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File 145005201178.jpg - (51.98KB , 720x538 , 73234_172567882770346_6977064_n.jpg )
76485 No. 76485
I keep getting banned from basketball americantits for posting "porn" when I'm not posting what I think anyone would consider porn. I only went back there because our comic board, when we had one, was so slow a few years ago. I miss 99chan back in the hayday.

Why isn't it still 2008, guys? I hate everything I see online anymore. Nothing brings me joy the way things like mombj and trucks spilling their loads once did.

Have I just become an old hateful bastard incapable of enjoying the simple pleasures of browsing the internet and talking to strangers?
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>> No. 76490
You must go to the middle east where it is legal to have a child bride OP. It's the only way.
>> No. 76495
Using 4ailchan is your first problem.

People give 8chan shit for not banning literal Nazi pedophiles, but at least they'll probably have a board that doesn't get too draconian about their definition of porn.
>> No. 76503
File 145011705288.png - (762.14KB , 786x576 , 1449163136321.png )
frankly, they're not draconian enough.

the internet changes, communities change, you change.

it sucks but that's the way it is. time marches on. right now you're nostalgic about 2008 99chan and you will probably continue to be so, but you may also soon stumble upon the next thing that, in 5 years, you'll feel nostalgic about.

if you were say, 20 in 2008, you're now probably 27, possibly going on 28. if you were 16 when you first came here, you're now solidly into your 20s. those are big differences. it may not be that 99chan is any different (it is, but bear with me) but that you have changed.

i miss actual, sundevil, and others. i miss the prolific, dedicated posting of cas. i miss nemo's white girl booty. sundevil is probably in his 30s by now, I think actual is probably approaching his late 30s, cas is still around but doesn't seem to post nearly as much, and nemo is now and old lady with one of those flat old lady asses.
>> No. 76504
hoegaarden has probably been dead for years
>> No. 76579
File 145056428449.png - (803.64KB , 960x720 , frustrated_no_more.png )
Where did everything go so wrong?
>> No. 76591
File wakdakdoodle.webm - (670.98KB )
the day your father put his crusty wiener in your mother's sloppy furburger and blorped out some chunky jizz to create you
>> No. 76602
>nemo is now and old lady with one of those flat old lady asses.

Prove this drunk Canadian shitcabinet wrong nemo!
>> No. 76605
File 145076926748.jpg - (22.88KB , 640x480 , 7 proxies.jpg )
When was it going right?

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