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File 141498150297.png - (143.95KB , 533x326 , Gokuuiu.png )
1700 No. 1700
Wanting to set up a tv as a second monitor. I have an HDMI cable connecting my desktop to TV and in my display settings it has "Display device on VGA" even though I don't have a VGA cable in there anywhere. It also has resolution highest as 1600x1200 instead of its normal 1920x1080.

I think the only important thing to mention is graphics card? AMD Radeon HD 7800 is what I have and the drivers are all up to date. I am sure it has a working HDMI port and my cable is brand new. I also have the input set properly. I've read something like making sure you have auto detect for HDMI or something in bios? I'm not really sure what do.
>> No. 1701
Nevermind, I figured it out. There are like, two HDMI ports on tower. My bad. Ignore me because I suck.

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