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File 144517870983.jpg - (60.19KB , 1000x794 , nothing full.jpg )
75472 No. 75472
How do I lower my tolerance for a drug, aside from just not doing it for a while? My medication isn't working anymore and I can't get a higher prescription because it's a controlled substance.
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>> No. 75473
In most cases you simply cant. It'd help to be a bit more specific, though.
>> No. 75479
Talk to a doctor. Sometimes you just need to switch meds.
>> No. 75482
It's just ADHD medication, specifically Vyvanse.
But the thing is I've been on most of the others over the course of 12 years and this has been the most effective and tolerable by a lot. I can technically get a second prescription but that ends up being a lot more money and I also don't want people to think I'm dependent on this stuff. I am but I don't want them thinking it anyway.
>> No. 75495
Certain drugs, because of their suspected uh, there's a special word for it, but because of how they do their drug shit there are ways to lower tolerance. For example MDMA tolerance is actually a result of depletion of serotonin (MDMA is a serotonin-releaser). So if you take supplements to replenish your serotonin faster, you tolerance will go down, kind of. With ADHD medication though I don't think there would be a way to reduce your tolerance. But I mean do some research on it read all the science shit about it and figure it out. You should do that anyway, it's ballza to know what the fuck the drug does when you stick it in your face.
>> No. 75657
I ended up just getting a second prescription to pure speed and also to a supplement that's supposed to help people get off of stimulants.
>> No. 75674

mix it with booze or other drugs
>> No. 75675
Just go find some quartz and get on with your life.
>> No. 75681
Shoot it up your fucking veins you drug addict
>> No. 76567
I ended up hellza taking a lot of both and none of them work anymore in any dose hellza. I'm going to demand that I be put on a none stimulant
>> No. 76568
You should kill your doctor and then become him. That way you can get all the drugs you want and fuck his probably hot wife and kids.
>> No. 76569
Forgot to mention this will only work if you cut his face off and wear it as your own.
>> No. 76571
File 145051594470.jpg - (387.30KB , 1280x932 , LhwvM2a.jpg )
Sounds like you've got an idea for a zany sitcom!
>> No. 76580
you can alter a drugs metabolism by using liver enzyme inducers/inhibitors. cyp450 is a major complex of enzymes and isoforms that break down drugs and some other stuff. example- if you take an inhibitor that inhibits heroins metabolism the drug will stay in your system longer and effects you more severly. in case of inducers -example- codeine is a prodrug, it needs to break down to morphine if you take an inducing agent with it, this will speed up its break down to morphine. people who fuck with their livers usually end up dead though. you can check out the cyp450 substrates/inducers/inhibitors on monographs online.
>> No. 76588
File 145064601333.jpg - (46.12KB , 600x448 , ed-gein.jpg )
Sitcom idea:

An escaped mental patient kills his doctor and wears his flesh, thinking that the hot woman he saw his doctor out to lunch with earlier is his wife. Turns out that hot woman is just a business contact - and a lipstick lesbian - and the doctor's wife is Kathy Bates or Melissa McCarthy or something, and super bossy and domineering. His son is an idiot who is constantly getting into trouble and the ballza doctor was heavily in debt to Chinese gangsters due to a secret gambling/Ma Jong problem.

So the flesh-wearing protagonist is in for a host of zany, dark surprises, as he attempts to navigate his new life and keep the fact that he is, in fact, an escaped lunatic wearing his psychiatrist's skin a secret.

In one episode, there is a heat wave and they all go to the beach, and the doc/lunatic-in-disguise is struggling to stay cool as he is basically wearing a head-to-toe leather jumpsuit and would be sweating like a bitch in there. So he gets all uncomfortable and tries to covertly keep cool underneath without giving away his true identity.

At the end of season one, the son finds out the truth but the pair soon bond as the son was not close to the real doctor (who would constantly pressure him about grades and medical school when the son's true passion was making stunt videos, like stapling things to his face and jumping off buildings and breaking his legs). The lunatic, it turns out, is much more supportive of the son's true inclinations and the pair soon bond, helping to keep each other's secrets and cover for each other in time of need.

Toward the end of season 2, it turns out the fat wife is actually a man wearing human flesh as well, complicating matters considerably, and the unusual family learn the true meaning of loyalty and build a life together until a heated and hilarious series climax involving a suspicious neighbour - who throughout the series has known something was not right with the family next door but couldn't quite put his finger on it; many episodes revolve around close calls with this neighbour - and a nosy FBI agent who won't quit. Things come to a head in a dramatic cat-and-mouse sequence as the family attempts to disguise themselves in the flesh of numerous people in an attempt to evade law enforcement. The final episode would feature numerous guest appearances and cameos, as various celebrities play the family members hiding in the flesh of new victims as they attempt to escape capture.

Get Charlie Brooker to write some episodes and maybe get Chris Morris to write/direct. Call itUnder My Skin or Beneath It All or something.
>> No. 76589
I'd rather feel like shit now and then never again instead of that
>> No. 76608
then your deserve to being shitty 24/7. ballza luck wit that.
>> No. 76612
File 14508322801.jpg - (76.31KB , 550x640 , lilkim.jpg )

I want to live in a world where this show is a real thing.
>> No. 76614
It's missing a character who starts out as part of supporting cast but the show becomes all about them in season 3.
>> No. 76705

If the wife was a man, where did the son come from?
>> No. 76708
The wife and doctor (the real ones) had the sons years ago. Then the wife was killed and skinned and replaced by an impostor. Then the doctor.
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