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1710 No. 1710
Last saturday I went to a gay club for the afterparty to my work christmas. I ended up hooking up with a guy who bought me a drink, hooking up with a gay couple, with mutual masturbation, and a little deeper kissing than ideal for someone with chapped bleeding lips like me. Thing is, I thought I was bi before hand, but I think after that night I realise I'm just straight, ironically. I got it all out of me, mostly. Also I somehow started talking with a cross dresser who was the promoter and introduced me to his drug dealer friend who gave me something I fear is Ecstasy (it has a white clover and is a pill on it...) which I didn't take and stole 30 dollars from me.

1) Should I take the pill?

2) Should I call the gay couple and experiment further until I can get myself an actual women? I'm socially awkward and girls aren't into that, but guys don't give a fuck.
>> No. 1711
Th dealers name is Robert in case anyone knows him
>> No. 1714
Wow, my writing style suggests I was still a bit drunk when I wrote this...
>> No. 1715
Don't take the pill if you don't know what it is.

I can't tell you if you should play around with that couple or not. Going to them for sex until you can "get" a woman doesn't sound like the healthiest thing though. If you want to do some experimenting and see how you feel the second time around, by all means do it, there's nothing wrong with experimenting with your sexuality. But you shouldn't be going because you can't get anything better, you should be going because you actively want to or you're curious.

So instead of asking an imageboard what you think you should do, I think you should look inside yourself and see what your motivations, curiosities, and desires are.

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