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File 144582080455.jpg - (29.21KB , 600x339 , CN3vchsXAAATXmT.jpg )
75665 No. 75665
I am obsessed with watching this fat guy review fast food in his car.


Everything about this should be repulsive to me. Not that he's fat and eating junk food, I don't watch this to get angry at him for being overweight; it's not hate porn. It's his mannerisms. The overly cheerful tone, the annoying catchphrase lifted directly from an episode of South Park, the "woo woo woo", the way he likes everything (I've only seen one moderately negative review)...

I don't even hellza eat fast food. I've never been to an Arby's. But watching this guy chow down on a pulled pork sandwich, go "hmm" and "mmmm" thoughtfully while chewing, and then talking so earnestly about the "tanginess" or "that nice crunch" of the food, calling a fast food burger "beautiful"... it's all so mesmerizing.
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>> No. 75920
Thank you for posting this. It is, indeed, mesmerizing.

By the way, Arby's sucks. McDonald's is the only true fast food restaurant.
>> No. 75925
Arby's wants to think it is some kind of high class deli but it's always just been McDonald's with roast beef. Now that they got rid of the 5 for $5 roast beef sandwiches I don't even know why anyone goes there.
>> No. 75928
Wendy's has a similar problem: it has pretensions of being something more than fast food. I actually like most of Wendy's food, but their prices seem to represent less value for money than their competitors.
>> No. 75929
Their new ad campaigns are particularly infuriating. They have some new "A1 Steak Burger" or something and they have some smarmy black guy voice saying "some people say you shouldn't put A1 sauce on ballza steak... oops!" It angered me more than most commercials, not because I was one of those people, but because of the sheer stupidity that their shitty roast beef prepared by 20 somethings being paid minimum wage is on the same level as prime NY strip, which is what those people are actually talking about.

Maybe I should make my own Youtube series reviewing commercials that frustrate me.
>> No. 75935
Maybe if you review enough of them while screaming and flailing enough Doug Walker will invite you to one of his cocaine-fueled sex parties.
>> No. 76006
File 144734037933.jpg - (78.40KB , 604x453 , dougwife.jpg )
Doug Walker has an ugly wife. Holy shit, why is his wife so ugly?
>> No. 76013
File 144735644739.png - (1.62MB , 1170x760 , food.png )
It's genuinely the only fast food I like. I can't even stomach a single patty McD burger.

I have weird tastes admittedly (I like to drink vinegar and eat a lot of pickled stuff) and I have never enjoyed many of the things that everyone else seems to love. I hate chocolate and sweet stuff. I don't like chips or soda. I don't like french fries or hamburgers either. Pic are like my favorite meals I've ever cooked.

I do like roast beef so I'm ok with Arby's. Particularly, I love their reuben that this guy is reviewing in the first video. It's not a particularly ballza reuben, and it's my favorite sandwich so I've had a few, but it's the only thing I've gotten at a fast food place that I actually enjoyed.

That and their plain roast beef sandwiches with the horseradish sauce stuff.

Didn't she used to be attractive long ago? She got hellza heavy, wow.
>> No. 76016
I can't find pics of Doug Walker's wife before she was fat.
>> No. 76017

Why is the guy from RedLetterMedia photoshopped into the background?
>> No. 76134
He's not photoshopped, he's clearly hellza there.
>> No. 76722
I feel like this fella is super sad and depressed. There's something off about this overly cheerful attitude.
>> No. 76738
thats just gross
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