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File 142647297970.jpg - (498.28KB , 959x720 , IMG_20150223_012431.jpg )
1734 No. 1734
So, hello. Been a few years but here goes, im not going to be all "is it normal" etc.... and i dont give a shit if my spelling/grammer is poor. Suck it. Anyway i have a deep hatred towards anyone and everybody. I feel like sticking my fingers in shop clerks eyeballs and shitting in there mouths on daily basis, i think about killing someone ever 20-30 mins im awake. No exeptions. I masturbate over the thought of battering raping and eating women alive infront of theyre loved oneetc.. you get the picture. Anyway i feel that im always so close doing it. Just one little push and ill kick a pregnant woman in the stomach if i knew i would get awaay with it. I know im not the only person who feels like this, id like to hear your experinces and how it effects you so i can look at myself from another perspective. Yes im already expecting " edgy" hurtfull replys from keyboard warriors blah blah. Why am i still typing.
>> No. 1735
fuck off Tiny
>> No. 1736
Whenever I see a pregnant girl, I always imagine the guy she is with plowing her and jizzing in her. Then I usually either get a semi or feel really sad.

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