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File 132912443674.jpg - (26.83KB , 816x460 , y1qAy.jpg )
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I have decided to get my penis pierced. It will be a Prince Albert style piercing.

I am not asking for any opinions on what people think about these piercings, or piercing in general. I have put a lot of thought into this, and I'm not going to bother responding to retards.

I am not asking for suggestions or criticisms/critiques.

What I want to /ask/ is what kind of pain should I expect from getting this piercing - both initial piercing pain and while it's healing. I've obtained second-hand information from someone who has one via a friend, but I'd prefer to get a few more responses - from people who actually have them, not armchair spectators.

I've been told that it doesn't hurt as much as a nipple piercing, and that the first time I pee will be pretty painful too. I'm not adverse to pain, and I'm willing to suffer for what I want, but I like to know full well what I'm in for.

Picture most definitely related - feel free to use it as a guide for your description, and give me a general idea of your personal pain tolerance if you can.

Your responses are appreciated.
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>> No. 821
Beware of boners for a short period after, it'll start pissing blood AND WHATEVER YOU DO DON'T HAVE SEX FOR AT LEAST 3 WEEKS! This is not only for reasons of pain but much higher risk of infection. I've had my nipples and clit done which isn't quite the same but similar principle I suppose, nipples are WAY worse. Churr.
>> No. 832
Welp, you are a brave soul. From what I have heard (from only one person that has had it done, so this can't be taken as a fact), it is unhumanly painful for the actual piercing. Afterwards, it still stings, you have to be very careful. Many movements can cause pain.

From what he said, it takes a lot of care and patience. Goodluck OP
>> No. 907


Also you're a moron and I hope your dick falls off.

>> No. 980
May I just ask why do you want to do it?
>> No. 984
Who cares?
a) This thread is long over
b) OP said he wants to do it and asked for specific advice about the procedure, he shouldn't have to explain or justify himself to you

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File 134421769116.jpg - (41.29KB , 600x329 , Pet-Valu0223.jpg )
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Would any of you happen to know if the U.S. branch of Pet Valu drug tests new employees? I just had a pretty successful first interview there for Sales Associate, with a promise of a second/final interview with the district manager. However, I also have all this weed.

Google turned up no results on the issue. Does anyone know for sure?
>> No. 970
Also I've smoked as recently as last night, but that's not all that important.

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>> No. 971
I find it hilarious that you can barely get a job at a pet store, and that you'd be willing to risk this potential job prospect by smoking your precious weed. Pathetic.

They likely will drug test you.
>> No. 972
Why do you have to be a cock? It was a simple question.

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>> No. 973
Don't smoke any weed for a while until you know what the company's drug testing policy is.

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File 134350352555.jpg - (45.57KB , 300x232 , 1_Stein-thumb-300x232.jpg )
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So I'm doing what a love (mechanics), Have heaps of friends who are lovely as all hell, a boyfriend who is far too good to me, my own place with tolerable flatmates who leave me be, enough money to still do shit, I just scored a kickass weekend job at a motorcycle store and finally everything's going right.. So why the fuck am I so depressed I can't get out of bed most mornings? I sleep about 2 hours every couple of days because of these heinous nightmares of getting my skin flayed off which came out of no where, my anxiety is so bad I can barely hold a conversation without stammering yet I'm scared to be alone, I'm not one to cry much AT ALL and that's all I seem to do whenever I'm alone and all I want to do is curl up in a ball and die.

Any suggestions? Because I'm perplexed as all hell. I should be happier than I've EVER been.

I've had two suggestions so far but neither of them seem to explain it entirely;
1. My past is starting to catch up with me and I'm having a mental breakdown about it years later
2. I'm scared because everything is going right

Is this normal? Has it happened to anyone else?
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>> No. 957
Stopping drinking could definitely help. You know who could help you stop drinking, and help you deal with any problems that either come up or keep happening? A psychologist. See one.
>> No. 960
File 134378767239.jpg - (217.07KB , 650x891 , 2010-10-04-Eat_Shit_And_Die_164.jpg )
>So why the fuck am I so depressed I can't get out of bed most mornings?
How the fuck would we know? Depression is a serious issue. No matter how much we try, we can't solve this for you. You need professional help.

