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1217 No. 1217
In my spare time, I edit for an online "literary journal."

It gets good submissions for prose and poetry, but I'd like to encourage people to start submitting essays.

What standards and requirements should I enforce that balance reasonable hurdles for authors and quality control for the journal?
>> No. 1223
How about a length min/max, and essay formatting? Just look up standard essay requirements, and let people go from there.
>> No. 1224
From what I've seen there isn't any. You could flip through a copy of Writer's Market to see how other journals set their submission policies, but for the most part it seems quality control is comprised of the editors just making sure they don't get sloppy/desperate.

Out of curiosity, what's the journal? I'm amazed that anybody's able to publish any kind of regular literary magazine at all, if I were somehow forced into the industry I'd get away with a couple issues a century, maybe.
>> No. 1231
The April Reader. I put literary journal in quotes because it isn't something I (or any of the other editors) take very seriously. While we do try to put forth a somewhat professional presentation, we mostly do it for the fun, as well as the pleasure of being exposed to a variety of different writing styles and backrounds.

If you feel like skimming our issues, we can be found at theaprilreader.wordpress.com

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