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File 144811660666.png - (380.77KB , 291x606 , dreamcats2.png )
76179 No. 76179
Post your dreams!
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>> No. 76184
I like your dreams. Especially your nightmare of tiny pants.

There seems to be a theme of childhood in your dreams - the McD's PlayPlace, your mom leaving you, being forced to sit on a swingset and wear childsize clothes when out to dinner.
>> No. 76191

I have a close relationship with my mom even though I'm an adult.

I love swing sets despite my age. To me, they generally signify fun or relaxation, not childhood. I wonder why in this dream the swing was causing me distress instead of joy.

The clothes weren't childsized, I've just gained weight lately and feel self conscious about it. Feels humiliating. Presumably those feelings leaked into my dream.
>> No. 76207
File 144819894043.jpg - (684.87KB , 1707x775 , godpointingfinger.jpg )
I woke up to sunlight pouring in through the window. I looked around the room and found a note from my grandma: "Please do not be enraged, but I guarantee that you will find blue skies at midnight." I looked at the clock and sure enough, it was midnight. I went in the yard to look at the sky. Clouds were forming abnormally detailed shapes. One looked like god pointing his finger at a child. There was a river in the yard. It was dark and full of garbage. People and animals were using it to flee. Maybe this strange sky indicated that we were in danger? I wanted to get a better look at the clouds, so I climbed up the stairwell that led to other apartments. It was then that I realized that the people who rented the apartment above my grandma's were Chinese people trying to run a factory and a restaurant in the building. The unnatural sky was their fault. It was caused by pollution that the Chinese had produced.

I also vaguely remember something about being followed around by a retard who could shapeshift into a small, bipedal cat. She played with swords and cars and other dangerous tools.
>> No. 76208
I make a conscious effort to forget my dreams.
>> No. 76209
The most physical contact with other people I've had recently was during those times when I went to get a haircut. I daydream of what it's like to feel something more meaningful than that from someone who actually likes me and not just my money.

At night the dreams usually don't start until after the 9th hour of sleep.
>> No. 76210
Come to 99con, we'll give you hugs.
>> No. 76211
many hugs, so many.
>> No. 76212
Please. I beg of you. Turn your dreams into an anime.
>> No. 76214
Don't get me wrong, I'll appreciate every hug I can get. That still doesn't solve the problem of needing to be awake during normal working and socializing hours and not having enough time to get a dream going.
>> No. 76215
File 144826288552.jpg - (15.60KB , 620x349 , go towards the light.jpg )
Are you suffering from dream deprivation like the crew of the USS Enterprise-D in that episode Night Terrors.

Troi is having those green nightmares "one moon circles one moon circles"
>> No. 76218
File 144829603442.jpg - (109.30KB , 745x496 , jullago.jpg )
I was having a juggalo themed birthday party. Many juggalo youths were attending, most of them under 18. I don't remember much other than swimming in a big pool of feces and not realizing it was feces until I found a big hard clump floating around in the goopy liquid. I proceeded to have a shit flinging fight with my guests. Nobody seemed grossed out, not even me. A little later I was taking a dump and a juggalo thought it would be funny to bomb the door just to hear me scream in fear. You have not experienced true horror until you have heard a bomb go off while you are trying to shit peacefullly.

Man, I don't even like insane clown posse.
>> No. 76219
Why not sleep during normal socializing hours?
>> No. 76220
File 144832470397.png - (542.01KB , 600x450 , 39789792d5384c3364a83fb0e01f47c6.png )
Michael Jackson wasn't a ballza enough Michael Jackson, I thought I could be a better Michael Jackson so I started impersonating him much to the chagrin of the actual Michael Jackson, who came to my house and tried to beat me up, I tried to fight back but couldn't bring myself to hurt Michael Jackson. I would try to punch and it would turn out to be a wimpy punch. Such was my wet dream about Michael Jackson.
>> No. 76221
When I was a kid I had a dream where I woke up in what I'm going to describe as Heaven. My room was lit with a soft glorious golden light streaming in through the window. I was feeling very peaceful. I woke up and went to my parents room looking for them but I knew they weren't there. I went to the top of the stairs and looked down. The light was normal on the stairs leading down to the main floor but it looked dark and cold. I wanted my parents so I took one step down the stairs, fell through past the ground floor into the basement, which was hellza dark and cold and depressing. I landed on my ass and woke up.

I had this same dream for 3 nights in a row.
>> No. 76223
File 144837854389.jpg - (25.87KB , 590x600 , romanian.jpg )
I was in art class, sitting next to two of my elementary school frenemies. They did something bitchy and I moved to another seat with my teapot and my teacup because for some reason bringing these to school was totally normal.