Don't try to deal with it by yourself because it won't work. You've already admitted you have a problem and want help to solve it. That's great, and is not something easy to do. You now need to take the next step and seek professional help. And don't leave it for next week, the problem won't go away by itself no matter how much you try to avoid it.
>> No. 962
So hey, I'm not OP but I can relate to this. I've been dealing with a cocktail of depression and anxiety for 14 years and it has kinda come to define my life. I can't work traditional jobs because of the weeks where I'm virtually comatose and so take odd jobs and freelance online. I don't self mutilate but I drink enough that it may as well be the same thing. The standard advice is "go see a doctor" which is probably the best thing to do. My life is so disorganized I can say without embellishment that I seriously don't know my social security number, much less have any kind of insurance. I'm willing to bet I can't just stroll into someone's office and say "Fix me!" without having any real identification or more than five to ten bucks to my name that isn't tied to food.

OP has money, flatmates, kickass motorcycle job, her life is in order. Mine is not. Not intending to threadjack but what do I do?
>> No. 964
Look for free therapy. I don't know where you are, but this is one near me:

>> No. 965
File 13438870931.gif - (747.54KB , 640x480 , Daffysuicide.gif )

South-central North Carolina. This is redneck country and "we" don't believe in hippy free treatment centers like Berkeley. Or art that doesn't involve guns. Or anything other than misdirection of scientific fact, like rising sea levels.

Maybe I'm not depressed at all, just surrounded by assholes. I was dropped here when my family moved away and have couch-surfed across the country but with my life in shambles as it is, I don't know how to rebuild myself. The easy answer is "You're already too broken to fix. Cap yourself in the head and be done with it." I'm very interested in getting help but I don't know where to start considering the usual starting points for most are alien and unavailable to me.

File 134367092772.jpg - (61.26KB , 521x568 , _.jpg )
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Sorry for my rambling.

This is basically my first serious job but after about a year and a couple of months, I just feel so completely incompetent and disorganized. I put in loads of unpaid overtime and rarely use up my lunch-and coffee breaks but that is probably just a sign of the former. I keep missing deadlines, stuff just "falls" off my radar, the office is a mess and I'm pretty sure I am widely believed to be a psycho though I try to act as friendly and be as helpful as possible to anyone approaching me. Given my pale complexion and stature of a heroin addict caused by sparse and utilitarian eating habits and the fact that I'm not outgoing and sociable at all- well, I won't blame them.

Given all that, I realize that I am a terrible employee and if I should ever reference this job and future employers should follow up on my claims things wouldn't look too bright.

Thing is, my apprenticeship contract makes me pretty much unfirable so my ultimate employer and my actual boss/coworker probably have to work with that. Though despite it all, I never heard the slightest remark about how I could (let alone should) be replaced so even though despite still trying hard to have a productive day, subconsciously I am probably just itching for an excuse.

I don't know. I take that as a sign that they indeed just want someone long term but I just keep messing up (and having my boss/coworker (they are one person) remarking on it).

I am also feeling like shit all the time. I know full well that this job was a tremendous chance that would have allowed me to eventually move out and I am headed straight for a string of temp-jobs and a few more years of having my mother tolerate me under her roof but the fact that wrong motivations fuel my desire to quit for a right reason (incompetence) is probably an issue for another day.

The thing I wanted to ask is this:

1. Given that I am pretty much a terrible person on top of being a terrible employee, how can I quit as gracefully as possible and potentially show my gratitude for this huge opportunity (and dozens of undeserved "breaks") I have been given?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 959
I'm not sure if this is frowned upon, but just tell your boss what's up. You are having difficulty completing your tasks despite your best efforts and you just feel like the job would be better suited to someone else.
>> No. 961
Talk to your boss and ask him how you can improve.

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