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File 145013192516.jpg - (81.51KB , 421x562 , teabag.jpg )
76507 No. 76507
Does this count as bestiality?
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>> No. 76508
only if you get a boner.
>> No. 76509
File 145013278241.png - (38.40KB , 760x758 , im terrible at art like ops mum is at looking attr.png )
Does this count as bestiality?
>> No. 76510
The guy in OP's picture is wearing hellza nice boxers.
>> No. 76512
File 14501339661.gif - (1.20MB , 232x200 , cats.gif )
>> No. 76513
>> No. 76514
File 145021123012.gif - (1.29MB , 500x281 , catboob.gif )
>> No. 76515
File 145021562224.jpg - (70.16KB , 480x640 , catfucker2.jpg )
>> No. 76516
File 145021570345.jpg - (45.97KB , 500x314 , catfucker.jpg )
>> No. 76517

Sandpaper tongue. Eugh.
>> No. 76518
Better than nasty ass dog tongues that always smell like barf.
>> No. 76519
File 145022590330.jpg - (58.68KB , 476x700 , dog.jpg )
Honestly, fuck dogs. They smell, they bite, they bark loudly at everything, they eat from the trash, every time you eat they beg for food and they also drool everywhere.
>> No. 76520
And they shit on the floor. Dogs shit on the floor.
>> No. 76521
File 145022634233.png - (238.39KB , 445x599 , Thoushaltnotyiff3.png )
>> No. 76522
This reminds me I was going to make a thread about the wild underworld of cum tribute videos on xhamster.
>> No. 76523
How is it wild?
>> No. 76524

You think you're just in for a cum tribute to Scarlett Johansson, but the next moment you're snorting crack off a pre-op MTF's cock and jacking off to a picture of their pet lizard.
>> No. 76525
File 145026210323.gif - (488.26KB , 500x366 , lizardkiss.gif )
Why would you jack off to a Lizard?
>> No. 76528

Lizard cum tributes go for 5 bucks a pop in the black market, if you know who to go to.
>> No. 76540
I wanna be that lizard.
>> No. 76541
File 14503919865.png - (765.32KB , 714x562 , reptile.png )
>> No. 76595
They also eat used tampons and tons of other things that could be hazardous to their health. You can't just throw your tampons in an unprotected garbage can or the dog will raid it.

I'm in a house with a dog right now. The other day he shat and pissed all over the kitchen. All over it. He walked while pissing and shitting, covering the entire floor in excrement. It was the most impressive act of fecal terrorism I've witnessed.

>> No. 76597
>It was the most impressive act of fecal terrorism I've witnessed.
what about that hippo who fanned his diarrhea all over the fucking place
>> No. 76599
I have not witnessed this. Would you like to post a gif or video?

>> No. 76600
It's probably something like this


if not that video.

Apparently it's kind of normal for hippos to shit everywhere and it's their version of marking their territory.
>> No. 76607

>> No. 76613
The dog just jumped in the trash can to eat my tampon. The dog hellza, hellza likes my tampons. I can't keep the dog away from my tampons, no matter what I do.
>> No. 76633
File 145092726673.jpg - (14.84KB , 236x247 , 0eea7c7311ba8b15ab80f25ab84bc9e9.jpg )
Can dogs be jews?
>> No. 76636
People get upset when you try to circumcise dogs. You can perform body modifications upon human babies that can't consent if you like, but if a mohel gets too close to a puppy then the whole Internet goes insane.
>> No. 76647
I've been here for more than a week and not a day has passed where we didn't have to yell at the dog at least once. Why do people like dogs? I've never met a well behaved dog. This dog barks constantly and smells bad.
>> No. 76689
File 145109837218.jpg - (372.19KB , 2196x2275 , pootoloo.jpg )
Seriously, why the fuck do people like dogs? The dog just dug in the trash can again. We have to put up a little fence between the kitchen and the rest of the house to make sure he doesn't go try to eat shit people are cooking. And he smells and he barks all the time for no reason. We constantly have to yell at the little shit. Although it isn't little at all, I guess-- it's enormous. It's an enormous shit. It could probably cause a lot of damage if it bit a human. What the fuck is the point of dogs?

You can hug cats, smell cats, kiss cats and you can train them to shit in the toilet. Their meows aren't loud and if they bite you, it doesn't even leave a scar.
>> No. 76690
File 145109862942.jpg - (118.98KB , 500x667 , tumblr_mziaxuOMHa1rylzllo1_500.jpg )
And let's be honest here, there ain't nothing more satisfying than poking a kitty's little wet nosey. You can't do that to a dog or they'll lick you and make your whole arm smelly.
>> No. 76691
File 145109914585.jpg - (1.55MB , 3264x1836 , IMG_20150731_112407_788.jpg )
Dogs are super loyal, love the fuck out of you, and can be trained to do awesome things. But it's true that untrained dogs can be a huge headache.

I took a bengal cat off of the street that someone left when they moved away. At first I was like, what the actual fuck this is a beautiful cat and is already fixed. Then it turns out he eats like a fucking pig, and meows loudly all the fucking time. It's the worst when it rains. He wants to be outside, but doesn't like the rain. So he just walks around, meowing, with no way to console him. After a half hour or so he might lay down and shut up, but it takes a while. He beats up other cats in the neighborhood, on their turf. He's a big annoying d and the only reason I put up with him is because LOOK AT HIM HES SO CUTE AND HIS FUR IS SO SOFT AND IT SPARKLES IN THE LIGHT HOLY GOD
>> No. 76692
Sounds like you got a shit tier cat. Some cats are loyal, cuddly, loving and highly deserving of kitty kisses.

When your cat starts whining you should just put him outside, rain or no rain. Maybe get him a little dog house or something so he can hide in there if he hellza doesn't want to get wet. If kitty is a little shit, kitty deserves punishment!
>> No. 76693
He has an outside box, and he uses it sometimes. I do throw him out, but he'll come right up on the windowsill and meow until I let him in again.

He's a pretty ballza kitty otherwise, lap cat, loves to be petted. Demands it, in fact. I'll pet him and then he'll meow because he wants more. He doesn't get up on anything and he goes potty outside regularly. I just wish he wouldn't be so loud and annoying.
>> No. 76694
Please post more pictures of your cat.
>> No. 76704
File 145115714925.jpg - (1.31MB , 3264x1836 , IMG_20151226_140231_771.jpg )
His name is Leo. Is it because Leo = lion or because he has a leopard print? I'll let you, the viewers decide.

This is his favorite chair. He'll sleep here all day, literally. And all night if he doesn't get enough sleep during the day. It's a ballza thing because it's a chair no one uses but him. One of my old cats also used to like it.
>> No. 76718
You've been waiting for this thread your whole life

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