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File 141403786251.png - (207.82KB , 650x851 , de4e3ed07e4c2997d7c9674b81e300c1.png )
1693 No. 1693
Sup /ask/, so I got a question for you guys, but beforehand, lemme give you the run down.


>Meet this girl through one of my friends on FB
>We talk a bit through IM
>Then she gives me her number, I give mine in return.
>We start texting like crazy, I make the first move and ask her out to meet up in RL
>First date goes okay, she's pretty chill and we shoot the shit and troll each other the whole way through
>She leaves and gives me a hug before she leaves out
>Friendzoned maybe?
>We text back and forth afterwards, she says she had a good time
>After 3/4 weeks of this, I just get impatient and make another move again(drunk texting mind you) and ask her out for a 2nd date yesterday.
>She's totally cool with it.
>Yesterday happens.
>We grab some coffee talk about her internship teaching and my IT gig
>Go to a bar and have some GLORIOUS hot dogs and a beer.(I paid)
>Go by a bookstore my friend works at and show her some stuff
>I take her to another bar, a few more beers and 2 shots of Jameson(she paid)
>She still has another hour and a half before her sister picks her up(her car is fucked up)
>My place is near by and we got soaked in the rain
>As and actual good person I offer to throw her jacket in the dryer and we can chill there.
>She's cool with this
>Take her back to my place, throw her jacket in the dryer, show her around my place and all my nerd shit(big cyberpunk, fantasy and animu fan here)
>Her sister is up the street and a restaurant and she has to go.
>Walk her out
>She leaves and gives me a kiss on my cheek.
>Not sure if it was the booze or my actually balls dropping, but I grabbed her back and we sucked face for a hot minute
>She leaves, she texts me and she says she has the biggest grin on her face right now and she wants to hang out with me on Saturday morning by getting breakfast and stopping by my place and watching a movie.
>I said yes.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, ladies and gents, based on what I've posted:

1. Do you guys think this is going an okay direction?

2. Am I being too pushy?

3. For a girl who like stuff like The Elder Scrolls Series, Dr. Who, and LoTR, what movie should I put on?

4. Should this be THE DATE? (i.e, goosh goosh?)
Thanks in advance guys.
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>> No. 1760
File 14407001217.jpg - (588.57KB , 1600x1200 , dump.jpg )
Bad news mate. If you're thinking about this shit analytically, you're fucked. Everything's fucked.
>> No. 1761
she likes you

just be cool

maybe you'll get laid (probably)

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