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File 13595942677.gif - (440.79KB , 200x199 , 1320213891380.gif )
1356 No. 1356
If you could only eat ONE food and drink ONE beverage for the rest of your living life, what the fuck would you choose, brothers?

A Turkey Bacon Ranch Footlong subway sandwich along with a diet Pepsi.

Your move!
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>> No. 1357
>> No. 1358
My favorite KIND of slushie.

SAGE has been used.
>> No. 1359
Subway is trash and will make you fat.

Bibimbab and water.
>> No. 1360
What the hell is Bibimbab?
>> No. 1361

#2, ketchup and mustard only, whatasized with a Diet Coke.
>> No. 1362
Buffet and whiskey sours.
>> No. 1365
Subway? Fuck that, I get sick just from the smell of those filthy restaurants.

My food would be paella, iced tea to wash it down.
>> No. 1369
Potatoes and whiskey.

I'm Irish.

SAGE has been used.
>> No. 1383
Potatoes and Vodka.

I'm Latvian.
>> No. 1384
Potatoes and dicks.

I'm gay.

SAGE has been used.
>> No. 1385
Coffee and Cigarettes.

Come at me.
>> No. 1388
File 136053134146.jpg - (26.59KB , 367x318 , Unknown.jpg )
Well done.
>> No. 1389
Water and a buffet

Buffet is a food too right?
>> No. 1398
>> No. 1399
This kind of sushi that a local Japanese restaurant sells that has these fried noodles on top of it and Mt. Gay rum
>> No. 1414
fried rice and water
>> No. 1420
spaghetti in marinara and water
>> No. 1439
Bibimbap. A Korean dish with rice, a little bit of meat, and a variety of veggies with some spicy paste to taste. I think it was made to get rid of leftovers but it is tasty.
>> No. 1441
Why the Diet Pepsi, OP? I don't understand why people choose diet soft drinks over regular, but I REALLY don't understand why you in particular would do this. The taste of diet soft drinks isn't comparable to the regular. They try to get it close, but it isn't ever the same taste. Also, if all you'd eat every day until death, is a turkey sub, I don't think you'd have to worry about over doing it in the calorie department.
>> No. 1442
Because I drink diet pepsi more than I do regular pepsi. I prefer it more compared to regular pepsi.

And as far as the sub goes, it's just a delicious meal to have any damn hour on any damn day of the week.
>> No. 1443
The answer to both is ketchup.
>> No. 1680
You don't understand and you never will until you start primarily drinking diet soda. After a few months, you'll wonder why you started. Soon, three or four Diet Cokes a day seems normal. Then, you stop buying bottled water at the store. Glasses go unused. A 24-pack is gone in under a week. Cans stack up. You need one when you wake up, on your way to class, definitely one with dinner, maybe one after dinner.

It's addicting, it is. I'm just glad I'm not addicted to something worse.
>> No. 1681
I think it might have to do with non-stevia sweeteners messing with insulin.
>> No. 1682
Avocado, spinach, and refried beans with salt and chia seeds with a little ranch dressing in a wrap. Jasmine tea to drink.
>> No. 1688
I would go with milk and goldfish. To me those are two of the best things in the world
>> No. 1696
File 141447088110.jpg - (42.94KB , 675x370 , ScreenShot3610.jpg )
Whataburger is really tempting, but I'd have to go with chicken fried rice: the only food I never, ever get sick of. I've literally eaten it every day for a week, and it was bomb every time.

To drink, cream soda, the nectar of the gods.
>> No. 1699
If I could choose to eat only one food and drink only one drink for the rest of my life I would have Persian chicken kebabs with black tea. Or maybe spanakopita with red wine.
>> No. 1748
File 143401100791.jpg - (384.13KB , 1600x1195 , coco-ichibanya.jpg )
Chicken Cutlet Curry x2, Large, Level 10.

Milk because I fucking love milk.
>> No. 1749
Hmmm...it's a tie between green tea and water, but green tea speeds up your metabolism which would make you eat more of the one food you're doomed to eat for the rest of your life...so I guess I'll go with water.

Food-wise? Ooof...I guess veggie wraps with cheddar and hummus.

I'm overthinking this.
>> No. 1750
Lets just say that we are healthy off this stuff forever then?

Penne Alfredo with a thai chili sauce mixed in and chocolate milk.
>> No. 1752
>human flesh sandwiches with lettuce cheese beetroot and carrot.
>> No. 1784
froot loops with strawberry yogurt

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