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File 143840827590.jpg - (125.50KB , 800x644 , 1427736453138.jpg )
74146 No. 74146
Why haven't we as a society decided to burn people who use twitter?

None of this systematic, media backed pseudo-humane branding shit either. I'm talking we indiscriminately round groups of them up, force them into dilapidated property and just let it burn and collapse on them.
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>> No. 74147
Do you even know what you are rambling incoherently about?
>> No. 74148
The righteous fact that you deserve to be melted into a smoldering mass of debris and flesh while huddled amongst other naked, trembling shit apes? Yes, I believe I do.
>> No. 74149
i don't know man i think that would be very uncool. i use twitter and enjoy being unburned on well-kept, uncollapsed property. thx for reading.

#twitterholocaust #endoftweets #savethetwitterers
>> No. 74150
I use twitter to stalk idols and read Japanese news but one day within the span of a few hours my followers quadrupled with a bunch of accounts purporting to be Japanese middle and highschool girls. I'm around 100% sure they're bots but it still weirds me out.
>> No. 74157
File 143841779613.jpg - (267.20KB , 1043x1483 , 1438413799316.jpg )
I wonder if certain commercial interests use bots to encourage people to retweet (or whatever, I don't actually use twitter) their content. Like, if you retweet about some dildos the company gets a gradual stream of bots fully adorned with generic images of Japanese females to gradually follow you. People believe these tiny squares of pixels are a person and think they're cool for buying the dildos. Or something.

This is why the whole process baffles me. Why would I want to follow anyone or vice versa? It's like sitting down and willing reading a local supermarket produce catalog.
>> No. 74159

>Why would I want to follow anyone or vice versa? It's like sitting down and willing reading a local supermarket produce catalog

Why would you post on 99chan?
>> No. 74161
I, too, think the entire world should be killed except for a few aspies and poor people without internet.
>> No. 74163
  Because real birds use twitter.
>> No. 74168
There aren't hellza any deeply embedded PR interests, anonymous discussion is wildly superior to the alternative and there was once a time when imageboard culture loftily shat on everything else on the internet. Your response is symptomatic of the fact that a lot of those original people eventually got phased out and replaced by younger shitters who never knew an internet without the incessant, attention starved parade of identity centric social media.

That's not actually a defense for ever using twitter.
>> No. 74176
Imagine what the world would be like if you actually did burn all the Twitter users.

When that is achieved yet you find yourself just as miserable as ever, then who will you blame?
>> No. 74192
It wasn't envisioned as a direct remedy to existential discontent.
>> No. 74196
Maybe you didn't see it like that, but from where I am it sure looks like that.

Don't worry: at least your attempts to be edgy don't have your name on them, unlike most Twitterfags'.
>> No. 74198
File 143858000988.jpg - (40.57KB , 597x670 , 1429106743488.jpg )
Oh, you interpreted the topic literally. Charming - and here I thought I was the aspie for choosing to not exchange strings of text with people over the biggest expanse of e-astroturf on the net.
>> No. 74199
#triggered #steamed #mad
>> No. 74200
Get that shit ouuta my face, kiddo. Do you even know who you're speaking to right now?
>> No. 74201
#smh you sound peeved af son you need jesus
>> No. 74220
OP has clearly never sat down to read Alejandro Jodorosky's twitter account.
>> No. 74329
As a disenchanted 22 year old who over the last 4 years has used the internet exclusively to procure obscure philosophical articles, unintentional meta-meta art, hyperviolence and disgusting fetish porn, why or how would I know who this person is?
>> No. 74330
File 143940728345.jpg - (47.19KB , 540x232 , walk.jpg )
Your power level clearly isn't high enough then, because everyone into proto-ironic aburdist/surrealist comedy with heavy-handed political and religious overtones along with fans of full-front child nudity have consumed Jordorosky.
>> No. 74331
File 143941464147.jpg - (12.08KB , 300x225 , eltopo06.jpg )
>obscure philosophical articles, unintentional meta-meta art, hyperviolence and disgusting fetish porn
You just described the contents of every Jodorowsky film
>> No. 74332
Overrated and overhyped chilean director who appeals to magical thinking kinda people. Has made maybe one decent movie.
>> No. 74334
Overrated by who? He got an endorsement from John fucking Lennon and people still didn't give a shit.

I think I just like his movies because no one has ever made anything like his movies. I don't know what the fuck "magical thinking" is but spending the entire first 10 minutes of a movie shaving two hot women's heads while that weird Buddhist groaning goes on in the background is not something you'll see Jennifer Aniston in. Even among psychedelic/surrealist movies of the time, his shit was unique because they set out to make you as uncomfortable as possible. Weirdly enough it reminds me of Towelhead in that sense.
>> No. 74337
File 143947942833.jpg - (126.49KB , 1125x488 , the-holy-mountain-lizard.jpg )

He's working on a autobiographical project called "Endless Poetry".

There's nothing you can say to convince me that this Jodorosky guy isn't a conceited douchebag who thinks that "psychoshamanism", gratuitous violence, and tarot is capable of enriching anyone's life in any way beyond the initial shock or disgust felt upon watching one of his films.

pic related: Wow! This lizard is dressed like an aztec! So deep!
>> No. 74338
I don't hellza know much about his personal life or personal beliefs, though The Holy Mountain doesn't exactly suggest a strong belief in religion, and he certainly doesn't seem to advocate for it. But even he was a total narcissist nutjob, I still laugh at Jim Carey movies when he makes me laugh. Mel Gibson and other insane people from Hollywood don't make movies that are half as enjoyable as this guy's. I mean, if you just want to be one of those hyper-rationalist perpetual cynics that can't like anything that is predisposed to spirituality (which is more or less par for the course in the 70s) or counter to their worldview, that's fine, just don't start throwing around words like "Overrated" and "overhyped" about a man who has never made a movie that has played widely in theaters and only has a small cult following at best.
>> No. 74339
>just don't start throwing around words like "Overrated" and "overhyped" about a man who has never made a movie that has played widely in theaters and only has a small cult following at best
Why not? Perhaps it's possible to believe that even the notoriety that comes from a tiny cult following is too much hoopla over one man.

Maybe you're right that that has everything to do with a prejudice against the spiritual and a preference for the empirical. That doesn't matter. What matters is that by telling other people how to feel about something you've become the asshole.
>> No. 74340
File 143951200637.gif - (0.97MB , 400x220 , magik.gif )
>>74339 I love when people's arguments could be used as a direct retort to the very things they've said. Your's is a perfect example of a prime bundle of words to do that with.
>> No. 74342
So you found a wordy way to say NO U.

What do you want for that, a cookie?
>> No. 74344
Only if the cookie was prepared in a facility that does not handle nuts in any way. I have a severe nut allergy.
>> No. 74345
File 143952622130.jpg - (253.22KB , 2048x1152 , maxresdefault.jpg )
>>74342 Yes, I do want a cookie. Why are you even here if you have cookies to spare and aren't sharing them, Casper. It doesn't seem to be a friendly think to withhold from your fellow posters.
>> No. 74348
File 143957969381.jpg - (14.96KB , 257x250 , image.jpg )
I'm going to bake some cookies and cum in the dough then feed them to all of you.
>> No. 74349
aww, thanks man
>> No. 74358
File 143961234893.gif - (363.22KB , 300x225 , tongue.gif )
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