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1753 No. 1753
Last year I had 5 felony possession charges placed against me.
Long story short when I splitting the sheets cause I found my ex cheating, she planted several pills in my house that she had total access to, then called the police and told them bs.
I can prove it, I have audio files of several people admitting that they know it was a set up and saying they refuse to speak out because they are afraid of my ex.

I've told the police, my lawyer has a copy, I tried to get a copy to my DA but that asshole died last week.

How can I legally or mentally move on with my life now? I'm still awaiting word on my cases. I want to move out of state but that will look like I'm running. She's still coming to my area to "suntan" within sight of my house. I call the cops and they say there's nothing they can do but she is literally standing just outside the restraining order distance. Figuratively saying "I'm not touching you I'm not touching you". I've set up security cameras and I live in fear of a 130 lb cold, calculating, redhead. She has a history of poisoning and violence.

Any suggestions?
>> No. 1759

Damn. If your defense holds she will probably be charged. Best of luck to to you and talk with your defense to try to get that info admitted. Problem is that if these people don't consent to have their testimony in court as public evidence then the files might not be admissible.
>> No. 1777
Forget law. Punch in face and warning to stay away? Wouldn't suggest this action but it is a common choice
>> No. 1780
> I'm still awaiting word on my cases. I want to move out of state but that will look like I'm running.

From who? From the law? Wait until the case is decided.

From her? Why do you give a shit what she thinks you're doing? If you are truly that concerned about her doing harm to you, then for your own psychological health, move far, far away. Maybe it's time for a change anyway. Leave everything you know behind, get in touch with yourself kind of experience.

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