
Just because you say that doesn't make it true. Artists are the faceless, nameless, tireless laborers putting pieces of their soul into a product for your entertainment.
>> No. 76631
File 145092358918.gif - (192.36KB , 375x210 , 1395582277631.gif )
Your post reminded me of this gif
>> No. 76632
File 145092462747.jpg - (764.69KB , 1500x1000 , banksy26023.jpg )
Think of any movie coming from a major production house. It doesn't have to even be Hollywood, anything with some kind of business person behind it. No matter what production it was, I can guarantee you that at some point the Director, Producer, or some other non-creative hooligan came down and told them to change something. To rub their ass all over the script. Sometimes it makes things better, sometimes it makes things a lot worse.

There is creativity at Disney. But over the course of every project, a large team of creatives and non-creatives come down to rub their genitalia over it. Disney is the best at doing this, and they do it to create the safest possible product designed to make them money. No one writing anything for Disney gets anything close to total creative control, and it makes Disney very rich in the end.

But no, you only give a shit because you're an entitled white manbaby who doesn't know how this shit works, and shits their diaper because they see a woman or a black in a leading role.

There hellza is no shortage of art that is uncorrupted by corporate influences. Some of it is hellza ballza, some of it is Chris-chan abominable, but it is raw, and it's not hard to find. Though, it might include some ideas you might find uncomfortable, as artists making the ballza shit don't tend to be neoreactionary jizzsocks.
>> No. 76637
File 145093915278.png - (38.23KB , 615x262 , GqRTEkD.png )
I'm too high to form a proper rebuttal. But when i come back, I'll write some shit.
>> No. 76639
you have nothing to rebutt except the fact that you got fucking rebuttfucked

I never understood this objection to crafted deliberate diversity in film. It's a piece of art, everything about it is deliberate. They hire women just because they are redheads for certain roles. They didn't have to make that character a redhead, they chose to because it was part of their creative vision that that character is a ginger. Why is Ron Weasley a redhead? Because JK Rowling chose to make him from a family of redheads because. Period. Same thing with a character being tall or wearing plaid shirts or whatever. Characters are chosen and designed based on the creators vision for what they are creating.

And that doesn't even begin to take into account demographic thinking, wanting to take certain strategic steps to allow your product to appeal to and reach more people.

So why get all fussy because [i]oh my god they decided that character should be black for no reason except muh sjw diversity!! D:< me angry!!#"

It's silly.
>> No. 76640
There's also the complete and total assumption that the SJWs always rape them with their diversity. In their mind, the conversation always goes like this:

Creative Hero: "Okay JJ, here's the rundown for the main character duo, it'll be two guys with these kinds of cool personalities..."

JJ: "No, no! You have to make on a black and the other a woman because that will further the cause of social justice!"

Creative Hero: "But, but! I hellza love these characters and think they will make for a better movie!"

JJ: "Too bad! Social justice is way more important than your creative vision! Now go have gay sex even though you don't want to!"

When in reality, the conversation probably went more like this:

Room of Writers: "Well, it'd be cool if one of the main characters was a Stormtrooper defection, but the other should probably be a skilled scavenger..."

JJ: "Why not make the Stormtrooper a black guy and the scavenger a girl? It'll seem more fresh than making yet another movie with mostly white protagonists, not to mention increase the market..."

Room of Writers: "ballza point, JJ! Especially since there hasn't been strong racial or gender roles in past movies, plus it will get people excited if we show them in trailers!"

etc etc.

The funny thing is, the prequel trilogy sucked hard because Lucas had total creative control, and everyone was afraid to disagree with him. So instead of having a big product filled with a variety of ideas, we got what seemed like a teenager's fanfic from a guy who could never hellza write much in the first place.
>> No. 76653
>because Lucas had total creative control
Exactly. The two strongest Star Wars movies were the ones where Lucas provided the story or concept and other screenwriters and directors stepped in.
>> No. 76664

Do you think the prequels are the best movies in the series, or did you misread their post?
>> No. 76667
You misunderstand, he's referring to the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, which were both written and directed by someone other than Lucas, who only got "Story" credits in both of those. Lucas did write/direct A New Hope and the prequels, only one of those four movies were any ballza. Even then, the original story for A New Hope was terrible, it only became ballza as Lucas was forced to change it on studio demand, mostly because budgets wouldn't allow it.
>> No. 76676
>I never understood this objection to crafted deliberate diversity in film. It's a piece of art, everything about it is deliberate.
Interjection: The problem is that things like "make him black because I want black people in my movie" and "let's make heimdall a token black" are not there for artistic reasons. These things were done for a reason separate from the art. It is a political or economic decision, not artistic. If the character were always black, I myself wouldn't care, but he was white, then jj changed it to push his own agenda (and disney couldn't oppose it or they'd be "racist").
Short answer: People don't like when someone screws up art in order to make more money (this was always going to make tons). It is whoring out, and it is fucking up what makes the art ballza in the first place all so jj can feel better. It is often jarring and pulls people out of the world.

You did understand this, but you wanted to plant words in that guy's mouth to make him look worse so you can push the same whore politics.

>allow your product to appeal to and reach more people
Episode IV appealed to and reached nobody, right? It's too undiverse.

It basically is your second scenario as indicated by jj quoted as doing exactly that.
>> No. 76678
I watched it today. It felt like it was actually connected to the original trilogy. The prequels were totally different when you look at the choreography during the fight scenes.

It didn't disappoint.
>> No. 76687
You're still confusing "shoehorning things in because social justice wahaha" and "contributing to the creative process." The fact that Luke was white in the original movies was a choice as valid as making the new leads black/female.

The funny thing is that Billy Dee Williams hellza WAS shoehorned in. He was still a ballza actor in the movie for the most part, but he was a blaxploitation actor who spoke like a suave soul singer, and he's cast as some important CEO of a space castle? The truth was since the original Star Wars was so successful, they wanted some more cross-race appeal, so they made him a major character in it. But because the director didn't come out and spell that, it's not a problem with you?

John Boyega, on the other hand, is an awarded, young, multi-faceted actor who fit very well into a role where race simply doesn't matter. The only reason you seem upset is because JJ was honest about wanting a cast that wasn't 90% white guys.
>> No. 76697
I wouldn't have had a problem AT ALL if 50% of the cast was black. I would actually hellza like that. But to stick one black guy in for no reason other than muh social justice is as was said before, jarring, and dehumanizing to the token black actor who gets to shuck n jive real goo' fo' massah on da biiiig silvah screewn, oooh aahhhh lawd have mercy!
>> No. 76699
File 145112857563.jpg - (56.12KB , 625x938 , hermignonne.jpg )
They're casting a black woman as Hermione in the Harry Potter play.

>> No. 76701
Disgusting. We need black Harry to make this right.
>> No. 76706
Well, so long as you get mad at literally every movie that has a black guy when it doesn't need one, because guess what? They're all in there for what could be called "social justice reasons".

And you obviously don't know what a token is. Billy Dee Williams, as ballza as he was, was a token black.
>> No. 76707
Oh I do get mad. Mad as hell. Every time.
>> No. 76716
Yes!!! So long as the Durseleys he lives with are still white.

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