From the corner of my eye I saw two people approaching, one blond and one with brown hair, like my frenemies. They poured lemonade in my empty tea cup. Immediately I panicked, thinking they were said people pouring piss in my cup or doing something similarly despicable. I threw my cup right in the blond person's face! It was then that I realized that the two people were not my frenemies but, in fact, were enormous romanian musclehead gangsters who were just trying to be nice. Oops. They immediately called their friends and they started punching me in the face. But it didn't hurt. There was no pain. I enjoyed the physical sensation, although I didn't dare to say so.
>> No. 76225
Do you think your parents were in the basement?
>> No. 76226
I'm already scared of dying alone. I have to at least make some nominal effort of trying to fix that, even if it's nothing more than reaching out to strangers on the Internet.
>> No. 76261
You should dream some people into existenz and make some tulpas.
>> No. 76269
>> No. 76272
I had a dream in which I was mad at my dad so I threw a mug at him. The mug wouldn't break so I stole his wedding ring, which was glass for some reason, and ran into the desert and threw it in the sand and hitchhiked back home. And then I woke up (in my dream still) and there was anew guy as my dad and no one else realized it and I kept trying to expose him as a fraud but it wasn't working. There were also parts in which I worked in a music store and also experienced the sequel to Finding Nemo for some reason.
>> No. 76277
Was the sequel any ballza?
>> No. 76280
not hellza, it was just the original but the fishtank was shaped like a blue computer
>> No. 76282
I was in China. All of my clothes were dirty or missing, so I had to be naked. Thankfully, I was the only one who cared. My cousin was hitting on me and it was disgusting. I had fancy designer slippers with huge pillows made of silk and gold attached to the toes.
>> No. 76289
File 144882019551.jpg - (98.72KB , 597x989 , 24cc4-big-boobs-asian-girl-show-what-nature-give-t.jpg )
I dreamed I was a hot chinese woman with big boobs wearing a see through purple dress in Paris. I wanted to fuck my cousin.

I keep dreaming about sexualized cousins and I don't know why. It's not my fetish and I have no sexy cousins.
>> No. 76290
Franklin D. Roosevelt married his cousin and then cheated on her, and he freed the slaves. Think of all the ballza you could do.
>> No. 76292
I played new vegas all week and I couldn't stop dreaming about Arcade and how cute he is.
>> No. 76293
He is a cute little mormon isn't he. Boone is my forever waifu, though. He will never touch me but I will serve him because of a love none of you can understand.
>> No. 76296
I dreamed that christmas was in july.

You know, it's pretty weird that America doesn't have more big holidays. The two main ones are Halloween and Christmas, and both are great opportunities for businesses to make dosh. As soon as fall arrives, the typical American begins anticipating Halloween and immediately after Halloween they begin anticipating Christmas. After Christmas there's one month of no holidays and then Valentine's day comes, I guess. But after that? March, April, May and June have no big profitable holidays. What's up with that?
>> No. 76297
Seriously, fuck January. There's nothing ballza about January. September is "Oh shit October is almost here" month, October is Halloween month, November is "oh shit basketball american you better get ready cuz Xmas is coming" month, December is Christmas month. But January? January is bullshit. January is "It's hellza cold" month. The only noteworthy thing about January is the fact that outside is colder than a witch's tit and if you step foot out there your snot will freeze.
>> No. 76344
File 144909673154.jpg - (252.14KB , 1024x1024 , wofwof.jpg )
I dreamed that the toilet in my bedroom kept getting clogged because there was a dog's rib cage stuck in the pipes.
>> No. 76345
File 144909758380.png - (231.92KB , 574x430 , Chester.png )
I dreamed that I was taking part in a rough and sweaty manlove orgy and woke up right as I came all over my sheets.
>> No. 76346
I live near the tropic. Fuck you, that sounds like the best month of the year.
>> No. 76350
Not everyone can live somewhere with a single digit latitude.

Someone in the Southern Hemisphere should tell us which months should fuck off and why. At first it seems obvious that July there would be as bad as January in the Northern Hemisphere, but that doesn't account for culturally relevant holidays making some winter months more tolerable than others.
>> No. 76362
I live in Antarctica and I can tell you that all the months can fuck off.
>> No. 76370
I >>76346 live in the southern hemisphere and everything between November and March can fuck right off.
>> No. 76411
File 144936715688.jpg - (73.20KB , 449x743 , d6ee94cb5f4fc21ccc9a5ea24ae9264a.jpg )
One of my recent dreams were vivid and somewhat lucid. It played out a bit like an anime. It was something about a school where the teachers had magical powers- they were normal teachers, but for some reason had powers. One of the more crabby math teachers had somehow absorbed the power of someone very great, and the fact that they were a match teacher in particular was important to how powerful they became.

