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File 142922075171.jpg - (13.84KB , 320x287 , 1368528836001.jpg )
1737 No. 1737
Hello, I've been absent from 99chan since 2009~ish. I browsed a lot back then, it was known for being less shit of an imageboard, which it was.

How have things changed since then? Are there many old timers left? There still seems to be some quality about the imageboard.
>> No. 1739
Six years. You want us to describe six years of almost perpetual change to you in a nifty post.
>> No. 1742
it's slower and more superior than ever
>> No. 1746
I left when they started soliciting reddit for users. Seems to be a pretty desolate circlejerk between the remaining mods and adminship.
>> No. 1747
Uh... slow and consistent degradation due to aging user-base from the old days with low replacement, plus some server ownership issues.

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