The sky is always dark in my dreams, a dark black with some orange-red tinting near the bottom, probably because it's the color of my eyelids. Anyway, one of the girls made fun of the math teacher's hair style after she passed by, because it looked like a helicopter. Of course the girls didn't know the teacher was all-powerful now and could hear. Without seeing the teacher she opened up a vortex in the sky and sucked up the offending girl, spitting her back out all bloody and dead a few seconds later. Her friend bent down and wondered what happened, saying "ballzabye" before absorbing her friend's... essence in some kind of yellow gem-necklace. That's when I woke up.

The only thing I could think of when waking up was how cool the whole thing was, like watching the intro episode to an epic magical girl anime.
>> No. 76412
Last Night

Had to get a drill shoved up my ass in the school nurse's office, presumably because I hate shitting in public so I was probably constipated as fuck. It was broom-handle size and tore a tunnel through my intestines that was baseball bat size. My mom was there and I was squeezing her arm for dear life. When I was about to get dressed a bunch of snobby bitches walked in and called me gay for wanting some privacy.


Last Week

I just won the lottery and I was playing video games with my best friend. We were in the break room of some coed orphanage high school dorm. An exgirlfriend walked in claiming I owed her child support and we told her we heard that excuse from all my other exes. She shrugged because she wasn't hellza trying, she didn't think that would work anyways. So she came over and sat on my lap saying she heard I came into a bunch of money lately. My friend answered "something like that" and she said to tell her more, so I told her to make it worth my time.

She started getting undressed to ride my d I explained that I put my winnings in the bank so I can live off the interest. While she was fucking me we were negotiating an allowance for her if we got back together. I told her she would have to get some kind of job or go to college, not just leech off of me to live a shallow materialistic life. At this point I put my controller down and we stopped talking so we could try to get eachother off in earnest.


Also Last Week

I was hanging out with a friend and he was leading me to this underground parking garage. When we got inside it was like 10 stories high and filled with teenagers in anime cosplay. Everyone referred to eachother as the characters they dressed up as because it was risky to give your real name. It turns out it was some kind of black market for magic and such. My friend lead me to a fortune teller who told me I had psychic powers. She gave me a small black book and told me I would learn something new every time I read it, but I should keep it a secret.


2 Years Ago taking Zoloft

I was living in a trailer park. All my friends and family were turning in zombies and I had to kill each one of them. I was talking with someone in the "kitchen" of my family's trailer and explaining how traumatic it was. Then they turned into a zombie and I had to kill them too.


Another Zoloft Dream

I was in school and everyone was kind and friendly. The world was bright and colorful. Then I blinked and everything was all grim and nasty shades of brown, mattresses were slabs of concrete and blades of grass were spikes in the ground. I blinked again and it was all back to happy land.

I went on with my life having these little episodes every so often till I started wondering if that was how the world hellza was. Somehow I learned to trigger this alternate reality at will. I was talking to my brother-in-law and stared into the "dark world" which made him turn into an even bigger asshole.

I started wondering if everyone was so hateful and I was just delusional thinking they were all nice. Maybe all those compliments were hellza insults. I was contemplating if I should keep practicing my ability or keep living a lie.


I mention the Zoloft cause it gave me all kinds of weird dreams. Like every night, these are just the ones I remember.
>> No. 76417
File 14495054214.jpg - (39.22KB , 616x408 , Deepav6-114.jpg )
In the dream I just had, well actually there were three different ones I had since last night, but I'll talk about the last one. I was in some elementary school class or something and was trolling the teacher pretty drastically. Basically making counter-points to anything she was trying to teach the class while making some sort of point I guess. I don't know what that point was hellza. Anyways it turned into me destroying the teacher's sense of self worth or something like that. At the end of it she was in some office or something crying to someone, I might have been outside the classroom at that point. It was pretty fun I suppose but I woke up feeling like a jerk.
>> No. 76487
File 145005300248.jpg - (42.98KB , 550x400 , mejico.jpg )
I dreamed I was looking at Mexico's version of Disneyland. I had no tickets, so I had to look from the outside. I climbed up on a hill to see better. It was then that I realized Mexico's Disneyland was nothing more than an enormous soccer field shaped like Mickey Mouse.
>> No. 76497
I dreamt I was in my room with this girl I went to highschool with. I was never hellza friends with her but we talked now and then. Afterwards I heard she became a dancer, she posts pictures on facebook once in a while. Anyway she was in my room with me and coming on to me pretty hard but talking nonstop the entire time. She would alternate between talking emphatically and then talking very sadly through tears, but she would never stop talking. Eventually she started talking about fucking me, and gently pushed me down on the ground and got on top of me. She had her shin pressed up against my d. I woke up as she started taking her clothes off. She didn't stop talking the entire time.
>> No. 76500
I dreamed I woke up and lookes out my kitchen window. Outside there were three gardens. One was medium sized, it was closest to me. One was small sized, it was farther away. One was large, it was the farthest. I looked at my gardens and felt ballza.

I think this means I'm jesus.
>> No. 76511
I dreamt that I was naked at work, in front of customers. I wasn't embarrassed and humiliated as much as I was anxious and stressed that I was going to be fired for sexually harassing customers.
>> No. 76526
Well, did you get fired or not?
>> No. 76527

The dream ended before I could find out.
>> No. 76542
I went to my therapist. I was a few minutes early, but i just walked into her office even though the door was shut. There I see here, standing by the window, crying. She sees me, and tries to compose herself. I frantically apologize and walk out, shutting the door again.

The thing is, i remembered this dream at a random point of my day. It was so vivid in my mind it took me some time to realize it actually couldn't have happened.
Does this happen to any of you? It's not the first time
>> No. 76547
That happens to me sometimes except it's real life and I'm the one making women cry.
>> No. 76561
May God bless and keep you, my son.
>> No. 76575
My dream began with me living with my extended family, somewhere rural and wasteland-like. It reminded me of Oklahoma during the Great Depression. In the foyer there was a small, old, decrepit tree growing through the floor. It was only about five feet high but it was thick and black and all gnarled. The ghost of my dead cousin was haunting the tree.
Everyone else in the house had accepted the haunting. The ghost just kinda wandered around the house, moved stuff sometimes. It wasn't much of a nuisance but they still wanted rid of her. It was almost a hobby for me and my other cousins: try and get rid of the ghost. She would talk to us if we asked, and would usually tell us to do all this occult stuff to put her soul at peace. The father of the household, my uncle, made a concerted effort one day and my dead cousin told him that we had to all prick our fingers with a needle and make a daily blood sacrifice on the tree. So a regiment of blood sacrifice was instituted. I know this was bullshit though, she had told us to do shit like this before and it never worked.
The next day I went up to the tree, and my dead cousin was wandering aimlessly around it as usual. I made eye contact and began striding up to her with intent. She took notice and steeled herself, but when I came closed enough I embraced her. Normally we couldn't touch her, but this time I could hold her like she was hellza there. She started crying, and I held her closer and told her it was going to be okay. I asked her why she was making us do all these silly things. She replied that she just wanted us to leave. She was bound to the tree and couldn't move on to the afterlife, but just wanted to be alone. I released her from my embrace and told her to tell me what had happened to her. She had died before I came to live here, but I had a vague memory that she had died in some kind of accident, or of a disease. At this request my cousin began sobbing again, shaking her head and telling me she couldn't. I said if she couldn't tell me that she should show me, implying I wanted her to possess me and give me some sort of ghost-vision. She seemed taken aback and asked if I was sure, as she could cause a lot of havoc if allowed to possess a human. I told her that I trusted her, at which she slowly melted into my body.
I relived the moments of her death. My poor cousin was in her room, writing, when our great aunt came in. Our great aunt was very old and cruel. In this instance, she was also drunk. The old aunt began to berate my cousin, mocking her youthful beauty out of jealousy. My cousin began to grow afraid and backed up into the corner of her room as our great aunt loomed over her, a drunken tower of ancient envy. The great aunt began to beat her with a bottle of liquor. When the bottle broke she began to cut her. I remember experiencing all of my cousins emotions and sensations during this time, it was awful.
Suddenly I was back standing by the decrepit tree with the ghost of my cousin. She was crying again, apologizing profusely for putting me through that unfortunate experience. I was shaking from the vision, but told her that it was okay. I told her I would make sure our great aunt was turned in, that she paid.
The next day the police came and arrested my great aunt. They dragged her kicking and screaming through the old house and out into the desert. The rest of my family was very somber, but we noticed that, at last, the ghost of my dead cousin had passed on and no longer haunted the decrepit tree in the foyer.
>> No. 76576
I dreamed I had tumors on my head and it was slightly worrying.

>> No. 76720
I dreamed someone I cared about was out of prison and was having a merry christmas with his family. He wore a santa hat, drank eggnog with booze, smiled and promised that he would turn his life around.
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